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      Welcome to Silvergate City, a location known to be a 'superhuman safe zone' amongst those with powers. Nowadays, that doesn't mean much, what with how many villains occupy the city and surrounding areas. Many superhumans lives here, though not many are known publicly. After many years, people are still crying out for the Silvergate Brigade to return. Those calls will be answered – just not in the exact way that the citizens want them to be responded to.


      This roleplay focusses on a select group of superhumans – soon to be known as superheroes in Silvergate City. After being scouted out by a secret force, these women have been selected to join the new 'Brigade' and protect the city from whatever threats it may face.

      Overall, this roleplay will focus on the lives of the different members of the new superhero group. It will follow their struggles with their new-found responsibility, the development of their powers, and the relationships that grow between them and others. They will face crime, villains, and the media as they deal with their secret identities and stop the city from collapsing.

      Character development is the key here, as well as the development of relationships (whether they be romantic, platonic, or antagonistic) between the cast and characters. Different villains and events will occur in the city, and major plot points will develop over time, but you are free and encouraged to create your own scenarios with other characters. Silvergate City is a big place – feel free to explore and engage.

      We're looking for writers that are comfortable writing at least 2 paragraphs, and are able to write freely without relying on someone else's post, as you may have to write out scenes alone sometimes. Furthermore, you must be able to post at least once a week and not have a history of disappearing, or bailing on roleplays.

      (PRE-GG) SILVER BRIGADE (open)

      The Silvergate Brigade:

      Not much is known publicly about the Silvergate Brigade's origins. What is known is that they were formed as part of a secret project created by Dr. Michael Rhodes, a renowned scientist and researcher who had studied superhuman abilities. Through unknown means, he gathered the original members of the Silvergate Brigade and, after providing them with training and resources, formed the Brigade as a way to clean up the city. The Brigade's presence was noticed by the citizens immediately, with everyone talking about the mysterious heroes that had arrived to help the city.

      The Silvergate Brigade remained strong for a good couple of years. They had managed to clean up the city, forcing gangs off of the street, and stopping the plots of numerous superpowered villains. However, something went wrong. The Brigade split into two teams, with the two never being seen together whilst fighting crime. They still protected the city under the Brigade banner, though they remained separate. It wasn't long after this noticeable divide when the Brigade wasn't seen at all. A bank robbery occurred, no one turned up. A hostage situation broke out, the police had to handle it themselves. People were killed in shootings, no one came to save them. A couple months later, Dr. Rhodes formally announced that the Brigade had disbanded due to tensions within the group.

      The media hunt for the heroes began shortly after. Rumours flew around, everyone asking who the heroes were and where they were now. A list of suspects were named: the mayor of the city, the police commissioner, even Rhodes himself was rumoured to be one of the members of the Brigade. A few members of the Brigade came out and publicly revealed their identities. High school janitor Joe Reynolds came out as Damage, the heavy-hitting juggernaut of the team. Surgeon Hailey Owens revealed that she was Haywire, the electromancer. And Isabella Hunter, the soon-to-be CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries, announced that she was Red Fox, the telepathic second-in-command. Her story was by far the most successful, and she had more weight to throw around. When the media prepared to interrogate anyone they could about the identities of the remaining Brigade members, Hunter shut them down. “If they want to live quiet lives, then you will let them,” she told the press. “At the end of the day, they're people, just like you.”

      To this day, those who have been public about their identities are questioned about their time in the Silvergate Brigade. Isabella Hunter, even with her new position as CEO of one of the most successful companies in the city, isn't exempt from the occasional question about her time as Red Fox.

      An Interview with Red Fox (open)

      Isabella Hunter: CEO, Superhero, Game-Changer

      CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries, heir of the late and great Hunter family, and the city's former superhero saviour – just three pieces of the illustrious jigsaw that builds up Isabella Hunter's eventful life. But the 'Wonder Woman' of Silvergate City isn't stopping there. Cult Magazine brings to you the vision of the future that 'Red Fox' has, as well as her look back at the past that forged her into who she is today.

      Fox and Hunter Industries owns one of the most recognisable buildings in Silvergate City. The statuesque tower penetrates the sky with its sharp angles and glass structure, and it serves as a glimpse into the future that Isabella Hunter envisions for the city. Modern, sleek, beautiful. As I stepped inside and was led up to one of the uppermost floors by one of the assistants, I felt as if I had walked into a new world, a clean yet far from cold environment that echoed all too well the retro ideas of what the 'world of tomorrow' would look like. And as I was invited into Ms. Hunter's office, the soft afternoon light pouring in through one of the large windows behind her desk, I knew that the tomorrow that was in her mind was a welcoming one, one that encompassed the ideologies of the 'better Silvergate City' that so many people had tried to follow. I knew that Isabella Hunter was working toward that concept – and I think that it is well within the realm of possibilities.

      She exuded an air of confidence and kindness as she told me to take a seat, settling down opposite me. My mind drew a blank for a moment, the pressure of this businesswoman's life falling down on me, yet not leaving a crack in her. I knew that we didn't have all day, that this was probably her only downtime until she had to return to some important paperwork or attend a lengthy meeting. Yet her smile willed me to calm down, and we finally got into the swing of the interview.

      Cult Magazine: First of all, I have to compliment the style and architecture of Fox and Hunter Industries' HQ. Is this a favoured style of yours, or something that you've grown tired of?

      Isabella Hunter: Thank you for the compliment. The modern style is very much my 'thing', there's just a certain elegance to it within its simplicity. For the Fox and Hunter HQ, I always wanted something that reflected our ideas and ethos. Moving forward into a better, more advanced tomorrow has always been part of our mission statement, and so it was only right to leave an impression on the city by bringing to light some gorgeous modern aesthetics. We want to show the city what it could become, what Fox and Hunter wants to help it become. And with the technology that we are developing, as well as the grants we are offering to multiple businesses and companies, we think this vision is very achievable sometime in the near future.

      Cult: I'm sure it is, and I bet the city would welcome such interesting changes. Speaking of changes, I suppose we should talk about your transition from superhero to CEO, as well as your impact on the city as the famed 'Red Fox'. How has your time as Red Fox influenced you going forward?

