Braves of the Six Flowers

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  1. ===============================================================
    Legends say that
    When demons awaken from the depths of darkness,
    & turn the world into a living hell.
    The Goddess of Fate will select six heroes
    & give them the power to save the world.
    It always six that are chosen.
    & for this reason, they are known as the
    Braves of the Six Flowers.



    1000 Years ago, far to the west, beyond the Balca Peninsula
    The Demon God Majin came into existence, & with him rose legions of demons
    that swept forth across the continent, the Demon God's tendrils crawled out of the
    Balca Peninsula, poisoning the very land so it killed any human who touched it.
    All the nations of the land attempted to fight back against the demon hordes but none
    could succeed in stopping it except for the Saint of the Single Flower.

    In the continent, there exist 78 temples which serve the gods' domains.
    The different gods choose one individual to represent a domain, she then receives supernatural power. All saints that have ever served the gods have been female.
    The most powerful among them, was the Saint of the Single Flower.

    While powerful, she was not strong enough to
    vanquish the Demon God Majin, but was still strong enough
    to force it into a deep slumber upon which, she prophesied that six warriors would
    someday reappear to seal him away when he arose again.

    300 years after the initial incursion, the Majin awoke again.
    True to the prophecy of the saint, 6 powerful men & woman found the crest of the six flowers appearing somewhere on their body, a petal to represent each of the braves. & If one brave were to ever fall, a petal would disappear from the crest of the other braves. The crest also bestowed a blessing; The wearer would be immune to the corrupting poison in the Demon Lands that would otherwise kill a normal human instantly.
    With that, the saints departed, & of the first generation of braves to seal the Majin, 2 would perish.

    400 years after the first generation, the second generation, all saints & young warriors who presented their power before a statue of the Goddess of Fate & were chosen to bear the crest of the six. Of the second generation, only 2 braves would survive the quest into Demon territory & the slaying of the Majin.

    It has since been 300 years since the second generation succeeded in saving the continent, however, the Majin now stirs once more, his legions already push against the kingdoms of man. Tearing aparthomes whereever they reach, & those they do not catch must still escape the growing corruption that the Majin's touch brings, the very earth draining life where it can.


    Hello, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, this thread idea is based off of an anime called Rokka no Yuusha, I've watched it a long while back but when I saw it I felt it would be absolutely perfect to do an RP off of & hope others feel likewise even if you haven't seen it, still want anyone who the story might intrest.

    The universe's culture & architecture is pretty distinct in that its based off a fantasized version of Aztec/Mayan culture. The characters will be OCs who take the place of the third generation of braves, with this incursion to be even more difficult than the last.

    Some other random but important details:

    While anyone can become a brave, only girls can be saints, who have several supernatural abilities that are tied with the domain they serve. Some examples of established canon saints are:
    The Saint of Blades, of Blood, of Fire, of Ice, of the Sun, of Time, of Lightning, of Wind, of Salt, of Mountains, of Swamps, of Mist, of Illusions, of Medicine, of Words, of Light.

    There are 78 temples, but not all the domains have been established in the story so it'd be possible to invent one. Male protagonists are usually regular humans with exceptional, but still-human abilities & skills. I plan to make a male character myself if I can find enough people for a full party of 6.

    - NO ONE Liners, Its really soul-crushing to be excited to see what someones posting only to find its negligible at best. please write as healthy posts as you can. I will say something if it starts becoming an issue.

    - Its okay to disagree with each other, however, it is not okay to disrespect each other.

    - While all the characters are exceptional humans, some even with powers, there is no thrill in a cakewalk & your character is constantly steam rolling everything without challenge it'll become an issue. Its not gods who have epic adventures, its the people below them.

    - No godmodding, no cheating

    - If you are playing a saint & you want a hand in creating their abilities, ultimately I will have final say on its approval, otherwise I will select abilities for you.

    - If something is bothering you, don't hesitate to message me.

    - If you're going to be unable to post for a certain amount of time, please let us know.

    - Follow all Iwaku rules
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  2. Appearance:
    Location of Crest:

    Weapon(s) & personal effects:

    Voice Color:

    *If Saint

    Rules for becoming a Brave:
    - Have to have been viewed by a statue of the Goddess of Fate performing an act which led to you receiving a crest.
    - Keep in mind, this is somewhat influenced by Aztec culture, so keep that in mind for naming conventions. The names rarely sound Japanese.

