ALWAYS OPEN Fandom Roleplay Requests [Video Games, Movies, Books, etc.]

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  1. Hello! Before I get into it, I feel like I should say that I am looking for a more serious roleplay.
    So, I'll keep this short and sweet by making some basic lists.
    Some info regarding me:
    • I am still a student and probably will get a summer job, but I will update this as I get a call back from the guy. (I also have 3 weeks of school left, so I will be a liiittle busy, as well as a little dead tired lol)
    • I only roleplay on Discord, as it's much easier to manage for me, at least. So, sorry.
    • I usually prefer to play my own characters and female ones, but from time to time I can handle playing a male character, I've gotten a little better at it, so I'll just say that I'm alright with playing both genders.
    • Usually I'm pretty creative, but since I wake up everyday at 5 am and get home late, my brain is basically fried, but other than that, I try to reply everyday and just write long posts.
    • I really like some feel-good teen-romance roleplays, or roleplays which take place in hazy towns, or during rainy summers, or in the 80s.
    • I also love to get to know my roleplay partners, I think if we don't click as friends, then we won't really click as roleplay partners. I like to joke and share music that I've found, or ask my RP partners about their day, how fare thee and all. You know, stuff.
    • Please if you have a pet, or cute animal pics, please bless me with them, thank you.
    Alright, now regarding the roleplay stuff. As of right now, I am looking for some of these things.
    • Marvel stuff! So, I already have a plot in mind and I could play some canon characters, even though I prefer to play my own characters. Still, if I know the character well enough, I'll play a canon one too.
    • Maybe some DC stuff too.
    • Vampyr! So, I know that this is a new game, but it's just so charming and goddamn, Dr.Reid is a fine. Maybe a vampire-rp set in London around that time.
    • Where the Water Tastes like Wine. This...Game.. Phew, Basically, an rp inspired by this would be so amazing, just imagine people walking through the land listening to and telling tales. Sounds like a nice adventure.
    • Criminal Minds, as always. Well, I'm just casually looking for a Dr.Reid in this one lol.
    • A feel-good, roleplay set in the 80s-90s in a hazy, warm little town, or maybe an rp set in a small countryside town on a rainy summer day?
    • Mafia related roleplay stuff. I've just got to reading the Godfather. I have seen the movies, (I didn't really like the third one tbh) but the book is just... Something else. So, yeah.
    • Blood on Snow (Jo Nesbo) - Basically, I'd like a story where a hitman falls in love with either a possible victim, or someone who is connected to the victim.
    • Call me by your Name like stuff.
    • Detroid: Become Human
    • A cool art college related thing, on which an unsuspecting highschool student stumbles upon and gets tangled up in it (Or something like Paradise Kiss if you are familiar with that anime)
    A'ight, I feel like this would be it. So, if you've made it here, feel free to send a pic of your favorite animal, or tell me your favorite colour so I know that you've actually read it. Have a good one, folks.
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  2. Still Looking + Added another thing.
  3. Reeeeee, where did you come from? You have like all of the same stuff I ask in RPs. I pretty much only use discord now and with the feel-good teen romance stuff that is like all I RP XD I will PM you.
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  7. MSG me about the Bloon on Snow one!! :D
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  11. Hi I'd like to hear your plot idea for marvel. PM me and we can talk and plot.
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    Do you do fxf?
  13. Yup and yup. Feel free to slide in my DMs
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