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    Cogs and Fire

    Interest Check | General Information and Rules | Cast List | Area List | Race List | Species List | Plot List | Organization List | Updates | Submission Forms | In Character

    Hello, hello. Welcome to the OOC thread for the open world steampunk fantasy project “Cogs and Fire”. If you don’t know what this is yet, I’m gonna have to throw you to the Interest Check. If you do know what this is, then continue on!

    General Information and Rules

    First things first. This is going to (hopefully) be a massive project, and without some organization, it’s gonna be one jumbled mess that no one’s going to have fun playing in. As mentioned in the interest check, there’s going to be submission forms for the various things the players are allowed to create. All submission forms must be completed in their entirety and approved by a GM (me, @Crow, or @Vivian) before it can be implemented into the world.

    The first thing players can create is, obviously, their characters. Characters can be of any race you can imagine (yes, you’ll be able to make your own). In this roleplay, there’s no character sheet. Got that character in your mind? Good, go post for them (when the IC is up, of course). So long as your character is one of the races or species listed as approved, you can jump right in. Want to be a race that hasn’t been made yet? Make it! Likewise, there’s no character limit. You can have as many characters as you want, and they can be who you want. Within reason, of course. There’s also a first come first serve policy.

    The second thing players can create is the locations in the game. This is an entirely new world, with tons of unique continents and locations. The first area players will create will be the ones their character(s) start in, unless you start in a pre-existing area (one someone already made). Areas will be added to a continental map as they’re submitted and approved. For this, we’d like players to be reasonable. There probably won’t be a desert right next to a snowy mountain, and having a thriving city next to a volcano doesn’t make much sense either (sorry, Hawaii). Discussion is highly recommended for this.

    The third thing in your hands is the races that inhabit our lovely world. Races are humanoid, sapient beings, separate from species, which are non-humanoid, non-sapient beings. What your character’s race can and can’t do is up to you. Just try not to make a bunch of overpowered characters that won’t be much fun to play with. Once a race is approved, it’s added to the list, and anyone can make a character of that race.

    The fourth thing players will make are the species that inhabit Avion. Species are the non-humanoid, non-sapient beings that roam Avion. What they are is limited only by your imagination. A few ideas of what us GMs have in the works include desert sharks, giant spiders, and flying stingrays. If you can think it, you can make it. Just don’t make a destroyer of worlds. We’re kinda using this world right now. Once approved, anyone can use approved species as a plot device or whatever else they reasonably desire.

    Lastly, and most importantly, the players will be in charge of creating their own plots. Small plots are fine and don’t need approval, but if you feel your plot is major enough and that it will possibly affect a large area, it’s important for you to submit it for approval. We don’t want any sudden attacks against an entire race that could cause OOC drama. Once approved, any changes to the plot must be submitted and approved as well. Likewise, all parties involved in the plot must agree to it before it can be approved.

    As all successful roleplays do, this one has rules. Rules that will help make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone (we hope). Not adhering to these rules will result in a warning. After two warnings, your character(s) will simply be eliminated and you will be barred from participating.

    Posting Format

    [Character Banner, no wider than 800px, no taller than 200px (Optional)]

    [Character(s) Name(s), Location, Continent, Plot (if applicable), What They're Doing]

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    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. Keep your drama outta here. If you’re conflicted about something regarding the roleplay, bring it to a GM’s attention and we’ll deal with it accordingly.
    3. While everyone is permitted to join, there’s a one paragraph minimum post length requirement, and we’re looking for decent grammar and punctuation. Know the difference between your and you’re, and dont talk liek dis.
    4. No power playing or godmodding. You may have your own super duper race that’s capable of dealing tons of damage, but don’t flaunt it in a way that hinders the enjoyment of others. There’s no need to destroy entire towns because someone killed your parents. Likewise, don’t control other people’s characters without their permission. You can attempt to stab them, but under no circumstances are you permitted to definitely stab them.
    5. All things in moderation. Don’t rely on making things extremely overpowered. Playing these types of characters can be fun, but they can also take away from the enjoyment when used in excess. Likewise, be reasonable in your actions. Try to have a cause to everything you do, instead of being that random stranger that kills people because they exist. Because no one wants to die because they exist.
    6. This is a jump-in roleplay. As such, members of all ages are likely to be here. Keep your smut to PM if it becomes a thing.
    7. Don’t implement anything into the roleplay that hasn’t been approved. If you didn’t tell me X race can shoot lasers out of their eyes, I don’t want to see X race shooting lasers out of their eyes.
    8. Know that your GMs have the final say.
    9. Follow the IC posting format when replying to the IC. You'll be asked to edit your post if you don't follow it.
    10. Have fun.
    To show that you have read and understand the rules, comment “Cogs and Fire”. You won’t be permitted to create anything or join the IC until you do so. If I give your post a “Nice Execution”, it means you’re in.
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  2. Cast List

    Ruby Marie, Treasure Hunting Alchemist
    Arastiel Ru'hwan, Forean Elven Princess
    Amber Ambrose, Makantet Bounty Hunter
    James Chamerlain, Melvinnian Guard Leader
    Silo, Chaos-Thriving Tripan
    Vay Vacilio, Vexor Rebel
    Rias Rex, The Kobalt Uprise Leeader

    Nano 84, Cyborg Mechanic
    Chase, Booty Hunter
    Vivian, Warrior of Justice
    Suvia, Ice Dragon

    @Periodically Incorrect
    Vivian Rylee Young, Vexin Rebel
    Oscar Bagstock, Springwork Mayor
    Tyler Lucas DeCaprio, Eavesdropper

    Anna, Half-Giant Adventurer
    Sinbad Tenser, Rebellious Captain
    Novena Emidale, Corrupt Empress of The Red City
    Emily Grey, Red City Aide

    Gildo, Goldenscale Dragon
    Edna, Naked Inquisitor

    Arya Moon, Red City "Guard"
    Shion Moon, Red City "Guard"
    Darion Sharpe, Esperit Vaixell Leader
    Korra Lynn, Novice Explorer
    Heather King, Captain of Shelly

    Triss Shatner, Inventor
    Tutankhamen, Cog

    Atticus Shaw, Treasure-Hunting Pirate
    Neetah Von Gre, Canisus Mechanic
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  3. Area List


    • [​IMG]
      Mayvis (open)
      Name: Mayvis

      Geography: Mayvis is Ericus' major port city, and the entry point for most incomers to the continent. It boasts a vivid marketplace that surrounds the port. There's also a coliseum, where inventors can battle their inventions; people often bet currency on these matches. There's also a tavern where adventurers and hired hands gather, hoping to find work from incoming and outgoing travelers.

      Location: Mayvis is located on the western edge of Ericus.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Melvinnia (open)
      Name: Melvinnia

      Geography: Melvinnia is the central hub and largest city of Ericus. It boasts a massive trading bazaar, a school of alchemy, and an inventor's block. There's also a port that many airships dock and depart. It's essentially a tourist trap.

      Location: Melvinnia is located in the center of Ericus.

      Created by @Vivian

      Counsel Mountain (open)
      Continent: Ericus

      Name: The Counsel Mountain

      Geography: On a lonely, tall mountain in the middle of a plain lies the Giants' only form of government. When a time comes when the fate of the entire Giant race (or a fair amount of it) must be chosen, the four oldest and wisest Giants in Avion and the Judge, who passes the final decision, gather here. If a human king wants to gain the aid of the Giants in a large war of his, he must go there.

      Location: North and a bit East of Melivennia

      Created by @Crono

      The Red City (open)
      Continent: Ericus

      Name: The Red City

      Geography: A massive, busy trading hub full of tight streets, bars, and brothels. Often referred to the heart of Avion's trade, putting it at odds with Melivennia. It is also known to be a place of great corruption where you can go broke in a minute. There is quite a few rumors surrounding the unannounced birth of its current leader, who didn't show her face until she took the throne. The Red City is known to be at the forfront of technology, expecally medical. The Red City Prision, a massive tower on a nearby island, is completely forbidden from entering under punishment of death.
      (Think Vegas crossed with mideval Japan and a shit ton of evil.)

      Location: Most of the island to the Northwest of Ericus.

      Created by @Crono

      The Red Desert (open)
      Name: The Red Desert

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: The Red Desert is a desert region that surrounds The Red City, famous for its red sands. The sand is unusually soft, but not enough to cause people to sink. Many believe it is due to creatures that shift below the surface…

      There’s just enough plant life present for the Snek race that inhabits the Red Desert to thrive. Water is also plentiful enough for their kind.

      Location: The Red Desert surrounds The Red City.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Under Isle (open)
      Name: Under Isle

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: Under Isle is an underground city consisting of tunnels and the open spaces between them, which usually house buildings and the like. It’s the hub for all the villainy and nastiness that Ericus has to offer. The guild “Macabre Dancers’ makes their home here. An almost lawless place, many survival games are held, with great prizes being offered to anyone who can survive. Despite the general lawlessness, those who reside here have an unheard code they adhere by, never stealing or killing each other, lest they open themselves up to retaliation.

      Location: An isolated island in the Southeast of Ericus.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Gruff Town (open)
      Name: Gruff Town

      Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent): Ericus

      Geography: Gruff Town is a rural town that lacks any considerable amount of technology. Its citizens thrive on a local guild and goat taming. A lot of the inhabitants of Gruff Town are Gaots, a goatshifter race. The most notable area of Gruff Town is the market, where they sell a wide assortment of goat-based products. Just don’t ask for goat meat.

      Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents): To the Southeast of Melvinnia, near the sea

      Created by @Pravitas

      Zaniar (open)
      .:| Name |:.

      .:| Continent |:.

      .:| Geography |:.
      Small in size, Zaniar is a small town home to may Artists.
      Due to it´s beautiful scenery any time of year it´s also a dream romantic
      spot. From the golden forest parks in the autumn to the snow covered rose gardens
      in the winter, the people of Zaniar highly respect nature. leaving all areas of the place clean
      and un-littered. In the center rests a water fountain in a squared area, the buildings around are in ¨L¨
      shapes allowing four roads in the direct middle of each side. All buildings are like that found like that in close
      quarters from each other. Shops are found in the middle and second rows of buildings in Zaniar, Homes can be found in
      the ¨L¨ shaped patterns from the 3 row of buildings back to the 6th.

      .:| Location |:.
      In the top right corner of Ericus.

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect

      Hearth Hold (open)
      Name: Hearth hold

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: Three low peaks surrounded by low hills that fade into plains on three sides, with a protected harbor on the last side. The central craftsmen workshops and forge are off limits to outsiders, but the inside market welcomes most visitors and being so close to Mayvis and Melvinnia trade is the life blood of the city. One of the two major dwarven citites.

      Location: Just south of Mayvis right along the close in the bay near the second small island.

      Created by @E.T.

      Telfen Hold (open)
      Name: Telfen Hold

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: In the steady rolling hills this hold rises like a mountain. Built from a deep red stone it is a citadel surrounded by a flourishing town. Built atop deep running mines the dwarves that call this place home have flourished for a long time by mining and selling the iron and other metals they refine.

      Location: Situated towards the center of the triangle formed by Counsel Mountain, Gruff Town, and Featherleaf Woods, although leaning a bit more towards the northwest.

      Created by @E.T.

      Featherleaf Woods (open)
      Name: Featherleaf Woods

      Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent): Ericus

      Geography: The Featherleaf Woods is a thick forest that thins out when you approach the bodies of water, the forest is rich in herbs and various plants (both edible and toxic) and is riddled with various violent species. Near the ocean, it maintains its forest-like appearance but is thinner than parts farther from the forest, throughout the forest, there are lakes that connect to the ocean. This allows marine life to hunt animals that are deeper in the forest.

      Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents): Just keep traveling East of The Red City until you see that strip of land.

      Created by @Vivian

      Melvinnia (open)
      Name: Melvinnia, Redlands & Mayvis Railway (MR&MR)

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: The main railway company serving Ericus' largest cities and numerous other towns, villages, and industries. Originally built as a direct link between Mayvis and Melvinnia, quickly expanded to include The Red City. Acquired several smaller railway companies to eventually become what it is today. Notable stops include Melvinnia, Mayvis, The Red City, Hearth Hold, Telfen Hold, Gruff Town, and Zaniar with stops in-between.

      Location: Ericus, continent-wide, except Counsel Mountain and Featherleaf Woods

      Created by @Gresley Wilde

      Mayvis Central Station (open)
      Name: Mayvis Central Station

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: Mayvis' central railway station. Features a grand station building and waiting room with many tracks and countless passenger trains arriving and departing for destinations across Ericus.

      Location: Mayvis

      Created by @Gresley Wilde

      Saint Waverly Station (open)
      Name: Saint Waverly Station

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: Melvinnia's main railway station. By far the largest and busiest on the continent. Features over 50 tracks with most in use at any time of the day. Passenger trains coming and going every few minutes. Can hop a train to just about anywhere across the continent quickly and comfortably.

