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Aboard the Beowulf OOC/Signups

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    It is the year One Hundred Thirty Four in the Age of the Hunt;
    The streets of Doxa are no strangers to hustle and bustle, as the capital of the Doxan Empire, it sees massive amounts of activity every day as near countless people rush across the streets to and from their jobs and events. But on this day, the amount of Hustle and Bustle is multiplied by the inclusion of a single factor, and that factor was called The Beowulf. As the ship lowered gracefully to the ground, a side hatch opened with a sharp hissing noise, swinging down and clanking onto the metal ground. Down stepped the captain of this prestigious vessel, John Caine, as his mysterious first-mate watched from within. As John Caine met the crowd, he made his intentions clear; He was looking for his new crew.

    Hello and Welcome to "Aboard the Beowulf!" In this RP, players will be the newly hired crew of the DHV Beowulf; An airship designed to hunt the most dangerous creatures in the known world; Dragons. So now, I present to you, the lore of the world;
    The Lore of Teramagos
    We begin our story on a continent known as Teramagos, a land of ancient forests, tall mountains, plentiful islands, vast flat lands and strange creatures. But none are so strange or so fearsome, as the Dragon. Since an era long forgotten, the scattered tribes of Teramagos worshiped the dragons as gods and demons, with equal measures fear and reverence. But some three hundred years ago, the City-State of Doxa grew powerful, and expanded across the southern half of the continent. Thus the Doxan Empire was born. With this Empire came technological advancement, and as the industrial age came about, advancements in technology allowed the creation of weaponry strong enough to hunt and kill Dragons. Soon, the source of their power could be obtained; A strange material which would be named Philosopher's stone, which could be used in it's raw state for use in machines, or refined into fuel. And thus we are taken to the present day; in year one hundred and thirty four the Age of the Hunt.

    As the Hunt continues to this day, the Dragon's population remains seemingly unaffected...
    In this setting, a Dragon is best defined as a large reptilian creature with four legs and two wings. While remarkably intelligent, they are merely animals, and incapable of higher thought or communication. Additionally, their large size, territorial nature, and solitary lifestyle make them almost impossible to tame. They are a single species, but have countless permutations that almost ensures no two dragons are quite alike. Finally, the source of the Dragon's "magic" breath and flight capabilities is the Philosopher's stone that grows within the Dragon. It is believed that the Dragons have an ability to tap into the true potential of this material unlike any way a human can, allowing them to even alter gravity itself enough to allow them flight despite their large size. Due to their unique appearances, particularly powerful Dragons are often given nicknames by those they've terrorized. The average dragon is roughly fifteen metres long, and has an "elemental" breath ability that affects the properties of it's Philosopher's Stone in it's unrefined state.

    As the weak dragons fall to the guns and blades of the Hunters, the strong survive and prosper...
    The fauna of Teramagos is similar to that of our world, but with some key differences. There are few large mammals such as elephants or rhinos, as they would make too easy prey for dragons. Additionally, almost all carnivores have additional adaptation that allows them to hunt fish, as aquatic populations are rarely affected by most Dragons. To make a long story short, Dragons are super-predators, and the vast majority of creatures have evolved to cope with them.

    Dragons have no known relatives, and only they can produce Philosopher's Stone...
    Doxan Empire
    The Doxan Empire makes up the southern half of the continent of Teramagos. It is ruled by the most powerful City-State to the west, Doxa. The government is headed by an Emperor elected out of the selection of Nobles, and each city-state within the Empire can elect a Governor and a Representative from the populace. Life in the Doxan Empire can vary from city-state to city-state, though a powerful upper class is often a constant, and is often a source for instances of political unrest.
    The Capital City of Doxa itself looks a little something like this:
    Doxa Street #1
    ( Doxa Day.jpg )
    Doxa Street #2
    ( Doxa Rain.jpg )

    The people of the Doxan Empire follow a semi-monotheistic religion which is centered around a deity known as "The One" and a list of various Saints. A strange being symbolized by a monstrous crow is a source of misfortune.

