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Application for Employment
(Pre-Employment Questionnaire) (An Equal Opportunity Employer)

(Please insert an image of yourself here. Real or semi-realistic face claims are mandatory.)


Orientation: (optional, used for diversity reports)

Contact Information:
Mobile telephone: (ooc: do not put your real number, make up something)
Email/Social media: (ooc: We intend for this RP to be as interactive and as immersive as possible! With that being said, we'd like to contact you for certain reasons to be named. Please use this section to tell us how you would like to be contacted personally AS A WRITER. ex. Skype, Discord, Kakao, or use if you prefer IMs)


Health Ailments: (please list all health concerns, disabilities)
Mental Health Illness: (please list all mental health illness)
(PSA: Mental health issues should never be glorified or put on a pedestal. With that being said, this roleplay is centered around people who desperately need happiness in their lives. If you are going to make a character with a mental illness, please research and raise accurate awareness to yourself and to others.)
Medications (Instant Mood Fixer is classified as a medication):


How did you learn about our company?:



Are you currently employed?: Y/N
If yes, are you willing to quit for AiCo?

Please list your areas of highest proficiency, special skills or other items that may contribute to your abilities at AiCo:

Do you have any other marketing campaigns for AiCo?

Any product ideas?


Please tell us about yourself:




Biography: (With any other things that you would like to add, please give the reason as to why your character uses AiCo products. Keep in mind, your character needs a stronger dose, and is willing to pack their bags and move to the AiCo headquarters to get their hands on True Moods. Whether it be from mental illness, traumatic experience, etc., please state it in this section.
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Romance. Modern. Dystopian. Horror.
Dakai Matsushima
Chief Operating of AiCo

APPEARANCE: Dakai Matsushima is a young looking male with dark brown eyes and long soft-black hair that covers a third of his face for reasons unknown. Though he is Chief Operating, Dakai's attire and fashion-sense is messy; most of his button-up shirts go unbuttoned and he lacks a professional tie. Dakai makes up for it with professional black slacks and polished shoes. Dakai has always been bone skinny, with his ribs peeking out of his skin whenever he goes shirtless. His weight could be a result of genes and malnutrition, but Dakai prefers the look he has now and has no intentions to change. If an event or a weekly conference is just around the corner, you can see dark circles slowly starting to appear below tired hard-working eyes.

ROLE: Dakai Matsushima was the original founder of AiCo, but due to increasing obsessions towards his business partner Hun-hee Kim, Dakai willingly gave the CEO position up to his unrequited love.

OTHER: Dakai is the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AiCo. He frequently shows up during the patients' monthly appointment and is the only highest authority that can be physically interacted with inside the facility.

BIRTH DATE: June 28th
MOBILE PHONE: +81 24 555 6700 (Fake~)
IMF, True Moods, melatonin

Dakai's personality is ambiguous. For the most part he is reclusive, effeminate, and gentle when around his employees. Dakai is known around the corporation to also be humble, stoic, quiet, and obedient, his traits making him a total pushover when it comes to his one-sided lover Mal. Some say that his looks match his gentle charm and he is quite the pleasing man, however, this bashful facade masks his dark and debauched side—an antisocial, vile and unprincipled voyeur who has little, if any, problem in using others for his sexual hunger.

Dakai wasn't always this way. His morbid personality is the result of abuse and assault inflicted by his girlfriend, which finally ended with her unknown cause of death two years prior to the foundation of AiCo. Her death was the catalyst for Dakai's perverted changes, as he later became quite lonely, depressed, and sorrowful without a dominating presence in his life. This is shown in his somewhat morbid habits of talking to his self-harm scars, a picture of his deceased ex-girlfriend, or in some extreme cases, his genitals. Half of these conversations have Dakai speaking about his day, his feelings, and claiming that he will make his company the most influential conglomerate in the nation.

