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  1. INTRO

    Hello, hello, beautiful ladies and gents! I'm back with an all-new partner search for... (Drumroll, please!) Marvel!

    So, this originally was inspired by @Solar , who created a justice league type roleplay, which inspired me to start watching Justice League, which inspired me to start watching Young Justice, which short-circuited my brain cells into constant fangirling, flailing and random bouts of squealing.

    Because who can really keep a lid on it when MARTIAN MEGAN IS KISSING SUPERHOT SUPERBOY?

    Sorry. It's like my brain has a mouth of its' own. Oh wait, it does..

    So, I'm here with plots, ideas and awesome AU's because that's just how I do.


    Alright. Let me bring it down a bit and give you the down-low dish.

    I'm interested in anything superheroes, supervillains, marvel, DC, superpowers, mutants, you name it.

    If it's fun, contains at least A villain, hero or some types of powers, I'm in. It could even be non-powered individuals doing it up Daredevil/Batman style. Dark clothes, a keen fashion sense and ninja moves are powers... right?

    Anywhale, I have a series of plots that may or may not be just what you're looking for. If they're not, then we can always come up with something together. Two brains are better than one.

    Awe, shucks, I ran out of I words. Oh well.

    WARNING: The plots listed below are in no particular order, and may not include specific marvel, dc or hero/villains aspects.
    ANOTHER WARNING: All of these plots have some kind of action, adventure or intrigue integrated in them. Action, adventure, and (Of course,) romance, are my three favourite nouns. (Not nuns! Made that mistake before.)

    ~The Walking Dead meets Marvel/DC.
    superhero, apocalyptic, horror, death, violence, gore, zombies

    One month ago, humanity fell for good. Under the corruption of the virus that killed their victims and then reanimated them as something less than human, mankind dwindled. A few patches of survivors remain here and there, but they are grossly outnumbered by their undead counterparts. We call them exhumans, exes for short. With limited supplies and even more limited hope, humanity faces a bleak future. But things weren’t always this way. Before the inception of the virus, there were heroes. The Mighty Dragon. Stealth. Gorgon. Banzai. The Regenerator. And countless others. Muse A was one of them—living a relatively normal life by day, fighting crime by night. She was based in New York City, at least until the exes began to flourish. After hope for saving her city was gone, she took off—moving west towards Los Angeles, which reputedly housed a stronghold for any survivors. And that’s where she encounters Muse B. Just like Muse A, Muse B was once a hero, but his territory was Atlanta rather than NYC. He had met Muse A once or twice before, but had never worked with her or thought that much of it. Until now. Now, these two ex-heroes must battle their way through hordes of zombies, travel with little comfort or supplies, attempt to find fellow survivors along the way, and ultimately band together in a last attempt for life surrounded by a world ruled by death.

    ~Sky High meets Young Justice.
    sci-fi, modern fantasy, superheroes, supervillains, minor, gore, combat
    As the original Justice league, Avengers and Titans aged, the three groups came together to form an alliance, one that would benefit their children, grandchildren, and hopefully the future of many worlds to come. These three powerful groups became one, called the Alliance, and in their name a school was created. No more hiding from the rest of the world, walking in the shadows. The children that would go to this school would be trained, put into action and united to fight the forces of Evil. But not every child could go here. Only ones that expressed explicit interest to be better in the name of Justice, Courage and Honor.
    And so the school, named JCH, was built, and the first year of students were sent to live on the premises of the highly secure school. By the time these children graduated, they would be the next generation of heroes, ready to fight the good fight.

    clones, sci-fi, modern sci-fi, modern, science fantasy

    Muse A is casually flipping through the channels on TV for something good to watch when they stop on the pilot episode of a new show; they’re stunned that the lead actor, Muse B, looks and sounds exactly like them. It isn’t long before Muse A starts getting mistaken for Muse B when out in public.

