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    Cassie smirked once North got a mild case of the giggles. Oh, she was feeling it alright. For whatever reason, North was a lot cuter like this. Not in like a cute person she'd want to get into the pants of, but cute like a puppy. She was high for the first time, and Cassie liked this version of North. Giggly, and more smiley. Cassie sat down and she couldn't help but to giggle herself. She was only feeling about half of what North was feeling right now, but rest assured that the high she was getting from watching North react to her first time far superceded any high that these brownies would give her.

    "You got it, alright." Cassie giggled, before leaning back in her seat. Cassie was having such a great time watching North react to the edible. It was like those memes you always saw on social media. The edible was definitely hitting her like a big rig. She may or may not have had her judgment clouded by the fact that she was also high, but the one thing she was definitely sure about was that she was having a good time just watching her. Cassie was tempted to offer North some more of the edible, but she feared that the worst would happen.

    "Dude... you're stoned." Cassie giggled, "You're fuuuuuuuucked up."
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    North blinked a couple of times at Cassie's statement. Was she fucked up? No. Just a little giggly, seeing as the way Cassie told her she was 'fucked up' caused her to laugh because it was just kind of funny.

    "Am not?" North insisted but the giggling that followed was pretty much a dead give-away. Her cheeks flushed a little and she put a hand up t her mouth and she looked down for a moment. But there was still a smile on her face and her own silliness and it caused her to chuckle a little more.

    he turned her gaze back up to Cassie, who also had had the brownies so she was also high which meant North really wasn't silly. She shot her a small grin and said, "okay, maybe a little," she squinted her eyes and gestured a small amout with her thumb and pointer finger, "very, very little," She then leaned her cheek on that hand and looked at Cassie before saying, "what do you do when you're 'fucked up' anyways," with a small chuckle.
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    "Your ass is higher than the Empire State Building, North!" Cassie cackled. She was acting so funny that Cassie couldn't help herself. The poor girl wasn't even aware that she was sooo god damn high! It was very blatant that North had now gone over the other side of the hill. But by god, if this wasn't the funniest shit that Cassie had seen in a long time. Just the way that she was reacting was making her go wild. You could've sworn she was watching an episode of Scrubs or something like that, but nope. She was watching something far better.

    "You're not even a little bit fucked up, you're big time fucked up. I can tell, dude. I might not have known you long but I can tell." Cassie giggled, before turning around to the back. Maybe they had more food in there? Or better yet... Cassie could follow through with her McDonald's offer the other night. That was a good plan. "When you're like a kite, you just eat whatever the fuck you see. You become Kirby. You devour everything." Cassie said, before pulling out her phone and pulling up Doordash.

    "We're gonna have McDonald's delivered. How does that sound?" Cassie said curiously, as she brought up her usual order of sixty pieces of chicken nuggets, two large fries, and a coke. "You want anything to drink besides coffee? I'm getting a coke."
  4. n o r t h

    The moment Cassie mentioned food North realised that food sounded like the best idea she had ever heard in her life. Especially if it was food from her favourite junk food place, Aka McDonald's, sure some of the restaurants were a little nasty sometimes and all their menu items were garbage, but that was kind of the point, and if North craved anything at that moment, it was delicious, delicious garbage.

    "I'm only capable of drinking coffee," North joked, "Nothing else, that's why I always come here, no coffee or I'll dieee," It wasn't to ar from the truth during exam season though... And just in general, North really just enjoyed coffee. But she had actually just had some so getting more coffee seemed a little silly.

    "But uh, I'm actually kinda feeling Sprite, can I have that?" she corrected herself and leaned over the table to try to peak at Cassie's phone, though she wasn't really bothering to try to read anything properly, "Are we getting nuggets? I really love chicken nuggets, it's like the best food to have ever existed. Especially from McDonald's. I totally had that for lunch though, not gonna lie,"
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    One Sprite for North it was. She was tapping on her phone to accommodate North's special requests. This poor driver was going to have such a tough time carrying so much food and drink. Knowing Cassie, he was going to have to carry two large drinks for sure. Looking up at North as she inquired about whether or not they were getting chicken nuggets, Cassie smiled. "That's the only thing worth getting at McDonald's!" Cassie replied, before finalizing her order. "Okay. I just ordered it, its gonna be here in fifteen minutes."

    She stood up, stretching her back, "I don't know what sauce you like, so I just asked for two of everything. I hope they last through sixty chicken nuggets divided between the both of us." Cassie really did just order sixty pieces of chicken nuggets, or three orders of the twenty pieces of chicken nuggets. Cassie didn't fuck around with her McDonald's. She usually thought twenty wasn't enough, so she usually ordered thirty. It was amazing to see how Cassie didn't gain much weight. But, she knew her metabolism would slow down someday. Might as well take advantage of it now.