      Hunter: Oh, do we have to talk about that? [laughs] Well, I guess I've spoken about it so much that I've become used to answering these types of questions, but I'll try not to give you the same spiel I've given so many others. My time as Red Fox was a time of discovery. I learned so much about myself, about what I was capable of, and those learning experiences made me the person I am today. If I hadn't taken up the Red Fox mantle, I wouldn't be nearly as confident as I am today – I definitely wouldn't be the CEO of a successful company, that's for sure. Being Red Fox, it just changed me in so many ways. I fought through my struggles, learned to fight my battles head-on instead of run away from them like I had done before. It awakened an inner strength in me, a strength to live life as much as I could, and to take the bad in my stride and move on. As for going forward, that all applies. I plan on taking big steps toward a better future, and the critics and opposition are just insignificant issues that I'll take in my stride as I go. They don't compare to some of the villains that I've faced in the past and they will not get the better of me.

      Cult: Villains? That sounds...interesting, to say the least.

      Hunter: Yes, to those who haven't been superheroes, I suppose it does seem interesting. But the reality is that these 'villains' aren't always the kind you see in comic books. They aren't always the flamboyant, monologuing, evil-laughing bad guys you read about. Many of them were real threats to the city, and I'm just thankful that the Silvergate Brigade managed to stop them before they could do any real damage.

      Cult: What about the villains of today? With no Silvergate Brigade around any more, do you think that there are more threats being posed to the city?

      Hunter: Of course. There will always be threats to any city that doesn't have the right protection. I mean, look at Ridgemoor: the mayor was unfortunately assassinated and the city was left in turmoil. We all saw the news reports, it looked like a war zone. I think we need to be thankful that superhumans exist. Many citizens of Silvergate City may believe that with no Silvergate Brigade, we are all doomed, but the fact is that there are those with powers who are working to protect all of us. They just don't parade around like some sort of 'Justice League'. They live quiet lives, protect those in need, and risk their lives every day doing so. So before you complain that the Silvergate Brigade needs to return, look out for these everyday, extraordinary heroes. I know I am.

      Recruitment (open)

      [Image of Character: Real life pictures only]


      Age: (18 - 38)

      Code name: (If Applicable)


      Occupation: (Outside of being a Superhero)

      Personality: (At least four sentences.)

      SuperPowers: (An explanation of what your powers are. Up to two individual abilities.)

      Strengths: (Individual's strengths.)

      Weaknesses: (At least five for your charry, and at least 2 must be super power weaknesses/or limits.)

      Costume: ( A description of the costume. Req: Silver and an accent color of your choosing.)

      Backstory: (At least five sentences.)

      Sample post: (Minimum of 2 paragraphs.)

      GM: VanillaCola & SailorMoon

    • These are social areas for the superheroes to unwind on their downtime, or locations where epic battles may or may not take place.

      Silvergate Mall
      • Silvergate Mall is here to fulfil all of your shopping needs. With reasonable prices and many shops to explore, you're bound to find what you're looking for here.

      Club Ivy
      • One of the hottest clubs in Silvergate City, Club Ivy is the centre of the nightlife scene.

      Silver Rock Park
      • If you ever need to relax and sit back, Silver Rock Park is just the place. Citizens and tourists know this park because the large rock in the centre of it, which many say glows a subtle silver colour at night.

      The Interlude
      • For romantic evenings out, The Interlude is the perfect place to go. The food is well-known in the city for being of the highest quality. No customer leaves unhappy!

      Slice of Life
      • Known for their wide selection of delicious cakes and pastries, Slice of Life is a café that people flock to at lunchtime. If you're lucky enough, you may be able to get a seat on one of the balconies, so you can watch the city pass by as you enjoy some tea and cakes.

      The Two-Headed Coin
      • For those who prefer a more laid-back night of drinking and fun, The Two-Headed Coin is the bar for you.

      Comic League Unlimited
      • If Silvergate City appeals to you because of it's history involving superheroes, then Comic League Unlimited may be the store for you! Filled with comic books, video games, and other fandom-related stock, you're sure to find something to geek out over here.

      Silvergate City Square
      • A large open space in the heart of Silvergate City, the Square is open to everyone and has benches to sit down and relax on, flowers and plants to marvel at, and a calm atmosphere to enjoy.

      Phoenix Hospital
      • Phoenix Hospital is here to care for you if you ever find yourself injured or ill. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and with top quality care, your stay at Phoenix Hospital will be as pleasant as it can be.

      Silvergate-Gotham Public Library
      • Want to immerse yourself in a fictional world, or learn something new? The Silvergate-Gotham Public Library has tons of books, both fictional and non-fictional, that you can take out and engage in.

      • For all of your money-related issues, the Waio-U bank is the place to go. Responsible for the majority of the citizens bank accounts, Waio-U is a strictly professional and trustworthy bank.

      Silvergate Museum of History and Art
      • Filled with historical artefacts and huge collections of art, the Silvergate Museum is a cultural hotspot. Learn about the city and see timeless masterpieces with your own eyes.

      Firestorm Coffee House
      • Need a relaxing coffee? Or maybe you want a little spice with your hot drinks? Firestorm Coffee House has drinks for everyone, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the exciting flavours that Firestorm has to offer.

      Silvergate City Bridge
      • The Silvergate City Bridge connects the main core of Silvergate City to a smaller piece of the city, which has become a land filled with expensive housing and office buildings in recent years, and is also home to the Silvergate Brigad Memorial Statue. The bridge itself has become an attraction, with the lights that wrap around the structure lighting up the river at night.

      Silvergate Brigade Memorial Statue
      • Located on the island part of Silvergate City, this memorial statue was unveiled a few months after the announcement that the Brigade had disbanded, and was a publicly-funded addition to the city. The hooded, cape-wearing figure symbolises all of the members of the Brigade, with the comic book superhero appearance aiming to encapsulate the wonder that the Brigade had inspired in the citizens. The huge statue is one of Silvergate City's biggest attractions, with some people to this day leaving tributes to the Brigade around the statue.