    Rules if you're making a Saint character.
    - Has to be a female
    - Have to choose a domain
    - Can be any age as longer they're older than 12
    - Saints don't always die to pass on sainthood, some retire for a new saint to take their place, sometimes mentoring them.
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  3. Appearance:
    Quote: "With clear eyes & a cold heart..."
    Name: Aiden Rhys
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Guard Captain

    Location of Crest: Behind his right ear, neck.
    Weapon(s)& personal effects:

    Personality: -WIP-
    Voice Color: Blood-Orange
    History WIP (open)
    Aiden was born in the great city of Piena, the heart of the continent. The middle child of three sons, he received the least amount of focus of the three & was largely allowed to do as he pleased as long as it brought no trouble upon their family. His father was high ranking dignitary while his mother acted as a tutor to the children of nobles, leaving the two of them busy for the vast majority of Aiden's young life. Around the time he turned 9 years old, Aiden had already received much of an education from his mother & older brother Alexi & had resorted to skipping school & playing out in the city with his friends, much to the ire of the schools' headmaster who requested the city guard detain any students playing rogue. This only became more of a game to the students as they sought to find the best ways to outrun & outwit the guards, every boy wanted to be the one to find the next new "secret base" that the kept throughout the hard-to-reach hidden recesses of the city. Such was the life of a young boy before the stressful end of adolescence, the older he grew, the more distant all his friends became from each other. No longer could everyone live as carefree as they could when they were young, when things were simple & there weren't any demands of them, Julian had to help in the baker shop, Rosan went to the next country over to pick up an apprenticeship, & so on & so forth did everyone begin to take up their places in life as their teenage years began to pass.

    16 years old & no idea as what to do, Aiden dreamed about the many things he could see himself doing, the stories that he heard about explorers going to parts of the land not yet uncovered, daring heroes saving people in distress, scholars who were welcomed everywhere for the wisdom they brought, great people throughout the land but none Aiden admired, nothing he could see himself enjoying. "What does it mean to be great?", is something he asked himself, time & time again as he spent dares adrift the city, watching life continue on, daily life nothing like myth & legend, only mundane mediocrity & automation, something Aiden scoffed at when he could not see why the common person chose to live such dull lives, from birth to finish.

    But not as he had found anything better to do himself though right? He understood the irony of his own situation, the burden of avoiding everything for nothing, betting on something that he hadn't yet found but hopes dearly is there, something that would let him use his skills & cleverness to find something that would excite him & wasn't just to be like everyone else. The day he figured out what he was to do, was 2 weeks before his 17th birthday. He had been heading into the market, decidedly to look for lunch, hopefully some fresh roasted meat, thinking about it nearly drowned out the screams he heard as a cloaked man with something packed under his arm ran past him, Aiden paused. Far behind the man were guards yelling orders for that man to be stopped, roaring accusations of thievery as they continued the chase. Aiden, being much further ahead of them, quickly spun about & sprinted after the man. Behind stalls, between alleyways, above rooftops, this man continued to run, now Aiden knew what it was like to be the guards so eager to force him back in school! How fun this was! He grinned & laughed as the man continuously tried to dodge him at every corner. For so long, Aiden had been focused on avoiding goals, choosing to not dwell on them, but now he was the one chasing & he loved it. The thought of chasing this man down thrilled him, a hunt to stop someone from getting away with something wrong felt so right. Eventually he managed to cut his way around using one of the shortcuts from his younger years, cutting off the thief & tackling him down for the city guard to capture him. The guards thanked him & congratulated him on stopping a thief who had been on the run, taking him to the guard post, Aiden received a bounty that had been out for the man & proudly celebrated the rest of the evening.

    It dawned on Aiden that this was maybe something he should be doing, it paid decently & he found his own joy in doing it. Thus from that day forward, he would continuously check the bounty board & set off to go capture whatever criminals have been evading the law. At first it was difficult, like fishing without bait. But as time went on, he learned a little more of what worked & what didn't & what he would need to learn to become better, learning to use bolas & nets as methods for stopping targets from getting away. A few times he even sought the advice of bounty hunters who had been in the trade decades beyond him to learn whatever he could.