Another reason for his sexual quirk comes from the growing support and monetary backing for IMF at its beginning stages. Dakai, wanting to get his new product more attention, had struggles trying to find new ways to promote the IMF. Dakai then came to the "brilliant" conclusion that sex sells, and as a result he spent weeks on end researching pornographic content to the point that fantasies plague his brain for the entirety of his career as the COO of AiCo. At the end of the day, Dakai will never really act out on his lewd fantasies, though the creepy comment does comes out once in a while.

With all this fame and reputation, it is very clear that Dakai has a knowledge for medication, whilst his marketing side all coming from his business partner Mal. Dakai’s intelligent nature comes from an education in anesthesiology, intensive care medication, and pain management, which always shows whenever he holds weekly conferences and events showcasing his products.

A hidden quirk that consumes him, Dakai devotes his life and work towards two things: Mal, his business partner, and the corporation he founded. He will protect these two by performing outrageous acts unnamed in hopes that it would give him the attention he desperately thinks he deserves. In any case, Dakai is always sincere and thinks his actions are of good intent, making him a little outcasted by some.

Wine | Dress shirts/Button-up blouses | Chandeliers | Ramen | Disco music | Mal | Sour flavored candy | Spicy chicken wings | AiCo | Late night walks | Organization and cleanliness | Stationary | Pornography | Sex | Scented lotion or perfume/cologne | Alcohol | Beautiful looking people

Bitter medicine and foods | Insomnia | Threats and/or insults towards the CEO or AiCo | Bugs | Pudding | Cold weather | Simple sadness | Hot foods (temperature wise) | Terrible work ethic | Monotone attitudes

aka biography




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personal info

Name: Seol Nam
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Orientation: Korean

Appearance: Seol is a slender and petite young woman, small in size but not in height, standing exactly 5'7. Her thin frame, however, appears to make her look taller from a distance. She has particular type of beauty, one that sneaks up on you. Her almond eyes smile when her full lips do. She has an innocent sort of smile, making her look younger and more childish than she really is. She also has a small beauty mark on her face, underneath her right eye. Her hair is long, almost reaching her waist, thick, dark brown and usually in waves. Her dress code, however, is all over the place. She doesn't have a particular style, except that it's usually in style.

Contact Information: Iwakuroleplay, Discord, Tumblr
Mobile telephone: +81-27-543-8101
Email/Social media: Iwakuroleplay | Discord: MaryGold, the Magical Flower#7040 | Tumblr: WaterLilyKairi

healthcare report

Health Ailments: Seol has a limp, though it's barely noticeable on a good day. She also suffers from insomnia.
Mental Health Illness: Anxiety Disorder
Medications: True Moods, used to be on Xanax and Buspirone.
Allergies: Seol has an allergy to most animals, especially dogs.

employee questionaire

How did you learn about our company?: "The same day I was introduced to True Moods. An old work colleague of mine introduced it to me."

Position Sought: TBD

Desired Pay Range: TBD

Are you currently employed?: "No, sadly."

Please list your areas of highest proficiency, special skills or other items that may contribute to your abilities at AiCo: Bookkeeping, organizing, computer skills, multilingual and damn good at keeping things on time.

Do you have any other marketing campaigns for AiCo?: "Maybe we could have a character for advertisements?"

Any product ideas?: "I am not an idea machine, but perhaps, we could have a candy form of True Moods. Like those calming candies."

about seol

Please tell us about yourself:

Personality: Seol radiates a vibrant sort of innocence, but for someone with her background and experience, it is in no way possible she could truly be innocent. Most of her personality is an illusion, at least, the one she let's people see. She lies to others and herself so much even she isn't sure what is real or fake about herself half the time. Still, her true self peeks through the cracks from time to time, she can't always keep her guard up.

She is known to be a smiley person, loving to have a reason to smile and laugh. As well as as being fond of bringing a smile and laugh to others. She is more often than not being silly and acting like a little goof. A lot of times her jokes are at her own expense or entirely sarcastic. Her goofiness is almost childish. Despite this she appears to confident in herself and her decisions. She looks to be a cool woman.