      Location: Melvinnia

      Created by @Gresley Wilde

      Ruby Street Station (open)
      Name: Ruby Street Station

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: The Red City's central railway station. Originally grand, the station's exterior has become somewhat run-down, as if representative of the city's reputation. The interior, however, is kept immaculate. Terra cotta tiled floors and colorful tile mosaics decorate the waiting room. Unlike the other Ericus stations, Ruby Street's platforms are open to the air, rather than housed under large glass shedding.

      Location: The Red City

      Created by @Gresley Wilde

      Mayvis Yards and Locomotive Works (open)
      Name: Mayvis Yards and Locomotive Works

      Continent: Ericus

      Geography: Occupying dozens upon dozens of acres of land, Mayvis Yards is the main railway yards of Mayvis. Features expansive sorting and storage yards for freight and passenger cars, a large roundhouse, railway offices, and a massive locomotive and car works. The roundhouse stores and maintains locomotives that work in, around, and out of Mayvis, including the docks and yards. The locomotive works builds and carries out major maintenance of locomotives for use on the railway. The car works serve a similar function, but for the railway's freight and passenger cars. The offices deal with the needs of the whole facility.

      Location: Mayvis, adjacent to the docks.

      Created by @Gresley Wilde

    • [​IMG]
      Heiyaka (open)
      Name: Heiyaka

      Geography: Heiyaka is the major port city of Forea. That being said, it isn't as large as Mayvis. Heiyaka is a small town that survives on its port functions. While it isn't extraordinarily prosperous, its a clean community run by nature-loving folks. Extra income is put towards researching less dangerous fuel methods.

      Location: Heiyaka is located on the eastern edge of Feora.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Forean Forest (open)
      Name: Forean Forest

      Geography: The Forean Forest is a forest protected by Manteas and a magical barrier that not even the most knowledgeable mages have managed to shatter. Home to the Forean Elves, the forest is a clean and natural place, untouched by other races. From the inside, the trees glow with a blue light as though illuminated during the night. Some believe it is mana being given off by the trees, which powers the magical barrier.

      Location: The Forean Forest is located slightly to the east of the center of Forea.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Metalscale Forest (open)
      Metalscale Forest


      Metalscale Forest is inhabited primarily by various species of Metalscale dragons, with the Ironhide Dragon being the most common and the Platinum Dragon being the rarest, so rare not even its inhabitants know if it exists. The rarest known to exist is the Silverscale Dragons, and if you count genetic disorders, Goldenscale Dragons. Metalscale Dragons are said to be the true dragons and have genes from the most primal of dragons, so much that Metalscale Forest is said to be the cradle of civilization for all dragons.

      The area is greatly forested and surrounded by mountains, and is filled with caverns of all kinds for its inhabitants to inhabit. Apart from the dominant sapient beings the Metalscale Dragons, other beings such as Witherherb Beetles, Deer and Caribou lurk these lands. Metalscale Dragons top the foodchain and all life is below them.

      In various bare patches of the land, human villages have settled.

      Southwest of Central

      Created by @Crow

      The Living Forest (open)
      Name: The Living Forest

      Continent: Forea

      Geography: The Living Forest is full of plant species that seem more alive in most – in the sense that they attack passersby! The Living Forest is notorious for being dangerous, filled to the brim with hundreds of plants that will grab, poke, or bite anything they can reach. The forest always seems to shine, even during the night. It’s suspected that someone is behind the strange behavior the forest’s plant inhabitants display. It’s said the beach on the other side holds untold treasures, though no one has ever managed to reach it.

      Location: To the North of Heiyaka.

      Created by @Pravitas

      Whistling Roost (open)
      Name: Whistling roost

      Continent: Forea

      Geography: These cliffs are deadly even for seasoned explorers, it doesn't help when the residents of the cliffs can be rather territorial. In the heart of it all is the roost itself, carved into the rock of a sheer cliff the lowest entrance into this city is over fifty feet off the ground and entrances mark the stone some three hundred feet off the floor. Each entrance is marked with a small wooden balcony that is heavily decorated with rope, string, and chimes. An almost constant breeze blows through the ravine and the hundreds chimes and other hanging things creates the impression that some monstrous creature is softly whistling. Now the entrances themselves are narrow, some just barely two feet tall, but the interior is wide and spacious, and more often then not filled with people.

      Location: North west corner of Forea a bit off the coast.

      Created by @E.T.

      Forea Ruins (open)
      Name: Forea Ruins

      Continent: Forea

      Geography: The Forea Ruins are hazardous ruins that once marked an attempt at civilization. Below the surface of the entrance lies a labyrinth that perhaps reveals an attempt at escaping underground by a long-lost race. Most of the structure is made of stone, though it seems the race relied more on wood the further down they got. The labyrinth itself is full of twists and tunnels, all of which have never been recorded on a map, making it very easy to get lost. Despite the danger, some believe the ruins to possess ancient treasures long lost to the outside world…

      Location: Northwest Forea

      Created by @Pravitas

      Faerie Forest (open)
      Name: Faerie Forest

      Continent: Forea

      Geography: The Faerie Forest is home to many fairy races and species, and despite its beauty, is riddled with danger. Many adventurers have wandered in seeking the Forea Ruins, only to be possessed by a Marion and lost forever. The forest itself is a lovely green that shines beautifully under the sunlight. Many of the trees are littered with the prettiest of flowers, which would make excellent gifts if not so dangerous to retrieve.

      Location: Surrounding the Forea Ruins

      Created by @Pravitas

    • [​IMG]

      Continent: Makana
      Name (s) & Geography:
      • Land Of Fire: The Land of Fire is inhabited by dragons that require dryer and harsher climates. A majority of it is sand, so think of the Sahara Desert. Some parts of it are volcanic.
      • Land Of Ice: Like The Land of Fire, Ice requires similar climates, instead of higher temperatures it would be lower temperatures. The North Pole would be the best comparison
      • Land Of Lightning: The Land of Lightning is spread out among the entire Makana territory, Makantet from this race spend a majority of the time in their dragon form and remain in the clouds. They're capable of withstanding most climates but prefer cloudy ones.
      • Neutrality: Neutrality is the final island out of the four and is green year round. It's home to various species such as Archa and Mantea and is overrun by forests that remain humid, regardless of how cold it is outside.
      • Makana Square: Makana is the center of the four island and maintains regular seasonal changes. Unlike the four islands The Square is more city-like and is home to various types of Makantet that either chooses to abandon their natural habitat or can not find comfort in it. Because of its city like structure and the aggressive residents, its crime rate is high.
      • Makana Wall: The Makana Wall is a large wall that scales into the sky and surrounds Makana. Its surface is littered with holes and is about a mile thick. The holes are only large enough for small ships to fly through, so it’s impossible for larger ships to make entry. The Makantets enjoy the ability to easily watch any incomers. Because of how small the holes are, Makantet usually leave by flying over the top, a height inaccessible to even the most advanced of ships.
      Location: Southeast of Ericus

      Created by @Vivian
    • [​IMG]

      Area, Continent.

      .:| Name |:.
      [ As - tre - vale ]

      .:| Geography |:.
      Astival is home to most of the worlds mountains. This place crawls in every corner with
      mountains and valleys. Many natural wildlife inhibit the valleys, and humans inhibit the inside of
      the mountains. Carved into the the mountains are homes; homes for the K - 7 society, who choose
      to separate themselves from society.

      .:| Location |:.
      Not to far off from Forea, you could see Astival´s east coast, faded off the
      West coast. Only a two hour boat ride from one place to another.

      History behind K - 7

      K - 7 was originally a small group of seven who didn´t like how we unnaturally took
      from the land. As they began recruiting members early when the world was still newer and
      many people just wanted to survive they were brushed off those who didn´t like how they were
      handling nature like it was something to take from and not give back. As the seven recruited the members
      they all decided to call themselves K - 7. They used seven because the original seven members and K because it
      really just sounded nice with seven. They had gotten themselves on a boat looking for an uninhibited place. Finding Astival.
      Quickly working on homes and basic needs they did what they thought was best for nature. Quickly they grew into a large society
      that is still present to this day.

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect

      Irongem Town (open)
      Name: Irongem Town

      Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent): Astival

      Geography: Irongem Town has the world’s largest and extensive iron and gemstone mines underneath their mountains. Because of this, they are a rather wealthy town, trading with people all over the world for their goods. The town itself is carved within the mountains and is home to many miners of different backgrounds.

      Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents): About 500 miles from the coasts on the upper left corner of Astival.

      Created by @chaosheart13

      Pandler Town (open)
      Name: Pandler Town

      Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent): Astival

      Geography: A town that has taken residence in the local valley, they boast a variety of people aiming to strike it rich. The town’s three rivers are said to have gold within them and many come to this area to get whatever gold they can. It’s a rather grassy area, with wood being taken from the forest up north to make housing.

      Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents): 200 miles off to the right of the center of the continent.

      Created by @chaosheart13

      Jettana (open)
      .:| Name |:.
      [ Jet - tan - a]

      .:| Continent |:.

      .:| Geography |:.
      Beside the mountains and inside a valley, Jettana
      thrives. Jettana is named after the river that flows down the middle and splits the sides
      from markets and homes. People who live here take after K - 7 and live in the mountains, leaving the ground to more
      of a natural state people here only take what they need and maybe a little more to make products and sell them.
      Here the currency is called "Boomers" So one dollar would be called a Boom Dollar.
      Another thing to note about their small town is that their valley and river opens up to a small beach like area
      and the ocean.

      .:| Location |:.
      Looking at a map of Astival Jettana would be
      located on the very bottom of the mat right in the middle
      on the shore line

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Kelluva Isle (Kel-loo-va)

      Floating high in the sky, Kelluva Isle is one of the world's most mysterious landmasses. It is home to some of the rarest flora and unique fuana due to its high altitude. The northern shore is comprised of a small chain of ice-capped mountains that, while short compared to those found in Astival, are deemed too dangerous for normal humans to traverse due to lack of air pressure. The southern-most shore is a lush plains marked by small creeks and rivers that lead right over the edge of the island. At the current time the only known way onto the Isle is by flight to the port located on the underbelly of the island and then a hour and half long magne-train ride through the island up to the surface. At the center of the isle is a tall spire that produces a near invisible field that can trap oxygen produced by trees and will also filter out any toxins. The mechanics for this contraption are located beneath the spire underground, however access to this is restricted to a very select few. Despite the oxygen field, visitors are advised that the change in altitude might still require some getting used to and the rest stops have been made available along the ascent should anyone begin to feel ill.

      Most of the isle is located above the cloudline giving it the appearance of floating in a sea of white.

      Location (In Relation to Other Continents): Southwest of Feora

      Created by @WeepingLiberty

      Heaven Spire (open)
      Name: Heaven Spire

      Continent: Kelluva Isle

      While not the tallest point on the continent, the Heaven Spire is the tallest 'man-made' structure on the isle. However, the jutting tower is not the entire structure. Buried beneath the earth lies a chamber that contains the contraption responsible for generating the field that contains the island's air. This area is accessible only from a maintanence entrance located on the spire at ground level and only by those with the specially designed gear key. Through this same entrance the upper levels of the spire can be accessed by a mixture of staircases and magnetic platforms. This portion is responsible for the filtration and redistribution of air and requires monthly maintenance unlike the generator which only requires a yearly tune-up. The island's airfield, while generated in the basement, is cast from a device located at the very top of the spire. The only notable thing about the field is the slight light distortion, but goes unnoticed for the most part.

      Location: Dead center; Top-side

      Created by @WeepingLiberty

      Craigpoint Pier (open)
      Name: Cragpoint Pier

      Continent: Kelluva Isle

      Due to the high altitude of the continent, airships are unable to make the journey to the top without experiencing potentially fatal malfunctions. Instead visitors fly up part of the way and dock their vessels (for a reasonable fee) at Cragpoint Pier for the duration of their stay. From the dock there is an hour and a half long magne-train ride that connects the underside of the island to the surface. Fortunately though, this ride is absolutely free.

      Location: Center-ish; Underside

      Created by @WeepingLiberty

      Gateway Station (open)
      Name: Gateway Station

      Continent: Kelluva Isle

      Gateway Station serves as both the entrance and exit to the surface of the island, connected to Cragpoint Pier by the magne-train. While called a station, the area actually serves as a miniature town for visitors. It is made up of several motel buildings, a couple of cafes, and a taxi service that will deliver travelors to any of the major cities on the island.

      Location: Northeast of the spire; Located at the base of the mountains

      Created by @WeepingLiberty

      Bellavue City (open)
      Name: Bellavue City

      Continent: Kelluva Isle

      Home to the one of the world's largest libraries, Bellavue has become the gathering place of scholars and inquisitive souls. Naturally, those from various crafts gravitated to areas with similar people, thus creating unofficial districts dedicated to each particular craft. The city's economy is split between the many different supply shops as well as the tourists brought in by the Heaven Spire.

      {Sub Location}: Union Library, as it is called, serves as a barrier that keeps both citizens and nosey tourists from getting too close to the spire (Which is kind of how it got so big). It has entrances on all sides to allow easy access for all districts.