    He tried to keep the work near the city whenever he could, but targets went wherever they pleased, thus he had to be flexible in where he'd go. He'd been bounty hunting for about 4 years, he was now 21 years old & well-respected for his ability to bring back targets. However, thieves & con-men didn't tend to get very high bounties, he thought it might've been timed to chase after larger catches. What could be a fun & interesting change of pace? he settled upon a well-known bandit. Setting off into the wilderness, he spent several weeks attempting to track his target, talking to victims, trying to think like a bandit to figure out where a bandit would go. After 2 months, he managed to track the bandit in a small village when he separated from his friends after a night of drinking. Aiden, happy to get his catch, stalked him till he could corner him. When the bandit realized someone was trying to bring him in, he broke off, scattering into the dark as Aiden frustratingly pursued him, cursing himself for botching his stealth advantage. They continued, but then Aiden turned a corner, his ropes ready to haul this man in, but he froze when he saw the bandit had a hostage, a young girl with a knife to her neck crying as the bandit drunkenly roared at Aiden to back the hell away, laughing as the girl continued to weep & beg for him to let him go.

    Aiden's heart was stuck, never before in his life had he ever done anything that would've brought harm to anyone.... but this man, the fact he would hurt a someone to save himself? Enjoy how scared he made her? That was just sick. But just thinking it wasn't solving anything, he had to stop him somehow. Aiden dropped his weapon & told the bandit to release her, he'd ceased from trying to bring him in. The bandit laughed & then backed up but he dragged the girl with her & hauled the two of them onto a horse as Aiden attempted to grab his gear & head after them, but it was too late, the horse was too fast & if he didn't do something quick they'd be out of the village & there was no know what would then happen to the that poor girl. He bit his teeth & swung his grappling hook forward, a hook stabbing into the man's shoulder, he screamed as he fell off the horse & released the girl. By now the guards had already arrived, Aiden was in shock & nearly arrested but luckily the girl told had told the guards what had happened. He later heard the man's arm was considered a loss & amputated, but was surprised when he heard that he was later executed, his crimes up to that point having had warranted death.... Aiden had not been careful enough, he didn't think someone would be so sick as to drag people into their problems. If something had happened to that girl, would it had been his fault...?

    Aiden continued bounty hunting for another few months, but chasing after higher bounties made him cynical towards the people he hunted, they were killers, rapists, people who hurt others for fun. Aiden had gotten tired of having to follow trails of pain they left behind & just wanted a break from being a bounty hunter, several years of it had taught him much but it was time to move on to something less painful.(WIP)

    (No, you don't have to write this much if you don't want, I just had a clear story in mind for this char & just couldn't stop writing)
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  4. Awesome, it's up! I should be able to get a CS up in a few hours.

    Her domain'll be Blood.
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  5. This got me interested. Especially after I watched the anime. May make a CS for when others start making characters too. C:
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  6. Not gonna lie, only reason why I haven't put a character up yet is cause I wanted to binge watch the anime before making a character (so just I get a better picture of what to expect) :'D

    Anyway, already halfway through it. Should be able to finish the anime tonight and be able to put up a character by tomorrow, or maybe even later in the evening. Leaning towards either a Saint of Time or Saint of Fire (more towards time).
  7. Thats fine, just a wished had an forewarning since for a while I had thought everyone that was interested had abandoned it off. Still, I'm really glad someone would go through the effort to watch it ^^.

    If going with the Saint of Time I'd imagine that's a potentially powerful one, just try not to make it too powerful. Use Chamot as a frame of reference for who's considered."The most powerful saint"
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  8. All we need is the Seven Six Braves and we're good to go. :D I might make my character soon-ish. I'm just lazy at the moment.
  9. Don't take too long, I don't want to believe posting speed is the same as everyones' CS speed as I've seen sofar, I'm hoping everyone can at least managed a post a day.

  10. [​IMG]

    " Non v’è rosa senza spina "
    ( There is no rose without thorns )

    B A S I C S ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Name : Juliette Fiscella
    Nicknames :
    Jules/Jule, Julie, Julia - derived from Juliette.
    Fishy - some of her friends found difficulty in pronouncing her surname, Fiscella. One of them sputtered 'Fish' while trying to say 'Fiscella' and thus marked the start of them calling her Fish. This later on turned to Fishy.
    Guppy - a nickname her former mentor had fondly called her ever since she overheard someone call her Fishy.