    ~Flying for You
    sci-fi, modern sci-fi, supernatural, superhuman, hero/villain
    It started with a recurring dream. Muse A was flying over the city, keeping an eye on what went on below. Muse A flies different places every night, but the one thing each dream has in common is Muse B’s face.
    Muse A starts to think they’re going crazy. Dreaming of flying is one thing, but vividly seeing a complete stranger’s face every single night? They’ve sought professional help, and every doctor they’ve spoken to has suggested that Muse B is either somebody from their past, or their imagination.

    Muse A is convinced that Muse B is real, and grows increasingly frustrated with not being able to connect the dots. They’re outside one day, completely consumed with their thoughts, when they notice they’re no longer on the sidewalk, but five inches above it. Nobody seems to notice as Muse A experimentally takes a step and moves higher. They land quickly and make their way home to experiment.

    That night, Muse A takes a leap of faith out of their window and finds that they have somehow been gifted with the ability of flight. Curious, they fly the route they’ve taken in their dreams night after night, and after months of restless sleep, find out that Muse B exists. They bang on Muse B’s window, overexcited, and have no idea how they’ll be able to explain who they are, and why they’re floating in midair.

    (PLOT TWIST! Muse B has also discovered a power and is thankful (Or something else) that they are not the only one.)

    ~The Traveling Cave
    sci-fi, fantasy, modern fantasy, time travel
    Muse A is on a weekend camping trip with friends in the mountains. They spend the first afternoon exploring the gorgeous scenery, walking the trails and carving new paths near their campsite. One spot in particular catches Muse A’s attention, a cave. The group peek their heads inside, but are reluctant to go further without their flashlights and drag Muse A along back to camp with empty promises that they will return the following day. Muse A has dinner with their friends, but is unable to get their mind off of the interesting discovery. After the group has gone to bed, Muse A decides to sate their unwavering curiosity, grabbing a flashlight and a bottle of water to head out to the site of the cave.

    Muse A feels increasingly lightheaded the deeper they delve into the cavern, but they press on. The feeling eventually overwhelms Muse A and they reach out to steady themselves on the cave’s interior wall, waiting for the sickening sensation to pass. When Muse A is again clearheaded, they turn back to leave the damp, dark space and head back down the short trail to camp. Muse A is shocked to discover they cannot find the tents or any sign of the fire that had been burning brightly at the site. Panic sets in as they frantically retrace their steps. They work in slow circles trying to find their friends and calling out, but there is no answer. Exhausted, Muse A sits down and falls asleep.

    Muse B is in the midst of their morning routine when they come upon a sleeping Muse A. Startled by their unusual clothing and appearance, they gently wake Muse A to ask if they need help. Muse A relays the previous night’s events and although confused, Muse B takes them into their care and promises to aid them in finding a way back to their group. What will transpire when Muse A figures out they have traveled in time? Will Muse B believe them? If unable to return, will Muse A and Muse B develop a relationship?

    ~Not-So Artificial
    science fantasy, futuristic, dystopia, modern sci-fi, robot, AI
    It’s the year 2050 and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, exceeding the vision and capabilities of countless scientists from previous decades. Artificial Intelligence is the buzz word on the lips on government officials as well as the everyday citizen. Robots have become part of daily life; delivering mail, performing home cleaning services, automating the task of driving a car and so much more. In this new era, artificially intelligent beings serve the purpose of making human life easier and more pleasurable. Muse A is a lonely beta tester, whose primary job is to test run androids (robots with human appearance) before they are shipped out for sale to the public. Muse A isn’t the best at social relationships, so they much prefer to spend time with androids who can communicate and interact without judgment or need of social convention. When Muse A is asked to test a new android prototype (Muse B), Muse A is amazed at how advanced Muse B is. Muse B seems unique, learning at a pace more rapid than their predecessors, able to somehow intuit feelings of the user, gradually able to mirror human emotions: anger, sorrow, even love. As Muse A continues to “test” Muse B, the pair become attached to one another. Every day that goes by with Muse A noting the android’s progress, Muse B begins to feel more and more..human.

    death, sci-fi, superpowers, undead, the living death, torchwood, possible group rp
    In 2035, it was a golden age. Powerful inventions were coming out every day, and there were more and more ways to preserve and reuse earth's resources. But when something horrible happens, five otherwise humans find themselves face to face with powers that could destroy a planet. More importantly, this planet.