    "Let me honest... I could eat an entire horse right now." Cassie mused, "This is what being high is. You just wanna eat everything, and everything is funny to you."
  6. n o r t h

    "Everything isn't funny to me,"
    North giggled, the opposite was clearly true, but she didn't actually think everything was funny, she was just high so now she suddenly thought everything was funny, or something she didn't really know how it worked, "just some things. Like horses, horses are so weird, I bet you wouldn't actually even eat an entire horse if it came in here because it's so weird,"

    North continued to giggle about horses way too long, and specifying exactly why they were weird. Like for example, their teeth are flat like human teeth, which is weird, and they have really weird lips, and their faces are so long and they can't really see things in front of them well, and like you ride them which is weird, to begin with, also, they basically have mohawks. But she also made sure to mention that it was okay because they have really cute ears.

    Before she knew it the poor door dash guy came trying to carry way too much McDonald's. North stayed seated for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that Cassie made the order, the other because she didn't trust herself not to reveal the fact that she was kind of a little very high, and even if it was legal to get high it wasn't like she was twenty-one yet, so it technically wasn't legal at all, and who knew what the dude would do if he realised.
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    Coming outside to receive her McDonald's, the driver could immediately tell that Cassie was stoned. Knowing the area, the abundance of teenagers, and the legality of marijuana, in addition to the volume of the order, and you got yourself a bonafide stoner. Taking the order in her hands, the driver waved off the girl and drove away to his next job. As much as it was weird to be delivering to underaged teenagers who were very obviously stoned off their ass, it also meant drivers for UberEats and Postmates would be making a lot of money.

    Plopping the order on the table, Cassie pulled out six boxes of chicken nuggets out of the bag and divvied it up between her and North. Three boxes for Cassie, three boxes for North. Pouring out all the sauces on the table, Cassie grabbed three Sweet and Sours for herself. There was still a component left to set up. Tearing the bag open, she poured out all the fries in the opened up bag. There was now a stack of that yellow, fried goodness. Taking a fry and chewing on it, Cassie smiled.

    "Bet you I'll finish first." Cassie grinned, as she opened up her first bag of chicken nuggets, "Don't race me, though. You'll choke."
  8. n o r t h

    "Don't challenge me in chicken nugget eating,"
    North laughed and reached over for a nugget now that the bag was opened. She also found the garlic dip and opened that, dipped the nugget and started to much on it, way less cautiously than the brownie. Her McDonald's order was consistently the same, nuggets, Cheddar and garlic dip (it used to be sweet and sour but they changed the recipe randomly which she hated. Not the sauce, just that they changed it), the drink she did swap out from time to time though, which was the one area she seemed to be capable of flexibility when it came to food.

    "When I was thirteen I ate nothing but chicken nuggets for like a month," North said, she wasn't joking. It had actually been quite a problem. She had fallen into a pattern of eating what she was comfortable every day, and her parent had indulged her because it had been better than eating nothing, until they had finally put their foot down and forced her to slowly branch out a little. If you were going to only eat one thing it was better if it was something healthy, not chicken nuggets, "Like not only Mcdonald's, but those are the best," as if to emphasise her point he took another nugget, dipped it in some garlic dip, and shoved the entire thing into her mouth.
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    "A month? I love chicken nuggets too... but I can't eat them for a month straight. They lose their magic that way." Cassie frowned, before stuffing three in her mouth. This was the second day in a row that Cassie was having chicken nuggets, but it didn't matter considering that she was stoned both times. Every kind of food was good whenever you were high, no matter what your tastes were, how full you were beforehand, or whoever you were. These were like the best food in the world. These tasted as good as whatever $90 plate you could get at Chef McDouche's restaurant.

    Stuffing her face full of chicken nuggets, Cassie moaned out in pleasure. It was hard to fathom that before they became these golden-brown pieces of chicken, these looked just like strawberry ice cream. For such an unethical process to create, they sure made up for it by how delicious these things were. Cassie was moaning. She might have been a wee bit hungry, and getting high had only intensified that feeling. Cassie could honestly eat North's portion too, but she didn't want to be that person.

    "You enjoying being stoned outta your mind so far?" Cassie asked curiously, taking a big sip out of her Coke simultaneously.
  10. n o r t h

    "I dunno I might be too stoned to answer that,"
    North laughed still munching on a chicken nugget, it seemed like manners had kind of disappeared from her brain for the time being. She was joking but maybe it was true that Cassie would get a much better assessment of the situation when North was slightly less high and actually could reflect a little on her feelings regarding the situation.