    Age : Nineteen (19)
    Gender : Female

    Location of Crest : Left wrist (inside)
    Occupation : Saint of Time

    Voice Colour : Peach (#ffcc99)

    P E R S O N A . ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Friendly ; Bubbly ; Kind-hearted
    Raised in a light-hearted and emotionally warm environment, Juliette has grown into such a person. She is generally a kind and friendly person who isn't afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger and is often times the first person to break the ice in awkward and/or tense situations. It is in her nature to make friends, not enemies. She can come across as a bubbly person which certainly annoys a degree of people but she's generally harmless. Juliette would never attack unless provoked.

    Fussy ; Overemotional ; Unconventional
    There are times when her kindness exceeds more than what is required and as a result, she can come off as a fussy person--though truthfully she really is quite fussy, especially when an injured person is involved. Juliette's Saint powers may not include the power to heal people, but she is knowledgeable in first aid; again, something that her dearest master has drilled into her head. Unfortunately, Juliette is also a rather emotional--or rather, overemotional--person. She can easily be swayed by her emotions, specially anger. She isn't one who is easily angered but when she does become angry the person who angered her will wish he/she was never born. Apart from these, Juliette can also be quite unconventional at times. Growing up in a small place far from prying eyes and suddenly moving to a different place may have played part of this.

    H I S T O R Y ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Uno : Rosa
    She was born and lived nine years of her life in a nameless obscure small hamlet--yes, a hamlet. The area housed so few residents that it isn't even considered a village but is instead called a hamlet. Juliette never once complained about this though. In fact, she liked how small their area was. It the residents grow close to each other and form tightly knit relations with one another. Juliette enjoyed this a lot. But the thing that Juliette liked the most about her home area wasn't that everyone knew each other and were friends with one another, instead it was the roses that grew plentiful in their area. Practically anywhere one went in their little hamlet, a rose bush could be found. Majority of them were red, some were white. There were a few that were yellow, but Juliette's favourites were the one found at the back of their small chapel. These roses had an unnatural colour to them: blue. It wasn't her favourite colour, yet it was still alluring and oh so beautiful in her eyes. The fact that blue roses weren't a natural thing allured her. The priest of their small hamlet was the one who created the beautiful delight. He experimented on white roses and managed to make them grow blue. Seeing them gave Juliette such delight, so much so that she would often come there, especially if something was troubling her thoughts.

    ... WIP Demelza blah. Her son Phrixus blAH

    Due : Time

    Tre : Brave

    A B I L I T I E S W E A P O N S E F F E C T S
    [ Ability ] Time Manipulation
    Juliette is able to control time to a certain extent.
    Pause - She can stop time for a brief moment; thirty seconds at most. In this brief moment, as the Saint of Time, only Jules is able to move.
    Rewind - Jules can also rewind time, but again, only to a certain extent. At most she can go back to two minutes, reversing everything that had transpired within that time span. Only she would recall what had transpired in the time that has been rewound. Other people, even those far from her proximity, may experience déjà vu.

    [ Weapon ] Chakrams
    Circular throwing weapons with a sharp outer edge. Juliette has been trained in its usage in combat. It was questionable why her master insisted that she learn how to combat with a some form of weaponry but she soon learned that the powers of the Saint of Time could only aid in combat and isn't exactly something one could use on the offensive. There was also the fact that using the abilities as the Saint of Time was quite the draining task, something she learned only after her master had passed Sainthood onto her.

    [ Effect ] Fatigue
    As previously mentioned, using her powers as the Saint of Time was very taxing on her physically, so much so that she avoids using her Saintly abilities as much as she could. Only in a dire situation does she ever use them, and even then she restrains herself. Juliette has already tested her limits and know that she could not pause time for more than half a minute without her body giving out on her. The same went with rewinding, she found that two minutes back was her limit. It didn't seem like a lot of time, but those few minutes could certainly make a big difference.