    • [​IMG]


      1. Respect your fellow players and GMs.
      2. No killing off Villains without our approval first as this could ruin potential plot lines.
      3. Post at least ONCE a week. Failure to do so repeatedly without notice will result in your eventual removal!
      4. Two Paragraphs on average. We're not budging on this, unless things are particularly slow.
      5. Proofread! Doesn't need to be perfect, but easy to understand.
      6. If there are any complaints about another player or the direction the roleplay is going in come to the GMs first, and we'll try to get things resolved.
      7. No writing out sex scenes in the roleplay. You can get frisky, but no actual sex as per Iwaku rules.
      8. Use a header. Your character's name, location, and who they're interacting with will suffice.
      9. If you're going to be away please let us know, so we don't kick you. Kicking you = Killing off your character.
      10. No auto-hitting, metagaming, or godmodding!

    • Gugu Desta Fumnanya - Celestia - Invisibility, Forcefield Projection

      Natasha Gunn - ??? - Teleportation

      Tatianna Mariana Ferrari - Kinectica - Telekinesis, Telempathy

      Lucy Hera - Merqua - Water Manipulation, Water Breathing

      Chloe Hyo - Ice Queen - Ice Manipulation

      Madeleine "Maddie" Anabelle Lior - ??? -Electromancy, Electrical Immunity

      Calista Ivers - ??? - Shapeshifting, Digital Manipulation/Hacking

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  1. Shine


    Gugu Desta Fumnanya


    Code name:



    Gugu is a sensual and flirtatious woman by nature. She's observant, and has a way with words, often using her slick tongue to talk her way out of sticky situations, and to gain what she wants. She's generally kind, maybe even 'sweet' if she's particularly fond of you. Her boundaries when it comes to other people are nearly non-existent. She enjoys touching others, whether it be a subtle touch on the shoulder or kisses on the cheek. At the core, Gugu is a people pleaser and is more sensitive to people's perception of her than she lets on.


    Invisibility: The ability to turn herself, others, and objects invisible for a period of time.

    Forcefield Projection and Constructs: Using Psionic energy, Gugu is able to project force fields of varying size, texture and shape. They are usually invisible, with not even Gugu being able to see them most of the time. They are completely impenetrable as far as Gugu knows, being completely unaffected by the elements. Unfortunately, she only has a basic talent with her force fields at the moment.
    • Barrier - Using a force field, Gugu can absorb, or deflect an incoming attack. She's also capable of moving and lifting her barriers with concentration.​
    • Constructs - She can create virtually anything out of a force field, but so far, only knows how to make walls and domes.​
    • Forcefield Projectiles - Fires projectiles as small as a marble, or as a large as a basketball at an attacker.​


    • Acrobatic​
    • Intelligent​
    • Eloquent​
    • Follows Orders​
    • Manipulative​
    • Favors Team Work​
    • Good Listener​
    • Strong Psych​
    • Confident​
    • Unskilled in advanced hand-to-hand combat​
    • Close range combat​
    • Unforgiving. Once someone has hurt her or betrayed her trust, it is nearly impossible to get back on Gugu's good side.​
    • Sexy women. They're distracting.​
    • Is only able to hold her barriers for as long as she is concentrating on it. If her concentration is broken, the barrier will diminish in quality or most likely completely disappear.
    • Creating more than one barrier at a time, or shielding more than two people will drain her energy quickly and exhaust her.

    Costume (open)





    Gugu was born in the ghettos of Silvergate City with four brothers. She was the youngest of them all and being the only girl, she was the most spoiled. Growing up, she never knew what 'poor' was, as she valued her family more than anything. At an early age she took an interest in singing and joined her Church's choir, gaining any solos that she could to stretch her voice, and showcase her talent. However, Gugu grew bored of it and felt unsatisfied singing only for salvation. She began writing her own music, and sneaked out any chance she could get to perform at underground events.

    At fifteen, she was invited to a talent show at a popular club to perform. The Prize was a lot more money than Gugu had ever heard of, and she wanted to win. She went that night, but before she could perform a shooting had broken out and everyone in that venue was killed. Except Gugu, of course. She was standing in the line of fire and saw the gunmen aim at her, but something had protected her that night. The event gained citywide recognition and Gugu had become known around town as a miracle. She was devastated by the attack, but used the news coverage and attention to her advantage. People suddenly cared about her and her family, but Gugu knew it was only temporary. She wrote a song about the tragedy and performed on talk shows, at clubs, and on televised programs. But soon she branched out and began recording Pop and R&B songs.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't her big break. After the hype surrounding her had died down, Gugu was left in the same position as before. People had forgotten her name and no one really cared about her. She did hang on to the fact that she had survived out of the hundreds of people that night, and began recalling the event. With a little time and practice, Gugu was able to manifest force fields at will. She told only her closest brother, and together they worked on and exercised her super powers.

    Soon after Gugu graduated high school, she scored a top ten single and signed with a major record label. That one single launched her career and took her and her family out of poverty. Her face was easily recognizable with all of the products she endorsed, and her music videos playing every hour. She never dreamed of doing anything with her superpowers, until GG had approached her.​
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  2. [​IMG]


    Natasha Gunn


    Code name:
    None so far, will be given one during the RP.


    Freelance artist

    Natasha is a stubborn, aggressive jerk, to keep it fairly simple. Small but fierce, she has no problem with standing up to people and will voice her opinions, even if they're not wanted. Getting under people's skin is fun for her, though it also lands her in hot water a lot. Her tough façade doesn't stay up all the time, though – if she's around those she trusts, it often crumbles into a more sarcastic yet caring attitude. Stay loyal to her, and she'll never let you down willingly.