      Location: Center; Surrounding the Heaven Spire

      Created by @WeepingLiberty

      Springwork (open)
      .:| Name |:.
      ¨The City of Clockwork¨

      .:| Continent |:.
      Kelluva Isle

      .:| Geography |:.
      Springwork is a very large city with large buildings.
      The difference in these buildings compared to any others is that all buildings are
      made of glass. Behind the glass is large clockwork mechanisms that supply the buildings with it´s power.
      From the inside of these buildings the walls are made of glass and you are able to see the clockwork from the inside,
      but everything else is like a normal building. The cars that drive down the streets are the same way. This is why people have
      nicknames the city
      ¨The City of Clockwork¨

      .:| Location |:.
      From the direct center of Kelluva Isle, travel south
      about 150 miles and you will come across Springwork.

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Misty Isle

      Geography: Small deserted island completely shrouded in mist about the size of a medium sized city. The island is completely made of sand and therefore only has limited vegetation. Despite this, the mist is enough to make it constantly dark. It is rumoured to have the home and treasure of an ancient pirate but no ship has managed to find the island.

      Location: Quite literally in the middle of the sea between Ericus, Feora and Kelluva.

      Created by @Demmy
    • Name: Atlas City Ruins

      Continent: N/A

      Completely underwater, this once magnificient city has been in ruin for quite some time. Seaweed and coral have invaded the buildings, sprouting from the silver laced stonework. There doesn't appear to be any sort of pattern to the way the buildings were laid out as there's no need for roads. Forgotten belongings and fallen weapons litter the area within and around the city limits.

      Northeast of the Red City. (Further North than Red City; lines up with Counsel Mountain)

      Created by @Weeping Liberty

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  4. Race List

    • Name: Humans

      Appearance: Humans look pretty normal. They have a somewhat round head, with a mouth, nose, two eyes, and two ears, usually covered with hair. They also have two arms and two legs. Yep. The literal definition of humanoid.

      Abilities: Humans don’t have any particularly special “abilities”, perse, but thanks to recent strides in steam works and alchemy, they’ve managed to create artificial magic.

      History: Humans have been around for as long as… Well, for as long as they’ve been around. It’s been a while. From humble beginnings, they rose up to become one of the most dominant races in the world, with their massive cities and their flying contraptions. They don’t always get along well with other races, so there’s been a number of conflicts with them. Luckily, Avion is currently in an age of relative peace.

      Behavior: Most humans are assholes. They tend to do what they want, when they want, with little to no regard for those around them. On the other side of the coin, some of them are amazing, harboring a great love for the world and its inhabitants. Humans generally stick together, one of their greatest strengths being that of numbers. They’re riddled with an insatiable curiosity that’s led to some of their greatest discoveries.

      Strengths: Humans are perseverant beings that stick together to overcome obstacles. Their intellect and wisdom is superseded by few other races. Their greatest strength is in their numbers, humans being one of the most common beings on Avion.

      Weaknesses: Compared to other races, humans are a bit frail. They don’t have natural access to magic, and their bodies aren’t protected by scales. As such, their forced to rely on their intellect and ability to strategize in order to survive. Another possible weakness of theirs is their occasional close-mindedness, which has led to more than one or two conflicts.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Forean Elves

      Appearance: Forean Elves look much like humans, the only visible difference being that in their pointed ears. Additionally, male elves tend to be taller than the average human, while female elves tend to be shorter. One common trait amongst all Forean Elves is their silvery blue hair.

      Abilities: Forean Elves are one with nature, and can command it at will. They can cause trees to sprout from the ground, as well as summon all varieties of species. They also possess the ability to use elemental magic of the water type, while having a general disliking of elemental fire magic due to its destructive properties.

      History: Forean Elves have been around for as long as anyone can remember, though they’re rarely seen. Due to their general dislike for the outside world, they tend to stick to their forest on the continent of Forea, which is protected by Manteas and a magical barrier that even expert magic users have failed to shatter. Recently, however, their king has fallen ill…

      Behavior: Forean Elves tend to stick to their own kind, harboring a general dislike for most other races, labeling them as ‘brutes’. Within the Forean Elven community is a monarchy like hierarchy, which possesses a king and a queen.

      Forean Elves have a dislike for fire magic, and are liable to shun anyone who uses it. Despite this, Forean Elves are peace-loving folk that don’t mess with anyone that doesn’t mess with them.

      Strengths: Forean Elves are masters of medicine and nature, demonstrating a full understanding of the former, and complete control of the latter. They’re a very intelligent race, even more so than humans, and now well how to handle magic. They’re a tight knit community that sticks together. They’re also experienced in climbing, as well as archery. The ability to tame species is another trait of theirs, which greatly adds to their combative effectiveness.

      Weaknesses: Forean Elves are very close-minded and generally refuse to give the outside world any chances. This also gives demonstration to their stubbornness. Most of them aren’t very effective in close range combat, much preferring to stay back and attack with ranged weapons. They also have a dislike for fire, both magic and natural.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Pesters

      Appearance: Pesters are sprites, fairy-like beings, though they don’t possess wings. They’re named for appearing much like jesters, donning strange and colorful outfits and weird hair colors. Outside of their questionable fashion sense, Pesters share the same build as humans, being only slightly shorter in average height. Unlike humans, however, Pesters are genderless.

      Abilities: Pesters are essentially immortal, in the sense that, unless the body is completely destroyed, they can always regenerate. They can, however, die of old age. Pesters also possess the ability to float, and can also give this ability to others by sprinkling them with a special dust their tears produce.

      History: Pesters have been there since the beginning, but weren’t active much until similar humanoid races started appearing. Little is known about their development, as they’ve never engaged in war with anyone, nor have they made any great strides. They’re truly a race that has “existed in doing nothing”.

      Behavior: Recently, Pesters have taken up stalking as a sport of sorts. Though they never contribute or get their hands dirty, Pesters love to watch others in their endeavors, be they good or evil. They sometimes play pranks on people to see their reactions, usually when the object of their stalking becomes a bit boring for their tastes.

      Pesters generally live together in close knit families. They enjoy companionship, hence their habit of stalking, but dislike getting too close, as they believe attachment to be a hindrance.

      Strengths: They’re friendly enough, and are essentially immortal.

      Weaknesses: They literally do nothing. They’re also ill-suited for combat, despite their regenerative abilities.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Tripans

      Appearance: Tripans appear the same as humans, though, being spirits, they are somewhat transparent.

      Abilities: Tripans don’t possess very combative abilities, although they are capable of floating and turning invisible. It’s also impossible to touch them through conventional means. They’re also immortal.

      History: Tripans first started appearing around the same time as humans, leading many to believe they’re the deceased spirits of said race. Their presence in the world is minimal, and they haven’t left any remarkable indents in anything they’ve contributed to. As such, little is known of their past.

      Behavior: Tripans are prankster spirits that love to play tricks on people. Some may say it’s their sole purpose for existing – to play games and cause trouble. Most of them stick to simple pranks, and none has ever caused anything majorly disastrous to occur as a result of their games.

      Tripans are rarely seen together, as they literally live off of the trouble they cause. Having others along lowers the amount they retain, and leaves them requiring more and more. Some, however, form groups to go on massive pranking sprees.

      Strengths: Tripans don’t have many strengths, outside of their inherent abilities as spirits.

      Weaknesses: Tripans are susceptible to exorcisms and other methods of dealing with spirits. Another weakness of theirs is being deprived of their food – trouble. Going too long without causing strife will cause one to fade from existence.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Makantets

      Appearance: Some appear no different than an ordinary human, but some have pointed ears, slit pupils (think of a snake), and scales on various parts of their body and teeth that look sharper than usual (this is more common in the canines than it is in other teeth). Some appear more reptilian than others, with more scale than skin, or serpent-like tongues. This doesn't determine their power, it's simply inherited like blue eyes.

      Abilities: Flying, Brute Strenght, Elemental/Regional Magic

      History: In short the Makantet race's history is riddled with violence, both with humans and among themselves. Through hate for humans is still present to this day because of constant poaching is done to their young for jewelry, armor, and weaponry. This violated various peace treaties they had signed in hopes of remaining diplomatic, but eventually war broke out and because of the power gap between humans and the Makantet race they inevitably won, dominating a large portion of land that they had named 'Makana' after they had wiped their hands clean of the humans they began fighting with each other, either Makantet from other contents/elements or among their people. Eventually, it was all brought to a close when an established form of organization was created, separating the territory to support the needs of the inhabitants (Makantet that requires heat would have more land that is drier, and hotter, like a desert), some disliked this but were unable to argue with. Instead, they moved out to other towns and cities. Some ended up being densely populated driving out most species.

      Habits/Behavior: Makantet race has had a long line of anti-social behavior, only meeting others that are of blood relation or interest (I.E. Mating, Deals, Diplomacy), but over time this behavior has changed with the expansion of other species/races. While they still tend to avoid strangers, they do stick together in a family orientated 'packs'. Some are born with a more passive gene that doesn't make them as aggressive or hot-blooded as the majority of their species, but this doesn't make them weaker. They're capable of functioning with their species like any other Makantet but prefer to stay out of most scrimmages. Most passive gene Makantet tend to stray from their 'packs' to find a new one that fits their liking.

      While the aggressive gene is aggressive, it's not blind rage like punching the nearest person next to you (but of course if you're drunk then that's a whole different story), it's more like getting bitter if the smoke they were offered was stale, but in heavily populated Makantet area's it's not uncommon for fights to break out over trivial matters.

      Strengths: Strong scales (sufficient armor against most physical attacks and absorb a certain amount of magic), Claws/Talons, adaptability

      Weaknesses: Weapons made from other Makantet, certain levels of magic, Makantet, being attacked while in their humanoid form leaves them as vulnerable as a normal person.

      Created by @Vivian

    • Name: Sneks

      Appearance: Sneks appear visually human, though most all of them are tan and scales are visible on their body. Sneks don’t grow to be exceptionally tall, usually only reaching about 5’0” in height. They possess fangs, but only female’s fangs possess venom. In snake form, males can grow up to 20 feet long.

      Abilities: All Sneks possess the ability to transform into a snake form. Males are constrictors, and can grow up to 20 feet in length. Females are venomous, and rely on biting to inject their prey with venom. Females are also good at sneaking away, thanks to their smaller size. All Sneks are relatively quick in snake form. They’re also well adapted for burrowing.

      History: Sneks are a relatively new race, having shown up only recently. Despite their young age, they’ve already demonstrated great adaptability in desert environments, where they continue to dominate.

      Over the years, Snek hunting has become rather popular, particularly in gathering Snek fangs to make weapons. Because of this practice, Sneks rarely enter settlements of other races, and wear clothing to hide their scales when they do.

      Behavior: Sneks stick to themselves, avoiding other races that might try to hunt them. They generally live in large groups of 20 to 30. Hunting groups usually consist of 3 females, 2 males. Typical hunting strategy is to burrow underground, then strike their prey with a venomous bite and constrict them until they die.

      Sneks prefer desert areas, and the most notable Snek population is in the Red Desert.

      Strengths: Fast, capable of burrowing, venomous bite and constrictive properties. Strength in numbers.

      Weaknesses: Not very physically strong, outside of constriction. Constantly hunted for their fangs. Ill-suited for non-desert environments.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • .:| Name |:.
      Vexin and Vexor
      ( One Species Different functions )

      ( The species under an umbrella term )

      .:| Appearance |:.
      Both take on a human like appearance however Vexin
      take on a supernatural trait, such as cat eyes or multi colored skin.
      Along side the supernatural trait all Vexin have birthmarks on the palms of their dominate
      hand. Vexor´s have birthmarks under the ear of the dominate side of their body. Unlike the Vexin
      Vexor´s look like normal humans.

      .:| Behavior |:.
      Both Vexin and Vexor´s use civilized behavior, that is until they encounter
      someone who tries to harm them or challenges them then they can become war machines.
      At a young age a Vexor seeks a Vexin to protect for life. This person is likely to become their best friend,
      or life partner. Due to this strong bond Vexin have the ability to harvest magic from mana ( Know as life force ) from not
      only their body but her protectors too. Vexor´s are supposed to have enormous amounts of strength and stamina in order to
      physically fight anyone without becoming tiresome during a fight or fight response. Vexists will attempt to live in a large groups
      for unknown reasons.

      .:| Habitat |:.
      Vexist can live in the outside world
      anywhere they please, though you will find that when
      places do have the Vexist living their, you´ll typically find 4 to 14
      pairs in an area.

      .:| Strengths |:.
      [ Fighting and to hand combat ]
      [ Hiding ]
      [ Natural scene of cardinal directions ]
      [ Tracking ]
      [ Hunting ]

      [ Identifying Plants ]
      [ Cooking ]
      [ inventing ]
      [ Hiding ]
      [ Finding water ]

      .:| Weaknesses |:.
      [ Understanding complex things ]
      [ Seeking ANYONE ]
      [ Though enhanced stamina, no enhanced speed. ]
      [ Lack of Strong Stomach ]

      [[ With supernatural eyes! ]
      Vexin are red - Green colorblind ]
      [ Have weak stomachs ]
      [ Impulsive ]

      .:| Variants |:.
      Vexist are variants of humans.

