Bleach: A New Beginning

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  1. 10 years... 10 Years since the Soul Society fell to an unknown source. Ichigo and his friends, the original Gotei 13, the original Onmitsukaido, and every other person of note had fell to this unknown source, dead or dying. And Now, 10 years later, a new Soul Society has been created. This one is different however. This one allows Arrancar, Quincy, Fullbringers, Special Humans, and even Vizards into it's ranks, all are welcome except for Hollows. During the 10 year power vacuum Hollows of all shapes, sizes, and types have nearly over-run the human world, most notably Karakura Town. Normal humans haven't noticed this except for the mass of deaths over these 10 years, but those with spiritual power have noticed, and the amount of deaths and Pluses turning into hollows or getting eaten by hollows is disturbing, numbering in the thousands and hundred thousands. A New Central 46 has not been selected, for their is no Soul King for them to take orders from, so it was decided by the strongest of each 'race' that the Captain Commander shall lead in all things spiritual concerning the Soul Society and the many people and 'races' in the Soul Society agreed to this. With a new leader, new laws, and a more welcoming Soul Society, things are starting to look up for those in the Soul Society, but not all is well. Hollows are still over-running the Human World, and the unknown force is coming back...

    Today is the first day in which the Soul Society is Officially back, and there are many things to be discussed and taken care of before anything else can take precedence. Most notably is the purging of the hollows over-running the human world and Karakura town. Captains also have things to discuss, like how they will run their separate Divisions from now on, how to get a secondary base set up in Karakura Town so that the purging of hollows will be easier to do instead of just sending Shinigami and Arrancar through a Senkaimon and hoping for the best, a method of communication in the human world without the use of Hell Butterflies, and how to construct Gigai so that Shinigami have an easier time in saving un-aware humans.
  2. [​IMG]

    "Squad 13?! Yay!"

    A young woman's voice cried out. Sitting in her room at her desk, was a young woman, holding a slip of paper between her fingers with her arms elevated in a cheering gesture. She smiled wide, her eyes closed tightly. A return glance showed that she had in fact read the notice correctly. All she had to do now was head to the barracks and meet the squad. From there, she could begin her life anew as a shinigami. After gathering up her composure and a few essentials, she darted out of the small shack, making her way from the Rukon District where she lived to the barracks in the Seiretei.

    It was a short run, and when she was allowed entrance into the city proper, her excitement grew all the more. Nensu was so excited that she barely noticed that she almost missed a turn to get to the barracks. Upon arriving, her eyes lit up with happiness, her hands clap together as she does a dance, wiggling her hips from side to side while humming to herself. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that she was in a public setting. After clearing her throat, she walked with a false dignity and a deep blush, entering the building.

    dance (open)
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  3. Hiro Tengmaru
    It was a rather quiet enough evening as a lone man wandered the halls near the captain's quarters. Taking a slight pause to change direction and advance towards the small railing Hiro gave a slight smile as he saw many diverse races wandering about chatting, planning, and sparing. "Life is certainly chock-full of wonder, and I suppose I should count myself to witness marvels like these." He shook his head as he began to continue his walk along the empty hallway, but paused as he heard slight laughter going on below. Staring back down he watched as a young lady performed something akin to a dance of joy he presumed. He only smiled at the small display of youthful energy before deciding to greet their newcomer, and insure she gets the proud welcome as a member of the 13th division. With barely much movement on his part Hiro used a flash step to appear in front of the newest arrival and gave a slight bow after doing so. "You must be Nensu Akiyama I presume? If so then I would be honored to be the first to welcome you as a proud member of the Gotei 13, but even more so as a brand new member of our motley crew within our proud division." Offering a slight smile he looked down and hoped that his welcome wasn't overly dramatic or too lack luster.

    Yometsu Shiragane
    "Lieutenant Shiragane! Please come down from the tree! The divisions are beginning to pour in their reports, and we need you to come sort them!" This poor soul's words were falling upon, while not death, uncaring ears as the lieutenant of squad 9 was currently within his comfort stage and saw no reason to move yet. Lying face first and limply Yometsu was having one of his inner spats between his want to simply get the work out the way so he can rest now, or simply ignoring it further and continue to laze about. "When ya think about it he's not wrong and doing it now may save me a bit of a lecture and annoyance later on...but this tree is too comfortable to simply move right now. Eh they've done it enough times by now so they should be able to handle them no problem." Turning his head to further press itself into the wood he gave an outward sigh as he couldn't really argue with the logic of either point so he continued to do as he always did...nothing.