Not to mention, she is a kind person, compassionate while carrying a gentle soul. She easily sympathizes and able to show true empathy with others, making her a bit of a sweetheart. Though, she won't accept any compliments.

Seol is a firm believer of faking it until you make it.

Because in all honesty she is not the happy person she pretends to be. Confidence is something she rarely ever feels, being as shy as she is. She doubts herself and over thinks her every move, and worry excessively about anything and everything. It's almost to the point that she is paranoid.

And she is very sensitive with a quick temper. She cries just as easily as she gets angry. Seol is not at all cool, also being an easily frightened woman. She has too many flaws with her temperament.

She doesn't trust people easily, or at all. She pretends she does even though she doesn't even trust her ownself. And while she is genuinely kind and gentle, she is also critical and slightly cynical. Still, she has that childish silliness that is part of her personality she can't fake. For example, talking to things that don't talk back as if they understand and are a real person. Or teasing others for silly things, this gives her boost of confidence.

Seol truly wants to change.

Likes: Scented candles | Fairy Tales | Dancing | Piano music | Animals (despite being terribly allergic to them) | Music | Origami | Snow days | Confident people | Soda | Candy | | Hot wings/buffalo wings| Waffles | Food(she likes to eat) | Earrings | Games | Flowers | Paintings | Beaches | Poetry

Dislikes: Being put on the spot | Mushy rice | Animal abusers | Compliments (directed at her) | Being touched without permission | Horror movies | Shy people like herself | Tardiness | Medication that makes you drowsy | Screamo music

Biography: Seol was born to a very well off family. While her parents were strict, they still doted her as well as expected a lot from her. Even more so because she was their second child and only girl. Seol was pressured in her studies and social life both. When she entered middle school, things were just too much for her to take and she ended up having a panic attack during the middle of class and jumping out the second floor window. It resulted in a broken ankle, bruised tailbone, and concussion. She was then diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Instead of giving her the proper help she needed, they simply doped her up with medication and had carry on with life. To make matters worst, her ankle never healed correctly, giving her a limp when she walked. Eventually, Seol had enough of it and secretly stop taking her meds, hating the feeling it gave her.

During highschool, she met her first love who actually made her feel better than any medication. Her parents didn't approve of the match because of his poor background, but they preceded to date. Her parents refused to pay for her college, even going as far as to kick her out. However, she worked to go to school and lived with her lover. Things took a turn for the worst when she ended up pregnant, her parents were furious and all but ready to disown her. But that all changed when her boyfriend and close friend died in a car accident. It was later revealed that they had been cheating behind her back and planning to runaway with all her savings.

Seol didn't know whether to be angry and grieving. She was in utter shock during that time, her parents took her back in, forced her to abort the child and paid for her education. As soon as she graduated though, she left the country wanting to escape both her parents and the horrendous memories. She got a job as a secretary for an electronic company in Japan and decided to see a doctor for her mental health. After a work colleague introduced her to True Mood and her doctor approved it, she was hooked.

Later, she quit her job because her boss kept harassing her and his wife was convinced he was cheating on her with Seol. Ever since she had been doing small jobs, like giving piano lessons to pay her bills.





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eugene kang
pretty boy
personal information


Kang Yoo-Jin
Skype: Jungcookies
Discord: Cheek #2043
Kakao: Giricat

Dark Brown
October 22nd

healthcare report

Histronic Personality Disorder
Instant Mood Fixer

employment questionnare


"My mother has a few of her fingers dunked in some pretty big honeypots, so it wasn't hard at all for her to get me prescribed to the stuff. Of course, as any new corporation that plants itself in the business world, though, you can't help but listen to the little whispers that flutter around, so I found out a little more about the company as time progressed."





"Yes, where I work now is only a filler position until my father feels the need to croak anytime soon. Not like he would mind."


"Of course."


