Guardians: A War of Heroes and Villains

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  1. (Group IC Here)

    In the year 2020, the inevitable destruction of humanity looms. Terrorism and wars are at an all time high, a state of anarchy is spreading across the globe like wildfire, and villains from lore and legend are emerging to attack innocent people throughout the globe, each striving to establish their own domain. The god's themselves have become divided, with one side supporting the chaos and feeding it, and yet another side opposed to it, then with a third neutral party, determined to let the other gods hash the battle out, and fix whatever is left.

    The evil gods have been the ones summoning the villains from myth and legend to battle. Those such as Morgan Le fay, Mordred, and Vlad the Impaler being among them.

    However, the gods who have sided with the good have begun drawing heroes from the past to battle these villains. Heroes such as King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, and other members of the great legends of heroes are emerging to do battle with the great evil that besets the world. These heroes have been given newer, younger reincarnated forms, and sent to a place known as the Hero's Banquet Hall, an uninhabited island which has been repurposed to serve as a training and staging area for the new force of heroes.

    Together with regular soldiers from the nations of the NATO pact, the Heroes of the past have been preparing to take the battle once more to the enemy. Only one side can win. Order or Chaos.


    Hello, I have a few things I'd like you to know before you continue any further.

    First off, this rp has minimum requirement of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) per post with a character, so if your not willing to satisfy that condition, my recommendation is to go ahead and click out, it just isn't worth wasting your time.

    On that note however, assuming you do create a character it is important to note that it becomes "canon"
    permanently, even if you leave this rp and vow never to return to it, please understand that I will be using them as a GM tool from there on out. If you don't think you could handle someone else using your creation after you leave, it's probably best not to look past here.

    On a third note, as there will be minors involved, there will be a zero tolerance for any libertine type roleplaying. That isn't to say you don't have your cutesy hand holding, and maybe up to a bit of kissing, but for goodness sakes, if you wouldn't want your mother to read it, don't put it here.

    And on a fourth and final note, there will never be a limited amount to the amount of rpers that are capable of
    participating in this rp.

    Thanks for reading.

    The Rules (Don't Break 'em)

    1. The usual Iwaku rules
    2. No metagaming, godmodding, or creating Mary Sue characters. (I believe this is self explanatory)
    3. As stated in the disclaimer, always make certain you have a minimum of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) in your posts. However, i'd also like for it to be good quality as well, don't just shitpost, even if it takes you a bit to post
    4. If you plan to curse, do it sparingly, or if you plan to make a character that falls under the "CursesAlltheTimeforNoParticularReason" category, make sure it's a light swearing, avoid F-bombs, and higher tier swears. Because precision F-strikes work so much better.
    5. Include the name of your character at the top of your post, that way we know just whom your posting with. It should look like this:
    Template post

    Name of character

    Post: posiknaonfonaksoif. oamsinf uanojkenf naiunf ksfn. inaoisnf inaosjnfolainnsf mia mniosnfais nnkvianmsof inaosjnf lkjkn kamsimf imai ijminmkajnso. kmiansijnf km iansi kmanjsnkfn im, kjnknajks.

    1. If you post in character, make sure you wait two posts before you go about posting again.
    2. IC drama should not become OOC drama, if you have a problem with a recent post or facts, or spotted something I missed, please make sure to notify me in pm, I will solve the problem accordingly.
    3. I feel as this is a very important thing to state, A GM's word is law. Please do not attempt to defy myself or any GM that I choose to work with me.
    4. Use common sense. If it isn't in the rules, but you think it's probably something you shouldn't do, don't do it. Better to ask me first.
    5. At the bottom of your character sheet please post a color of your choice to show you have read the rules.
    6. Good grammar and spelling is a must! If need be, you can run it by @conman2163, for help with spelling.