    Ren Kinkotsu
    "Alright! Time to give it everything i've got today!" The sounds of a very excited youth could be heard inside the run down household that belonged to the only man to get excited upon awakening, Ren Kinkotsu. Dashing about his household to make sure that he had prepared everything to be able to head out no sweat he felt his side to be feeling rather empty as he forgot his zanpakuto right near the doorway. After checking himself twice to ensure that nothing was forgotten he surged out of his doorway...only to run back inside and retrieve his zanpakuto. Making a beeline down the street he waved hello to pretty much everyone as not too many souls Southern Rukon District didn't know the ball of fire that was Ren. "It finally happened I can't believe it! Finally i've become a full fledged soul reaper, and for sure its only gonna go up from here! Watch out Nensu because today our competition to reach the top together starts now." Not being able to contain his outburt within the form of a joyus shout Ren picked up the pace as many simply played it off upon seeing his destination, the 7th divison.

    Krivats Lancaster
    "Come on this isn't even a warm up guys! I know you lot can do better now get off your sorry asses and try again!" This statement caused more than a few groans to go off as the members of squad 11 all stood up to go back through the long, and arduous process that was their morning work out routine. Krivats laid upon his side resting his head upon his hand as he watched the lot struggle to preform something so basic. "If this is how they truly acted back in the day then its no wonder we lost that bloody war. Well this time its different because i'll be whipping these pansies into proper fighting shape." Getting off his own ass Krivats hopped up and led them all in a joint exercise routine from his spot up front. Seeing that even their captain was getting into it, and not breaking a sweat began to motivate some of the others to pick up the pace to impress those around them. He gave a slight smile seeing that his squad members were finally getting into it and picked up the pace to make sure they remember what pain feels like so they work harder to not feel it again.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Nensu nearly jumped out of her skin when the man appeared before her. With a squeak she fell back to the ground, landing on her rear end. She looked up at him in shock before remembering about the shunpo that she'd been taught, which would of course allow a shinigami to move very quickly and seemingly appear out of nowhere. Regaining her loose composure, Nensu shot upright, her face taking on a sort of forced stern and Overly serious expression. Her hand rose to her brow in a sort of salute.

    "Yes! Thank you, sir! I am Nensu Akiyama, reporting to squad 13 for duty, sir!"

    Nensu's voice had plateaued in enthusiasm, volume, and even pitch, giving her voice an almost squeaking adorable quality. No doubt her nervousness was showing through like light through a transparent curtain. In truth, she'd had no preparation for how to behave to her superiors aside from the Academy, which had been surprisingly laid back. ​
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  5. Hiro Tengmaru
    As hard as he tried to remain respectful of the young lass's attitude, but couldn't help as he felt laughter escape himself. "Quite the introduction young one, and pardon me for the unexpected laughter. But please you needn't be so formal with me we are family after all." Sliding both of his hands into the other's sleeves he gave a slight bow of apologies before returning up with a smile. "Just call me Hiro as the others do alright? Your amongst friends now so let yourself hang a little loose." With a slight little pivot he made a motion of his head to serve as a signal for her to follow behind him.
  6. [​IMG]

    Nensu's embarrassment only continued to reach greater heights as her lieutenant laughed at her and told her to be less formal. Great, now she had made a fool of herself twice within five minutes. The young woman relaxed her body a bit, lowering her arms to cross her stomach.

    "Oh, uhm, of course...hahaha...haha...ha..."

    The shinigami's cheeks flushed even darker as she chuckled nervously, moving her gaze slowly to the floor. After a few more embarrassing moments, she returned her gaze to her new lieutenant.

    "Oh, Hiro. Got it. Loose."

    Nensu repeated, exhaling slowly as she allowed her body to slightly limber up.


    She said the word in a flowing and drawn out manner, her body following suit as it almost seemed to wiggle about slightly while she lowered a bit. After a few moments she stood upright again, flashing him a smile.

