Avengers: A New Dawn

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  1. The Avengers are dead. The world is losing hope. HYDRA is thriving, running rampant with no one to stop them. But there are still those strong ones out there that can save the world from HYDRA's clutches. SHIELD, though weak and in hiding, is collecting superhumans yet again, and assembling a team to take down the organization.....once and for all.

    They are not ready. Most need training. But they are strong willed. And the few remaining SHIELD agents are determined to get them running smoothly as a team.

    Let the rebellion begin.

    This roleplay idea is actually one I started with much success on another website. I'd like to do it here as well. I will be posting rules and some information about the world and such to get this started. Please join if you're interested! I'd love to roleplay with you all!

    NOTE: even though we are currently full, I'd be happy to put you on a waiting list for later in case of dropouts!

    Expectations (and what you should expect) (open)

    1. This is an Intermediate level RP. That means no one-liners. I expect at least two long paragraphs.
    2. Everyone will be expected to play two characters. No more, no less. And they will be OCs. One will be a part of a special team within HYDRA, the other SHIELD/an Avenger. (This is to keep an overload of people on one team vs the other.)
    3. One post a week is required. If you leave for over a week without notice or posting, I will warn you. Once two weeks have passed, your characters will have a freak accident and die (unless I take pity on them and turn them into NPCs).
    4. There are only 9 players other than myself allowed. First come, first serve, so express interest fast.
    5. This RP has a set plot beforehand with multiple arcs. However, I will consider player-generated arc ideas. Just PM me!
    6. I control NPCs and any canon characters.
    7. You must claim which two jobs/positions you want. Again, first come, first serve. (If you want a slot that's already been claimed, you may discuss it with the owner, provided that they don't have a CS up yet.)
    8. "no category" just means they don't have a set job, and you can use creative freedom for the most part (of course, your character can't be stronger than the "hulk" character, nor smarter than the "brains" character if you choose one of those slots). "Leader" simply means the boss. No powers are changed because of this position.
    9. You must have at least a decent knowledge of the Marvel MCU to join this. No need to be a expert.
    10. This is merely an interest check. I will have the OOC/sign ups up once all (or most of) the spots have been claimed.
    11. There will be a basic posting pattern to avoid back-and forth RPing clogging up the RP and getting out of hand.
    12. Character death will be a thing if they do something stupid or you want them to die. As GM, I reserve the right to kill off your characters without consent (don't worry about me doing that though, I probably won't).

    Player slots (open)

    OC position slots (open)

    The Leader (will coordinate the actions of this team. Whoever owns this will be in contact with me, the GM, via PM to make sure whatever the character orders goes in the direction of the plot. I won't control what they say, simply what direction it needs to go in.)- CLOSED (taken by @Petricus Euryale )
    The "Hulk"- CLOSED (taken by @neobendium )
    The Brains- CLOSED (taken by @Dualnte )
    Spy/infiltrator- CLOSED (taken by @✨Shattered ❤️Secrets✨ )
    The experiment- CLOSED (taken by @Unyielding )
    No category 3- CLOSED (taken by @Brea )
    No category 4- CLOSED (taken by @Mr.Scales ⚖ )
    Support- CLOSED (taken by @Banana-senpai )
    No category 6- CLOSED (taken by @york )
    No category 7- CLOSED (taken by @Crow )
    The Leader (will coordinate the actions of this team. Whoever owns this will be in contact with me, the GM, via PM to make sure whatever the character orders goes in the direction of the plot. I won't control what they say, simply what direction it needs to go in.)- CLOSED (taken by @neobendium )
    The "Hulk"- CLOSED (taken by @✨Shattered ❤️Secrets✨ )
    The Brains- CLOSED (taken by @york )
    Sniper- CLOSED (taken by @Petricus Euryale )
    Bomb expert- CLOSED (taken by @Dualnte )
    The Assassin- CLOSED (taken by @Unyielding )
    No category 4- CLOSED (taken by @Brea )
    No category 5- CLOSED (taken by @Mr.Scales ⚖ )
    No category 6- CLOSED (taken by @Banana-senpai )
    No category 7- CLOSED (taken by @Crow )

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  2. Well consider this interest checked!

    If I'm allowed then I would very much like to have a spot in this roleplay when it starts. And if I can (so far I saw - correct me if I read it wrong as I am very paranoid about getting details wrong - the only slot taken was the "Hulk" slot) then I would like to go for the position of the Leader slot.
  3. I'm expressing my interest very fast like right now omg I am very much interested!
    Just wanna ask though:
    Can I play "support"?
    How much should I know? I don't know all that much but I'm not exactly all clueless.. Um.
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  4. Would you like to play as the support on both teams?

    You must have at least seen the movies. I don't care if you haven't seen any of the shows.
  5. Okay, leader reserved for SHIELD.

    What would you like to reserve in HYDRA?
  6. I was thinking of playing a sniper-type character. Not sure what position or role that would be. Sniper, maybe?
  7. Thank you, good sir !
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  8. Can I reserve No Category Spot for Shield (will think up something soon). And Hulk for Hydra. Going to nap now since just had to take pills from being sick all week, later for now^^ this looks fun.
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  9. Glad to have you. I'll edit you in in a minute.
  10. For Shield I would like to reserve a spot as the techie and for Hydra as a bomb expert if that is fine~ (If not I can think of other roles for my charries)
  11. Techie could count as brains in that case. Fine with that?

    Bomb expert? :3

    I like explosions.....
  12. Yeah same difference really XD

    Me too... I really like explosions....

    Is the bomb expert fine? Or should he/she be something else?
  13. @Dualnte Nah, bomb expert is awesome. As long as they actually fight in the field. We need explosions...

    Also, everyone please note that I will accept mythical creature types, as long as they aren't super overpowered. If you're not sure, you can PM a me about it. (I mean, one of my characters is gonna be a dragon shifter! Thus the hulk spot for me...)
  14. I'm debating what my character will be.... I'm thinking that my bomb expert is not only that because he/she can make/defuse bombs but also because it's her power to create explosions... Not sure though.

    Techy... He might be a summoner of sorts or have electric powers or be able to make force fields.....or have copy abilities ............... I really don't know yet XD
  15. All of those sound amazing! I can't wait until I can get the OOC up so I can see all of your characters.
  16. hey what happen to the old one? and why am i not apart of this one?
  17. I announced it in the OOC thread of the old one that it died, and posted a link to this one from there.
  18. you know what... i did forget about that...
    However that will not stop me from wanting Pori in the RP. Pori is pori after all XD
  19. Pori is adorable. Will she be SHIELD or HYDRA? And who will your second character be?
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