    The Combat System

    We have two systems for combat here. The first main one, which is the classic, on your honor, acknowledge the hits your opponent makes system, and a secondary optional system, that if given a majority vote in favor, allows the system to be used, the system is as follows

    Combat Hit System

    To keep things fair and ensure no problems occur out of people going back and forth attacking, The person who initiates an attack will roll a single die, using the "more options" tab, in the OOC in a post they make there. The number you roll will determine if it the attack lands, and if it lands, whether or not you get the full hit you describe. For these purposes, there will be no "one hit KO" unless the person taking the hit wants it to end that way, however, successive hits will mean that you are forcibly incapacitated by the GM if you don't acknowledge the damage. (The human body can only do so much ya know?) What you roll determines what you get, and this is the scale.

    1 = a Critical Fail

    2-5 = Fails how you interpret this fail is up to you

    6-10 = You got it, but missed some details or something, what is missed is determined by defender, though it can't be too many things.

    11-15= This is the middle of the road, little to no failure

    16-19 = Little to no failure

    20= Epic Moment

    The person who makes the attack can roll a die, determining whether or not that hit lands. However, to keep everything equal, if the number that the person who attacking rolls is undesireable. Say they got an epic moment, the person defending from the hit may "reroll" the die in the OOC. However, the number that is rolled will take a +3 penalty modifier, meaning that even if you roll high, it could still have a chance to take you up on the scale, and therefor hurt you. Risk = Reward but Risk = Penalty too.

    The Character Sheet

    Prior to creating your character, check the bottom of this sticky post to see what legends and myths have been taken. In this RP, all legends and mystical heroes in every existing religion and lore exist. Please avoid any "Biblical" Type heroes though, I will not approve them to prevent arguments.

    Appearance: (A preferably anime, fantasy, or drawn type picture, though I suppose a "Real Person" picture will do.)




    Weapon/tool: (It doesn't have to be something that harms someone else. Maybe you can support someone/something with your weapon? Maybe you have a weapon already associated with your character?)

    Power: (This ability should start of as relatively low in power for plot and advancement reasons. Plot wise your character was just summoned from the afterlife to fight in a war, and them being summoned will take a lot out of them. They'll have to work their way up. If you'd like an example starting power, this would be it:

    Subject A has the ability to summon fireballs at will. They can summon and throw up to three of these fireballs in a single post. However, summoning these fireballs takes a lot out of them, so they can only summon a maximum of twelve in a single battle)

    Skills: (Are you a good tactician? Are you great at counting cards? Perhaps you are a great cook?)

    Personality: Minimum of twenty words please.

    Bio/legend: (You do not have to use a person from a legend if you don't want. You can create your own original character; a legend from the future or present, here as well. If you choose this route a bio with a minimum of 40 words is needed. If not, a link of the legend will suffice)

    Theme: {optional)

    Likes: (Optional)

    Dislikes: (Optional)

    Pet hate: (Optional)

    Extra things:(Optional)

    How your characters get more powerful

    So it may be confusing over how your character will get more powerful. When you character trains under his/her respective founder, after the end of each training session I will post a list of characters that are eligible for being upgraded power wise. Every time you upgrade you character you can choose either to add an extra ability that must start out on a base level, or to choose to up your current power a bit. So if you had a character who was able to throw fireballs to start with goes up in experience, no instead of just throwing one, maybe they can throw four, or if they could already throw multiple, maybe now they explode on contact with a surface.

    It sounds a bit confusing now, but if you have more questions I’ll answer them when the time comes for you to “upgrade” your character (Or just PM me of course), you’ll post the following when you get to upgrade or add an extra ability.

    Previous Power:

    Upgraded power/ Added Ability:

    Then from there I’ll approve it or ask you to modify it.
    But once again, you won’t need to worry about it in the beginning. (Not that the "beginning" will last too long)


    List of Current RPer's in this RP and their Characters

    @conman2163(GM): Deanta and Mordred
    @Ramboing : Failinis "Nis" and Lugh Lámhfhada
    @Dakota K5
    @Clyde (CO-GM): Aubrey Weiss
    @Kurogane86 : Robin Hood
    @Accelerator : Achilles
    @SoleStride : Merlin
    @jeshem : Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards), Helsing