    "Okay, I'm nice and settled. So, what should I do, Lieutenant Hiro?"
  7. Captain hinamori was busy in her office doing paperwork. "Funny how the soul society falls and rebuilds but we can't upgrade to some of the better technology." She moaned out in boredom as she continued through the stack of paperwork. "Where is my lieutenant, she's supposed to be helping me with this paperwork." She lowered her head into the wooden desk. She thought back to 12 years ago when she was still training under soi fon and yoruichi. She remembered when soi fon would come home complaining about the amount of paperwork she was always having do and how her lieutenant would never help her. A small smile crossed her lips as she lost herself in her memories.
  8. Krivats Lancaster
    "1, 2, 3, 4! We're the one's who break down doors. 5,6,7,8! We're the rough types folks love to hate! Pick up the pace men we're almost there." The deep and booming voice of Krivats could be clearly heard as he and his division were currently disturbing the usual peaceful wooded area with their daily marathon. Currently many of his men were all wearing special armbands and leg bracelets that Krivats had commissioned specially from the 12 divison. They were self updating, portable weight gear that changed its current weight class according to their wearer's strength level. Leading the pack Krivats was the first to come across the hut left to stand alone in the middle of, what considered creepy as hell, woods. "All right folks take 5! He'll be out here soon enough to tend to you lot soon enough!" He then sat down upon the ground and waited as he heard the sounds of heavy breathing, swears, praise towards the gods, and the simple sound of bodies collapsing behind him.

    Hiro Tengmaru
    This girl was proving to be just what this squad needed as he began to enjoy speaking with her more and more. "For the moment just relax and enjoy your first day on the job. This is a time where peace and serenity are just as equally valued as hard work. Just make yourself at home here, and should you require me to show you where anything is I shall remain available." As if his mind had been read a small hell butterfly fluttered up next to him and landed upon his outstretched finger. Listening to the brief message it had within he simply nodded and sent it back upon its way. "It seems as though my job never ends. *sigh* I really should just step down someday and make way for the next generation." Pulling himself from his own personal debate he gives Nensu a lasting smile before turning on his heel to head towards wherever he was required to show up to help.
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  9. Jentoru Chichi
    "My forest isn't that creepy is it?" Jentoru's aged voice announced out of nowhere, making quiet a few of the division members jump in fright, as Jentoru walked out of his small hut with a small smile on his face. "Hehe, looks like Krivats put you all through the wringer huh? Don't worry, it only gets harder from here, considering this is easy mode for him. I never understand where all that stamina comes from, i personally consider it one of the 7 mysteries of the Seireitei." Jentoru chuckled as he finished his sentence before going back into his cabin and coming back out with a small cart full of bottles of water and small packs of trail mix with nuts and raisins. He went around passing a bottle of water and trail mix to each member and as he finished handing them out he pushed the cart back into his small hut. As he came back out with a small smile he walked over to Krivats and gave the strong captain a firm handshake and a sagely smile. "Still training your division half to death i see. Good, makes 'em get stronger, faster, with no nonsense about shortcuts and the like. I may have members of my own division begin training with yours. Even Medics need to be properly trained, just don't kill 'em if i do send them over, hehehe." Jentoru chuckled as he looked over Krivats division members enjoying the nuts, raisins, and water while they all smiled and talked to each other.
  10. Captain hinamori was dragged out of her thoughts by sounds of the squad 11 morning workout. Going by the squad two barracks into the forest. She gave a slight chuckle as she knew that the way captain Lancaster pushed his squad was nowhere close to the training she did under yoruichi and soi fon. Being as bored as she was and wanting to get away from her paperwork. Captain hinamori decided to go say hi to her fellow captain. Quickly flash stepping out of the barracks it did not take long for her to catch up with krivats and his squad. "Good morning, captain Lancaster. Pushing your men half to death again I see."
  11. Krivats Lancaster
    Not even taking the time to open his eyes as he heard the voice of the old sage finally reach his ears Krivats simply gave a huff of indifference towards the old man. He looked behind him slightly to see that he was indeed handing them snacks and water to take to replenish themselves...jokes on them they'll only have to run harder thanks to that new found energy. He felt his hand being taken to shake, and reciprocated as was expected but didn't budge form his seating arrangement as he finally looked upon the figure in front of him. "Please your meek medics couldn't last and hour if I got serious with my training. Not many in your division have the same intestinal fortitude that you do Old Jen. Besides shouldn't you be attending towards them now instead of sitting alone in your homestead?" He always did ask the question even though he knew the answer as Jentoru always waited in the morning for him to arrive, heal his men, and they both would return back to the soul society together.