Network/System/Website Administration Management, Software Development, Security Monitoring, Coding (C, C++. Java, PHP, and Python), Basic IT fundamentals (web applications, risk management framework), Oral and written communication skills, team-building, presentation skills, time management


"I feel there should be a specific marketing campaigns targeted towards those suffering from heartbreak, breakups, relationship issues etc. I mean, we would like to target a wider audience so why not target the younger people? Having feelings for someone and getting fucked over the next day is like the new norm."


"I definitely think the push for IMF to be placed in food products and distrubuted among grocery stores is a must. Can you imagine the amount of things you could put that in? Cookies, candies, cakes.. cute shit like that. People will eat that right up."



TAKE A LISTEN | There is something particularly pleasant about the sound of his voice. It is a slightly deep, soft and perpetually seeming sound as if he is illustrating ulterior motives. Warm, disciplined, and certainly intentional in the way he pulls people into whatever conversation he is having as if no one else exists around him. A thick, Australian accent coats his words rather thickly and gives away his origin of birth almost immediately when having a conversation.


Murky swamp black it seems, sometimes, but more often than not, a deep chocolate brown that always tends to be calculating your movements, your tone, your manner of speaking or just how you're moving your hands and your mouth if gone unnoticed. Almond-shaped, wide, and very welcomely to the unknowing soul.


A thick, brown mane left in a disheveled mess of unstraightened locks curling two-and-fro atop his head. As if hands, fingers, or something of the similar had rummaged through his hair and left it in disarray. The male rarely ever slicks it back, and usually just lets the remaining do its own thing atop his head. Often times bleached and/or dyed lighter when the need for change arises.


A very deep tan consisting of warm undertones that glows rather warmly in the sunlight.


He has a tall, slender build, with a bit of beef in his muscle to make himself look a bit intimidating to those attempting to mess with him. You can tell he takes pleasure in working out and/or running because you can measure the rippling determination underneath his warm, tan skin much better when he does not have a shirt covering his frame.


Far too many to count scattered among his back, chest, and arms, snaking from beneath the button-ups he wears on a day-to-day basis. Throughout his life, he has gotten quite a few to even remember, as a good handful of them have been redone, retouched or covered entirely.


In various parts of his body from his puppy dogs days involving punishments from both his mother and father. Most of them are faded, silvery slivers though.


Ears and nose are about as far as he went, and plenty enough for him. Diamond studs are the only thing he puts in either them simply for a status symbol.


It is difficult to tell where Eugene begins, and whoever else he convinces himself to end. In reality, the man is a quick-witted chameleon swimming in a sea of people, twisting and molding his personality to appeal to those around him and reap the benefits afterward. A charming manipulator, a seductive, voracious snake. Smooth words strung among carefully crafted sentences seem second nature to him, an instinct derived from the survival applications of his early, childhood development to adapt; to push forward and live. Convincing in his laughter, intoxicating in his kisses, and a dangerous thorn when placed upon substantial decisions, unmoving and stubborn; his way, or no way. Unlike corroded coins with only two faces to offer, Eugene has far too many to count on the ends of your fingers and toes combined.

His most successful front has been known to pose as a friendly, agreeable face. An excellent friend and natural ally, admittedly, far more approachable than the majority of his colleagues. This side of Eugene laughs heartily, smiles widely, and speaks passionately when given an opportunity. People appreciate his extended gestures, bright, positive interactions, and easy talkative nature that seems to emanate from the raw desire to get to know you: to understand, to get a feel of the character presented to him through voice and laughter before he initially strikes for his taking.

When you wade just above the surface and wait for the ripples to pacify, his warm charisma and friendly forthcoming is only one facade of the game; one addicting flavor atop the lingering darkness below.

Eugene is not sweet, nor is he caring, and loving, and compassionate as he honestly appears to be. His smiles are programmed, his jokes prepared, and his kisses are a death wish before he sinks the knife right into the exposed notches of your rib cage. He is solely a mimic of social behavior that has spent his entire life copying and perfecting to maintain this power complex bestowed upon him from birth. Obsessive, possessive, and compulsive; he needs it, craves it, almost. What is his, is his, and things don't feel right when he is second best.