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect
    • Name: Giants

      Appearance: Giants are, to be general, massive humanoids, ranging from 16 to 26 feet in height with muscular, thick skinned bodies. The rest, like hair or skin color, depends on where they live. For example: Desert wandering Giants tend to have tan skin and mains of long brown hair, while Giants who dwell in stormy regions have metallic blue with jet black, shorter hair.

      Abilities: Their mighty size makes Giants amazingly strong, while their thick skin is as durable as iron. Besides that the older a Giant becomes the greater it's bond with the world around it becomes. Elder Giants can weild mighty natural magic depending on where they live: a Desert Elder being able to wip up sandstorms, a Storm Elder summoning wind, rain, and lightning.

      History: Giants have populated Avion for as long as any book or mind can recall. They have no single home, and can be found in any of the continents. Some live in nomadic tribes, most find a home and build a small village for their families, and a few have tried to integrate themselves into other races' societies. Rarely do the Gaints involve themselves in the wars of other races, however their aid has been recorded to change the tide of the fight every time.

      Behavior: Typically Giants are peaceful and friendly creatures, settling for a quiet, simple existence. Most find a way to live and stick with it, wanting little more from life. Giants tend to have no problem sharing the continents with the other races so long as they do not bother them. If pollution from a human city starts affecting a Giants' forest, they will be given time to fix it or the Giants crush the city. That said Giants are notoriously gullible, all it would take is a few honeyed words to make the Forest Giants leave the city alone for years. However caution is to be advised, nothing is more dangerous than a Giant who's figured out that he's been tricked.

      Strengths: Aside from strength and thick skin Giants can live for centuries, their natural magic growing stronger with age. Giants are master craftsmen, their work with metal, wood, and hide is legendary.

      Weaknesses: Dispite all of this, most Giants are harmless to anyone who can spin a good lie and, while their age grants them wisdom, they're simply not all too bright. Giants also refuse to integrate modern technology into their lives, believeing it will interrupt their simple lifestyle

      Created by @Crono
    • Name: Venefica

      Appearance: They look like a normal ol' human.

      Abilities: Magic, slightly advanced senses, sensitive to other forms of magic (I.E. detecting other demons or witches in a crowd, they're aware of things that have magical properties to it such as a magical book, bag, or potion, the list goes on). Some demons specialize in physical enhancement magic, though these ones are weak to normal magic.

      History: Demons in Avion have no real history, known as a passive race, and blend in relatively well with humans they've lived a majority of their lives problem free. There is a total of 9 'absolute' powers within the Demons history, but a majority of them were lost in history causing them to lose knowledge of how to form contracts with humans, making a demon made contract impossible within Avion.

      Habits/Behavior: They act similar to humans, but are never alone due to their week of weakness, they usually travel in large groups and pairs at the least.

      Strengths: Magic, physical prowess

      Weaknesses: Physically are the same as humans (This can be cancelled out depending on their 'magic'), One week during a full moon (or no moon) they are physically weaker than humans and lose their magic.

      Created by @Vivian
    • Race
      Gearheads, Clockworks, or Cogs. Their real names were lost long ago, along with their lands
      Extremely diverse, ranging from 3'5 to 7'0. Metal beings made up by magic and technology. They resemble humanoid robots, some being hulk like in nature being big and bulky. Others can be small and fragile, being much faster and agile. Cogs are also internally heated, which also shows their life. Cooling their cores, can effectively kill them. Their cores are usually heated by fire or steam.
      Due to their heated nature, Cogs are immune to heat, though things such as lava can melt them. They are also either stronger, or faster than the average person.
      The first Cogs were made by Humans in a cluster of islands off the coast of Feora. Magic was used to enfuse metal bodies with minds and souls. The inner workings were inscribed with runes made by unique magic. Granting them life, Cogs initially were made to fight in wars, or preform mundane tasks.
      A storm ravaged the islands, submerging each island. Cogs soon traveled across the continents, working as mercenaries and adventurers.
      Older version of Cogs are generally emotionless, only doing what their owners or people who hire them say. They have no remorse or sense of right or wrong. They also don't have voices.
      Newer versions have free will, showing signs of emotions. Their voices range from gravely and electronic sounded, too one of the various races across the realm.
      Cogs don't have the need to eat or drink, being constructs. They also technically up-gradeable though the magic that is used to create them. Most are extremely strong or agile, making good warriors or assassins.
      Instead of tiring due to prolonged physical activities, they due however start to lose power, while they don't feel different their movements get slower and more clunky due to prolonged movement. Not many Cogs are particularly good at magic either. Also tend to be slower and can easily die in cold environments.

      Created by @Lonewolf888978
    • Name: Beastshifters

      Appearance: They look human with animal characteristics (I.E. Tails, Cat ears, more fang-like teeth), in beast form they're more extreme versions of their animal counterpart (A bunny shifter can be just as dangerous as a wolf shifter)

      Abilities: Magic (For more physically weaker beasts such as Fox) , Advanced physical capabilities, sharper senses (varies from beast to beast)

      History: Beastshifters are more peace loving than their dragon-like counterpart, because of this they don't have much history and remain under the radar. Over time their beast trait has been thinning out due to romance with humans, so nowadays pure beastshifters are rare.

      Behavior: They have no clear behavior, like any other race they have some prejudice (I.E. feline beastshifters not getting along well with canine beast shifters), but that aside they live in a relatively rural city and dislike noisy cities such as Melvinnia City.

      Strengths: Enhanced senses & physical capabilities, (Elemental) Magic, Strength

      Weaknesses: They're still as vulnerable as any other human or animal
      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Rorerin

      Appearance: Humanoid with yellow fur covering every part of their body but their face, the palms of their hands, and the bottom of their feet. They have a lion’s tail and a thick mane of hair that’s usually various shades of brown in color. They also have cat eared shaped horns on the top of their heads. Generally they wear animal skins or light clothing, with wrappings binding their feet.

      Abilities: Enhanced sight and speed

      History: The Rorerin lived on the Ericus continent for as long as anyone can remember. They often had skirmishes with humans in the past, sometimes becoming a full scale war when several tribes came together to combat the humans. As such, they have a strained relationship with them, though they get along fine with some other races. Recently, they’ve begun to spread out onto the other continents in hopes that they don’t have to deal with humans when trading.

      Behavior: Rorerin are a warlike race, believing that things get done through actions rather than words. They’re a proud race and are known for their bravery in the heat of battle. The amount of pride they have for their lifestyle varies with each Rorerin. They tend to jump head first into a situation without thinking. They are nomads and tend to wander the land, never staying in one place for more than a month.

      Strengths: Their speed and sight, their courage

      Weaknesses: Reckless at times, hubris

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Imam

      For the most part, Imam appear human with a few exceptions. Their eyes glow (most noticeably in the dark) and they have naturally occurring tattoos (patterns are unique to the person; kind of like ). Other differences vary from Imam to Imam as they are linked with their abilities.

      Each Imam is born connected to an animal spirit guide that they, once adolescents, can enter into a contract with. It is through this contract that the Imam's natural, magical power is boosted. Their magic is elemental in nature and is directly linked with the user's own stamina.

      A secondary perk of the contract is that the Imam and the spirit guide are able to temporarily fuse as times resulting in changes in not only appearance but magic use as well. When fused the human will take on ethereal type qualities mimicking their guide (wings, claws, tails...) and their tattoos will begin to glow in the same ghostly manner. When in this state, their magical power is once against boosted, but only for one element. The element is thought to be dependent on the "species" of spirit guide.

      Spirit guides and their contracts are psychically linked with one another, which allows for communication even when apart. Similar to the fusion, the contracted Imam is able to look through the eyes of their spirit guide thus increasing their field of awareness. This ability, however, has a limited distance and will only work within a mile of the Imam's position. Additionally, while in this state, the Imam cannot move their own body leaving them virtually defenseless.

      The origins of the Imam people can be traced back to the forests of Feora, however they have long since abandoned their roots to travel the world in search of knowledge. A primarily neutral race, Imam pride themselves in not picking sides concerning conflict and will not get involved unless the outcome effects them directly. Once involved, though, they are a force to be reckoned with. While there are few records of the Imam creating a huge impact on the world, there have been a few documented scuffles in early Human history. The details of these scuffles are hazy but it is believed that the Imam felt threatened by the technology humans were creating and confronted them. It is also believed that these disagreements were settled with minimal violence and were what gave rise to the Imam's desire to learn.

      Today they are considered nomadic, choosing to either travel alone or in groups varying in size.

      Imam are a curious bunch that pride themselves on neutrality and when it comes to choosing sides, the usually don't. Over the years they have become known to gather books and other scholarly materials from around the world with the intent to share them with others, storing them in libraries and archives. Despite their love for knowledge, Imam are known for being incredibly spiritual will often rely more heavily on their instincts than the information they have collected over the years.

      Strengths: Elemental Magic, Stamina, Intuition, Level-headedness, Patience

      Weaknesses: Neutrality, Physical combat, Sentimentality, Pointless destruction (They will loose they're cool fast when faced with this)

      Created by @WeepingLiberty
    • Name: Stoithra

      Often standing a few inches above your average human the Stroithra's most prominent feature are the large feathered wings that protruded from their backs. While much of their facial features resemble those of a human they tend to have more angular faces. Their eyes are also a bit larger and are colored from a pale yellow to a dark amber, with the northern clans tending towards darker shades, and if you looked closely at the corner of their eyes you would see signs of a second eyelid. Shaped like a hawks their wings are most often grays and browns, with true white and true black only very rarely seen. In select bloodlines a rare ruddy red is seen in the wings, and equally as uncommon is a rare grey blue. Black ticking, white boarders, and a darkening at the base of the wings are all common markings seen. However, these are often obscured by the heavy dyes that the Stroithra pattern their wings with to denote everything from trade to status to eligibility.

      To balance the wings at their back the Stroithra also have a tail that protrudes from the bottom of their spine. The first third or so of the tail is covered in a thin layer of fur like feathers that match the color of the wings, while about the length down a set of stiff feathers starts to emerge on either side of the tail. When the feathers are folded flat they extend down to the heels, a good foot beyond where the flesh of the tail itself ends. When extended fully for flight the feathers form a spade shape and are often colored and patterned in much the same way as the wings.

      Finally the reason for their increased height are a pair of long powerful legs that end in four vicious talons. With three talons pointed forward and one back these natural weapons can be devastating in attacks and also allow them to perch on precarious ledges with ease. Covering their taloned feet are modified scale like skin as you would see on other carrion birds. This extends up their calves where it peters off at about their knees.

      Above all the Stoithra value their ability to fly, it is said they will die of a broken spirit if their wings are taken from them. Tied as they are with the weather a power Stoithra shaman can call a storm into being, or lay a heavy fog in a valley, most often they do this to cover the movements of a larger group. Lastly as they have long had a fondness for flying in the rain and other storms they have developed a second eyelid that keeps the rain from blinding them during flight. Since they often travel at, and even live at extreme altitudes it is unheard of to meat a Stoithra that is affected by altitude sickness, their heart and lungs are built to withstand the strain of the thin atmosphere.

      What is true and what has been warped over a hundred generations of story telling is hard to discern at this point, but there are a few things that have burned themselves clearly into the heart of every Stoithra. In early days their kind built a great hold, perhaps rough in design it boasted a hall that twenty could fly abreast through, and gates that took five strong horses to open each door. That did not save them from the beasts that swarmed from the sea and lay waste to their hold. The clans were scattered and lost, it took nearly fifty years for them to organize and try to retake their home, and another fifty years after that. Hope of reclaiming their old home was buried away as new roosts emerged, and it would be over two hundred years before the tried to return. Only this time they came under a banner of peace, for in their isolation they finally heard that their halls had been cleared out by a contingent of Mountain Dwarves from the south. However, when they arrived they found the dwarves already planting their roots deep and completely unwilling to give up what they had rightfully taken.

      Such disagreements cost them many a bloody battle and countless lives, but the Dwarves had the advantage of a keep and the power of their technology. The last major battle between the Stoithra and the Dwarves was some 80 years ago, still fresh wounds in some people's opinions, and new talks of peace are being considered, but it is still far to early to tell if it will last or erupt once again.

      A hardy and stubborn people the Stoithra straddle a thin line of privacy and desperate for news. With battles and attacks still fresh in their minds those who wander to close to their roosts without observing proper etiquette run the very deadly risk of inciting an attack. A favorite tactic of theirs is to wait until trespassers are on a particularly high and narrow section of trail and either pull them off with their talons or knock them off with a well placed avalanche. That being said, if you respect their ways and take appropriate measures they are some of the warmest and kindest hosts to be found (that is unless you are a dwarf). For what is often considered a less developed race they have one of the most organized fighters known, with a careful hierarchy of soldiers, squads, flocks, and migration all well disciplined and incredibly flexible. In the spring and summer they are farmers and herders, tending hardy mountain crops and hardier sheep. While in the harsher winter months hunting parties put their training to the test hunting Mantra's along the coast.

      Strengths: Flight, storm sight, natural weapon, altitude resistance, and highly militarily organized.