    He then felt another spiritual pressure arrive towards them, and gave another sigh as he knew that it belonged to the 2nd division captain. Its not like he hated the woman, but squad 2 and 11 have always been at odds due to being polar opposites in nature. He finally rose to his feet prefering to not soil his uniform anymore and receive a lecture for it later upon requesting a new one. "
    These men don't even know what hells door even looks like yet, but that will be fixed in due time. Though I always wonder how I get so many captains to tag along on these runs sometimes. Bah! It doesn't matter really alright i'm gonna waste away if I sit here any longer. Your welcome to follow along if ya want Hino." He then yelled for his motley crew to get their rear ends in gear before he had to jump start them himself with a firm sandal. Reluctantly they all got up and began to jog back as watched Krivats to insure that none of them slacked off.
  12. Captain hinamori listened carefully to captain Lancaster before giggling slightly. "I think I'm going to have object as it would unfair for me to run with you guys." She than heard on of the members of squad 11 say that she would also have to wear the arm and wrist bands. She turned to face the lesser member. "Come here, I want to show you something." She said as she rolled up her sleeve revealing a gauntlet. She released the clasps and held out for the soldier to catch. As soon as she released it and he tried to catch it he fell straight to the ground unable to lift. "I wear these every day and I'm still faster than all of you."
  13. [​IMG]

    Nensu Akiyama


    A voice screamed out, coming from the squad 13 barracks. A loud crash immediately ensuing. A great commotion followed as well, several voices shouting at once.

    "I'm so sorry!"

    Boom. Thud.

    "Oh no!"

    Crunch. Crash.


    Nensu ducked out of one of the rooms, holding a large stack of laundry with a couple stray plates on top of the pile of clothing. She looked bedraggled, her hair all out of place, her attire out of order, and her expression upset. She looked like she was about ready to cry. The young shinigami took a few steps before tripping, falling to the floor and spilling all the laundry.


    Another loud thud, followed by a groan of someone coming out of the room, which was apparently the kitchen.

    "Damn it, Akiyama! Please, just, please stop trying to help with the chores! You just made everything worse."

    The shinigami's voice softened as the words want on until finally he just sighed, looking down at her as he picked up what she dropped.


    "I know, you want to help. But, you're just too accident prone. Why don't you just go study or something and wait for orders, okay?"

