Adventures of the Red Dragoon

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    >msg/channel=ALL BANDS
    >Begin Transmission

    *The screen flickers to life, showing a wounded man in the uniform of the Imperial Navy. The scene behind him can only be described as chaos, most staff either dead or dying, and there is evidence of heavy battle damage, and the image is barely keeping in through all the static. The screen constantly flashes red from the alarms on the other side of the screen. What few living crew memebers on the bridge are in a panic, attempting to keep the ship together for a few more precious moments. The man, who you can only assume to be the captain, remains calm, as if he is at peace with his fate.*

    "This is an emergency broadcast to any and all Imperial-friendly forces." The man starts off, calmly, clutching at his side. "The Independents have declared war on the Terran Empire. During a patrol on the border colonies, we recieved a distress signal from-" The image cuts out briefly, camera shaking due to an explosion from off frame. When it returns, the captain can be seen yelling out orders to his crew before he turns back to the screen. A trickle of blood can be seen covering his left eye. "When we arrived, we found the colony under attack from what I could only assume to be a forward offensive force, flying the colours of the Federation of Independent States, razing the planet. Before we could send out a call for reinforcements, we were engaged with the enemy."

    The screen shakes again, static growing ever heavy on the message. The man, steeling himself, resumes speaking. "Please. I implore anyone who recieves this message. Make sure our sacrifice was not in vain. Spread this news as far as you can. This will undoubtedly be the final message of the IMS-"

    ...The message ends there, the screen suddenly cutting to static, then black.


    The Intro
    You are a member of an ace team of mercenary commandos known as the Red Dragoons. You have known your squadmates for a long time, some since childhood, and others since your days in the Imperial Academy. Despite your various differences and/or similarities, you've been through thick and thin together, well before the beginning of the Galactic War. Since this horrible conflict began, however, your team has had a massive influx of jobs, which is the result of a generations-old rivalry between the two galactic dominions, brought to a head after a ten year span of proxy wars.
    Lately, however, there has been somewhat of a stalemate. Both sides cannot move forward in the conflict without suffering heavy losses, but both sides are also unwilling to back down. In this lull in active combat, each dominion has been scrambling to get the best and brightest mercenaries, commandoes, and former special operations units under their employ to gain a foothold into enemy territory. Your team is one such unit, and you have recently recieved a message from the Terran Empire offering to hire your team.
    The Universe
    In this galaxy, there exist two major political powers: The Terran Empire, and the Federation of Independent States. The Terran Empire, despite it's name, is a constitutional monarchy based out of Earth. Societal values consist of Law, Order, and Justice over all other things. Originally a United Nations-based Space Program, it eventually morphed over many years through infighting and power-struggles into the current shape it is in today.
    This stands in stark contrast to the other major political power in the galaxy: The Federation of Independent States. After the Second Wave, a movememnt of colonization and exploration efforts sent out once FTL technology became widely available, these colonies wanted freedom from the oppressive government of the Terran Empire. What resulted was a war for independence, which ended in the formation of the FIS. Run by a democratic republic, the FIS values Freedom, Power for the people, and the right to govern oneself above all else.
    It goes without saying that there are various megacorporations, but the most important one is Hamon Industries, originally founded by the inventor of the Spike Drive and, much later, the Zero-Point Energy System, Zachary Hammond.
    The Technology
    ZPE System
    The ZPE System (Commonly known to the layman as either the "Zippie" or the "G-Diffuser", is a device that near-eliminates various G-forces on crew and passengers of many starcraft that is due to rapid acceleration or deceleration. The device, installed on most spacebourne vehicles, operates by generating fields of Zero-Point energy at the moment of a change in momentum, allowing pilots and crew of such vessels to survive great changes in momentum, as well as functioning as a safe power source for smaller starcraft that cannot house a more efficient nuclear-based power source.
    Spike Drive
    The main device allowing for faster-than-light travel and communications, this device operates through distorting spacetime near the drive, effectively creating a wormhole connecting two points in space. The specifics on how this effect is achieved is classified, effectively making Spike Drives a blackbox technology.
    It is known, however, that spike drives require enormous amounts of energy to utilise, so a ship is required to have a nuclear-based power source in order to power a spike drive.
    A sleek, and almost skin-tight EVA suit, worn by pilots to minimize the loss of death due to space.
    HEO Weaponry
    High-Energy Optic Weaponry, also known as Solid-State Lasers, or simply lasers to the layman, are, as the name suggests, lasers. They are the cheapest and most efficient weapon. They are extremely effective against shields, but lack in power when it comes to armour.
    "Conventional" Weaponry
    Projectile weapons exist, mostly in the form of either missile-based weaponry, or high caliber machineguns. Although other types exist, such as railguns, all types of conventional weaponry require (Usually expensive) ammo to use.
    All conventional weapons are best used against armour, as shields were originally designed to disperse the impact of such weapons with ease.
    Plasma-Based Weaponry
    Plasma weapons, as the name suggest, utilise electromagnetically-sheathed superheated plasma as a weapon. The most versatile class of weapons, effective against both shields and armour, plasma weaponry has two main drawbacks: Firstly, they are very slow. The plasma must be heated, or "charged" as many space jockeys like to call it, before the weapon can be fired, which allows smaller and faster ships to move out of the line of fire. Secondly, they have a huge power requirement. This usually isn't a problem for cruiser-class or higher ships, but smaller ships, namely fighters, have to give up various systems to be able to field such powerful weaponry.
    Energy Barriers
    More commonly known as "shields", energy barriers exist on all starships that are frigate-class or larger, as well as some fighter-class ships. Various system types exist for different scales of combat, but all shields are basically a mesh of hexagonal energy plates which creates a bubble around a ship which disperse the energy of attacks.
    The Red Dragoons
    The Red Dragoons is a mercenary team of ace pilots and veteran commandoes, originally formed out of a group of friends right after they had finished Imperial Academy. Not quite legendary, but also definitely not small-time punks, this group of friends have taken on many a job for the Imperial Navy, quickly proving their skill and worth on many daring missions. Each member has their own skills that they bring to the team, as well as their own personal starfighters.


