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  1. Farscape, Farscape, Farscape. What would we do without you?
    You've taught me several things.
    To be crazy, even when everyone is watching.
    That 'Unique' is a very good reason to go off the deep end.
    How to not get shot: 1. Get excited. The more words you're saying, the more freaked the other is going to be. 2. Point the gun at your head, heart and John Junior while laughing. 3. Engage weapons in a peace zone. 4. Hold your breath and take a swim in outer space.

    And of course, Farscape has taught me how far it can and will push my feelings. Here, and there, and that way and this way.

    But most of all, Farscape has given me a chance to explore a universe I would have never thought of.

    And for this, I would like to honor the show and movie by doing a roleplay (or two) about it.

    While talking to someone else, The idea to have a mini-Aeryn popped into my head. So, Aeryn Olivia was born.

    Aeryn Olivia is Aeryn and John's second child, and I was thinking how fun it would be to have a human counterpart to Aeryn Olivia, like Aeryn and John except for the fact that they're younger, and John isn't really John, because that would be incest.

    If you've managed through my weird plot/words, please drop a comment below. Always up for other ideas as well.
  2. I've loved Farscape for as long as I've been alive, but I'm not sure what you're getting at here. I'm a bit hesitant, but curious.
  3. Yeah, I realized that it might be a bit hard to understand. Basically, I was thinking about a Farscape RP. Canons of the show could be used, or OC's could. (Possibly the offspring/next generation of the canons.)
  4. Heh... used my alien character Pico in a "Farscape" RP some time back, on another site. Concept was the same as the series, but with all original characters. Died a few pages in... shame. Hope this idea works out. Good luck.
  5. I see. What would be the setting?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.