    The young woman sniffled and nodded, stifling back a sob before picking herself up off the floor, beginning to make her way back to her bunk, where she could hopefully just rest and not cause any more harm.​
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  14. Jentoru chuckled as he listened to the brutal honest truth that Krivats was saying. "True, True, i'll have to fix that in due time. They don't need to be as strong as your division is, but they at least need to decently be able to keep up with yours in order to heal them properly. Hehe, i just imagine my medics being carried on your men's backs like an old pair i used to know..." Memories of a young child with pink hair being carried by a large man with a scar over his eye flew through Jentoru's mind before he shook them away. This is no time to reminisce, the past is the past, it's better to look towards the future... Though i do miss those 2 and old Yamamato. I'm hundreds of years old but that man was near double my age without thought... Hopefully i get to live just as long! With a loud hearty chuckle at the end of the thought, Jentoru answered Krivats question. "I won't be running with you this time Krivat's, i have to head straight to the Captain's meeting room. Don't be late to the meeting either, we have important things to discuss! See you there in an hour. I'll send a hell butterfly to the other captains." Jentoru said outloud, just enough for Hinamori hear him as well, before he disappeared in a blur towards the Seireitei, a large dust cloud leaving Krivats' division in shock at seeing such an old man move much faster than any of them could compare too, though Jentoru knew that they would catch up to his speed in no time. Jentoru wasn't the fastest of the captains, he wasn't even the fastest in the Seireitei, normal division members who focused on their speed just enough could be much faster then he. Along the way Jentoru called down a few Hell Butterfly's and gave them his message of the meeting, alongside telling them to bring anyone they believed had potential, before sending the Hell Butterfly's away to deliver their message.
  15. Krivats Lancaster
    "It ain't always about being faster Hino. You still gotta be strong enough to punch an opponents lights out to be ensure victory." He then walked over and picked up the band with little trouble and handed it back over towards her. "Its a good weight, but something heavier would suit you better. After all you don't wanna fall behind as being the fastest we've got right." He said this with a teasing smile as he did know of one lazy ass that could possibly rival her, but thankfully he was never the type to boast about such things. "All right I assume boy now run off and join up with the others alright? And no breaks until you get back to the barracks or next time you'll be running for you life." With a scared nod of understanding the young cadet ran off to join up with the others. He paused before joining his men as Jen began to speak towards him once more, but all he gave was a scoff back when he mentioned the meeting. "You can leave the planning to those eggheads. I destroy things and that's all I ever need to be good at." After saying his peace he watched as the old man sped off once more like usual, and waited until he was gone from his sight. He then did a few basic stretches before letting out a primal roar as he geared himself up to run at maximum effort with the weights upon his body increasing with a mental thought.
    Hiro and Yometsu
    Just as a rather tired and yawning individual rounded a corner he was met with the pleasure of running into something not a wall for a change. Looking down as his eyes were just finally adjusting to the sun for a change he saw that he bumped into quite the short little soul reaper. "Hmmm?" He tiredness passed from him in an instant as he focused upon her with piercing blue eyes, and looked her over at least 3 times before making any further movement. Pointing down towards the now full object of his attention he looked back at the figure standing behind him. "This is the one? Doesn't seem like much...then again neither do I so I guess it can slide." Holding his hand over his mouth to cover another yawn that slowly made its way out as he leaned up against a nearby pillar, and began his slow departure from the world of the conscious.

    Hiro behind him was only responding in short little laugh as he watched Yometsu give his somewhat vague, yet somehow spot on assessments towards Nensu. "She is indeed the one Yometsu now please don't fall asleep in the middle of the hallway if you wouldn't mind. I woke you up for a purpose." He simply sighed as he heard the soft sounds of snoring slowly be made apparent as Yometsu slumped in further. "Sorry for the wait Nensu I didn't mean to keep you so long, but I had to get...a "cat" out of a tree per say. Right now I would love to give you the full tour, but most of the "leaders" of the divisions have been called together for a meeting soon. But that is where my other good news comes in as we are allowed to bring those we deem worthy to bring along." He grabs Yometsu by the collar before the man could fully collapse to the floor. "I was gonna ask if you would like to join, but sadly his division contacted me before I could ask you."
  16. Captain hinamori gave a slight giggle as she took her gauntlet from captain lancaster. "And who needs strength when you can deal a fatal blow before your opponent knows what happened." She said as she strapped her gauntlet back to her wrist. "Oh and don't worry about the weight. That increases as i dump more spirit energy into them. You better be at the meeting krivats." She said in a threatening tone before taking off faster than anyone could blink.
  17. [​IMG]

    Nensu Akiyama


    Nensu dropped to the ground hard, landing on her rear before looking up at whatever she had bumped into. The young man above her was looking her over, and the look on his face gave her a weird feeling. The young woman's cheeks flushed and she hurriedly rose to her feet, arms crossing in front of her stomach as she took a nervous step back. She had barely registered his words before she had stood in a nervous panic.

    Standing directly behind him was the lieutenant of the squad she had just joined, and he looked plenty amused by what was happening. Unfortunately, Nensu's confusion wasn't on quite the same level as his apparent amusement. Her expression shifted slightly to one of irritation, while her posture corrected and she stood upright at full height. Of course, she was still quite short, so, she likely didn't look as intimidating or even as stern as she imagined.

    "Hey, you should watch where you're going, Mister. And Lieutenant Hiro, you shouldn't encourage that kind of behavior."

    The rookie soul reaper scolded, pouting indignantly. Of course, she managed to overlook most of what was said.