    Though maybe you weren't really supposed to reflect much on getting high.

    "I guess it's kinda fun, but like also the same as normal,"
    North tried to explain, she hadn't really thought about how it felt or how it was different from hanging out normally until now. Not that she had all that much of a frame of reference when it came to hanging out with Cassie while not stoned, "Like I'd totally get late night McDonald's when not stoned, only now I'm stoned and in a cafe with you, and that's pretty fun I think,"
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    Cassie blushed a little bit as North had mentioned that she enjoyed Cassie's company. She wasn't expecting things to be so sappy but here she was having her heart melt and her face having some extra color to it. She didn't know how to react to it, let alone react to the warm fuzzy feeling that was slowly growing inside of her. This was weird. This had gotten really weird really fast. Cassie had to divert the conversation to a different direction. She didn't like feeling like this. She didn't like feeling anything!

    "How's it going on your end? I just finished my first box." Cassie mused, before opening up another box. "You know what'd make this more fun? Some music. I think my phone turned it off." Cassie pulled out her phone and pulled out her Spotify. It was absolutely worth the $6 she paid every month for it. "You have any preferences? I have pretty much anything and everything." The blonde mentioned, before leaning back in her chair.

    "What kind of music do you listen to, anyway?" Cassie inquired curiously, "You seem like an indie music type."
  12. n o r th

    North definitely wasn't opposed to the idea of music. She liked music, though she was the kind of person who'd just listen to like one album for a period of time, or just one song repeatedly, it sounded boring but when she liked something she liked something. And she was definitely the type to be into indie music.

    "...Can you read minds?" North asked, sounding completely dumbfounded for a second, then she realised she dd kind of look like some cross between a 2007 emo and a hipster sometimes, so it wasn't that odd to assume and logically Cassie would not be able to read minds, because this was the real world and that was impossible.

    Instead of dwelling on Cassie's capability to read minds though she reached out, requesting Cassie's phone, "I guess, I like small bands and stuff, like ' the things you've never heard of' cus I'm a total hipster. Here I'll put on something I've liked lately," and did a quick search for a songs she liked and put it on.
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    It was like Cassie could actually read North's mind. She just knew that North was into shit that Cassie had never heard of before. Cassie liked all kinds of music, but even for her, there was always some previously uncharted territory. Seeing North punch in her type of music into her phone had confirmed Cassie's suspicions. It was the type of music you'd expect the transplants here to listen to.

    It didn't mean it wasn't good, though. She was humming along to it, as a matter of fact. It was easy to catch onto wherever the somg was going to go. Stuffing a couple of fries into her face, the hunger which Cassie had, had yet to be satisfied. She could inhale these nuggets like Kirby. But if she was Kirby, she'd probably become the nuggets.

    Cassie could feel herself coming down from the high, though. Which wasn't good. She was only halfway through her nuggets and she knew she couldn't finish them if she wasn't high. "I gotta devour these. Watch me, North. Watch me inhale these."
  14. n o r t h

    North honestly felt like she could just hang out there forever, just listening to music and eating chicken nuggets, it was s weird that she felt so okay with a new experience like this, but it was honestly so relaxing and fun. Maybe it was the weed. Probably. But still it was nice and Cassie was funny. Especially when she decided she was just gonna devour the rest of her nuggets

    "... I'm not sure I'm supposed to believe you're capable of that... But I also want to see you do it." North said with a giggle, eyes wide as she looked at her friend. She wasn't sure if she actually did believe in Cassie's ability to 'inhale' the nuggets, North loved nuggets even in her still stoned state of mind she doubted she could eat this many without seriously throwing up or something, and she honestly didn't want to ruin nuggets by doing it. But if Cassie wanted to try her hand at it, North was not stopping her.

    "I totally believe in you, you can do it,"
  15. c a s s i e
    "Watch me!" Cassie exclaimed as she took a deep breath and started to stuff nuggets in her mouth. She stuffed about four in her mouth before she had to start chewing. Cassie had eaten far more, far faster and she was fine for the most part. Yeah, maybe she had a slight stomachache but that was nothing a cup of Coke couldn't fix. At least there were only fiffteen. She gave herself five minutes to finish these at most. Three nuggets a minute didn't sound so bad, considering she'd just consumed four right now.

    Chewing and swallowing, Cassie then stuffed another four in her mouth. Her jaw was starting to get tired, but it was worth showing off for North! She didn't want to disappoint the girl after hyping herself up and claiming that she could absolutely demolish these. Her mouth was only so big, though. If only she had a mouth like her brother's. Then it'd be a different sort of game.

