Birth of the Dark (Harry Potter Universe)

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  1. Everyone knows the name Lord Voldemort. Even in the year 2030, some decades after his death, Tom Marvolo Riddle's dual reigns of terror are not forgotten. His name is still spoken in hushed tones, if at all; it is as if the wizarding community at large fears the very mention of his name will spark his return. But neither was Harry Potter's victory over the Dark Lord ignored. Since that fateful duel in 1998, the Ministry of Magic, and the wizarding world as a whole has changed a great deal. Muggle technology has begun to find a place in the world of wizards, as per the suggestion of the ex-Chosen One, who had lived for years among muggles. New policies and laws protect muggle-born wizards and more harshly punish the use of Dark Magic, while promoting the Light. But the very laws meant to protect society may end up dooming it...

    At Hogwarts, a group of curious, prodigious, and rebellious fifth years, whose pasts have, for the most part, been uneventful. But their pasts aren't what is important. What matters is what they do now, and how they are about to become a threat to the world even greater than Voldemort ever was.

    The basic plot of this RP revolves around a group of students from all of the Houses of Hogwarts who get together for what, at first, seem like very simple and innocent reasons. Over time, however, they gradually begin to sink into the Dark Arts, until finally, in their sixth year, they abandon the school and strike out on their own as a terrorist organization, striking out against what they perceive as an overbearing, dystopian society in need of resurrection. Hence why they claim the name of a long defunct secret society, the Order of the Phoenix, as their own.

    Canon characters exist in this world, but are non-playable. Harry Potter's children have since completed their schooling and live in the outside world, but won't be encountered (along with many other canon characters) until later on in the story. As fifth years, we have a good deal of knowledge on magic, but little practical experience, nor do we know of many powerful spells. In this time period, the Unforgivable Curses are little more than a myth to young children, and the Dark Arts are increasingly persecuted.

    The initial reasons for forming the new "Order of the Phoenix" are to explore avenues of magic forbidden by conventional teaching, and to escape the structure and regulation of society. The conflict of the story comes in the shape of our growing disregard for personal safety, and the exploration of extremely dark magic, ultimately resulting in us becoming what could essentially be considered modern Death Eaters.


    I'm looking for around five players, who can play one main character and, at max, two other side characters. I'm also looking for players who are 18+ for an RP that explores violent, sexual, and amoral themes. Furthermore, the writing level is Adept.

    This thread is just an interest check. If I can get a show of hands, I'll go ahead with an OOC, and hopefully an IC. Hope to see some interest soon!
  2. Interested!
  3. Love to see it! Any questions?
  4. None that I can think of right now! I haven't done anything in the Harry Potter universe for a while, so I was pretty excited to see something like this.
  5. Nice to have you on board!
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  6. So would they just sorta gallivant throughout England in preperations? They have dropped out of Hogwarts, and I imagine they wouldn't just rent a room in Hogsmeade. :P I'm actually not really sure how the Ministry would go about teenagers that leave their school? Don't they interfere?
  7. Now that @alaska mentions it, what about the trace? I believe it lasts until age seventeen.
  8. I will say I am indeed intrigued by this idea as HP ideas are hard to come by about here.

    I am in!
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  9. Hmmm this does slightly intrigue me
  10. First off, this RP explores not only our misadventures (if you can call domestic terrorism that), but also the beginning of our Order of the Phoenix, which involves our time at Hogwarts. This starts out, in a way as a high school slice-of-life RP, and rapidly develops into a an urban fantasy-adventure story. Yes, we gallivant across England, the rest of Europe, and even the Americas, all of which we do once we turn seventeen (an event that will be prominently featured, and will be the catalyst that allows us to strike out on our own without the Ministry being able to spy on us using the Trace). The Ministry itself doesn't care much if you drop out, and wouldn't immediately take action against a group of flunkies. They begin to take notice when we actually start practicing the Dark Magic we learned on our own, "acquiring" confiscated Dark artifacts, and enacting our plans to bring about the downfall of the Ministry.

    Does that help explain it?

    The Trace, as far as I can see from what research I've done, lasts until seventeen, at which point it breaks invariably and automatically (the reason Harry Potter and several adults continued to be pursued by the Voldemort-controlled Ministry was because of a spell cast on Voldemort's very name, which allowed him to pinpoint the location of whomever said it). As well, it appears that, to minimize the amount of cases of underage magic flowing through the Ministry, the Trace is temporarily removed or nullified while students are in Hogwarts or for the entirety of the school year, with the exception of holidays when students may return home. This is why our Dark Magic studies would take place on school grounds or nearby the school.

    Welcome! Welcome, all! Feel free to pose questions, and refer to already-asked questions for information already given!
  11. Ooh definitely interested, thanks for tagging me Shay!
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  12. First, I'd like to say welcome and thanks for coming!

    Second, the muggle world has developed at a predictable pace. Computers are sleeker, but have largely been replaced by handheld devices. VR has taken off and has become a widespread and popular model for gaming (and porn), while technology reminiscent of Google Glass has entered the market and has begun to replace cell phones.

    The wizarding world has in many ways changed, but for the most part remains trapped in an era long ago dismissed as archaic. Owls, while still kept on as familiars, have been replaced by email, mostly constrained to computers the size of small futons. Parchment has been replaced by simple paper, and ink-quill pens have disappeared entirely in favor of pencils or modern pens, depending on the level of formality required for the occasion (O.W.L.S. require pens, as well as most formal papers). However, technology more recognizable to muggles, such as cell phones, personal laptops, plasma TV, etc., remains unavailable to wizards.

    Good to have you!
  13. Like an actual computer, or some magical device that resembles one? My understanding was that Muggle electronics fritz out around magic.
  14. Magical device that mimics one. I'm imagining that Arthur Weasley, in his later years, founded his own company that designed and sold "Mugglesque" devices for like-minded collectors, which eventually spawned an entire industry when officials in the Ministry recognized the potential of instant messaging, transport beyond creature or steam power, and manufactured goods.
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  15. I would like to state my interest if therewould be room. This is an interesting idea and I would love to dive into the Harry Potter world again.
  16. This sounds fun
  17. Well, seven is a magic number.

    I'm sorry, but I can't be persuaded to allow more than seven players, and someone posted before you already. Sorry.
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  18. Well, for any who are still interested, the OOC thread is now up! If you think you can stick to the rules, and still want to make an inevitably evil character, please feel free to post!

    To answer some questions and clarify some things:
    • Bios aren't needed, nor are they wanted. Backstory, sources of emotional trauma, etc. will be delivered in-character over time. Make sure not to dump it all at once.
    • Anime pictures are allowed, as well as real pictures and written descriptions.
    • "Natural talents" are defined as magic that is biologically unique to wizards and witches. As Parseltongue is a talent to pure-blooded descendants of Slytherin (and one living Horcrux), speaking to birds is a talent for descendants of Ravenclaw (as defined in the backstory of my character). Other talents range from various forms of animal speech, to unconscious generation of shadows, to being physically larger than other students, to anything else that can come to your mind. However, as a rule, a talent may not be inherently offensive. Bird speech, for example, is simply talking to birds when not applied, hence why it is included. However, when appropriately applied, a murder of crows could be directed to attack another wizard, or serve as a distraction, or any number of other applications. Keep in mind that talents can be derived from a pure wizard bloodline as much from a mixture of human and supernatural DNA, such as gigantism in a half-giant.
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  19. Ah, good. I was just about to ask what you preferred in regards to the Appearance. Glad I check here first before cluttering the OOC with my question! I am really excited for this. Should have a character up soon!
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