Some of his layers are harder to swallow, though, harder to believe, cotton balls smoothed to the walls of your esophagus, sliding, shifting, suffocating. Eugene is dangerous, dark, and an overall piece of work to those who attempt to peer in. The mask he wears over his vulnerabilities rarely ever moves, though, right when it manages to slip and reveal this raw, helpless energy, the man is an emotional wreck. Far too emotional for his own good. Outbursts, tantrums, and countless subdued meltdowns; that child from his upbringing is trapped in the body of a man with too much power at his pedestal.

Eugene has never known what real compassion is, how to be loved and wanted without being lied to afterward. His entire life has been played as a game, and he is the only spectator that can watch from the sidelines to learn the exhausting rules.

likes & dislikes


Birds, flowers, traveling, BBQ, singing, coffee, naps, sex, secrets, control


Bitter foods, mornings, rain, driving, windy-days, spiders, untidiness, carbonated drinks, rejection, denial


Some people have children just for the innocent act of having them, tiny, little bundles cloaked in ribbons settled in wicker baskets. Others tend to breed children to act as deliberate tools, a purpose none other than to be used as a source of power above all else. Behind closed doors, it all began with one single secret, and one, measly deal to shut all the soft whispers and mumblings right up. Eugene’s mother, Kim Chae-won, a delicate woman of sheer pleasure to those that became acquainted with her, was a full-time, live-in maid belonging to a rather wealthy family located in Sydney, Australia. She was at the center of this sticky affair, as she found herself undoubtedly in love with the head of the household, Kang Byeong-su.

Byeong-su was a CEO at a well-renowned cybersecurity business called Annex Systems and was a tall, defined beauty to those who could not get their hands on him. An intelligent, wealthy, and reasonably good-looking individual of his ripening years; who would not fall for a man such as him? A piece of the forbidden fruit that Chae-won could not help but long for, working under his permission for countless years. It was not unusual the two eventually sought comfort in one another when the time became dire.

Although, it was not long at all for Byeong-su's wife, Sang-mi, to notice this, and proposed a simple decision before word got out. If Chae-won were to have a surrogate heir with her husband, due to her secret infertility, the two of them would remain unscathed as long as the child arrived a healthy boy, and be given to her to be raised as her own. Chae-won would live, her husband's reputation and wallet would be untouched and Chae-won too would be promised that she would retain her position in the house and be granted access to see the child, as long as the technicalities were maintained.

Of course, without a doubt, Chae-won was ready for a long, and grueling twelve months with a child she would soon have to give away. But, it was the only opening she would have to have a child with Byeong-su and get back at that grudged woman years down the line.

As time passed, Eugene was eventually born upon quilted bed sheets stained with speckles of crimson, his arrival nothing but a hush in the night, an event that not even the nurse had managed to congratulate on the coming of a bumbling, baby boy. He came without warning and would lay cradled in her sweating arms before for being taken and raised as Byeong-su and Sang-mi’s child.

Right from the beginning, there were no memories of bliss released from the burden of his childhood, no recollection of how it felt to have the fancy collar of designer silk tied around his neck and only, little cause to celebrate his orchestrated birth. Not because his biological mother regretted bringing him into this world, but that she knew with an almost ugly certainty, that he would eventually become subject to the same kind of hell she had to endure under the care of two narcissistic beasts. But, even so, it seemed the devoted woman fell in love with the child nevertheless. His broad, little smile, his deep, inquisitive eyes: awaiting almost, that the life he was restrained to would be more significant than what he would imagine.

Chae-won knew from that moment on that this child had come to save her despite never having the slightest inkling of who his birth mother would be. But she was determined to settle a place within his life and shelter him from the cruelty of the world until he was old enough to buckle it into his palm and mold it into whatever he pleased.