    Teleportation: The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

    • Not afraid to voice her opinions and stand up for what she thinks is right
    • Loyal to those who she thinks deserve it. If someone is loyal to her, she'll show unwavering loyalty to them
    • Has a lot of knowledge about the underground parts of Silvergate City. If you need to get into a shady club or find out about a local gang, chances are, she'll know something about which direction to point you in

    • Cannot teleport long distances or too frequently
    • Using her teleportation ability (even a small amount) can cause severe migraines, exhaustion, nosebleeds, and can have unidentified long-term effects – something that she fears
    • Headstrong, which leads to her not being the best team player out there
    • Aggressive and confrontational, which often causes problems for those around her as well as herself
    • Not a skilled fighter. Though she knows how to defend herself, her fighting skills have much bigger flaws than those of someone who is more trained, meaning she may be taken down more easily than some other team members
    Will be given to her in the RP.

    Born in the rougher part of Silvergate City, Natasha learned about her superhuman status during her young adolescent years. After stealing some alcohol from a store to 'prove herself' to a group of older teens, she was caught and chased out of the store by the owner. Natasha accidentally used her teleportation ability to escape the scene, finding herself safe at home within a matter of milliseconds. She made some older 'cooler' friends that day when she returned to them with the alcohol in hand, but she also discovered her unexplainable power.

    She didn't tell anyone about her teleportation ability, unsure of what to make of it herself and, honestly, afraid of what would happen to her if others knew. Of course, she knew about the Silvergate Brigade, but she also knew about the immense fame that they had garnered in the city – something Natasha really didn't want. She was no hero, and she certainly wasn't going to become one. However, someone did find out. During her college years, she made a mistake in wandering through the rough parts of the city at night, and encountered a local gang. They terrorised and taunted her, but Natasha got the upper hand with her teleportation, managing to freak them out with just the thought that she could be one of those 'Brigade people'. It wasn't long before the leader found out, though she didn't act hostile toward Natasha – she knew the young woman's struggle, having powers herself. This introduced Natasha to the underworld of Silvergate City, though she didn't indulge in it for long, preferring to find and keep secrets rather than generate more involving herself.

    After graduating from college, Natasha now shares an apartment with her roommate Cara Albright, whom she met in college. With a job as a freelance artist, things are a little tough, but Natasha wants to persevere. And though she wouldn't like to admit it, there are times where she considers becoming a sort of 'superhero for hire' – as long as it came with some kind of monetary or material reward.

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    Tatianna Mariana Ferrari

    Tati, Anna, Annie, She-Devil

    Florence, Italy

    Italian American
    Born In: Florence, Italy
    Raised In: The U.S.A.


    ★Code Name★

    Model/Actress/Boxing Coach

    Tatianna makes an amazing living and can afford the finer things in life. She loves to go shopping and buying any and everything that catches her greedy eyes. She is always up-to-date with the best things in life, always surpassing others when it comes to keeping an expensive lifestyle.


    Tatianna isn't the girl that let's most people in. You have to be a close and trusted friend or family member, and then MAYBE she will tell you more about who she is. Tatianna is a social girl, but she just always keeps some kind of block up or acts distant towards everyone, and you can tell right off the jump that she has a wall up around her. She is a very difficult girl to understand and relate to. Tatianna tends to not talk about herself when it comes to opening up about things. She will try and change the subject when it comes to talking about herself.

    Creative: Tatianna likes to do things in unique ways. She hates following trends and doing the same exact thing that others do or did. She comes up with ideas and solutions in new and creative ways, some of them actually are very ingenious... others can be ridiculous at times.

    Caring: Even though she might be icy to most, when Tatianna does get close to other people, she will treat them like family and will always be there for them. She's not always a cold hearted bitch, she has her moments of acting like a human being, and not a cold robot. You have to be a special person to Tatianna, for her to actually go out of her way to make sure that you're okay.

    Sarcastic: Tatianna is known to be a sarcastic bitch, annoying people with her irony and mocking of others. She will answer a dumb question with another question, just to get under the person's skin. She likes to get people bothered, it's fun for her to see how people react to her words and comments.

    Intelligent: Not only is she mean, but Tatianna is a genius when it comes to most things. She has never had a grade lower than an A- in all of her years in school. She isn't a dumb mean girl, she is a smart mean girl... which is worst. Tatianna tends to use big words just to confuse people and watch them look stupid, not knowing what she said.

    Conceited: In her eyes, Tatianna thinks that everything about herself is perfect. She thinks that she is flawless and no one is better than her at anything. Her conceited and prideful ways tend to turn people off, or intimidate them into not wanting to be around her. When Tatianna walks into a room, she knows that she owns it, or feels like it. If she could, Tatianna would have a Diva Fan with her wherever she goes.

    Flirtatious: Since she thinks she is the prettiest Human on Earth, Tatianna loves to flirt with everyone, feeling like they all want to sleep with her. She is a big tease, never actually doing anything with most of the people she flirts with. Tatianna uses her attractiveness to get her way when she can't just throw money at her problems.

    Sociable: Even though she is known as the She-Devil, Tatianna is nice on most occasions. She isn't always mean to everyone, only people who get on her nerves. It's easy to make her mad, but it's hard to get Tatianna to be friendly towards a person who annoys the living hell out her. Just never get on her bad side, and you'll never have to see the She-Devil come out of her.

    Tatianna has Telekinesis, the power to control the movement of objects and beings. Right now, she is only at the basic level of the power. One day Tatianna will be able to do all the aspects of the amazing power.

    Basic Level
    Binding: To keep object/being from moving.

    Levitation: To lift an object, e.g. raising a pitcher several inches into the air.

    Psionic Strength: To augment the user's physical strength, e.g.punching through a steel wall.

    Telekinetic Bullet Projection: To project telekinetic energy or objects as bullets.

    Telekinetic Choking: To strangle others.

    Telekinetic Grip: To grasp an object firmly in place, e.g. keeping the tides from washing a friend away.

    Telekinetic Maneuver: To alter an object's directional course, e.g. changing what number a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack.

    Telekinetic Pull/Push: To pull objects towards the user or to push objects away from the user, e.g. yanking a book off a shelf or sliding a cup across a table.

    Telempathy (Link)
    Tatianna has Telempathy, the power to read people's emotions and communicate through emotions. She can receive emotions from others and perceiving what they are thinking through their feelings. Tatianna can also physically act out others feelings.