      Weaknesses: Their wings burn like hair so while a small campfire wont give them any cause for concern much larger than that and they will start getting nervous, and with good cause. For all their military prowess they are very lacking as a whole when it comes to modern technology and weapons, often putting them at a dangerous disadvantage.

      Created by @E.T.
    • Name: Dwarf

      A stocky humanoid standing at about 4 feet tall with an attitude that far outmatches their appearance the dwarves are a common race that can be found far and wide. Built much more solidly than humans they are also noted by their heavy facial hair that is even seen on the females. Their hair tends to be shades of brown and red, with grey and white appearing in later life.

      This crafty people prizes innovation above nearly all else and it is made painfully obvious by the sheer volume of technology that stems form them. It is said that if they did not hide their forges in the hearts of mountains even the elves, in their secluded forest would see the light. Fire magic runs strong in the dwarf's blood and so it is no surprise the they are actually fairly fire resistant, mind this is not a hundred percent, but it gives them an edge when working in the sweltering forge.

      The dwarves are a fairly fractured race, with two major colonies existing in the world. The first is what is considered the "old city" and it is the original dwarven hold. At some point a great rift sprang up between the people and a great civil war occurred that ended with nearly half of the population just up and leaving the city all together. The group that traveled ventured west until they found a strange abandoned hold that was host to a great many terrible beasts. They dispatched the creatures and began to settle into what they hoped would be their new home. A generation was born and raised in this new city when a contingent of Stroithra descended on the city. The invaders' spells cast a black cloud across the sun and their warriors emerged from that black. Peace talks were short and tense, but the Stroithra asked to much and the dwarves were not going to be cast out again. Battles were fought and the dwarves held their ground though it cost them. These days they are a thriving metropolis, a expansive port to their west, and an impressive bazaar at their interior, they are a power to be reckoned with.

      Boisterous and big in almost every sense of the word the dwarves take great pride in their work and in their people. When buttered up with generous language and drinks they make good friends and hosts but dangerous enemies when insulted. They mix well with most, though the elves have a particular dislike for them, and they share a mutual hatred with the Stroithra after their years of conflict.

      Strengths: Their technology, fire magic, and strength.

      Weaknesses: Water (have you ever seen a dwarf swim?), pride, and not particularly fast.

      Created by @E.T.
    • Name: Volucris / Avis

      Appearance: They're always female and have a pair of wings rather than arms. Up to the knees, their legs are more bird-like and are equipped with a fearsome set of talons.
      Volucris are the airborne counterpart, their bodies are small (not exceeding 5ft in height) and frail given their hollow bones, on top of that compared to Avis their hair and feathers are very colorful.
      Avis is a strictly carnivorous species and due to the high protein diet aren't as small as Volucris. They look much older, if they look 32, they're probably 32. Additionally, their hair and feathers have duller colors such as white, black, brown, etc.

      Abilities: Speed, Flying/Gliding, Talons, More in tuned with their instincts, Singing /Voice

      History: They lived a peaceful life and thrived in the Featherleaf forest until a majority of it was torn down, because of the lack of space within it a majority of them migrated. Mostly Avis remained in the forest, but some (even Volucris) have moved to inhabit other forests, including places in Forea and Makana's undefined island. Some have grown adapted to city life but are often 'babysat' by a more intelligent guide due to their lesser intelligence. These guides are often Androids.

      Behavior: Volucris are cheerful and carefree and are always up for an adventure, while Avis is more serious and prideful but still values their freedom just as much. The two species do not get along and often Avis hunt down their weaker counterpart (they are active hunters). Both species are not the brightest by human standards, but Avis has a much higher intelligence. That aside both species enjoy singing, but some individuals are better than others. Regardless if they can sing or not their voices are a powerful weapon, their shrieking can deafen anyone who hears it, some with stronger vocal cords can even disorientate a person, the worst case making them deaf.

      Strengths: Agile, Speed, Power (Avis), Talons

      Weaknesses: Poor eyesight (Volucris), Not very bright

      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Muse

      Appearance: Muse appear as human as any other being, the only difference in their appearance being their pointed ears. Muse height ranges from 4’ to 7’, with males being towards the tall extreme, females being towards the short extreme.

      Abilities: Muse use art-oriented magics that vary depending on their practice. Muse that draw are capable of summoning forth their drawings. Muse that sing have more psychological effects, while those that play instruments are generally masters of defensive magic.

      History: Muse started out in Ericus, living in a small town near the east coast called Zaniar. Being a peaceful race, they haven’t engaged in any conflicts, nor have they sought to expand their area of influence. Muse that do decide to travel often join adventurers and act as a bard of sorts.

      Behavior: Muse are an art-loving race that thrive on their artistic talents. If they aren’t eating or sleeping, they’re likely engaging in their field of expertise, be it singing, drawing, painting, instrument playing, or whatever. Muse are also a generally friendly race that value what is right. It is not uncommon for a Muse to decide to accompany a traveling company to provide supportive magic.

      Strengths: Muse are capable of using art-related magic, mostly defensive in nature.

      Weaknesses: Muse are generally peace-loving, and most Muse magic isn’t optimized for a front line combat role.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Gaots

      Appearance: Gaots appear human in nature, but possess goat horns and ears. They resemble a goat when they transform. They’re generally short, rarely growing taller than 4’.

      Abilities: Gaots are capable of turning into goats.

      History: Gaots are a standalone race that prefer to stick to themselves. As they almost never leave Gruff Town, there isn’t much to be said about their history, except to mention the founding of the town they call home.

      Gaots rely on the various goat-related products they yield from goat-taming to survive their small town. A recently formed guild known as Gaots Guild aids in earning more for their town, by completing odd jobs here and there.

      Behavior: Gaots are a race that prefer to stick to themselves, viewing interaction with other races as having little benefit. They’re farming people who rely little on technology. Many of them are also short-tempered, and will likely “go goat” on someone that pisses them off. Gaots, however, do not actively seek trouble. “Stick to yours and I’ll stick to mine,” is their motto.

      Strengths: They can turn into goats and are good at farming. They aren’t troublesome beings.

      Weaknesses: They tend to have short tempers, and are ill-suited for combat without training.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name:

      Mimics take the appearance of bare human women when outside their 'shells', and wear no garments save for some stolen jewelry. Mimic 'shells' are usually treasure chests, and occasionally, other containers like vases. Higher-level mimics use doors and towngates.

      Mimics draw magical power as long as a part of them is attached to their pocket dimension. Magic varies and can be learnt.
      Mimics live in the Mimic Realm, where they can percieve - but not interact with - our world. (Think the Shadowzone) They can access our realm through 'containers' that act as gateways to our realm - primarily treasure chests and vases. However, higher-levelled Mimic can access our realm through doors and literal gates.
      Their 'shells' will be enhanced manyfold in endurance, making the softest wood as hard as iron.

      The Mimics were a synthetic Fae race created by ancient alchemists in a failed experiment. In a failed attempt to create a homonculus using fairy dust and a bunch of other ingredients, they created a different dimension with its own, odd life.
      Little else is known about these tough cookies about their past, but they are considered pests and are very annoying.

      Mimics, while fully sentient and aware of their mischief, tend to thrive near dangerous dungeons with lots of loot. They love to horde treasure, which does explain why they will appear in bazaars and black markets, too.
      Mimics require human males for reproductive purposes.

      Mimics are known for being crafty. Each Mimic acts differently, though, and hence each encounter is as unpredictable as the other.

      Mimics draw power from their dimension. As long as they are fully detached from this dimension or without an anchor, they are powerless. As long as they are, their stamina is limitless.

      Mimics have all kinds of containers, from Vases to Treasure Chests, depending on habitat. These are usual non-mobile mimics. However, the special Matryoshka Mimic is rare, and it is impossible to realise it at first glance. It is said that the moore mobile Matryoshka Mimics are more dangerous than annoying, and no one has ever returned from a fight with one.

      Created by @Crow
    • Name: Serpen

      Appearance: All Draco's are female, they all also have a serpent tail instead of legs, they have scales that cover certain parts of their body, but this is heavily influenced by the subspecies. In short, a serpents lower half, a woman's upper half. It's not uncommon for them to dress in more 'revealing' clothing. They all have a forked tongue, and slit pupils, some do have long pointy ears and fangs, but this trait is sometimes skipped depending on the mother. They're usually between 7-8 meters when fully grown (head to tail).

      Hydrus: They're a water based subclass. Unlike land Serpen they can remain under water for hours at a time but must resurface to get air. Their arms have a fin-like adaptation that allows them easier swimming in the water. Some also have them going down their tail. They're hard enough to be considered a bone and are used as a weapon when dealing with other marine life (such as Sivs).

      Dracos: Dracos are another land based subclass. Unlike Serpens they have wings that resemble a dragon's, because of their high protein diet, they're useless for flight but do allow some gliding. Usually, they are used to intimidate bigger species to avoid fights. Additionally, they usually have scales that cover their arms and talons. They're the most species like of their race.

      Abilities: They're skilled in creating poisons that can either be injected or burned, because of this they're immune to a variety of toxins and even create more to add onto their resistance and sell their creations in the market for money. In addition to this most Serpen' are skilled in hand to hand combat, those that aren't can still snap a man's leg with a flick of their tail or choke them to death. Usually their tail is powerful enough to bend steel. All Serpen are excellent swimmers and have a Jacobson's Organ that allows them to 'taste' smells in addition to this they're capable of picking up heat signatures. This allows them to track prey down even in the dark.

      History: Serpen have had a long history in luring men (whether it be by their sex appeal or toxins) for the sake of reproducing and sometimes even consumption, because of this they're feared by both men and women (primarily wives, hide your husbands ladies) and have been known to rape unwilling targets, with their skills in toxins this has only been made easier. Aside from that, they have no history but are certainly disliked.

      Behavior: They tend to avoid other Serpen that aren't their daughters, and once they've reached a certain age they leave home, but that doesn't mean they're not friends it just makes 'work' easier for them. Serpen are lustful and in no ways shy, they're cunning in getting what they want and are naturally good actresses.

      Strengths: Lethal in the desert, Poisons, Constriction, Capable of swimming, Tail, Climbing, Durability (they can fall out of a tree and still be okay)

      Weaknesses: They're unable to control their body heat, so they rely heavily on outside sources, During the period they shed their skin their vision is hindered (if you try and approach them during this time they lash out violently), Their human half is no stronger than a female

      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Canisus

      Appearance: Canisus have a range of appearances. Some look like normal humans and other have wolfish characteristics. For example, some may have claws and canine ears instead of hands and human ears.

      Abilities: Canisus have enhanced senses and the ability to morph into any canine species. That said, not all are able to do so. The ability is slowly being lost due to breeding with other species.

      History: Originally the species lived in packs deep in the Featherleaf Woods. However, with new technology they have dispersed across the land. Other than this, their history has been relatively peaceful.

      Behaviour: Their behaviour depends on what form they are in. When humanoid they tend to act like any human would. As canines, they may act like normal canines. Soemtimes different behaviours may cross between the two different states. for example, a humanoid may have canine like beaviour such as sniffing and tail wagging.

      - Hunting
      - Tracking
      - Foraging
      - Physical combat

      - Sugar induced sickness
      - Sensitive senses
      - Hate dog whistles

      Created by @Demmy
    • Name: Tengeri

      Their upper body takes on the appearance of human, or human-likeness, while their lower body is reminiscent in design to a fish mixed with a dolphin. The base color of their tail, while any color is possible, is always one solid color. Their fins, however, tend to match their eyes and can be completely different from the base. Any color combination is possible. The Tengeri are also known for a unique scale formation on the skin that gives off the appearance of gemstones embedded in the skin. Aside from the "fan" fin at the tip of the tail, there are three additional fins that help the Tengeri move underwater with ease. These are located on either side of the "thigh" region, just below the middle mark, and right above the fanning tip. The tails themselves can grow to be 5 feet long, however the tail is proportionate to the body and can be either longer or shorter than this average.

      Dubbed the Pokora, or 'Plagued Ones", are a group of Tengeri that have been mutated by the pollution of the waters. Their skin and scales darken and become muddy, their skin developing shiny silver or copper colored markings. Their hair turns white and their eyes shift to gold or silver irises with black sclarae. Their fingers develop webs between them and sharp claw-like nails, and over time their tails have turned on their sides (think shark instead of whale) with blade-like dorsal fins running down the length of their spin and tail.

      All Tengeri have the ability to communicate with and understand sea life, using the same telepathic method they use to communicate with one another.

      A little more rare is the ability to manipulate the underwater currents, while many are able to influence it, only the true nobility can control it completely. This ability is linked with the phases of the moon; Full granting the most power, New granting the least if at all. (This translates to water manipulation outside of water, however this doesn't happen all that often as they prefer remaining in the ocean.)

      Healthy Tengeri have developed the ability to sing underwater which creates a calming, blissful effect in those who hear it. However this ability has been mutated in the Pokora, turning into a disorienting screech that will drive one mad if exposed for too long.

      And unlike their healthy counterparts, Pokora cannot exit water for any amount of time. While they can poke their heads above water, their bodies will dehydrate within minutes of leaving the water whereas healthy Tengeri can live up to 48 hours outside of water. Access to fresh water will only extend their time by 12 hours as their bodies are used to salt water.