    @Ramboing @Dakota K5 @Clyde @Kurogane86 @SoleStride @Accelerator @jeshem

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  2. Once I get at least three character sheets I will kick off the IC
  3. Alright then, another character sheet to write....
  4. Is it possible if I use a historical figure as my character, albeit with his background sort of tweaked? Like, for example, I choose Dante Alighieri the writer as my character, but his voyage to Hell is real? :)
  5. and asked earlier, do I have to take a Legendary person from history? When making characters like this, I tend to use inspirations from the heroes, but I never been into hero stories as a whole and have created several of my own for my fantasy novels

    ^nevermind questioned answered and i'm half asleep
  6. @conman2163

    I really have this stupid idea of turning the reincarnation of Hades into a Hero. Because Zeus was always the dick and Hades was a lot more compassionate and kind and he'd make a great unlikely hero.
  7. @Clyde

    I'd prefer it if you didn't use Hades. As I said all gods are currently living and active, so having two would be a paradox

    @Damien Kriez

    You can. You have complete creative authority on this, if you felt like it, you could make Mel Gibson into a character and throw him in, it really doesn't matter. So long as you provide a bio that tells me why they are a hero.
  8. Sorry that wording is my bad. I meant I wanted to create a legend that was like Hades, someone painted in history as a bad person, but only because history was written by the brother in power. I am making up some kind of royal kings in Alevan. <---some made up German village in my made up legend made upness.
  9. Alright, that's cool. Use it then, I look forward to it. I have a host of character sheets prepared for this, so once you guys get done I'll be placing my own in. Given your history with creating good character sheets, i'll be using yours as the example @Clyde
  10. *hugs*

    Perfect, I'll get it going.

    So the setting is modern day for our heroes?

    And is it okay if I go with German mythic stories and stuff. I mean it's technically European Folklore of why we have elves and fairies anyway.
  11. The year is 2020, so sort of futuristic, just sort of speeding technology up by four years is all.

    All folk lore and legends are true in this version of earth, so you don't have to worry about anything not existing.
  12. Fantastic because I don't know if you caught it, but Alven is going to be one of the first Eleven Kingdoms hidden in the hills of the German countryside away from humans.
  13. Great. Are they going to be extinct or still existing, because they may be able to come in as a plot device later.
  14. My ? Is a bit more complex the hero I'm thinking of using comes from Hindu myth will this be a problem
  15. @conman2163

    I'm not so sure yet. I'm considering they may still be alive. This is what I came up with from the beginning. They are not Elves in the traditional sense. They are the Elfey [El-fay] more like Tuatha [if anyone plays Kingdoms of Amular] and Fey than traditional elves. Despite causing the legend and lore of Elves, no human has ever actually seen these Elven people. But I am making them a lot more Feyish than Elvish, some even have butterfly wings. lol.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Die Geschichte wird von siegreichen Könige geschrieben[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][*Translation; History is written by victorious Kings][/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They were called to the country men of Germany as the Mystisch Hügel [Mystical Hills], though no human set foot in the distance of hills shrouded in frigid, unnatural fog created by a magic that no man could harness. They called the kingdom that hid behind the fog Alavan and the people who lived in this kingdom Elfey, though no human would have any history of how these people appeared or looked like. While some European myths spoke of tiny little creatures who played tricks on people, others depicted them as humanoid people with pointy ears who lived in kingdoms of old. Both were right in some retrospectives. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Though the Elfey were not in common with the elven folk we speak of today. Instead the Elfey were more like their namesake, Tuatha or simple fey folk, given a name from a human perspective that did not understand nor had breached the magic of the Mystisch Hügel. Powerful magicians, who were able to move their kingdoms from place to place, whole kingdoms vanishing before the human’s eyes. Said to live in vibrant forest, of colors that were not natural in the human world, but only natural because they were fed magical sources. [/BCOLOR]
  16. I guess what I failed to ask was;

    what should the heroes be wearing? I am getting confused. Are the heroes modern people who are reincarnated of these legends? or are these legends literally being summoned and looking like they came out of a cosplay convention?
  17. I wanted to use Rama from Hindu myth will this be ok
  18. I was really hoping to be a warrior goddess... Damn. Have to do more research then.
  19. Sometimes a demotion works. Demigoddess?
  20. I had a specific one in mind... v.v
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