    Leadership, Intelligence, Resourceful, Loyal, Caring, Flexible, Cunning, Creative, Agile, Physically Strong

    Guarded, Mean, Aggressive, Reckless, Bossy, Teamwork

    Telekinesis: Since Tatianna's stronger and more active power is only in it's basic level right now, she doesn't have full control over Telekinesis yet. She still has a hard time moving objects and people that weigh over 200 pounds, only being able to make it or the person move a few inches in any direction.

    Telempathy: Tatianna's Telempathy only works on people and other beings that let her into their emotions and mind. So she would have to get them to trust her (which is not easy... being the She-Devil and everything), and they will have to let her into their deepest and darkest feelings. Sometimes when someone let's their guard down without knowing it, Tatianna will feel everything they feel, she can become overwhelmed with too many emotions being received at the same time. Tatianna has even once knocked herself out because she tried to read multiple people's emotions at the same time.

    Tatianna's costume definitely doesn't look like your normal superhero outfit, that's because it isn't. Tatianna didn't buy her outfit, she built it, that's right, she built it. Tatianna is a technology wiz. Just because she's a model, people think she's dumb and vain, but that's not the case, the vain part might be a bit true, but anyway.

    Tatianna used small microchips into every stitch of the outfit, making it durable and waterproof and resistant to normal harsh weathers. The costume also protects Tatianna from mind control powers and burning. It's not unbreakable, but it does protect her from most natural causes and a few superpowered attacks.

    Tatianna had a great childhood, her parents gave her and her twin sister the best lives. Her father was a big time business man in Italy and Tatianna's mother was a Bake Shop Owner. Tatianna and her twin, Arianna, never had to worry about anything. When she was six years old, the Ferrari family packed up everything and flew to America. They wanted more for their loving daughters than just what Italy could give them. Tatianna had cousins who lived in America, so her family stayed with them until they got back on their feet. In America is where Tatianna's big personality and conceited ways really started to show.

    Later down the line in life, Tatianna was working on her modeling career and she met a big named Boxer at one of her Sports Magazine photoshoots. The two felled madly in love, the famous Boxer even started to teach her how to box. Tatianna seemed to be a natural when it came to Boxing, learning the techniques fairly easy. Tatianna was only with the Boxer for another year or so before the mayhem would start.

    Every night, Tatianna would be slapped around and punched in the face for no good reason. Her lover was just insane with anger, around that time Tatianna hadn't known about her powers. One night, when the fighting nearly came to Tatianna dying or having to go the hospital... something inside of Tatianna started to feel hot and strong. When her lover came close to punching her again, Tatianna became angry... and things started flying at her lover. Knives from the kitchen shot into their back and one knives went right into their skull.

    When her lover died, Tatianna could feel her the anger leave her body, as if it had come from a different source. Later she would learn about her powers and become that Evil Bitch that everyone knows now. The body of her lover was buried, and to this day, no one knows how to explain what happened, and Tatianna won't say anymore about the incident.


    ★Hair Color★
    Raven Black

    Tatianna's hair is usually straight and slicked down, or sometimes she let's it get messy but stylish at the same time. She isn't one to care too much about her hair, since it usually looks perfect without her trying.

    ★Eye Color★
    Grey-Green and Beautiful

    A quarter size Tiara Shaped birthmark on her right ankle.

    Tongue, Right Eyebrow, Ears and Nipples

    Tatianna has one tattoo that says "Beauty Is Pain, Being Gorgeous Is Torture, And I Love It." going down her ribs on her right side.


    110 Pounds

    ★Body Build★
    Tatianna works out all the time, and likes to eat healthy. She has a fit and slim body, with an athletic edge. She isn't a manly looking woman, but she does have muscles in the right places. Because she is a Boxing Coach as well as a Model and an Actress, she tends to try and stay fit and perfect for all three careers.

    ★Clothing Style★
    Tatianna loves red, all her outfits have to have some shade of red in it, or she won't wear it. Red represents passion, love and seduction, things that she likes to be reminded of. Some girls have their favorite Little Black Dress, well Tatianna has her favorite Little Red Dress. Red or Dead is her motto.


    Expensive things, reading, intelligent conversation, big boobs, nice butts, partying, being the Leader, guns, motorcycles, super high heels, cooking, boxing, acting, modeling, R&B Music, Pop Music, Street Rap, dogs, Motocross, leather, having powers, control, being sarcastic, chocolate, MMA, swimming, makeup, red, horror movies, dancing, painting, poetry, analyzing people, spiders, winning

    Idiots, fat people, drugs, prissy girls, Country Music, Mainstream Rap, gambling, gamblers, boring people, following others, not leading, getting embarrassed, sushi, sneakers, boring outfits, lame parties, not getting her way, feeling powerless, emotional overloads

    Tatianna tends to roll her eyes at everything, when she gets annoyed, when she's angry, even sometimes when she's actually having fun. It might be a serious medical issues, but no one really knows.

    2. When Tatianna get's bored, she twirls strands of hair and sighs a lot. She hates getting bored and would rather blow something up before sitting down in a quiet area.

    3. When Tatianna get's really angry, she'll tend to punch the nearest wall... usually leaving a nice little whole in it.

    4. Tatianna usually ALWAYS looks into someone's eyes when she talks to them. If she's lying or feels attacked, she'll look at the ground for the rest of the conversation.

    Tatianna fears ever letting anyone into that cold and deadly heart of hers. She doesn't trust people that often. Only her family knows everything that is going on in her life, or everything that Tatianna let's them know about. She doesn't want to let anyone else hurt her like others have in the past.

    Deep down Tatianna is insecure about herself in every way. She thinks that everything that happened in her life was because of her being dumb and not fixing it at the time.

    2. She is insecure when it comes to making new and trusting friends, not wanting to open old wounds and letting people know what has made her the way she is.

    Tatianna was in a three year abusive relationship, she ended up killing her ex. She got away with the murder (even though she didn't do it on purpose), because no one could explain how it happened.