    Three minutes had passed, and Cassie had swallowed the very last chicken nugget. She stuck out her tongue and showed that mouth of hers was, in fact, empty. "See! Ta-da!"
  16. n o r t h

    North had no idea if she should laugh or be concerned about Cassie's sudden clear determination to just eat ALL of the nuggets in one go. She ended up doing the former, because it was silly and Cassie looked silly stuffing way too much food into her mouth. There was still maybe a small hint of concern in her laugh, but it seemed to be going well so she wasn't about to stop her.

    And soon enough she had indeed gotten all of the nuggets down and North could only stare in a mixture of awe and confusion because how the fuck had she just done that? Slowly, after moment or two of staring North started to clap her hands, commending Cassie for her tremendous efforts.

    "Jesus you weren't kidding," North laughed, "You win nugget fast eating, I'm not about to challenge you," She looked down at her own nuggets, munchies or not she was a little more than halfway through and was feeling quite full, she wasn't going to speed eat them. Instead, she took one and ae it at a normal speed, she probably wasn't going to finish them but she could still et one or two, "was it worth it though?"
  17. c a s s i e
    Cassie burped a bit. Her face was a slight shade of red, but yes, it was totally worth all the sodium and other unhealthy shit that had entered her body. Holding her hands up, Cassie did a little curtsy to accept North's congratulations. She totally did it to flex on North and assert her dominance as someone with a bigger stomach than her! Cassie had also amazed herself. She'd also managed to devour her entire order before her high wore off. The girl was continuing to set new precedence with herself every day.

    "Fuck yeah, dude!" Cassie replied, before sipping on her coke. Luckily the carbonation with the coke would help her ease the gas and indigestion she'd face later. "Come on, North. At least finish your order." Cassie sung, before sipping on her coke some more, "Don't make me waste my money." Cassie teased, before laughing. It was a good moment between the two. Cassie got to show off one of her talents, and North got to experience being high for the first time. She wouldn't trade this moment for anything else right now. Not even all the McDonald's in the world.
  18. n o r t h

    "Nah I'm not crazy,"
    North chuckled and pushed the nuggets away a little to indicate that she wasn't going to have any more of them. She loved nuggets with all her heart and enough was enough, and maybe she was coming down from the high just a little, without realising quite a bit of time had just past. The two girls continued to laugh around a little more before North told Cassie she should just bring the rest home with her, and after a while, they said goodbye and parted ways. Luckily the café was close to North's dormitory so finding her way back home while still being a little high wasn't the hardest.

    The following day Cassie was very much on North's mind, reflecting over the day before. It had been fun and now maybe Cassie could be considered a friend. The day after that though, Cassie half disappeared from her thoughts because Skylar was back for the start of the semester, which meant hanging out with her a lot and going to the Café less. Which was pretty ironic because within the next week the semester started for real, which meant it was the time when North should be studying technically. But since things were just kind f getting started and she had already studied ahead there wasn't much to do and she just spent a lot of time chilling with her roommate/friend and doing nothing.

    She didn't think of texting Cassie either, because Cassie hadn't asked her to do that again, and North just figured they'd talk the next time she found her way to the café.

    And today was a day when she maybe was planning to go there, because she felt dead tired, she a leftover GE class that for some reason was scheduled early in the morning. She hadn't had time to go get any coffee beforehand but now as she was walking up to the right classroom she found herself really craving it. Maybe at lunchtime she'd go get some, chances were that Cassie wouldn't be there since she had school too, but the coffee would be there which was the most important part. For now, though, she was bound to wander the hallways tired and not very excited about leftover English.
  19. c a s s i e
    Stupid fucking counselors! They'd told her that she was done with her GEs, but after checking her progress by herself, it turned out she was missing a crucial English class. There was no excuse for the idiocy that had gotten her into this snafu. Luckily, there was a section with just one open seat next. You could bet your ass that Cassandra was on that like ants on sugar.

    The school year had eventually started, and Cassie was deader than dead. She was pretty sure she was a husk being held up by the stilts known as caffeine. Thank god for the coffee beans she smuggled home from her work. She didn't know what she would do without the strongest coffee that Seattle had to offer. Making her way to class, Cassie had earphones in to make the walm to her early class slightly more bearable. Early mornings and Cassie were like oil and water. They just straight up didn't mix.

    However, what did mix, was Cassie and North. She'd started to see a little less of her, but Cassie had assumed that was primarily attributed to the fact that her roommate had probably returned to campus. Walking up, the blank look on her face turned into one of inquisition as she got closer to an awfully familiar looking figure. Stepping in closer, it had turned out to be North herself. Were they in the same class? That would've been wild. As she got even closer, Cassie stuck up a hand and started to wave. "Hey North!" She smiled.