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S
    Demelza Sinclair : Former Saint of Time / Mentor - asdfghjkl;
    Phrixus Sinclair : Close Friend - asdfghjkl

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬
    Italian proverb / quote from [link]; Character photo [link]

    Sorry for getting this out waaaayyy later than I said I would. Things got busy back there, that and horrible net got to me yet again OTL. In any case, here she is. Please let me know if there're any changes that need to be made (especially with regards to her abilities; I tried my best to make her not too overpowered but I still have that nagging feeling that she is). Her history will soon follow (as well with the rest of the personality portion), just wanted to get the cs out here to let you know that I'm still around and interested :)
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  11. Dammit. This motivates me to make my CS now. Dammit, motivation! xD I already have a concept of what my character will be.
  12. I thank you whole heartily for your CS.... it felt like there was a cycle of people who wanted to join but was wanted to see CSs before making a CS.
    Occupation is technically Saint of Time & while it seems overpowered, I wouldn't say it makes you godly & can see the apparent weaknesses in it so its just a matter of playing it responsibly. Since there is renewed hope for this, I should get to finishing my backstory as well.
  13. Dooooo ittttttttttttt :DDD
    //dumps motivation all over you

    No prob :) I really do apologize for contributing to that cycle for a while back there though ^^ I haven't started a role play myself in years but I have seen that this is a common occurrence; people claim interest but then never actually put out a cs. :\

    Dully noted. Thank you :D
  14. Quote: I love children, their playful smiles, their simple goodness, their straight forward hearts, they only really ask to be loved!

    Name: Naiv Meztli

    Age: Twenty Two

    Gender: Female

    Location of Crest: Back of kneck

    Occupation: Saint of the Hunt

    Sharp Shot (open)
    Creates a bow and arrow out of energy. This skill can either be fired in rapid secession (with greatly reduced power) or in a charged shot. The longer the arrow is charged the stronger it becomes. (However if charge too long it can cause fainting and even death) The arrow will only dematerialize after its either lost all momentum or is redirected.

    Track (open)
    Naiv can track anything she has previously seen. All she has to do is go back to the location her target had last been seen (so long as that spotting had been within three days) and follow a string of energy. The string follows the exact path her target used. (which means if they teleport or go somewhere where Naiv can't follow she's out of luck)

    Lurk (open)
    Using this ability Naiv's movements become 100% silent and her presence is erased. (A high level user would also be able to become translucent but unfortunately Naiv used most of her time training Sharp Shot and Track...)

    Weapon(s) & personal effects:
    Naiv Naturally has 20/10 vision
    Due to constantly being chased/chasing down criminals Naiv is rather quick
    Pet wolf whom she lovingly named Duck

    Out of Combat
    Naiv is a people loving, childish, cute addicted girl. Unlike most saints she has little to no sense of duty and playfully uses her powers to do whatever she wants. Almost 100% of the time her games and antics are absolutely harmless, albeit a little bothersome, but nothing that the people wouldn't overlook out of respect of her title "Saint". She usually uses her powers to amuse little children and young adults in order to attract as much attention as possible. Although she is almost completely carefree she can't stand seeing injustice. She doesn't like it when people are treated unfairly. Although most would consider this a good quality she does tend to go overboard while 'correcting' the problem.

    In Combat
    Naiv will most likely start combat by continuing to play around while grinning like a moron, but as soon as her opponent hurts someone, threatens to hurt someone, or breaks someone else's property she very suddenly gets serious.

    Voice Color: Blue rgb(125, 150, 255)

    History: (Sorry, when I try to put it in spoilers or tabs it gets all funky!)
    Naiv became a saint at the age of six. Naiv, like most Saints of the Hunt, wasn't attending the Ceremony of Selection when she became a saint. For seven years after Naiv was chosen no one knew who the next Saint of the Hunt was (which, to be honest, is also quite normal). Naiv was a true Saint of the Hunt, she didn't want any responsibility and instead was more interested in the 'thrill of the hunt'.

    During the seven years of remaining unknown she would wonder around to small villages and attract as much attention as possible by using what few powers she figured out how to use and gain the admiration of children and young adults before disappearing in a day or two with the intention of visiting another village. Stories of her started to spread like wild fire, "A mysterious girl came into the village a week ago and begged us to play hide and seek! Then she insisted on being the seeker, but no mater where we hid she found us in like three seconds! She was amazing!" "A little girl came up to the training grounds and asked if she could shoot the target, I had been in a good mood that day and figured it wouldn't hurt anything so I grabbed her a bow and said 'Fire away.' Instead of taking the bow I was offering her, she pointed her finger and shot some kind of red arrow thing... It shot right through the target and made a crack in the wooden wall behind it!... and I'm paying for it..."