    2. Tatianna is not a cold bitch, she is actually a girl that is hurting inside and doesn't know how to fix her damages.


    ★Favorite Color★
    Blood Red

    ★Favorite Food★
    Spaghetti & Meatballs

    ★Favorite Drink★

    ★Favorite Animal★
    The Cheetah

    ★Favorite Sport★

    ★Favorite Quote★
    This One

    ★Favorite Movie★
    The Exorcist

    ★Favorite Song★

    ★Tatianna "Kinetica" Ferrari★

    "Come on... come on!" Tatianna was busy in her basement trying to levitate a statue, she had been going at it for days now. This statue was her first test of trying to build up her Telekinesis, she needed to accomplish this before anything else. "Come the fuck on..." Her grey-green eyes were focused solely on the statue, using all of her mental strength to at least nudge the 240+ pound statue. She could feel herself getting headache. "Ugh!" She sighed and just walked away. "I will move that thing." Shaking her head, Tatianna walked out of her basement. She went to her kitchen to get something to drink. Before she got to her fridge, Tatianna could hear a cracking type noise further into her living room.

    Tatianna is a smart girl, she wouldn't react and scream, like how most would do, she would "ignore" it. Not paying attention to another cracking sound, she took the drink out of the fridge. Tatianna could feel a presence behind her, the figure was coming close her. They were about to hit her with whatever was in their hand, but Tatianna levitated into the air. "Missed me!" She spun around, kicking the figure into the living room. "I guess you didn't know who your were dealing with... I hate idiots sometimes." Shaking her head, Tatianna and the mysterious thief started to fight.

    Tatianna didn't even really needed to use her Telekinesis, since the robber was just a normal idiot. Her boxing would come in handy, she started to punch the smaller guy. "You... idiot..." She swung a couple more times, the thief did get in some cheap shots, which made her fall back a bit, but she was NOT going to be beaten up anymore. One more punch to the male's side sent him over the couch and onto the floor. "Idiot..."

    ★Superhero Cover: Kinetica
    Telekinesis, Telempathy
    ★Location: Her House
    ★Mood: Annoyed-Frustrated & Angry
    Tatianna's Outfit
    ★Interaction(s): No One
    ★Mentioned: No One
    ★Tagged: No One

  4. Here is my lesbian Superhero!


    Name: Lucy Hera
    Age: 25

    Code name: Merqua

    Height: 5'3ft

    Swimming instructor.
    Lucy is friendly and a bit of a snarker. She has a lot of patience and is easy to forgive but likes to engage in any form of watersports. She knows she may seem a bit odd to the other heroes but doesn't care. She wants to befriend them and she is an easy to friend woman. She is very fond of being in wet clothing.
    SuperPowers: Water Manipulation.Lucy is able to control any sources of water and use it in any form she pleases. Waterbreathing.

    Strengths: (Individual's strengths.)
    + Lucy is a rather quick swimmer and runner.
    + She can breath underwater.
    + Caring and forgives people easily.
    + She is mentally strong and does not scare easily. Unless it's fire.
    - If Dehydrated, her powers cease to work.
    - Very vulnerable to lighting based powers and heat can lead to Lucy being dehydrated within an hour.
    - Distance, width and quantity is dependent on her knowledge and the source of the water. E.g. a small fountain won't allow her to send a wave at people.
    -Not very strong in a physical sense.
    - Seems to get thirsty very easily
    -Scared of fire.

    Costume: Lucy doesn't have an outfit but she does own a silver swimming costume and has added fishnet stockings along with a long sleeved black shirt. She has cut up an old pink bikini to use as a facemask and bandana to hide her real self.
    She will wear a pair of black lace stockings with suspenders with a silver long sleeved shirt and a light blue thin skirt along with a dark red bikini underneath. She will use a scuba mask with her makeshift bikini mask to mask her real face and will use tinted black to allow her to see. She will have MERAQUA stiched into the shirt out of old bikinis and swim customes. Along with a cartoonish image of a tidal wave on her back.

    Lucy Hera was a normal girl until her 16th birthday where she discovered her powers. She was skating on a thin river and fell through the ice! However, instead of drowning or succumbing to the cold, she felt rather at home underneath it. She was curious about why she didn't drown or get affected by the cold and spent most of the winter testing her body after accidentally splashing herself with some cold water from the bathroom sink. She was rather rubbish at it at first and nervous but as small sessions of practising went past in secret, she slowly unlocked her power over the water and ice. She even risked drowning again by going through the ice on purpose and allowed the current to take her away until she stopped. She spent the next few years working as a swim instructor on account of her spare time being taken up as a swimmer and her body had changed slightly. She was prone to getting thirsty more often and fire seemed to put pure fear in her. She was recently recruited by a squad of "Superheroes" when she saved a family of 4 after they crashed into the river.
    Sample post:
    "That was a nice dream." Lucy remarked as she opened her eyes to the brown ceiling above her. Her apartment was a small but modest one and just average apart from the furniture. Instead of a bed or couch, she had two inflatable pools that came in a rectangle shape and with inflatable pillows. She found beds to be uncomfortable and had often woken up feeling like she had eaten nothing but sand during the night. Her body seemed to demand water during it's downtime and it was a long shot but the pools had solved her issue. She sighed as she looked to the navy blue curtains. "Right, time to get up and teach." She muttered as she slowly climbed out of the 'bed'. Her sleepwear was soaked but it never mattered to her as she was rather fond of being in wet clothing.

    After a healthy breakfast of cereal and 4 cartons of apple juice, she proceeded to get dressed in a pair of red jeans and a white shirt with black sleeves. She never saw the point in dressing formally when she would be in just a black swimming custom under her centre's white shirt. She was very good at her job and was paid a lot. But her life would change forever.

    She was on her way home when she saw a small four door car lose control and smashed through the barriers. It smashed into the river with a loud splash and began to sink with the bonnet facing down. Whatever she was thinking, whatever drove her to do it, she could not say but within the space of 2 minutes, she found herself from being a spectator to being under the car and trying her best to save it. She used the water to break the windows and quickly dragged them out but something caught her leg! The seatbelt had wrapped itself around her right leg and the car was her anchor. She was slowly dragged to the very bottom of the river until she was able to break free of it and quickly surfaced to fufill the illusion of her being a normal. She was a hero!

    "Is this, Lucy Hera?"