    Their base of operations, as well as their home, is a Frigate-class starship by the name of The Dragoon. A defensive vessel in nature, aside from the expected Zippie System and Spike Drive, The Dragoon boasts a Heavy-rated Barrier, Tier 3 Armour, and various redundant systems. In order to get this rather extreme amount of defenses, the ship loses a lot of maneuverability and firepower. The sheer weight of the ship makes it much slower than other cruisers, which is somewhat a liability in ship-to-ship combat. Luckily, it has been outfitted for fighter support, which makes up somewhat for it's lack in firepower. The ship only has five non-defensive weapons: two upper-mounted twin Medium plasma turrets, two lower-mounted twin Medium laser turrets, and one lower-mounted, bombardment-rating heavy railgun turret.

    The Dragoon's Stats:
    Shields 5
    Armour 5
    Speed 1
    Maneuverability 2
    Weapons: 2 twin medium plasma Turrets, Two twin medium laser turrets, one heavy railgun turret

    Normally, a ship of this size would require a much larger crew than the Red Dragoon's normal size to operate at all, let alone fully. To this end, the ship is equipped with a high-end Artificial Intelligence that runs the ship. While the A.I. doesn't quite have full control of the entire ship (It lacks access to the spike drive, as well as access to the shutoff for most crucial systems such as life support, reactor cooling, or door control), it can be useful when the whole team is out on missions, such as providing fire support, dealing with invaders, etc.
    The A.I.'s designation is Advanced Logic Improved Combat Electronic Intelligence. But she prefers to be called Alice.
    The Starfighter Classifications
    Fighter: The basic Jack of All Trades, Fighters are prized to be highly customizeable, with extra room for special systems not available in other craft.
    Shields: 3
    Armour: 3
    Speed: 3
    Maneuverability: 3
    Weaponry: Variable
    Special: Can be customized to a certain extent, as well as having a slot for a Unique technology.
    Interceptor: Designed to take down bombers and other fighters with ease, Interceptors are least effective against heavily shielded targets, and have the drawback of having a limited payload, decreasing their weight, but also their operation time.
    Shields: 5
    Armour: 1
    Speed: 4
    Maneuverability: 4
    Weaponry: Light lasers, Tracking AP HE Micro-Missiles
    Special: Advanced targeting system; Locking on takes less time than other classes.
    Bomber: Bombers deal heavy damage to large targets, from bunkers to battleships. Their limited shields and heavy armour allow them to pass through heavier shielding with ease, though their reliance on armour makes them vulnerable to flak, as well as makes them slow and unwieldly.
    Shields: 1
    Armour: 5
    Speed: 2
    Weaponry: Heavy Lasers, Dummy Missiles
    Special: Can carry a wide range of payloads depending on the mission; usually plasma bombs.
    Guardian: Defensive ships in nature, Guardians are usually deployed alongside bombers to protect them from flak, as well as Interceptors. However, they are extremely vulnerable to heavy weapons such as plasma, as they lack the speed or maneuverability to dodge them.
    Shields: 4
    Armour: 4
    Speed: 2
    Maneuverability: 2
    Weaponry: Two Turret-mounted Heavy Rotary Cannons
    Special: Can fire in all directions; uses a high-processing power targeting computer capable of tracking multiple targets at once.
    Infiltrator: Usually called "Stealth" ships or "Hunter-killers", these ships have stealth drives that allow them to sneak past enemy forces easily. However, as a tradeoff, they do not have enough energy to have an acceptable shield, and they have to remain fast, which means they have no room for armour. But they are the one class other than fighters able to openly field plasma weaponry, though they cannot remain stealthed and charge at the same time.
    Shields: 2
    Armour: 2
    Speed: 4
    Maneuverability: 4
    Weaponry: Machine guns, One Plasma Lance
    Special: Active-Camoflauge stealth system; cannot be used while charging plasma lance
    The Rules
    1. My rule is absolute. As GM, I have final say on all game-related matters. I will try to be fair, and listen to any concerns out of character, but my word is final.
    2. All Site-wide rules of Iwaku apply. This one is obvious.
    3. Do not god-mod. I doubt this will come up much considering the type of roleplay this is, but keep it in mind.
    4. Do not metagame. If you somehow learn something that your character didn't or hasn't, do not bring it up in character unless I specifically say so.