      Their influence on the outside world has been so minimal that the Tengeri are, in most respects, considered extinct... Mythological even. However they've been around for a very long time and have had quite a few incidents of their own below the waves. A once united people, the Tengeri lived in a beautiful underwater kingdom known as Morwyncrest. At the center stood the beacon of their civilization, a shimmering city of silver full of bright coral and other various aquatic plants. It teemed with sea life living in harmony with the Tengeri people. Tengeri royalty and upper class lived in this city while the commoners lived near the coral reefs off the shoreline of Ericus. People accepted this way of life, living happily for generations... Until the landpeople began building their cities and dumping their waste into the ocean.

      Pollution began killing off the coral reef, making the commoners that lived there sick like nothing they had ever seen before. Fearing for their lives, the commoner Tengeri fled to Atlas seeking asylum from the toxins filling their homes. However, upon seeing the plagued states of their brethren they turned their backs and forced them away. This caused great tension between the upper class and the commoners causing fights to break out in and around the city of Atlas. Civil war tore the people apart, driving what remained of the upper class out into the depths of the ocean and leaving the shining city in ruin. The war claimed the lives of most of the male Tengeri population, making them a rare sight to come by.

      Tengeri like to travel in large pods, however with their sparce numbers, it is more common to see them travelling in pairs or groups of 3. In general they are a kind but fairly vain people, taking great pride in their looks. Ever since the civil war, they have become a lot more cautious, rarely showing themselves to strangers unless their help is needed.

      Those afflicted by the plague have become incredibly aggressive and will attack anyone they come across, including each other at times.

      (Healthy)- Water/Current Manipulation, Speed, Sea life communication
      (Pokora)- Physical strength, Predatory Instincts

      (Healthy)- Vanity, Physical Strength, Rapid Dehydration
      (Pokora)- Agression, Speed, Rapid Dehydration

      Created by @WeepingLiberty
    • Name: Striga

      Appearance: Aside from peculiar hair and eye colors they look very much like humans.

      Abilities: Primarily defensive magic such as barriers, seals, healing. Some are capable of making potions (because of their gentle nature these potions are healing oriented). Striga are capable of releasing an amount of offensive magic, but it comes back to them at x3 the power they originally released. For example, if one were to release enough magic to feel like you've been punched it would come back to them and feel like they've been hit with a sludge hammer. Extremely destructive magic leaves them in shambles and inevitably dead.

      Additionally, magic such as Barriers and healing (other people) is magic that leaves the body and must be regenerated later on, meaning a Striga can 'run out' of magic for the day, but magic that remains in the body (self-healing) can be reused over and over again until it leaves the body.

      History: Striga have maintained a decent relationship with most races and have been organized enough to have a city where they all live in. They have a long history of being doctors in various towns and cities because of their amazing healing capabilities and some supporting adventures with their barriers and seals.

      Behavior: They're a gentle race and try to avoid conflict as much as possible and have been known to help travelers regardless of their history. So long as they mean no harm to them, they'll help them however they can.

      Strengths: Defensive magic, amazing control of their magic

      Weaknesses: Combat skills are nonexistent (the most they would be able to do was pull your hair or throw a couple of baby punches)

      Created by @Vivian
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  5. Species List

    • Name: Mantea

      Appearance: Mantea resemble giant praying mantises. The only major difference is their arms, which are hooked scythes. Mantea can grow to be up to 20 feet tall, and their color differs from environment to environment, usually adapting to blend in.

      Behavior: Mantea usually hunt in packs of 4 or 5, with one Mantea, typically the largest, acting as the alpha. While fearsome, Mantea aren’t very brave creatures themselves, and will often scatter at the sight of fire. If they don’t, however, they’re likely to become aggressive and attack everything in sight. Because of this, it is advised to take them down before they know you’re there.

      Habitat: Mantea tend to inhabit places such as forests, and other areas abundant with nature. They’re most common on the continent of Forea, particularly the Forean Forest.

      Strengths: Mantea possess razor sharp scythes that they can quickly use to incapacitate unsuspecting prey. Mantea are also very quick, and much faster than humans, despite their size. Most variants are also capable of flight.

      Weaknesses: Flying Mantea often have little to no armor, leaving them vulnerable to just about any type of attack. All variants are especially weak to fire. Another weakness is their susceptibility to being frightened off.

      Variants: Burrowing variants exist, which are essentially wingless Mantea that developed the ability to move about underground to compensate. These variants have a hard armored shell to protect their bodies, to make up for their inability to fly to get away.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Mantra

      Appearance: Mantra resemble stingrays, some much larger than the stingrays that inhabit earth, growing to be up to 30 feet in length. Only the females grow to be large. The males only ever reach sizes of up to 20 feet. They’re stingers make up about 4 to 6 feet of their total length, and can penetrate all but the toughest of armors. Most of them are blue in color, but there are red variants. The stinger is typically protected with an armor that protects it from shattering.

      Behavior: Mantra usually travel in swarms of about 10 each, sometimes even up to 20. Mantras, however, are not hostile, and will not attack unless provoked. This only holds true for the normal variants. The one thing about this species is that, unlike earth stingrays, they possess the ability to fly, often taking to the skies rather than stick to the oceans below. They can still swim, however. Mantra usually prey on birds while air-borne, and all variety of fish while sea-borne.

      Habitat: Mantra are usually found in areas near bodies of water, as well as places where the air is moist. Variants tend to like drier climates, and usually dwell in volcanoes, possessing the ability to swim in lava.

      Strengths: The ability to fly and swim; strength in numbers.

      Weaknesses: Docile; lack of armor.

      Variants: Volcano variants, capable of swimming in lava. They’re red in color, and their stingers are heated, making it possible to break armors the normal variants can’t.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Scorpio

      Appearance: Scorpio resemble giant scorpions that usually reach 25 feet in length, with their tails usually spanning a length of 20 feet from the base. Their bodies are heavily armored, and even the greatest of travelers will struggle to take down a group. Like Mantea, Scorpio blend in with their environment. They also have a crushing jaw.

      Behavior: Scorpio usually hunt in groups of 2 or 3, and are madly aggressive. Unlike Mantea, they don’t scare easily. Scorpio are carnivores, and generally prey on smaller animals.

      Habitat: Desert areas, with some taking residence near volcanoes.

      Strengths: Scorpio possess crushing jaws and a pointed needle that can penetrate just about anything. The tips of volcano variants are heated. They’re also heavily armored.

      Weaknesses: Scorpio have poor vision, and can’t see behind themselves at all. They’re also slow, due to the weight of their armored shells.

      Variants: Volcano variants, that dwell near hotter climates, and possess a heated needle.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Sandgar

      Appearance: Ochre-hued sharks; generally the size of great whites, but can grow to be as large as Megalodons.

      Behavior: Desert Sharks are fully capable of 'ground swimming' through rough terrain. They prey consists of a wide variety of desert-dwelling beast, but they eat travelers too. They generally hunt solo, but will sometimes appear in groups of 2.

      Habitat: Deserts

      Strengths: Their combined speed, agility and strength allow them to swim through the ground with ease.

      Weaknesses: Metallic objects cannot be cut through by their sheer strength.

      Variants: The Sandgar is a subspecies of the regular water-dwelling shark.

      Created by @Crow
    • Name:
      Silverscale Dragon

      Silverscale Dragons can range from the size of a car to slightly higher than a double-decker bus. Their silver, metallic scales protect them from many environments, most particularly their preferred emvironment - the forest lands. These quadrapedal reptillian beings have horns akin to crystal that match their hue, and their dragonic wings tend to be twice their bodylength in terms of wingspan.

      Silverscale Dragons are fully sapient and have their own will. However, they are still nature-dwelling beasts. Their prey includes Witherherb Beetles and various non-sapient ungulate species, primarily caribou or deer. They have a habit of hoarding treasure, mainly metals, gems and relics. While fully capable of flight, they prefer to dwell on the ground, for the land has more gems.

      In general, Silverscales believe that adult humans are bad, but believe that child humans are alright.

      They thrive in forest environments, usually near or in caves.

      Silverscale Dragons have very tough scales rivalled only by diamond. They are capable of breathing flames and lightning from their mouths. As their scales are light, they have little difficulty performing powered flight with their large wings.

      They are very shiny, big, and do not blend well with their environment, hence they are not good with stealth and camouflage.

      The Goldenscale Dragon was thought to be a very, very rare subspecies of this already very, very, rare species. However, it was discovered that the case Goldenscale Dragons are caused by a very rare mutation very akin to albinism. Think shiny Pokemon.

      Silverscale Dragons are very rare. It is said that seeing one in the sky is a sign of good luck, or if you have offended them before, bad omen.
      Goldenscale Dragons are seen the same way, with the addition of being worshipped like shooting stars - make a wish and it comes true, or so they say.

      Created by @Crow
    • Name: Arach

      Appearance: Literally giant spider, its size varies from a small car to a school bus, their young are between the sizes of a small child or an adult male, eight legs, 0-16 eyes, slick/smooth surface, fuzzy, Male Arach are always smaller than female Arach

      Behavior: These creatures hunt alone and do not socialize with each other outside of mating season (even during mating season they will attack each other and not for the usual display to attract a female mate), for a certain period of time they look after their young and once old enough eat them if they don't leave the nest.

      Habitat: Caves, Deserts, Forests, and Large bodies of water (I.E. A lake)

      Strengths: Web/Trap making, Ambush predator, Speed, Venom, Size

      Weaknesses: Fire, Confined places, Mantea, Sandgar, Scorpio, Poor eyesight

      Variants & Others:
      Forest-dwelling Arach has a more earthy appearance to them are fuzzy, but it's not suggested that you give it a hug. Coming in contact with its fur leaves the victim with extreme agitation that sometimes drives them to the point of madness.

      Water-dwelling Arach is sleek, and often a dark color. Unlike their other variants, they remain underwater a majority of their time. They eat large fish that find themselves entangled in their web and they bring it up to the surface to eat and replenish their air supply.

      Desert-dwelling Arach burrow beneath the sand for both hunting and shelter from bigger predators, they lay out a web near their burrow and jump and attack the target. They determine the prey by the weight placed on webs. If the prey is far too large for them to kill and wrap they let it pass, but the case is different when they failed to have caught any better game.

      -Arach are often found in caves, so long as the region isn't artic they can survive
      -Burrowing is a common technique used among them
      -If prey bigger than them gets caught in their web they release it and wait for something more do able
      -Humanoid and creatures are often used as training targets for the young

      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Orboros

      Appearance: Orboros have blue colored scales and walk on all fours. Their tail is generally curled up and split apart near the end, the ends having two clawed hands. They have long bodies and a rounded snout. Their eyes are rather large, about 3 inches wide in diameter. Most grow to be human sized in length, not including their tails, which are 6 feet in length when uncurled.

      Behavior: Orboros are loners that eat whatever they can get their hands on. While they’re omnivores, there are some variants that eat only leaves and other plants. Their hands are used to reach for things up in trees, like fruits. They generally hunt large game, like deer, though they also go after species that are hare sized.

      Habitat: Tropical and heavily forested areas

      Strengths: Long reach, fast runners

      Weaknesses: Poor sense of hearing, easily blindsided

      Variants: Green colored variants occur in thick forest areas, presumably from eating too many leaves. These variants are herbivores.

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Slin

      Appearance: Silver colored with white stripes, Slin look like trouts and generally reach about 1 feet at most, 5 inches at the least when fully grown. Males tend to be larger than females.

      Behavior: Slin are shy creatures that immediately flee the area if something so much as splashes right near them. They aren’t very bright, though, and will come back to the area if they feel danger has passed. Slin generally swim to large bodies of water to mate and lay eggs. Females stick around the area where they laid their eggs until they begin to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, they swim downstream of the river and don’t come back until it’s time for them to mate.

      Habitat: Rivers and large bodies of fresh water

      Strengths: Powerful swimmers, fiercely protective of their eggs

      Weaknesses: A frightened easily, docile most of the time

      Variants: Some have appeared in darker shades of gray.

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Featherleaf

      Appearance: Around 6-8ft tall when fully grown, Covered in soft feathers, Long tail feathers (females 3ft max, males 5ft max), Wingspan of 3ft (or 21ft), taloned feet, sharp beaks, grooved teeth

      Abilities: Speed, Venom, Strength

      History: Due to excessive hunting of their species and destruction of their natural habitat the Featherleaf species is an aggressive one, when they were more docile their feathers were used for charms and medicine. Over time they've evolved to have a grounded and airborne types. Untamed Featherleaf is especially aggressive towards Makantets.

      Behavior: Both species display intelligence that is almost as good as humans, if taken from their homes early, they can be tamed, both being able to carry two people at a time.

      Grounded: A grounded Featherleaf have pack behavior, hunting in groups of 5-7, they care to their young and once old enough chase them out or get chased out. When hunting they prefer to wound and run down prey rather than struggle with it, this strategy is made easier with their remarkable endurance and speed, and because of their venom, it doesn't take long. Outside of mating season, they're not aggressive unless provoked, threatened, or hunting.