    Finally the stories got to the head of the All Heavens Temple and immediately she sent out a hand full of saints and offered a reward for any information on Naivs whereabouts. Naiv was in heaven for the next year and a half. At first it was just saints chasing her, but after Naiv managed to outsmart and outrun the saints, the hunt was opened to the public. Once again her excitement only grew, everywhere she went she wasn't sure who was a friend and who was an 'enemy'. The constant thrill and need to stay on her toes, it truly was a blessing.

    Her bounty continued to grow a few coins a day until she was a low threat mid level bounty that "Was not to be harmed". Bounty hunter after bounty hunter was sent after her but time after time she managed to give them the slip. For a little while there was a whole group of bounty hunters working together to chase her down but even they failed. After only a year and a half people had started calling her the uncatchable bounty.

    A few days after her fifteenth birthday she was caught and to be honest she was completely blindsided by it. She had just finished playing with a group of kids in a city when she heard a loud "Stop where you are!" echo out from behind her, of course that only made her run. She glanced behind her and caught a glimpse of her pursuer before darting down an alleyway. It had been a couple weeks since the last time she was pursued and she figured she would have to have fun with this one. Naiv continually looked behind her as she ran, attempting to not run too fast but also not to slow while keeping tabs on her pursuer with her tracking ability. There were a few times he tried to take a 'short cut' to get in front of her but each time she changed her path and ended up behind him. The look of frustration on his face was priceless, "Come on! You can do it!" She teasingly called out to him before running in another direction. This went on for hours. He would take a short cut, she would go the other way, he would almost get in range to catch her in his net, or to tangle up her legs but she would suddenly sprint around a corner and speed up, over and over she gave him 'the slip'. It was great fun!

    Unfortunately he was letting her play with him, he was only acting frustrated (or perhaps he really was) but he led her right into a trap. She had been running at almost full speed but when she looked behind her he was gaining on her, and fast, in a panic she rounded the nearest corner only to find herself suddenly up in the air. A trap! He casually walked around the corner with a big dumb grin on his face, "The uncatchable bounty huh?" She had been careless, she relied on her tracking ability too much... but honestly, how long ago had he set this trap? She had only entered the city three... maybe four days ago, did he set it right when he spotted her? Dumb bounty hunter... he did his research.

    "That was fun! Wanna do that again?" She asked innocently but got nowhere with him, instead the current head of the All Heavens Temple rounded the corner and handed the man a rather large bag of coins. "Sold off so easily..." She whimpered before awkwardly smiling at the clearly angry head. "You just had to run, didn't you?" "Sorry..."

    After getting caught Naiv was forced to train for a year at the All Heavens Temple, following graduation she was then made to work off the gold she had the temple 'waist' because of her childish antics, she was basically the head of All Heavens Temple hunting dog used for tracking down other Saints, most of whom weren't even trying to hide! Dull, boring, follow a trail down a well beaten road to find a saint whom was just wondering around all while under the direct supervision of Ms. Stick-in-the-mud herself. She wouldn't even let Naiv play around with the little children on the side of the road!

    She was finally released on her eighteenth birthday and aloud to do as she pleases, so long as she didn't cause any trouble. Unfortunately, trouble is all she caused. Not even a month after leaving she had almost killed a man and was immediately brought back to the All Heavens Temple where she had gotten a long lecture and a swift knock on her head. "But he was hitting a child!" "So you shot him with your arrow?" "I panicked!" "Your a saint! We trained you to take on kyouma's, you can shoot down a tree with a single arrow, you're one of our most promising saints and rumored to be a candidate for the next group of braves! Panicking after seeing a man hit a child, to the point where you shoot him?! You're just lucky the Saint of Fresh Blood was there to save the mans life, otherwise you'd be considered a murderer!... We're placing you under the care of Aiden Rys." "Aiden Rys?" "Don't you remember him? The only one whom managed to catch you?" Naiv was not pleased.

    Ms. Stick-in-the-mud herself brought Naiv to Piena a few days later and quickly abandoned her in front of Aidens home. Naiv watched as the Head walked away and turned the corner before prepping to dash in the other direction only to find Aiden standing in her path of escape, "Oh, hello." She somewhat awkwardly chimed, her one chance of escape, gone. She was shown into the home and given a small room to sleep in, it was a somewhat comfortable home... but a little to... bland, at least in her opinion. Living under the watchful eye of Aiden wasn't all that bad, she would work with him to catch wrongdoers (although she was specifically told she was only allowed to use her tracking ability and if she even tried to shoot an arrow she would receive a swift knock to the noggin which most certainly made hunting less fun), he did let her play with the neighborhood children, and every once in a while she was aloud to frolic in the nearby forest. The first time he let her do this she had tried to escape but very quickly realized just how impossible it was to get away from him. He had all the information he needed on her and she was never aloud out of his sight, no matter what she did he always caught her. Was this human a better hunter than she was?