    5. Do not mix In-character and Out-of-character. No matter how invested you get into the game or character, you are not your character. If someone insults you outside the game, do not bring it into the game. This works in reverse as well, if someone insults you inside the game, do not bring it outside the game, unless it is in a joking matter.
    6. Do not auto-. It is annoying when people auto-hit/walk/etc, and is unintuitive to this type of roleplay. Keeping this rule in mind, however, always dodging attacks or shots meant to hit you from another player is equally annoying. Try to spice it up once in a while, or as some might say... "Take one for the team".
    7. Do not powerplay. This has somewhat to do with the previous rule, in that you are not the sole main character. You are part of a team, and that is because each person has certain weaknesses that the rest of the squad can pick up where you fail. Remember, nobody is perfect. Which makes for a perfect segue into the next rule...
    8. Do not Mary Sue/Gary Stue. This should be a given, but some people like pretending to be the "perfect main character", and that bothers me. This is not the roleplay for that, and you will not be accepted.
    9. Swearing is allowed. I don't give a single fuck what comes out of your typing, but make sure that a swear word isn't the most used word from your vocabulary. If you wish, however, to swear a lot, I will allow it as long as you get creative with your swears.
    10. If you are having trouble in coming up with certain elements of a character, or are wondering if certain things are okay, run it by me. I'll be happy to help with certain issues.
    11. I personally don't care about sexual encounters, but as this is not a libertine-specific roleplay, please refrain from doing so in the open. Romance is fine, but keep it in your pants. Hopefully everyone will be adults about this.
    12. Not exactly a rule, but please be aware that this roleplay will involve some adult content, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, and death. If these subjects are too much for you, then do not attempt to join.
    13. Unless I give the explicit okay, only one character allowed per person. This will be a somewhat small group in character, so I want to include as many people as I possibly can.
    The Character Sheet
    Name: (Your name, dum-dum)
    Alias(es): (If any. If you can think of a cool callsign, bonus points.)
    Age: (18+, unless you have a reason for graduating from the Academy early.)
    Gender: (Only male or female. If your character identifies as female, put female, and vice-versa.)
    Personality: (Give either a short description, or name at least three personality traits.)
    Appearance: (Art preferred (Doesn't have to be specifically anime). If you do decide to use a real photo, do not use a stock photo, or I will hunt you down. Also give credit for any and all pictures used, if possible.)
    Sexual orientation: (Optional, for romance purposes only.)
    Likes: (At least 5)
    Dislikes: (At least 5)
    Advantage: (Every character is considered to be skilled in piloting starfighters. Other than that, think of 5 skills that your character brings to the table; Two combat related, three not combat related.)
    Flaw: (Name 4 skills that your character is terrible at: One combat related skill, and three non-combat related skills.)
    Equipment: (For field operations. Remember, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don't go too overboard with your weaponry.)
    Background: (Give a short description of what your upbringing was like. Do not bother with Academy days, as those are where everyone met, and became the motley crew that they are.)
    Combat Style: (A short description on how you like to fight. Up close and personal? At a distance? From another planetary system? Do you fight with words and diplomacy?)
    Personal Starfighter
    Name: (Naming convention is Colour-noun. E.G. Grey Wolf, Black Fang, Red Rose. Extra points if the name matches well with your fighter.)
    Model: (Optional, but if you can make one up, then that would be cool.)
    Class: (Choose a class from one of the Starfighter classifications tab. This will decide your stats and armaments. If you choose Fighter, think of a unique and cool piece of technology that seperates your fighter from the rest in it's class, as well as what weapons it would have. Either medium-medium, light-heavy, heavy-light, or Medium Lasers and Special)
    Stats: (Copy/paste for all classes but fighter. FIGHTER GETS TO CUSTOMIZE)
    Appearance: (Find a picture. Bonus points if it looks cool, and fits the class.)
    The Cast List
    Nikolai "Berserker" Romanoff | Red Mace | @DeadAxl
    Drusilla Nathalie "Cameo" Fielding | Grey Wolf | @Tarieles
    Dominique "Scorpio" Fontaine | Blue Moon | @-Toxic-Madness-
    Avianna "Alpha" Romanesque | Black Blur | @Cry.EXE
    Alexander "Paladin" Kovet | Obsidian Lance | @Tarot
    Ezekiel James "Shockwave" Austin | Scarlet Flame | @Tarieles

