male only cast

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Indicating that the author prefers, allows, or is seeking players who will create and play as male characters only.
  1. Vee

    Several plots for different OnexOne partners!

    Hi there! My name is Vee. I live in Greece (GMT +2) but I'm very flexible with the timing. I consider myself an experienced role-player as I have been role-playing for about seven years now and I absolutely love it. I am very flexible when it comes to formats of posts, depending on my...
  2. saturnia pavonia

    Home Is Where The Heart Is

    "We're so thankful that you decided to buy our home, Mr. Martinez," insisted the realtor, her often faked smile being genuine in relief. Spending five fucking years trying to sell the home that some loser decided to kill himself was hard work and a major hit to her image in the county. Adjusting...