Eugene existed in the household just like every other inanimate object showcased and paraded around; another flower on the wallpaper, another crumbling, statue in the entrance way. He did what he was commanded and was treated fair enough, cuts and bruises aside, because of those he stood in the shadow of. His father dare not see the sight of him, hissing and crushing him down like a teaware set sent to his office quarters, and his mother, overbearing and suffocating in her disgusting tactics to mold him into her little, Prince to be. Her way, or a cut that required stitches, her way, or a fresh, new bruise. Stand upright, shoulders straight, eat your vegetables, listen to mommy.

But the maid, on the other hand, treated him with a subtle sort-of kindness that made him feel unremarkably human. She had given him the power to stand above all in that tiny, little household and pave himself a path with the resources presented to his fingertips. For longer than he reckons he can recollect, Eugene learned how to lie and manipulate to get exactly what he craved. Even in the estate where his parents existed as powerful beings, he had been able to twist them around to keep them molded right in his palm. It was from the little teachings Chae-won prepared him behind closed doors when she could share her tricks of this secret enterprise. When he slowly realized that he could become more than a mindless child groveling at their heels like a lowly servant; the maid became the smartest woman he had ever known. Quick-whip, snarl-tongued and as bright as the felines he had seen lounging on the streets at night. The world was a complicated place, and he finally began to realize he had to put himself first to survive in it.

As he got older, the more this fun, little game had started to get. He could be anyone he had wanted to be, as the boy had the name, power, and money to do so. His father was never around, his mother no longer able to have power over him, and the maid, still whispering little secrets in his ears to get back at either of them.

She was the only one who truly understood. He belonged to her and only her in a weird, kind of way, as he had managed to change the world in his hands just for her.

Eventually, though, he knew his mother had seen this, as his mother saw everything when it came to his life, and put an end to it as swiftly, and discreetly, as she could before any more became of it. It wasn’t long until the maid had disappeared from their home without another word, and Eugene knew right away that his disgusting mother had done it. What could he do? Throwing a tantrum and breaking everything within that house would mean he had lost completely. He couldn't let her win like that, controlling his life with a simple command.

"You can be whoever you want to be, Eugene." the maid used to whisper. "As long as you work hard for it. Don’t let them walk all over you."

He was the heir of his father's company, the sole namesake of the Kang household and worth more than any of the useless children he had interacted with throughout his life. He had an agenda to stick to, roles to play, smiles to fake. Bottle it up, shelve it away, there was no sense in crying over spilled milk, not yet, that time would come.

But despite feeble attempts to get her back, to find her location, or at least know if she were alive or dead, Eugene broke down completely after years of suppression. Every woman he had been with previously reminded him of her no matter how much he begged, threatened, pruned, controlled; they still left. Every single one of them walked out on him just as she did.

In a panic, Sang-mi pushed him through various therapists, doctors, and medications to ease this underlying state of compulsion and emotional distress only to find the one savior solution called the Instant Mood Fixer through the mumblings of her friends. With the talk of money and some strings pulled, Eugene was placed on it full time and immediately found himself needing more of it as time progressed. Despite having the future of his father’s company on his belt, he was willing to throw it all away in exchange for IMF 2.0.



Head CEO of a cybersecurity company by the name of Annex Systems and biological father of Eugene. Slept with the live-in house maid, Chae-won, as a surrogate in exchange for keeping his affair out of the presses due to Sang-mi’s threats. Cares more about his career than anything, and was willing to create a child in the process for it.


Trophy wife of Byeong-su, and “adoptive” mother of Eugene, despite him believing her as his biological. An overbearing, possessive woman with destructive tactics, almost allowing the public to know of her husband’s affair if things did not go her way. Forced Chae-won into surrogacy due to her infertility, and later claiming the child as her own.


Live-in maid for the Kang household, mistress of Byeong-su and biological mother of Eugene. Was required to secret surrogacy for Byeong-su and Sang-mi in exchange for her life and job. Disappeared later down the line when Sang-mi had noticed she got too close to Eugene.

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