    Naiv trained with Aiden almost every day, they started with long runs in the morning and during 'breaks', dotted at seemingly random intervals during the day, they would have training exercises. Sometimes that would consist of more running, other times sparing, sometimes improving her abilities, and, thankfully more rarely, schooling. After a while Naiv felt like Aiden was part of her daily life (honestly though, who could blame her? She was literally almost never out of his sight), and she had become used to being around Aiden. Instead of a burden he became a source of inspiration, every day he corrected wrong things, and most of the time he did so without injuring anyone (unlike someone).

    It had been about two years after Naiv and Aiden 'teamed up' as she liked to call it, when Naiv found a small abandoned wolf pup. After obsessive begging and pleading Aiden let Naiv take the wolf pup back home. Naiv spent every free moment she had from that point on training the pup to be a somewhat ferocious hunting 'puppy' but also a well tempered 'teddy bear'. Duck (Yes, Naiv named the wolf pup Duck) was trusted around children but also helpful when taking down lawbreakers that tried to run.

    It was also around this time that Aiden was promoted to Captain of the Guard, with this they made a big move to inside the inner walls where the wealthy and the influential lived. There was a noticeable change in Aiden after the move, he had been slowly getting more and more serious, but after given such a large amount of responsibility it seemed like he no longer had any time for fun... and neither did she. Now that she was inside the inner walls she felt like she was going through All Heavens Temple all over again, strict training, no games, constantly being compared to other saints, it was all so... so stuffy! If it hadn't been for the fact that occasionally she was set loose to track someone down, and the loving support of Duck (her nonjudgmental hunting 'puppy') she might have gone crazy!
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  15. 3 of 6 Braves, if anyone knows anyone else who might be interested and can do a post a day, please check in if they'd like to join.
  16. [​IMG]

    "Do you actually think this world has any ounce of hope left? Ahahahaha! What brave... braaaave heroes, you are."

    General (open)

    Quote: "If you think stories always have a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention."

    Name: Ezekiel Sterling


    "Shinigami" - his epithet as a child assassin prodigy with a high kill count and brandishing a scythe as his primary weapon.

    "Zeke" - can be called this by his fellow Braves as a shorter form of his name "Ezekiel".

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Location of Crest: Palm of Right Hand

    Occupation: Assassin and Mercenary

    Voice Color: Grayish Blue

    Appearance (open)

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 122 lbs.

    Hair Color: Dark Blonde

    Eye Color: Yellow (turns Red when he gets serious; pigment changing phenomenon)



    In Combat (open)


    + Extremely Nimble - Ezekiel moves around very quickly, able to dodge any uncoordinated attacks with ease while parrying more precise strikes with his scythe before countering and making swift swings with it.

    + Sharp Eyesight and Hearing - Ezekiel has a perfect 20/20 vision and can hear the heartbeat of anyone hidden in sight, provided that the area is serene and quiet.

    + Enhanced Strength - Despite being light, Ezekiel can carry a huge scythe and swing fast enough for a finishing blow.

    + Enhanced Reflexes - Being nimble, he can dodge attacks in a variety of ways like backflipping, rolling, jumping etc.

    Weapon/s: Scythe

    Backup Weapon/s: Shortsword, Poisonous + Sleeping Darts and Flashbangs

    "There are two things that can strike fear into any victim; a sharp killing intent and a sharper blade."

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality (open)

    Positive Traits: Smart, Calculating, Careful

    Negative Traits: Jerkass, Unhinged, Cynical, Selfish, Hypocritical, Loner, Violent, Pessimistic, Trickster, Trollish

    "The path that I chose is solely because the world made me walk it."

