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WELCOME ! 179714

Thank you for taking the time to actually click on my post ! Here's a little info about myself and my preferences.

  • My name is tianna but I often go by tia.
  • I am 17 about to be 18 soon. I recently graduated from highschool.
  • I've been roleplaying for a good 4 years now.
  • My reply speed varies a lot. But I try to respond back at least twice a week.
  • My writing length also varies but the minimum is one paragraph
  • I do like to roleplay mature themes but it is not required in the plot.
  • I can play both male and female roles. (depending on the plot )
  • depending on the plot I do enjoy mini group rps (up to 3-4 people)
  • I rp bxg, mxm, and fxf,
  • 90% of the time I prefer to roleplay fantasy or anime.
  • Please, please, please, don't be afraid to spark up a normal convo with me besides just discussing a plot. I love getting to know my rp partners as It makes me more motivated to reply back to you
  • I expect to have a long term rp with my partner, especially if we have a good bond, I am not a fan of short term rps.
  • GOTTA BE ENTHUSIASTIC. make a joke! tell me a funny story! I love that! try to show me that you're at least somewhat interested!
  • Adaptable writing skills. I don't expect you to write a novel. But I'm not a fan of one sentence replies either. Gotta at least be able to write a paragraph or two.
  • third person only please.
  • AT LEAST two or three replies a week minimum ! I understand we all have busy lives. If you don't reply or notify me after 7 days I'll most llikely lose interest. I like consistency.
  • Be open minded to new ideas
*Bold = I am really craving to roleplay
  • Naruto / Naruto shippuden !!!
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Soul eater
  • Harry potter
  • Blue exorcist
  • My hero academia
  • Air gear
  • Megalo box
  • fooly cooly
  • pokemon
  • Devilman crybaby
  • Werewolf x human
  • werewolf x witch
  • werewolf x werewolf
  • shapeshifter x human
  • shapeshifter x hunter
  • hybrid!pet x owner !!!
  • witch x human
  • demon x cursed human
  • succubus x human
  • angel x human
  • demon x angel

  • You know nothing about magic so I’m trying to keep it on the down low but you keep making these little jokes about me probably being magical are you just being a little shit or do you know au
  • You insisted on wanting to see if there are any spirits in your house so now we’re trying to run a ritual and make sure we don’t fuck up and release something really dangerous au (whether both parties practice magic is up to you)
  • You keep asking why I spend half my grocery money on some questionable supplies and I can’t tell you so I just make up some bullshit excuse but you just asked about my excuse from last time and I blew it whoops au
  • You’re helping me cook and I forgot that I left the spices in my potion cabinet and now you’re giggling like a cutie because I’ve got little bottles labelled with their purposes and I’m trying to pretend that they’re teas and oH GOD DON’T DRINK IT au
  • You’re new to magic and I’m an old hat so I’m giving you a tutorial and my setup is out in this nice little forest clearing by a fairy circle and oh shit I forgot how romantic it looked I didn’t mean for this au (alternatively, role swap this)
  • You almost took a sample in a fae cafe and I had to swoop in and save your dumb ass and shit you’re actually kinda cute what do I do now au
  • You’re new to magic so you’re all over the online forums and you ask me all these questions and your enthusiasm about the subject is so cute except oh god you’re my next door neighbor and I kind of have a crush on you? au
  • I sent out a call for a partner to help me out on this expedition I wanted to go on and you were the only person to answer the advertisement who wasn’t probably going to either kill me or get me killed but oh god you’re so cute that I’m the one who’s going to get us killed au
  • I run a fortune telling booth at a carnival and you think it’s all bullshit and normally it is but you’re cute so i’m going to give you a real one oh fuc k what did i just see au
  • you got cursed to be unable to make new memories so your friends brought you to me so now we’re on a quest to break the curse and i’m slowly falling for you but you keep forgetting i exist au
  • you’re sitting at the coffee shop counter trying to draw a sigil and i know how to do it here let me help you oh shit you’re cute what do i do au
  • we sell potions but i’ve noticed you buying energy potions and pouring them into monster energy are you okay? au
  • yeah hi do you mind actually ensuring you keep your dragon in your apartment because that’s the fourth time he’s broken into my apartment to cuddle with my stuffed animal pile au
  • i’m sorry you want a what for your what? what do you mean ‘which one do you think a dragon would like’ this is a kids’ toy store why are you shopping for a dragon au
  • i work at a magic help center and you keep coming in with increasingly wild questions and I’m pretty sure you’re going to get yourself killed- no a werewolf does not like being scratched behind the ears do you need help or something?? au
  • i work at a magic help call center and that’s the third time you’ve called asking for help with necromancy this week should i be worried are you okay au
  • i work at a magic plant shop and you’re a regular customer and you’d think by now i’d be used to you but nope i keep getting flustered and oh n o don’t give me that look or i’ll drop this incredibly dangerous plant on my toe au
  • literally you’ve been buying out all the antistress potions at the store for three weeks and i can’t tell if you’re running a black market on campus or if you just really, really need them au
  • i’ve been secretly stirring helping sigils into your coffee and i thought i was being subtle but today you put in a request and i can’t tell if you figured it out or if you’re just having a day au
  • it’s a resurgence of the skeleton war except it’s not a war so much as it is a feeding frenzy they just want calcium so while everyone’s outside with water guns full of milk we’re trying to science out how to make your hose shoot milk au'
  • we’re trying to teach a bunch of kids how to shapeshift for extra college credits but one of em got stuck as a horse and two others are desperately trying to figure out how to be llamas because apparently they found these hats and there’s a 70% chance they’ll cause genocide for the meme who thought this was a good idea again?? au
  • i just started to practice a teleportation spell but i guess i put the coordinates in wrong cause i popped into your apartment instead of my kitchen i’m so sorry please don’t call the cops au
  • we’re the magical swat team on a case and i’m the rookie and you’re the experienced one but you keep shouting “FUH-REEZE, MOTHAFUCKERS, WE’RE THE WIZARD COPS” every time we kick down a door and not only is it getting old but it’s probably dangerous you’d think that was a rookie move guess not au

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Naruto Shippuden please!