Blood Bound

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  1. Oaths sworn and battles won, blood shed and lives lost.

    'I swear, my life for yours, your children safe forever more.
    I stand, your word is law.
    Forever I will watch.'

    Long ago, in a time long lost and a place long forgotten a man raised his guard. He was preparing for war, afraid that those against him would crush him and his descendants. He implored a magic that had never been seen before, binding a group of men - and a single woman - to him and his family for the rest of eternity. Little did he know the consequences of his actions and how profoundly they would affect the future of the world. Thousands of years later, in modern day Texas, a young mans parents are dead and he is taken by the government for reasons they refuse to disclose - he thinks it's just because of his hacking and stealing. This boy is the last in the line of the Master's blood. The Oath-Bound Warriors gather again to save and protect the bloodline.

    These Warriors are a group over the centuries, none able to die and each one a direct descendant of the original warriors; all of them awakened and gained their immortality after dying shortly after coming in contact with the Master's bloodline.

    The Warriors depend upon the survival of the bloodline to continue living, each sharing a life force and live only because the Master does. Each has a set of three abilities the spell gave them, aside from their unique brand of immortality, and the master as well can tap this power himself, though only when the Warriors are near him.

    One Master; Six Warriors.


    I'm looking for six other players to take part in this with me (five of the warriors and the master). If you have any questions post below :)


    -Immortals should be 90,000 at the oldest, since all of you are after the originals died-
    Sexual Preference
    Type of Immortality
    -Each as weaknesses and strengths. Ex, can take any injury without permanent damage but feels all of that pain plus some(this ones mine)-
    -Every warrior has a specialty weapons or set of them they are best with-
    -Three max, try not to be over powered-

    -A quick little summary of ones way of acting-
    -We all come from somewhere in history, please, do explain what led up to your death. Be sure to mention when and where you came in contact with a living Master-

    -Anything else you would like to mention?-​
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  2. I'm interested though I have a quick question! Are female character's allowed? It's fine if they aren't either way by me :)
  3. I had intended to not have too many females since everything gets clogged with them. Two tops, though that leaves one other than my own character. It's just warrior centrist, so women are almost never allowed to fight. So the chances of them being of one of the originals blood lines and being a warrior in their birth times and places is even less.

    Of course, I would be seriously overly enthusiastic to accept a Spartan woman :p
  4. See , I would love to do a form of a tough spartan woman or one that had hidden the fact that she was a woman for some time. I would really love to do a female or male though for sure.
  5. Awesome! I'm glad to see someone likes it :) All we need now is five more players, one of those has to be the Master lol
  6. And we have another one~ Four more to go
  7. Im down.
  8. Awesomesauce. One more and I'll get a CS skeleton up for yas.
  9. And now I have to make the cs skeleton lol.

    Is anyone here interested in playing the master?
  10. I could also do it.
  11. The CS Skeleton is up for those who want to start working on it. I'll have the OOC up shortly I hope.
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  12. Is there a male spot available?
  13. Also what kind of image would you prefer for the appearance? Something more drawn and anime-y or real person picture?
  14. @Kurogane86
    Haha, of course. All but one of the spots are male regardless :)

    @Avalon Knight
    Whatever you want to use. My own is more of a hand drawn anime kind of thing I guess? Whatever you like that fits the character
  15. Since I'm playing as the master, do I get any special CS skeleton?
  16. BTW do we have an ETA on the OOC?
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