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  1. Ladies, gentlemen, or whoever you may identify as,
    My exams are done and summer is starting,
    so I'm on the looking for a couple of writing partners. Let's go!



    What can be expected of me?

    - I’m open to chatting anytime, be it about our plot or anything else.
    - I won’t rush you, ever. Take all the time you need.
    - Competent grammar, and a fairly versatile style. A writing sample may be sent upon request.
    - I have no problem writing very long posts if needed. I however like it best when the length varies in function of the story's rhythm.
    - Diversity in characters, moods, style - as well as in romance, gender, sexualities.
    - I can't think of a single genre which I wouldn't be willing to explore given an interesting plot.
    - Sometimes I draw stuff​
    A note on romance: Although I do love it, at the moment I'm not looking for plots in which it is the center of the story. If our characters have chemistry I'll be glad to let it happen, but I won't force it. The same goes for smut (18+, Iwaku rules apply).​

    What would I expect from you?

    - Politeness, communication and respect.
    - No rushing, please. This is a hobby, not a job.
    - You to be able to play characters of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, body types (having a preference is fine, I have some too, but if you can only play - say - straight white females, I don’t think we’ll get along)
    - You to tell me when I do something you don't like, or if you’re uncomfortable with where the story is going.
    - I'd rather you were an adult. 16+ at the very least. I'm sure you're a wonderful person and am not questioning your maturity, it would just make me feel awkward.
    - Apart from that, just be a decent human being and we should be cool!​


    To let you know what I'm about.

    Things that I like: (open)

    • Character Development
    • Conflicts (internal, such as dilemmas, or between characters)
    • Mental breakdowns, tragedies, angst, hurt/comfort
    • Grey morals. I can’t stress this enough.
    • Teasing, people being loving assholes.
    • Friendships, fraternal bonds.
    • Complex relationships & dynamics, ambiguity
    • Mysteries, enigmas, having a long-term plot/mystery in the background of smaller sub-plots
    • SCIENCE. SPACE. I’m a nerd. forgive me.
    • Age gaps
    • Opposites
    • Political games, power play (think House of Card, Dangerous Liaisons or GoT)
    • Characters that are outside the societal norm of perfection and normality (queer, poc, non-binary, not standardly pretty or thin, etc)

    Things that I nope: (open)

    • Incest
    • Rape between our characters
    • Recreational drug usage (I know it’s a part of reality, but I can’t. Alcohol is ok in certain cases, discuss it with me)
    • Self-insertion
    • Overly powerful characters
    • Stereotypes
    • Rhythms that stagnate, are too slow, or too fast-paced
    • Lack of balance between characters. Should smut ensue (18+), I'm ok with dom/sub dynamics in the bedroom, but our characters have to be equal matches outside.
    • Canon x OC
    • Furries. Ponies. Stuff. Fantastic creatures are ok. But you know what I’m talking about. No.



    REALISTIC (historical & modern) (open)

    • Detective/cop/agents story: Either inside a group (of two or more) of co-workers, or between the detective and the criminal. Or, even better: the criminal is secretly one of them. Ø
    • Lawyers (potentially mixed with the above)
    • Revolutions (French and American are those I know best) Ø
    • Wars of the 19th and 20th century
    • Antic Greece
    • Roman republic/empire


    • Discovering a new planet
    • Heroes, anti-heroes and villains Ø
    • Characters with powers Ø
    • Dystopian society
    • Post-apocalyptic exploration of the Earth
    • Time travel

    FANTASY (open)

    • Going on a quest, LOTR style Ø
    • In general interested in stories involving medieval fantasy archetypes (mages, knights, thieves, elves, dwarfs...)
    • Trying to escape from a dream world/illusion
    • A free take on the bible's mythology of angels and demons
    • Dragon-training
    • Allegories (humanization of, eg, death, life, feelings, sins, stars...) Ø

    --> I DO NOT DO OCxCANON. <--
    I always put my ships as info, but again, none of these have to be romantic.
    Crossovers are life.

    MAIN FANDOMS: (open)

    • Prequels: Alternate ending (also called "fix my feels pls")
    • Sequel: After episode 7 onwards
    • Original trilogy: Maybe an AU? Or if we can come up with a compelling plot.
    • In general, AUs (medieval fantasy, modern...)
    • OCs
    SHIPS: Anakin&Obiwan Ø, Skysolo, Han&Leia, Stormpilot, Jedistormpilot.

    (I love people with comic book knowledge, but I'm only starting with them myself, so my culture would be based on the cinematic universes)
    • Avengers: Post Civil War - Steve, T'challa and Bucky
    • Pre-civil war
    • Xmen: At the time of First Class, but fixing a few things
    • Xmen OCs Ø
    • DaredDevil
    SHIPS: Eric&Charles Ø, Vision&Wanda, Stucky, Stony, Bucky&T'challa&Steve, Romanogers, Science Bros

    - Original universe Ø
    - BBC modern version
    - Characters I'm most interested in playing are, in decreasing order, Sherlock, Moriarty and Irene Adler.
    SHIPS: Sherlock&John, Sherlock&Irene, Sherlock&Moriarty

    - Lots of things that could be done, and I love pretty much all of the characters so hm
    - AU where no one dies
    - AU where Javert and Jean Val'Jean were childhood friends Ø
    - Modern AU?
    SHIPS: Jean&Javert, Marius&Eponine, Eponine&Cosette, any of the amis amongst themselves tbh

    HAMILTON (no I'm not rich enough to get a ticket, but I've been listening to the album so much i probably know everything by heart so)
    - Before and during the American revolution Ø
    - Any AU
    - A Les Mis crossover because who cares about a century gap? not me
    SHIPS: Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Angelica, Hamilton/Burr, Lafayette/Mulligan
    Other possibilities: (open)

    - Supernatural (alternate direction from the 5th finale onwards)
    - Harry Potter (Marauders especially)
    - The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings (in the process of reading the books)
    - Shingeki no Kyojin (OCs)
    - Full Metal Alchemist (OCs)
    - Mulan

    See something that you like? Drop me a PM!
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  2. Still looking!
  3. @BruisedLavender
    Do you only play canon characters? O.O I might've missed that portion on the thread.
  4. I'd be interested in a fantasy / fantasy apocalypse / fantasy steampunk with you. ^ ^
  5. Not at all, I just dislike playing canon in pairings with original characters. So either only canon characters, or only OCs in canon universes (with maybe light references to canon characters) or in completely original settings.

    Send me a PM to talk this out! :)
  6. I can either do a Daredevil fandom OR I have an idea for an original vigilante RP inspired by Daredevil which may fit your criteria for crime plus grey morals.
  7. That sounds right up alley, let's discuss that in private!
  8. Cool!

    Very sorry for the belated reply, just had exams for Uni but they're now all finished.

    Send me a PM if still interested.
  9. Still searching for a couple more!
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