    The Church is considering sanctifying the act of Hunting Dragons...
    Far North
    A network of scattered tribes that still worship Dragons inhabit the northern half of Teramagos. Due to being neither unified nor willing to hunt Dragons, the people of the Far North enjoy far less technological advancement. Conditions are usually harsh between them and the Doxans, ranging from a mere lack of trust, to open hostility, depending on the tribe. Their most advanced technology is what they are able to steal or scavenge from the Doxan Empire, and while they can be a hazard for Dragon-Hunters, they pose little threat to the Doxan Empire itself.
    Far North Town
    ( Far North Town.jpg )

    They worship Dragons as embodiments of nature, and believe that the killing of them angers the world itself.

    As the Dragons grow in ferocity, the Northerners grow desperate to appease their gods...
    Dragon Hunters
    Dragon Hunters are the beating heart of the modern day Doxan Empire, as the steady flow of dead Dragons is what keeps the wheels of progress turning. The act of Dragon Hunting is normally done from an airship. Please note; If the Dragon is struck with sufficient force, such as military grade artillery or face planting into the ground at terminal velocity; the Philosopher's Stone will overreact, and the Dragon will explode. As such, the Dragon must be hit with a special harpoon to prevent it from falling or escaping, and then fought with small weapons, from the deck of the airship. Higher class airships may use fighter planes to lure the Dragon closer, or distract it from the airship. There are high rates of serious injury and death. For official Dragon Hunting Vessels, they receive the prefix "DHV" before their name.
    Dragon Hunters have in fact created their own culture, which is an odd blend of knight and sailor.

    Without the Hunters, the machines of the Empire would cease to function, figuratively and literally...
    Ancient Civilization
    Odd placements of stone and vast underground networks provide evidence of a long-past civilization that puts Doxa to shame. Though any formation beyond their impressive stone-cutting ability and some connection to the Philosopher's Stone is lost to the ages. Many theories exist though...

    In carved stone, an age forgotten tells a story that may never be remembered...

    Now, for the setting of the majority of the adventure; The DHV Beowulf

    The Beowulf is an antique hunting vessel that has been re-fitted with more advanced armor, weapons, and propulsion.

    The Beowulf
    Top Deck
    On top of the balloon used to keep the Beowulf in flight is a large, flat deck containing a few things of note; An alternate position from which the ship can be controlled, a crow's nest, various mounted guns, and a small central building from which a spiral staircase leading down into the Balloon Deck can be accessed.
    Balloon Deck
    The Balloon itself contains more than simply philosopher's stone in a heated gas form, within the center of the balloon is another section of the ship, which is where John has elected to put the majority of the crew's quarters. The main halls to this deck is shaped like a cross, with the tunnels ending with large, sturdy windows at the forward, port, and starboard sides of the balloon. At the center of the cross, a large circular room contains the spiral staircase which connects it to the top deck. Various doorways all over the halls lead into bunk rooms, and at the back is John's quarters. Two smaller spiral staircases can be found just left and right of the large staircase, and these two lead down onto the flight deck.
    Flight Deck
    Just below the balloon is the flight deck, which is fashioned after those of more archaic sea-faring ships, albeit with more reinforcement. More powerful mounted guns can be found on this part of the ship, as they are less likely to be damaged in this area. Another set of controls to the ship can be found here.
    Bottom Deck
    Within the ship-portion of the Beowulf, the bottom deck can be found, which has two floors and spacious rooms. The first floor contains the Armory, tool shack, the navigation hall, the boiler room, and Alton's room. The Bottom floor contains the cargo hold, the brig, the mess hall, the kitchen, and the infirmary.

    Additional Information;
    The Following spot will be used for additional information as the story adds it.
    Additional Info
    Dorvakin: Language shared by the people of the Far North, unknown by the vast majority of Doxans.

    Character Sheets;

    *Maximum three characters.*

    Questions are encouraged and appreciated!
    Character list;
    John Caine - Dahrinn
    Enki - Dahrinn
    Shali - Daniel Reaver
    Ansgar- Rax Rosetta
    Lorn- Krimp
    Faye- Boo Girlie Boomboom
    Lainey- Boo Girlie Boomboom
    Corvyx- Jageroux
    Klavdiya- Forlackofabettername
    Vincent- Pestilence
    Arnulf- Ariamas

    NPC list;
    Alton Barnett.