    "Yes, who is this?"
    "I represent a small group of heroes, like yourself and we would like to invite you to be a hero."
    "I'm no hero. I just did what anyone else would have."

    "No, anyone else would have drowned. You did not and well, miss Hera, we know about you. We would love to invite you to be a part of our group. We know that you are bored of having to hide your powers and we can provide you with an outlet."

    "I will join you."

    Regarding the image, that is a last thing affair. I want to make sure everything else is ok before i put the finishing touches. Regarding the two outfits. one is a pre-being a superhero. The other, maybe with the help of the others, is created by her. :)

    Or Charming's character dictates what she wears. :P
  5. [​IMG]

    Chloe Hyo


    Code name:
    Ice Queen

    6' 0''


    Most people tend to assume that because of her code name that she's every bit as cold as the mythical Ice Queen. This, in fact, is not true. She's very empathetic and easily the kindest person you'll ever meet. She also enjoys superhero stories, comics of anything, and movies. She's an avid nerd and does not hold back anything when her interests are brought up. When not talking about her interests, it's clear the she's very introverted and a bit of a homebody, not really interested in going out all that much. She'd much rather be home with a good movie or video game than saving the world.

    Ice Manipulation: The ability to control or make ice at will.

    Lucky: Lucky beyond belief, she isn't invincible, but able to prevent harm through coincidence.

    Genre Savvy- can use her Pop Culture knowledge and apply it to any situation, giving her an edge.
    Empathetic- easily able to read and understand people just at a glance.
    Lazy- most people underestimate how lazy people want to get a job done quickly and easily.

    Weaknesses: (At least five for your charry, and at least 2 must be super power weaknesses/or limits.)
    Easily Distracted- its likely for you to lose her interest when talking for a long time, or if something more interesting is happening in the background.
    Lazy- she's not interested in saving the world, but it nets her a bit of a discount at times if she does.
    Empathetic- when unable to do anything to help someone, she'll become frustrated and easily angered.
    Ice- she needs water to make ice, and while there's water in the atmosphere it takes longer and makes her more tired to use her powers.
    Luck- luck is unpredictable, but won't fatally hurt her. She just has more good luck than the normal person, but not supernaturally so. She can't win the lottery with this, for instance.

    A silver hoodie with navy blue accents, it's tight to her body and the hood is able to be zipped shut to reveal a pattern of silver with faint navy blue marks to indicate eyes. Most of the time, the hoodie is unzipped to reveal a t-shirt with a random pop culture reference on it. She pairs this with slacks made of 'cotton duck' and flat-heeled army boots. All of her clothes have frost covering most of the uniform, allowing her to manipulate ice whenever she needs it, without worrying about a water source. All articles of clothing are worn with some battle damage.

    If you grow up in a world full of superheroes, you tend to not want to grow and be a superhero. Thus began the like of one Chloe Hyo, who was far more invested in fictional character's lives than her own. She was pretty much average in a world full of supers, and she liked it that way. Until one day her local comics shop was stolen from, and she decided to take action. It was news the next day that she'd somehow ended up stopping a major terrorist attack. According to her, she stopped him because, "he was going to bomb my favorite comic store. I couldn't let those comics burn."

    A week later she stopped a serial rapist by chance. She'd been on a date with him when she accidentally swapped their drinks and reported him. She decided to roll with it and became a superhero. She was scouted due to her incredible luck and powerful superpower, and the rest is history.

    Sample post:
    "Shush, we're gonna be rich if we can pull this job off, Steve."

    "Not if we get freaking caught by one of those Silvergate Brigade people." The second voice was fretful, worried about something that might now happen.

    "They disbanded." The first was confident in their plan, but irritated by his partner's skittishness.

    "I heard they're trying to make a new group."

    "Shut up and drill, would you?"

    "Oh no, please go on, this prattle was actually starting to get interesting." A new voice, feminine and slightly bored.


    The two thieves turned to see a costumed crusader -if she could be called that- sitting on the stairs behind the two would be thieves. Her face rested on her hand and she looked relaxed, albeit bored.

    "Do you guys have anything mildly interesting to say besides the cliched drivel?" she said, adding, "also you tripped the alarm two minutes ago. You are, like, the worst thieves I've ever seen."

    One pulled a gun on the vigilante and she visibly perked up. She even stood to emphasize her excitement. The gun followed her movements carefully.

    "A gun? I mean we all have superpowers but that's cool! What are you gonna do? Shoot me? No... you're just bluffing." She rambled, walking closer as she did so.

    "Stop getting closer! I'll shoot!"

    It was too late, in one move she grabbed the gun, froze it, and knocked the gun guy to the floor with a sweep of her leg. He fell wrong and managed to hit himself in the face with the chunk of ice that had once been a gun, and was knocked out of the fight. The other guy saw her quick movements and decided to surrender just as the police showed up.

    "Name's Ice Queen. I'm a superhero for fun!" She yelled as she pulled the ice from the unconscious goon and started to use the ice on her costume to climb out of the museum using the skylight. "Tell your friend not to commit crimes, or I'll have to interrupt my late night ice cream again and I'll be very grumpy!"

    There was a moment of silence before the police came in to find what appeared to be a man already surrendering to another who had slipped and hit his head.

    "She has to be the worst superhero I've ever heard of!"​
  6. « »
    Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior
    Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior
    Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior

    • Name
      Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior

      ~ Maddie ~ Madds ~ Sparky (“Brothers. What can you say?”) ~


      Code name
      Not available at the moment

      5 ft. 6 in.

      Cafe employee. Designer and substitute manager.