    Starship Classifications
    ((Google Drive Link for Weaponry))
    ((Google Drive Link for Space Stations))
    Fighters are small, nimble, and piloted by one person. Usually used in strike missions or dogfights, or as personal transports for certain mercenary squads, Their overall impact isn't that great compared to all the other classes, though their small size and nimble status means they can get behind enemy defenses and infiltrate certain ships to attack them from the inside.
    Frigates are the smallest category of "proper" warships. Usually used as escorts or scouts, they easily outspeed their larger brethren, though they lack defenses and weaponry. Due to this, they are primarily used against fighters or other frigates, but can also be used to pester wounded cruisers.
    Cruisers are the middleweight category, usually used for the frontlines, though they can fit most any role. An even balance of defenses, mobility, and weaponry, ships in this class are the backbone of any navy.
    Capital ships, the largest and heaviest ship category, they are also the most strategically valuable. Usually the main sources of firepower and/or command in a fleet, Dreadnoughts are tough and strong, but they lack any serious mobility due to their massive size and weight. Ships in this category can sometimes affect tidal cycles of local planets if they're close enough.

    {td=66x30} Category{/td}
    {td=@x30}Crew Minimum{/td}
    {td=@x30}Crew Maximum{/td}
    {td}Troop Transport{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    *Numbered values in the statistics of Armour/Weapons/Shields are considered to be 2x of the values in lower categories, or half that as a category above it.
    **Numbered values in the statistics of Speed/Maneuverability are relative to each category, and are not reflective of actual acceleration/turn/maximum velocities.
    Federation Navy Ship Classes
    Fighter - Sparrow-class Snubfighter -
    Bomber - Albatross-class Heavy Bomber -
    Interceptor - Hummingbird-class Anti-fighter Interceptor -
    Troop Transport - Vulture-class Orbital Transport -
    Corvette - Owl -class Corvette -
    Frigate - Hawk-class Fire Support Frigate -
    Cruiser - Raven-class Main Cruiser -
    Destroyer - Crow-class Heavy Destroyer -
    Battleship - Heron-class Frontline Battleship -
    Carrier - Pelican-class Heavy Carrier -
    Dreadnought - Eagle-class Capital Dreadnought -
    Imperial Navy Ship Classes
    Fighter - Spartan Main Starfighter -
    Bomber - Argonaut Tactical Bomber -
    Interceptor - Myrmidon Interceptor -
    Troop Transport - Icarus Armoured Personell Carrier -
    Corvette - Hermes Scout Corvette -
    Frigate - Hector Escort Frigate -
    Cruiser - Achilles Main Cruiser -
    Destroyer - Destroyer-class Ares Superheavy Weapons Platform -
    Battleship - Troy-class Defensive Battleship -
    Carrier - Zeus Fighter Swarm Carrier -
    Dreadnought - Cronus Capital Dreadnought -

    Advent of the Red Dragoons (IC Thread)
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  3. How many characters will you be accepting? And how many per person?