      Airborne: Because of their large wingspan they choose to live in the highest trees, and because of the fact they can not safely hunt on the forest floor without getting attacked they build boat nests and hunt in the ocean, using a fallen tail feather as a lure for fish while others simply glide over the water and grab whatever their talons get.

      Grounded: Endurance, speed, power, pack hunting, venom, intelligence, eyesight, sense of smell
      Airborne: Endurance, agile, intelligence, venom, flight, eyesight

      Weaknesses: Arach, Sivs, Long ranged weapons such as arrows, Magic

      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Goat

      Appearance: They’re goats. There are, however, variants. Some are capable of flight, possessing wings, and some are capable of living in volcanoes, possessing red fur.

      Behavior: Goats act like goats. Docile creatures, they enjoy eating grass. If you piss one off, it’s likely to ram you. Some variants can breathe fire.

      Habitat: Goats live everywhere, but generally wherever a specific variant is most well adapted. They typically prefer grassy plains. A large number live near Gruff Town.

      Strengths: Goats can ram things. Some can also fly or breathe fire. They’re extremely resilient.

      Weaknesses: They can be pretty dumb. They don’t have opposable thumbs.

      Variants: Devilgoats (goats adapted to living in volcanoes), Skygoats (goats adapted to flight), Seagoats (goats with gills and fins for legs)

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Sivs

      Appearance: Massive serpent, 50-60ft long, weighing around 2 tons, teeth are about the size of a small dagger

      Abilities: Capable of remaining under water for 8-10 hours at a time, strong jaw, acute sense of smell, can live in both fresh and salt water

      History: Sivs have no history, and unlike many useful animals were not hunted due to their massive size, since their habitat is usually the ocean, it leaves them at a huge advantage.

      Behavior: They are known in Makana as boat hunters since they've been known to attack boats. They can live in any warm waters, but flourish around Makana territory, Featherleaf Forest, and other more 'rural' parts of Avion. They hunt alone, their young are born and ready to survive so needing their parent is unneeded. Because of their large size they are stuck in water, and are unable to support themselves on land. They're extremely territorial, and eat anything that they can kill. They hunt fishing Featherleaf and have been known to jump out of the water to lunge at prey they spot on land. The only hard part is trying to wiggle their way back into the ocean without getting attacked by land based predators. Their minds are simple and predatory.

      Strengths: Amazing water hunters, Strong jaws,

      Weaknesses: Terrible on land

      Created by @Vivian
    • .:| Name |:.

      .:| Appearance |:.
      Goblins are short green creatures that typically wear clothing made from animal hide.
      The tallest a goblin will grow to be is 4 feet, and the shortest is 2 feet nine inches.
      Along with their green skin their eyes tend to be shades of blues, yellows, and browns; their
      hair typically black, brown, silver, or a dark shade of blue. Body structure is mainly the same between
      all goblins, Goblins are tinkers meaning that they love to build so they all have a semi muscular build.

      .:| Behavior |:.
      Goblins are practical thiefs, they run around most of the night
      taking things from other places that they can use to build large cities
      for themselves. Goblins only interact with other goblins and occasionally people
      when the person has something the Goblin wants and is trying to persuade them to hand it over.

      .:| Habitat |:.
      Goblins build themselves small city's typically up in the trees so
      forests are an ideal place to live for them. Other times when they want people to
      know that they are around they will build themselves large city's, typically away from water.

      .:| Strengths |:.
      Fighting hand to hand
      Sneaking about.

      .:| Weaknesses |:.
      Their temper
      Speed and stamina
      Following Directions

      .:| Variants |:.
      Their are no currently known Varients
      of Goblins

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect
    • Name: Jukon (Jew-kon)

      A jukon is a small rabbit-like mammal with wings and a long, thin, feather-tipped tail. On average they only grow to be about a foot and a half tall when standing on their hind legs. The main body is covered with a soft fur and comes in a variety of colors (brown, black, white, pale blue, pink rose); fur color and feather color usually match, variants excluded.

      Jukons are known for being very friendly and none too shy, usually found in small groups of five to seven. If threatened, a jukon will completely extend their wings to make themselves appear bigger and squeal a warning. Should the threat remain, male jukon are likely to flee while females are more likely to attack by biting or kicking. Curious and playful, these social butterflies enjoy exploring and causing mischief, often stealing food or small trinkets from people so they will engage in a game of tag. None to surprising that this particular critter is an herbivore

      Habitat: *Native to Kelluva Isle* Underground dens, large tree tops, and man-made hutches

      Strengths: Nimble flight, Speed, Small size, Disarmingly adorable

      Weaknesses: Loud noises, Small size, Overly friendly/trusting, Curiosity

      {There are several different variants for this species.}

      Spotted Jukon: This term refers to a color variant that marks the fur with one of three unusual patterns; spots, spirals, or zig zags.

      Devil Jukon: A much more aggressive strain of Jukon, this particular variant makes its home in the mountains and is only social with its own kind. Its appearance differs slightly from the regular Jukon, having thin wings like those of a bat and a sharp blade-like spade for the tip of their tail. This particular variant is only known to come in two colors, black for the males, and grey for the females. Albino variants rare but possible.

      Armored Jukon: Known for their larger size, this variant of Jukon can grow up to be the size of a small dog. Too large for flight, the Armored Jukon developed a thick shell-like skin over their wings that they use to protect their bodies from predators. This variant tends to mind its own business but is known to be docile in nature.

      Created by @WeepingLiberty
    • Name: Marion

      Appearance: Marions are tattered faeries that appear humanoid, but lack the sentience or philosophical nature to be considered a race. Wingless creatures, they’re still capable of floating, much like Pesters. One interesting fact about their appearance is that they almost appear doll-like, as though they’re animated mannequins. Another important note is that all Marions are female.

      Behavior: Marions are mindless beings, lacking sentience. Their general behavior consists of chasing and possessing people, and then copulating with said people in order to reproduce. Outside of being used for copulation, Marions also enjoy to play with people they’ve possessed, toying with them as though they were puppets. Likewise, Marions are unlikely to flee, unless a large threat is to approach.

      Habitat: Marions are native to the Faerie Forest on Forea.

      Strengths: Marions are capable of possessing races and other species. They are also capable of floating. They possess strength in numbers, as they usually travel in groups.

      Weaknesses: Marions are slow, and fragile, due to their mannequin like body structure.

      Variants: No known variants currently exist.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Songstress

      Appearance: Songstress are another variety of faerie that resemble humans, though they often appear transparent to the average eye. The sheet music markings on their bodies signify what type of song they sing. Their skin is a pale white, as is their hair, the only differing color being the blackness of the notes on their skin.

      Behavior: Songstresses behave much like sirens. They gather in one place and sing, drawing the attention of males to aid in copulation, Songstresses being only female. Songstresses respond to any form of danger by ceasing their singing and flying away, though most danger is warded off by their song. As a target gets closer and closer to a Songstress, their song intensifies. Songstresses usually remain together in groups called “choruses”.

      Habitat: Songstresses make their home in the Faerie Forest, as well as Featherleaf Woods, where they exhibit a symbiotic relationship with Featherleaf birds.

      Strengths: Strong singing voice capable of hypnosis. Flight, strength in numbers.

      Weaknesses: Fragile, easily frightened, incapable of combat.

      Variants: No known variants currently exist.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Vaeries

      Appearance: Vaeries appear humanoid, but come in a variety of different colors. Tattered beings, Vaeries are often grotesque in appearance, in a way that would ward any seasoned traveler off. All Vaeries possess a blindfold marking over their “eyes” that hinders sight. Vaeries are genderless, and reproduce through detached limbs growing new bodies after a week.

      Behavior: Vaeries act only on instinct, and wander around aimlessly looking for someone or something to synch with. If a living thing makes “eye contact” with a Vaerie, they become synched to it. Anything the Vaerie does to itself will be reflected on the synched target. Vaeries are blind, and don’t intentionally travel in groups, even if they appear in one. Reproduction is performed through detached limbs growing new bodies, which takes about a week.

      Habitat: Vaeries are exclusively native to Faerie Forest in Forea.

      Strengths: Vaeries are capable of synching with other living things, reflecting bodily injuries.

      Weaknesses: Vaeries are blind, but can sense when synching has occurred. Their bodies are also highly flammable, and burning limb stumps can prevent new bodies from growing. They also die if their synched target dies.

      Variants: No known variants currently exist.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Dragonfaeries

      Appearance: Dragonfaeries are small humanoids that don’t grow any taller than 4’. They possess pointed ears and fanged teeth, though they rarely bite living targets. They possess wings, making them capable of flight.

      Behavior: Dragonfaeries control dragons through a tone that races and other species are incapable of hearing. Incapable of complex thought, the only orders Dragonfaeries issue to their dragon pawns is to “destroy and kill”. Dragonfaeries generally move about alone, not needing companionship with one another when they have a giant dragon at their command. Dragonfaeries rarely show themselves, preferring to stay hidden while their dragon partners wreak havoc.

      Habitat: Dragonfaeries are native to the unidentified island of Makana, Metalscale Forest, and the Faerie Forest.

      Strengths: Dragonfaeries are capable of controlling dragons, though only one at a time. They also possess excellent hearing and sharp fangs. Their wings also allow flight.

      Weaknesses: Dragonfaeries are weak on their own, travel solo, and any caught without a dragon will be easily dispatched.

      Variants: No known variants currently exist.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Necrofaeries

      Appearance: Necrofaeries are pale humanoids, small in size (only growing up to be about as large as Dragonfaeries, with some being as short as 2’). They possess wings like those of bats, and these, along with their hair, are usually pitch black. They lack any other distinguishing characteristics, outside of their fangs and nakedness.

      Behavior: Necrofaeries appear to be very apathetic beings, who seem to be drowned in a constant state of depression. They travel in groups, and typically hang around crows. They reproduce by copulating with travelers that have been wounded and are unable to fight back or run away.

      Habitat: Necrofaeries live in Faerie Forest, though some inhabit caves and the like throughout the world.

      Strengths: Necrofaeries cause decay for as long as they’re touching something, ultimately leading to death. They’re also capable of flight, and biting through the use of their fangs.

      Weaknesses: Necrofaeries are a very gloomy species, and as anything gloomy would be, they are rather slow. Also, while pesky, they aren’t very efficient at combat, and generally leave healthy, active travelers alone.

      Variants: No known variants currently exist.

      Created by @Pravitas
    • Name: Tehteh

      Appearance: They look like mosquitoes, but are the size of a dime. Their stick thin body swells as they gorge themselves on blood. They have a long proboscis that they use to pierce the skin of their victims. Their offspring look like white worms and are about a centimeter in length.

      Behavior: Tehtehs tend to swarm around a food source once it’s been found. Doesn’t matter if it’s covered in hair or feathers, they will swarm and cover the creature in order to feed on their blood. They’re opportunists, extremely ravenous, and come together in large groups by the thousands. They lay their eggs in the water and, once they hatch, feed on algae until they squirm onto land and become tehtehs.

      Habitat: Places with high humidity, especially swamps and tropical areas

      Strengths: Strength in numbers, their needle-like proboscis

      Weaknesses: Can be easily swatted away, bug spray, any kind of repellent, smoke, incense

      Variants: There’s rumors of even larger tehtehs that are the size of a ping pong ball, but so far no one has seen it.

      Other: Tehtehs have been known to pass on disease to people.

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Aves

      Appearance: They're colorful and sometimes can grow up to the size of a man, they have four wings, their bodies are snake like but end with feathers at the tip of their tail. Older Aves have a mane like hair going down the middle of their body.

      Behavior: They travel in flocks with one large Aves acting as a wind breaker for smaller Aves, smaller Aves fly beneath the wings of the larger one. Their wings fold against their body, and this allows them to slither in trees or on land but because of their wings, they avoid water. They're docile creatures and aren't particularly smart. They fly aimlessly with no set direction. Because of their always moving nature they lay their eggs and move on their young hatch and learn to fly almost immediately, if not, they die. They eat small animals such as rabbits as well. Like snakes, they don't require to eat every day.

      Habitat: They prefer climates that are humid or warm.

      Strengths: Flight, Can fly for extensive periods of time

      Weaknesses: Rain/water, Nets, Predators

      Variants: Some Aves are more lizard-like than snake-like. It's a random mutation but this doesn't increase or decrease their survival rate. Aside from limbs they display similar behavior to their limbless counterpart.

      Created by @Vivian
    • Name: Ubes

      Appearance: They grow to be about the size of a whale, their bodies are sort of a square shape (more prominent around the snout) and their tails are flat and ideal for paddling. On the top of their heads is a blowhole.

      Behavior: They're a gentle species and are intelligent. They live in groups with about ten adults and some children. They've been known to help sailors who've lost their ship at sea get back to land. They're usually very dull colors such as grey.

      Habitat: Fresh and Saltwater

      Strengths: Able to dive deep into the ocean, intelligence, Swimming

      Weaknesses: Land, Natural predators,

      Variants: None

      Created by @Vivian
    • .:| Name |:.