      ~ Creative ~ Patient ~ Hard worker ~ Observant ~ Has strangely good (throwing) aim ~
      ~ Quick on her feet ~ Likes to stay healthy and fit ~

      ~ Should not be trusted with a gun (mainly for her own safety) ~
      ~ Has a hard time truly trusting someone outside of her family ~
      ~ Has to see and feel to learn things easily ~
      ~ Is hard on herself ~ She CAN be blinded by her own light ~
      ~ Absorbing too much electricity makes her a a lot bit delirious ~
      ~ She can’t use more (electricity) at once than she can store ~
      ~ Has a harder time controlling her abilities during times of fear or panic ~
    • Personality

      Maddie can be considered loyal when it comes to her family and close friends but she’s also pretty paranoid when it comes to the motives of others. This stems from years of working at her parents’ cafe, both officially and unofficially. The cafe wasn’t a seedy bar or anything, but Maddie has always been an observant person and picked up on the fact that people and school in general aren’t that nice. It was also at her parents’ cafe that she learned to be patient and hard to visibly anger. It definitely helped that she grew up with mild-mannered parents.

      Outside of work related traits, Maddie is someone who generally likes to go on her own pace. If someone didn’t like her, she didn’t particularly care. Some people are just not meant to be on good terms. She’s a responsible, observant person who is prone to secondhand embarrassment not always empathetic but does have the patience to understand that somethings are just what they are.

      While Maddie does seem like a strong confident person, she has a surprising amount of self doubt and insecurities when it comes to something that she created. It’s probably the reason why she never made her own costume (other than the fact that she never NEEDED one).
    • Backstory
      Maddie grew up as the middle child of a family of five. Her family consisted of her mother, her father, her older brother by a year and her younger sister by four years. She grew up in a normal warm family who lived in a home above the cafe they ran. Probably the only thing that wasn’t normal about her family was the occasional super-powered person that popped up on her father’s side of the family. Which, in this case, landed on Maddie.

      The first signs of her powers appeared when Maddie was around three years old. She was fiddling around with the Christmas lights when the three year old decided that it was a good idea to stick her fingers into an electric socket. Of course she gave her parents mini heart attacks, but eventually they got used to the idea that their daughter wouldn’t end up killing herself while sticking her hands into electric sockets and broken wires. They did, however, make sure that she knew what she should and should not be doing with her powers.

      From then on her life was usually calm without much chaotic drama outside of the usual drama that occurred in high school. Not counting the time her seven year old self decided to taser a thief for trying to steal her mother’s purse. She attended college for a fashion design major before switching and graduating with a business management major and studio art minor. While attending college as a fashion design major, she decided that the professional field of fashion design is not for her because she couldn’t enjoy it as a job. She ended up deciding to go back home after graduating to relieve some of the burden of running the cafe from her parents.

      From then on she continued to work at her parents’ cafe while making a design here and there just for fun or as a favor for one of her loved ones. Everything was normal...uh...besides the one or two...conflicts that she had to resolve with her tasering abilities. It’s not just because of the coffee and bread that some police officers are on good, friendly terms with her.
    • SuperPowers

      Electromancy: Can generate and use electricity. Though there are many ways someone can use electromancy to their advantage, such as using themselves as a personal outlet, Maddie mainly focused on the practical uses of her abilities. So while she does have a lot of control over her powers she hasn’t explored it’s offensive uses past being a living breathing taser and forming blinding and potentially explosive energy balls of electricity.

      Maddie can stick onto and walk on metal surfaces with her powers. She can also run or jump quickly with bursts of electricity even though it can and often does wreck sidewalks with scorch marks.

      Electrical Immunity: Can absorb and store electricity without directly harming herself. But while she can absorb electricity, too much can cause her to have an almost drunk or delirious state of mind. Maddie often describes this feeling as something you would probably feel when you’ve had practically no sleep for over three days, drank so much coffee that your mind feels like a hyperactive engine and yet your body can seem to keep up with said mind. ...It just results in a lot of unintentional electrical outbursts and tripping. She usually ends up crashing. Sometimes she even throws up the next morning. It is advised that she works on her capacity before she actually hurts someone.
    • Costume
      Maddie’s costume will be given to her during the roleplay. She does keep a pair of sunglasses on her though (so she doesn’t blind herself like an idiot).

      (Base color: Stormy grey. Accent color: Silver.)
    • The brunette stared out the window as she absentmindedly mopped up the last of the day’s worth of grime and dust on the floor. Even as she put the mop and bucket away, she continued to stare out the window. It wasn’t for any particular reason. It was just something that she often did when she was thinking about something. It’s been an hour since the last of the customers left. Since she shooed her brother and sister upstairs with their parents, offering to clean up on her own. It wasn’t like she was the one who had paperwork to file or had finals to study for.

      “Honestly, only those two would procrastinate work with other work,” she sighed as she dropped down on a chair by one of the large windows of the cafe. Her green eyes slid down to her hands, which were resting on the table. Lifting one hand, she let near-white blue sparks of static arc over the tips of her fingers before forming a small, glowing translucent ball of buzzing electricity over the palm over her hand. “Well...it’s not like I’m any better.”

      But who could blame her? She wasn’t hero material. She just...couldn’t really see what those recruiters were talking about. The most she ever did was stop a robbery. Anyone, even without superpowers, could stop a robbery if they had...let’s say a bat or pepper spray. Even a can of plain old tomato soup would work. She wasn’t trying to be a hero. She doesn’t think she can be a hero.

      So why?

      “Maddie? What’s taking you so long, sweetie? Dinner’s already ready for you upstairs!”

      “Nothing! I just finished cleaning. Let me lock up and I’ll be right upstairs!”

      Why did she say yes?
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  8. Okay. So I'm going to be making a google document for the roleplay and it will be if someone has an idea they want to contribute like a Villain, or Mission you can add it there for approval. That way if you guys have an idea you like you and want to see it come true you can submit it and have a bit of your story in it as well.
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  9. Hey, I just wanna say that my character is already at 85%, I still need to complete her backstory and sample post, so yeah I'm still here. I will finish her tomorrow since it's weekend ^^
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  18. In a city where everything is rather average.

    When criminals are stopped by police.

    A group of lesbians will rise to become the Yuri supers that the city does not deserve or need but goddamn if it's not nice to look at.

    The group of lesbians will thwart such foes as showering together, massages, ************, *********** on the couch, ******************** everywhere, BEEWBS, and their greatest foe, skin tight outfits!
  19. M'hm. Gonna have Gugu flirt and break all the hearts. :p

    Also, going to make people's things go invisible if they piss her off haha.
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