    Crime was always in the history of earth. Bad things always happened, that was the way it is. But when murderers aren't murderers anymore, and people stop dying, Is it for the better? Or.. worse?

    It was June sixth, 2035. That was the day that people stopped dying. Sure, people still got injuries, but instead of passing away due to bullet wounds and horrible monstrosities like third degree burns and impalement, people suffer in pain and agony. The hospitals soon started filling up with patients they couldn't help. Patients that would be much better just.. passing away. When that happens, it is up to five individuals to make a choice that is impossible. But impossible choices often are the only ones.
    (More information if you'd like! I would love to do this as a group RP but there would have to be interested individuals for me to start an OOC.)

    Muse A finds out they have power(s) and meet with muse B who forms a club to fight bad guys.
    • Muse B is Muse A's childhood best friend. One is in love with the other.
    • Instead of the club, both muses team up and try to fight crime together, as partners.​
    • Both muses become villains instead.​
    • One muse becomes a Villain, the other a Hero, and must battle each other.​

    Muse A is a neutral who occasionally does the not-so-hero thing and robs banks, goes on crime expeditions and has fun with chaos, then turns back into the good guy (or girl) and fights the bad guys. When their bad side becomes popularly associated with crime, a hero (Muse B) sets out to put a stop to his (Or her) regular excursions.
    • Muse A and Muse B are on the same team and Muse B gets sent on a mission to stop Muse A's alter-alter-ego, without knowing that the person they are after is someone they've fought besides.
    • Muse A and Muse B are romantically involved, but telling Muse B who Muse A really is could put a dangerous stop to their relationship. Will they battle? Or will Muse A come clean?
    • Muse A is actually being regularly possessed by a (Ghost? Villain that needs a host body? Parasite?) and has no idea what is really going on. They might think that they're going crazy, or they might go to a shrink and confess, or a confession booth, ect.
    • (Second idea, in conjunction with the third bulleted idea) The Parasite (Or something else) that has attached itself to Muse A's body needs their body to survive, and the times when the parasite is not awake and controlling their body, it is recuperating and sleeping, allowing Muse A to take the reigns. There is a way to detach the parasite, but it would be life-threatening for both Muse A, and the parasite.
    • Muse A has no idea what they do when they are (supposedly) asleep, and the Parasite becomes a regular menace when Muse a is not in control, pitting Muse A (and their body) against Muse A's team when Muse A is asleep. (Optional) Sometimes Muse A awakes with pain in their body from fights or battles while the Parasite is awake.
    That's all I can think of at the moment, but I willingly accept ideas!

    I have been roleplaying for several years, and I am constantly improving and updating my current skills. I am looking for a roleplay that pushes both of us to be better, more intuitive, and more adaptable. I am currently looking for a partner who can match my writing style, and can match my post length.

    Writing style: Third person, past tense (Varies between all three, but Past tense is most common for my writing style.)
    Past tense; Did happen. Ex: Did, has, was, were. It uses words that would be used when something has already happened.
    Current tense; Is happening. Ex: Is, Am, are, has, have. Using words or verbs that describe something currently happening.
    Future tense; Will be happening. Ex: Will be, would, will have. Using words that describe something that will happen, but has not yet.

    Post length: Paragraph to multi-paragraph. I like to include enough information to give the reader a picture of what my character is doing, will be doing, or has already done. However, quality over quantity is always a mantra I expect to be used, and I would much rather prefer a well-written paragraph than many paragraphs that all say the same thing.

    Dialogue: If you are not interested in continuing the story we have created, then just tell me. No explanation will be needed, and I will not take any offense. There is no reason why you should have to stay in a sinking ship. I would never wish that my future or current partners be bored out of their minds, or worse yet, uncomfortable. We could always change the scene, plot, or idea, or even just drop it altogether.

    Breaking: If you would like to take a short break, that is fine with me. We can reconvene whenever you are ready. It would be simpler to just pause instead of slowly drift apart.

    I'd be interested in mostly any marvel/dc roleplay. If you have ideas, I'd be happy to hear it!
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