    Also I call being a stealthy-flyer sniper at least.
  4. Minimum of 4 characters in the group.
    Maximum is somewhere around... 7-8?
    I could probably be convinced for more.
    Currently only one character per person, to increase total amount of people who get to join in on the RP, seeing as how there's a "maximum".
  5. I'm sorry, but I love the Wolfen too much to not use it.
    Though I'm kinda (read VERY FUCKING) annoyed that I couldn't find a good pic of the model from SFZ
  6. Also for personal weaponry, what will we be using? Like, 21st century type stuff, or can we be fancy and go like laser guns?
  7. Heavy WIP

    Name: Drusilla Nathalie Fielding
    Alias(es): Most call her Drew, her code name is Cameo
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Unlike how many snipers are portrayed in media, Drew is still a friendly person, and not a cold-hearted killer. She doesn't enjoy killing, but she has a duty to adhere to. She gets irate when people don't take human life into consideration. She is a strategist, one who thinks about the pros and the cons, but also has a job to get done. She is good at what she does. She doesn't have time to think about the bad things that could happen, so instead mourns and meditates on the kill afterwords. She isn't an introvert at all, and actually loves hanging around people.
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    Likes: The smell of gunpowder, weapons, the wind in her hair, flowers, playing games, kids, making friends, parties.
    Dislikes: Boring people, rude people, melee combat, blood, seeing the death up close, fighting in her craft
    Advantage: Long range prowess, battlefield communications, very charismatic, weapons knowledge, a strategist.
    Flaw: Little close combat skills, physically weak, bad at snap decision making, not immune to seeing death.
    Equipment: A PHASR VR6 (somewhat made up) laser rifle with a zoom heat sensing scope, a KRISS Vector pistol (not made up), and light armor.
    Background: Drew grew up in a family of 4 girls and 1 boy. Her parents were both from the military, with her father being an ex-general of the Terran Empire's Earthen Aircraft division, and her mother being a simple private. Her parents had met before they entered the military, and they had grown up together and gone to academy together. They were best of friends, and got quickly married right before they were both going in. On a leave of absence for them both, her mother got pregnant, and requested an honorable discharge from the military to raise a family. Drew was the third child born, with her sister Sharon being the oldest, her brother Winston being next, and her twin sisters Tina and Tara being last. Drew grew up with her mother teaching her children the basics of self defense, and every child went through academy. Drew was already enjoying sniping things with a sling shot as a child.
    Combat Style: Drew likes to stay out of sight and out of mind, right until she becomes the most dangerous person on the field and takes a liking to your head. Like a killer bee, no one really takes notice of her until it's too late.
    Personal Starfighter
    Name: Grey Fox
    Model: SS4 Whisper
    Class: Infiltrator
    -Shields: 2
    -Armour: 2
    -Speed: 4
    -Maneuverability: 4
    -Weaponry: Machine guns, One Plasma Lance
    -Special: Active-Camoflauge stealth system; cannot be used while charging plasma lance
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  8. I will be working on a cs in a bit.
  9. You can use either lasers or conventional weapons.
  10. @Tarieles
    To clarify, the only weapon type from the technology list you cannot use on foot is plasma weapons, as they have a massive energy requirement.
  11. So.... no lightsabers?
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  12. Lightsabers are way too dangerous anyway, if you think about it realistically.
  13. I know. I just had to ask because you said no plasma weapons :p
  14. Alrighty, gonna give her a laser rifle and a handgun, then.

    Almost done with her, will finish tonight.
  15. Feel free to send any invites to people who might be interested.
  16. [Shameless self-bump]

    Now I'm starting to realise that Iwaku is probably not the best place for an RP of this style.

  17. Why?
  18. Eh, from what I've seen, most people are usually interested in either fandom stuff or romance/slice of life stuff.

    Not to say the niches aren't there, but...

    Eh, I'm probably just being pessimistic.
  19. It has only been the first day, it usually takes a few for them to actually start up.

    If all else fails, you can up the character limit, and this can be a close knit RP.
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