    Ezekiel is a very cynical young man, who had always hated the world due to his dark past. He firmly believes that the world has no salvation if its inhabitants are worse than demons. With fiends swarming over the planet and humans acting in the same way as the former nowadays, combined with his aforementioned past was what lead him into becoming a murderer. (to be continued)


    Background (open)


    I think I'm good. :D Please tell me if there is anything that requires change in my CS. His background will be revealed later on in the story.
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  17. Interest, interest. I would join, if I watched the anime (Shame on me -w-;)
    Once I watch/get a better understanding of the series, I'll get a character sheet up. It shouldn't take too long tho.
  18. ^ Hired the lil' girl. :P
  19. WIP

    "Can't we all just get along? Please? So I don't have to kill anybody?"

    Quote: "You signed up for this. If you break your contract, you pay with blood. So um.. Wow. Just don't break it, okay?"
    Name: Priscilla Bramly
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Location of Crest: Area over the Heart
    Occupation: Saint of Fresh Blood
    Voice Color: Lavender/Plum

    Priscilla is a rather quirky, passive and timid individual. However, she is rather optimistic, and cheerful once someone gets to know her. Despite these rather peaceful traits, she suffers from both paranoia and bipolar personality disorders, along with a BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and she had sign of depression (What we would see, at least). This makes things hard for her to keep a stable relationship with people, and she doesn't take things lightly if someone were to leave her or abandon her, both figurative and literally speaking. She is highly possessive and obsessive to the point it can be rather creepy, but she more often than less, keeps it to herself at all times. She has no problem with killing, and even sees it more as a chore rather than something serious. She is surprisingly stable, and has good self control despite her disorders.

    She is also an introvert, preferring to stay away from people but she can occasionally tolerate being around others for a little while. She is also rather observant when she needs to be, like, her life depended on it. But when her life didn't depend on it, she wouldn't be able to find a milk carton even if it were literally right in her face. Like, right in front of her face, So that tends to cause problems.

    As for her temper, it... varies. She isn't far too patient, and has a terribly short fuse. To make up for this, she had developed a very, very, very strong sense of restraint. It would take quite a while to make her visibly snap, and when she does, she'll probably threaten to burn everything down to the ground, gather the ashes, and build a monument in dedication for how idiotic the person who provoked her was.

    Otherwise, she has rather good intentions and all of her actions are justified with a reason, even if it was the most stupid reason known to man. She also knows her own limits, and knows when she has over-exerted herself. The problem is that due to fear of her own limits, she is unable to give herself that extra push/shove to force herself to do better.

    ✔ Good Self Control
    ✔ Focused/Diligent
    ✔ Manipulative
    ✔ Incredible Restraint
    Good Willed

    ✖ Lack of Sympathy and Empathy
    ✖ Borderline
    ✖ Paranoid
    ✖ Easily Jealous/Envious of others
    ✖ Dependent

    Blood-Based Abilities
    ✧ Blood Analysis
    ❥ By simply gaining a sample of blood from a target, Priscilla will be able to analyze nearly everything happening within a person's body, and fairly accurately as well. She is also able to deduce whose blood it is. However, she is unable to conclude who is is, if she had never met them. Also, her abilities aren't far too developed yet, thus she needs at least 3-5mL of blood in order to perform an accurate analysis.
    ✧ Blood Manipulation
    ❥ An example of this would be if she had a weapon soaked in blood, she would be able to control said weapon's movements with ease. She is also able to force a person's blood out of an open wound, and could even use her own blood as ammo should she need it. Finally, she is able to control a person's movements by altering the blood flow from within them, however, this takes a great amount of skill, and she is unable to keep total control over the target after 20 seconds. The drawbacks are that if she were to use too much of her own blood, it's possible that she can bleed to death. Also, she is unable to produce blood outside of her own body to use, and she can only manipulate the blood flow of others if she had analyzed them in the past. (This can be developed within the role play)

    ✧ Limited Healing
    This at least helps her to stop others from bleeding to death, simply by speeding up the clotting or suppressing the amount of blood flowing in such a direction.
    As the name suggests, she is able to use her own blood, or existing blood and harden it into a weapon for her own use; such as daggers and a spear. However, this uses a great deal of blood to accomplish depending on the weapon that she is attempting to make. The moment she loses control of the blood, it was instantly revert to it's former, liquefied state.

    Bladed Whip/Sword [ Main ]
    It is literally a sword that turns into a bladed whip at the button from the hilt. The sword's blade is dirtied with blood from past fights and such, and eventually this blood proved useful when using the whip part, allowing her to control the motions of the whip without having to use her own blood.
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  20. *Pops head up*

    Can I join? o.o
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