    "Hey! What do you mean I don't look like much?!...Oh wait...captain's meeting, huh? I suppose I can't really shirk your"

    Nensu's attitude had managed to shift in almost mid sentence, her formerly sour tone and angry expression melted into one of quiet contentment, a slight smile crossing her lips as she looked at her lieutenant, interlocking her fingers in front of her. ​
  18. Hiro Tengmaru
    "Excellent! To be honest I was looking forward towards your acceptance. We shall be off now though since knowing Jiro he would want to start as soon as possible." Making sure to have a firm grip of the collar around Yometsu's neck he glanced back toward her with a smile. Then after preparations were complete he began to drag his now rather unconscious ally along as he assumed Nensu to follow. "This is another question I should bring up. You do know about the current reigning captains and lieutenants correct? If not then its fine I just wouldn't want your meeting of our 11th to be...unprepared is all." He tried to say that as nicely and calm as possible, but anyone could notice the unease in his voice when the 11th division commander came into the conversation. Hiro had no problems with the man at all its just that their natures were slightly in parallel with one another. He just hoped he would be in one of his better moods upon arriving towards their meetings late as was normally expected from someone like himself.
  19. Nensu Akiyama

    "Hmm? Oh, the jerk squad? Yeah, I've heard about him. Captain Lancaster, right? The big meanie himself..."

    Nensu paused dramatically, managing to stare far off into space even as she continued walking behind him. Her eyes were almost starry over meeting him and the other Captains. Although she described the eleventh squad as such, she still respected them. It's simply what she felt was the most adequate way of describing them.


    Nensu continued, her gaze returning to her front and her lieutenant before her, that starry eyed look still remaining as she brought her hands up in front of her, fists clenched in determination.

    "...I'm super excited to be in the presence of any of the great Captains of the Gotei 13! They're all strong, and wise, and cool..."

    As Nensu began naming off traits that she admired about the captains, she had to stop herself from doing one of her little dances right there. After all, they were still walking. Plus, she just couldn't help herself sometimes when she was happy or excited. Fortunately, she was able to contain herself this time, returning to a more professional demeanor and expression afterward. ​
  20. Krivats Lancaster
    "Are ya really gonna actually go this time captain?" One of the squad mates that had recovered slightly from their death run spoke up among the heavy breathing of those still recovering. Krivats simply looked over his shoulder as he had already made himself comfortable laying upon his side, head propped up by one arm, and facing away from the sight of his men in such a disheveled state. Giving a short pause to turn around and look back at the squad 11 symbol placed upon a banner in the main hall he gave a soft sigh before shifting his head back. "Just this once i'll go, but that old man is gonna owe me for this." Someone in the back whispered something about them only being 300 years apart...but this was soon followed by said squaddie having a sandal shaped footprint on his face as the wearer stood above him with a clear vein popping out. "Sorry I didn't quite catch that. Wanna say that smartass remark again so I can hear it in full this time?" While sometimes seeing a person smile might make someone a bit relaxed seeing such a smile on Krivats's face was simply a warning signal to to do the opposite. After receiving, well more feeling, a nod from the man under his foot he promptly kicked him to the side through one of the walls of the dojo. Scratching his head he ordered on of the others to get someone down her to fix that a bid the rest farewell as he put on his coat fully to make his way towards this meeting.
    Hiro Tengmaru
    "Now now Nensu our Krivats isn't that bad of a man. He just assumes that maybe sticking with the role that comes with his station would help returning members be more at ease in the atmosphere. Though he can be a bit overzealous sometimes." Just thinking of some of the terror stories he's heard had him laughing a bit as a sweatdrop made its way down his head. He did note that they would pass by said division on their way over and hopefully he wouldn't be hit by a high flying squad member much like last time. A true genuine smile did grace his features as he heard Nensu gushing about meeting their current captains, and it reminded him too much of his early years as a bright young beginner. "I'm sure your presence will do us some good to finally be graced with some youth after only knowing old souls for far too long. Just don't panic and keep for composure and all should turn out well...hopefully with those two being in the same room." He always did feel the uneasy tension between the sqaud captains of the 2nd and 11th division, but Jiro was usually the one to break them up which resulted in Krivats leaving early to do whatever it is he does when unsupervised.
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