      .:| Appearance |:.
      When a Phenfox is born and regenerates from from the ash it's the size of an average baby mouse.
      they are very easy to miss, but very social. Their fur color actually runs through the rainbow, whenever they regenerate
      their fur color is either another shade of the same color and they work through shades at a time, or
      they change whole colors so from Purple to blue and their accent color from Yellow to Orange
      Because the Phenfox is a loyal pet it will grow with you and often times reach maturity with you.
      When the Phenfox reaches maturity they are as large as the average four week old kitten.

      .:| Behavior |:.
      The Phenfox, depending on what type of life the Phenfox is given depends
      on the behavior.

      When a Phenfox is born and someone isn't their they'll be courious, they'll
      search the room several times over. Each time they search the room becoming angry
      to the point they won't want anything to do with humans. They will then run off where ever
      becoming hostile toward anyone or anything really, they want to live their life in solitude.

      However if someone is their when a Phenfox is born, a Phenfox will
      trust them like a mother because they are young and feel that they need
      someone their for them. A Phenfox will then stick with the owner and grow with them
      as a sign of their loyalty. When the owner of the Phenfox dies, the Phenfox will crumble into
      a pile of ash along side their master to be reborn.

      .:| Habitat |:.
      Phenfoxes originated on Astrival.
      Despite the protests of K - 9, Phenfoxes were
      wanted animals for their rarity, they could be sold
      at high prices. Very few were sold and caught before
      K - 9 Made it Illegal to take any animals to or from the
      continent. If any were found smuggled then they would be
      confiscated and trained to go back to the wild.
      So, very few are seen housed OR in the wild on other continents.

      .:| Strengths |:.
      Their ability to adapt to new environments quickly
      Agile and fast
      Loud and Obnoxious when needed
      Remembering objects places
      Gives good cuddles

      .:| Weaknesses |:.
      Unable to Swim - Afraid of water
      Issues getting used to new people
      The need of their owner
      The hostility toward every living thing

      .:| Variants |:.
      Their are no Currently found
      or known variants of the Phenfox

      Created by @Periodically Incorrect
    • Name: Cresol

      Appearance: Shaped like red snappers, Cresols grow up to three feet and can weigh up to 20 pounds. Their scales are a yellowish gold color while their fins are black. Females tend to be larger. Cresol eggs are black in color.

      Behavior: Cresols travel in schools as a safety measure. While one Cresol is hunted down by a predator, the rest can escape to safety. The males become fairly aggressive to not only other males, but predators as well whenever it’s mating season. Cresols feed on small fish that are also in schools, chasing down the school so that they can play a game of cat and mouse, with the end result being the Cresols having a good meal.

      Habitat: Ocean and seas

      Strengths: Their aggressive nature during mating season for the males, their stubbornness, their stamina

      Weaknesses: The color of their scales, will flock right into fishing nets if there’s food in it

      Variants: There are no known variants of Cresols.

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Wingding

      Appearance: Wingdings are slender white fish that can reach up to 5 inches long. They resemble flying fish, with their fins adapted to hover over the water for a few seconds as they leap into the air. Their fins are light gray in color.

      Behavior: Wingdings have a habit of staying close to the surface of their ocean home. When danger approaches they begin leaping like mad, hovering over the water for a few seconds after they leapt. Wingdings have a habit of leaping into boats by accident, making for an easy catch. They can leap up to five feet above water.

      Habitat: Ocean and seas

      Strengths: Their jumping ability, nimble, come in large numbers

      Weaknesses: Jumping can land them onto a boat, capable of beaching themselves onto land

      Variants: There’s a variety of Wingdings that are cream colored, they are said to taste sweeter.

      Fun fact: They are named Wingdings because of their ability to "fly" and because of the "dinging" noise whenever they land on a boat or beach themselves.

      Created by @chaosheart13
    • Name: Cracklerocks

      Appearance: Deep sea predators that were thought to be extinct, they are brown and gray in color. The most unusual thing about them, however, is that they have rocks growing from their bodies. They resemble coelacnths and can reach up to six and a half feet.

      Behavior: Cracklerocks mainly hunt for smaller fish, using their powerful fins to swim alongside currents for food. They are rather calm amongst each other, peacefully swimming even if they are stuck in a crowded cave filled with their kind. When predators approach, they immediately rush at them, using their rocks to scrape against their skin and create gashes on the predator’s body.

      Habitat: Oceans and seas, mostly underwater caves

      Strengths: Rocks act as armor, efficient hunters

      Weaknesses: Heavy and sinks easily, sometimes rushes into a predator’s mouth

      Variants: Some grow gemstones on their bodies instead of regular rocks. These are highly sought after. Another variant just grows crystals on their body that glow in the dark. The glowing crystal variant lures in pray through these crystals.

      Other: They get their name by rubbing against each other, creating a crackling sound when their rocks hit another cracklerock’s rocks.

      Created by @chaosheart13
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  6. Plot List
    • Name: Cure in Makana

      Details: A treasure hunting alchemist and an elven princess from Forea search for a cure for the ill Forean Elf King. Who do they meet along the way, and where will they find it?

      Players Involved (Tag Them): @Pravitas and @Vivian
    • Name: Red City Rebellion

      Details: A small rebellion faction led by Rias Rex seeks aid from the Giant Judge on Counsel Mountain in order to overthrow the current leader of The Red City, and hopefully lead it to a time of prosperity.

      Players Involved (Tag Them): @Pravitas, @Crono, @Vivian, @WeepingLiberty, and @Periodically Incorrect
    • .:| Name |:.
      The Clockwork Commission

      .:| Details |:.
      The goblins have been coming into Spring work and stealing parts
      from buildings and cars, and just about everything in the town. Springwork is slowly
      starting to fall apart and the residence are worried about having to move.
      The mayor of Spring work is very upset because he´s really only known this town.
      He´s looking for people to go out in search of the missing parts and help him put his city
      back together. He is also looking for people who would not mind taking up night shifts to try and keep
      the goblins away as others are recovering missing parts, and after they are able to rebuild the city.

      .:| Players Involved |:.
      @Periodically Incorrect, @Demmy, and @chaosheart13
    • Name: Buried treasure

      Details: It is believed that there is a small island surrounded by a thick mist in the middle if the three continents Ericus, Feora and Kelluva. On this island is said to be the treasure of an old pirate. From Mayvis the ship Envy will soon sail in order to find the treasure under the command of Captain Atticus

      Players Involved (Tag Them): @Demmy
    • Name: Feather and Iron

      Details: The battle scars of years past are still fresh in the minds of many Dwarves and Stroithra. Over the generations ambassidors from either side have tried to forge some kind of lasting peace but it has never been achieved. Now a new group of Stroithra travel with talks of peace, the way will not be easy as dangers patrol the skies and there is more than one that would see this ancient war continued.

      Players Involved: @Pravitas, @WeepingLiberty, and @E.T.
    • Name: Under the Sea

      A small group of curious explorers set out on an adventure to discover the ruins of a long lost underwater civilization... But are the ruins really as deserted as they seem? These explorers might have bitten off a little more than they can chew.

      Players Involved (Tag Them): @WeepingLiberty, @Vivian, and @Pravitas
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  7. Submission Forms

    • Name:

      Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent):


      Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents):
    • Name:






    • Name:







    • Name:


      Players Involved (Tag Them):
    • Name:


      Base of Operations:

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  8. Updates










    • Updated the Cast List.
    • Added Zaniar, Hearth Hold, Telfen Hold, Whistling Roost, Faerie Forest, Forea Ruins, Kelluva Isle, Springwork, Heaven Spire, Bellavue City, Gateway Station, and Craigpoint Pier to Area List.
    • Added Imam, Stoithra, Volucris / Avis, Dwarves, Muse, Serpen, Mimics, and Gaots to Race List.
    • Added Goblins, Dragonfaeries, Necrofaeries, Vaeries, Marions, and Songstresses to Species List.
    • Added The Clockwork Commission to Plot List.
    • Added Esperit Vaixell and Macabre Dancers Guild to Organizations List.



    • Added Astival, Metalscale Forest, Red City, Red Desert, Counsel Mountain, and Living Forest to Area List.
    • Added Giants, Sneks, Veneficas, Vexists, and Cogs to Race List.
    • Added Slin, Silverscale Dragons, Arach, Oroboros, and Featherleafs to Species List.
    • Added Cure in Makantet and Red City Rebellion to Plot List.
    • Added The Kobalt Uprise to Organizations List.
    • Added an IC Posting Format to General Information and Rules.

    • Added Ericus, Forea, Makana, Mayvis, Melvinnia, Heiyaka, and Forean Forest to Area List.
    • Added Human, Forean Elf, Pester, Tripan, and Makantet to Race List.
    • Added Mantea, Mantra, Scorpio, and Sandgar to Species List.
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  9. Wow, Sakana---estse, @Pravitas . You're on a roll. @.@;;

    Also, new name, new face. >.>;;;
  10. No worries. This'll be my last new idea for a while. At least, the last one I post.
  11. You have very good ideas @Pravitas I would like to join this "Cogs and Fire"
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  12. Welcome aboard, @Crono! Will you be creating anything, or just waiting for the IC to get created?
  13. I will be creating a race and two areas as soon as I get to it.
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  14. Sweet! We need all the builders we can get to fill this empty world!

    Name: Giants

    Appearance: Giants are, to be general, massive humanoids, ranging from 16 to 26 feet in height with muscular, thick skinned bodies. The rest, like hair or skin color, depends on where they live. For example: Desert wandering Giants tend to have tan skin and mains of long brown hair, while Giants who dwell in stormy regions have metallic blue with jet black, shorter hair.

    Abilities: Their mighty size makes Giants amazingly strong, while their thick skin is as durable as iron. Besides that the older a Giant becomes the greater it's bond with the world around it becomes. Elder Giants can weild mighty natural magic depending on where they live: a Desert Elder being able to wip up sandstorms, a Storm Elder summoning wind, rain, and lightning.

    History: Giants have populated Avion for as long as any book or mind can recall. They have no single home, and can be found in any of the continents. Some live in nomadic tribes, most find a home and build a small village for their families, and a few have tried to integrate themselves into other races' societies. Rarely do the Gaints involve themselves in the wars of other races, however their aid has been recorded to change the tide of the fight every time.

    Behavior: Typically Giants are peaceful and friendly creatures, settling for a quiet, simple existence. Most find a way to live and stick with it, wanting little more from life. Giants tend to have no problem sharing the continents with the other races so long as they do not bother them. If pollution from a human city starts affecting a Giants' forest, they will be given time to fix it or the Giants crush the city. That said Giants are notoriously gullible, all it would take is a few honeyed words to make the Forest Giants leave the city alone for years. However caution is to be advised, nothing is more dangerous than a Giant who's figured out that he's been tricked.

    Strengths: Aside from strength and thick skin Giants can live for centuries, their natural magic growing stronger with age. Giants are master craftsmen, their work with metal, wood, and hide is legendary.

    Weaknesses: Dispite all of this, most Giants are harmless to anyone who can spin a good lie and, while their age grants them wisdom, they're simply not all too bright. Giants also refuse to integrate modern technology into their lives, believeing it will interrupt their simple lifestyle

    Tell me if this seems too op.
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  16. Created two species, I hope they're okay! EDIT: Forgot to say this, Cogs and Fire!

    Name: Orboros

    Appearance: Orboros have blue colored scales and walk on all fours. Their tail is generally curled up and split apart near the end, the ends having two clawed hands. They have long bodies and a rounded snout. Their eyes are rather large, about 3 inches wide in diameter. Most grow to be human sized in length, not including their tails, which are 6 feet in length when uncurled.

    Behavior: Orboros are loners that eat whatever they can get their hands on. While they’re omnivores, there are some variants that eat only leaves and other plants. Their hands are used to reach for things up in trees, like fruits. They generally hunt large game, like deer, though they also go after species that are hare sized.

    Habitat: Tropical and heavily forested areas

    Strengths: Long reach, fast runners

    Weaknesses: Poor sense of hearing, easily blindsided

    Variants: Green colored variants occur in thick forest areas, presumably from eating too many leaves. These variants are herbivores.

    Name: Slin

    Appearance: Silver colored with white stripes, Slin look like trouts and generally reach about 1 feet at most, 5 inches at the least when fully grown. Males tend to be larger than females.

    Behavior: Slin are shy creatures that immediately flee the area if something so much as splashes right near them. They aren’t very bright, though, and will come back to the area if they feel danger has passed. Slin generally swim to large bodies of water to mate and lay eggs. Females stick around the area where they laid their eggs until they begin to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, they swim downstream of the river and don’t come back until it’s time for them to mate.

    Habitat: Rivers and large bodies of fresh water

    Strengths: Powerful swimmers, fiercely protective of their eggs

    Weaknesses: A frightened easily, docile most of the time

    Variants: Some have appeared in darker shades of gray.
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  17. @chaosheart13
    What do Slins look like though? Sea serpents?

    And there's something in the "Rules" section you forgot to do. Reread them and fix your post and I'll accept them ~
  18. @Crono, the world is "Avion", not "Avalon", but everything else checks out! Approved.~
  19. @Pravitas

    Alright, I fixed the bit with what Slin look like and added in the Cogs and Fire!
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