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  2. Captain of the DHV Beowulf

    Name: John William Caine
    Age: 35


    John Caine is outgoing, greatly appreciating the fame that he has earned through Dragon Hunting, but tries not to let it get to his head. If anything, the massive amount of people making him out to be a noble, swashbuckling hero has actually pushed him in that direction, and he doesn't like to let people down. While generally he has a nice guy personality, when push comes to shove, he will take any necessary action to preserve The Beowulf and the majority of it's crew, and before he hires anyone new to Dragon Hunting, he makes their understanding clear of their chances of death.


    John Caine was born to a lower class family on the very outskirts of Doxa, as soon as he was able to, he applied for a job on the DHV Siggurd, where he worked as a cabin boy, and befriended a mysterious stowaway. When he showed promise, he would soon be promoted to being a full-fledged hunter, and was notable for courageous, if at times reckless, feats. It would be when a terrible beast, a black dragon with claws like swords, tore the balloon of the ship and sent it plummeting to the ground, that John Caine would prove his skill. He and the stowaway were the only two survivors of the crash, and among the burning wreckage, they stood against the dragon who would come to be named "Daggerfoot." The fight ended when a wounded John stuck a grenade to the side of the beast's head, giving a scar that would last forever, and driving it away. Once they finally made it back, being the only surviving crew member, John was given the entire payment, which was originally going to be shared among forty men. With this, John was able to buy an old antique airship, restore it to working order, and set off on his own adventures, with the mysterious stowaway, who would come to be called "Enki", as his first mate. Since then, John has led eighty five successful hunts, taking us to the present day.


    He's a good Captain, marksman, and fighter.

    His Cabin is filled with personal items and trophies from previous hunts. He has a custom-made rifle that uses refined philosopher's stone to charge the gun, which then fires a powerful explosive round. It is bold-action, top-loading, can hold seven rounds, and has a large bayonet.


    According to him, he hunts Dragons because he loves the adventure of it, and wants to help people.

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  3. First Mate of the DHV Beowulf

    Name: "Enki"
    Age: ?


    Enki is antisocial, analytical, and intimidating, though he is not unkind

    Little is known of Enki before he was the stowaway aboard the DHV Siggurd, but he has loyally hunted by John's side for John's entire career as a captain, and is responsible for saving John's life on more than one occasion.

    Enki is a hell of a fighter.


    Enki has a modern cutlass, a more archaic great-sword, a double barreled shotgun, and a grappling gun.

    Keep as many people alive as possible.

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  4. NPCs
    This will be the sheets for important NPCs.​
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  5. Name:



    Cold, ruthless, strong, not easily broken, never gives up, curious and hotheaded, determined in all that she does, despite being so good at her skills she's often thick headed which makes her forget things and slip up.

    Shali grew up in the deepest parts of the mountain tribes, with being the daughter of the chief of her tribe they have all had high expectations for her and she has happily surprised them. Being there best hunter, greatest fighter, most loyal to there gods (the dragons). She has done everything for her tribe and religion

    Master archer, spearman, stealth, master hunter, master at gorilla warfare

    (Pronunciation: Door-va-kin)
    The tounge of the northern tribes, few can translate and understand the Language, mostly only scholars who have dedicated there loves to the study. Or descendants of old tribal families that left there
    Old Ways to be in the new age (Basically if you've played skyrim it's the tongue of the dragons in that game)


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  6. Alright, I'll try and have a CS up soon, sure as sure.
  7. Shali is accepted.

    Though I'm not quite sure if absolutely nobody would be able to translate the Far Northern language, most likely, a small amount of people, either scholars or Far North descendant families would still know the language.
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  8. Does 'human raised by dragon' go against this world's lore?
  9. Unfortunately I don't think such a scenario would be possible.
  10. Took a bit longer then planned, but here he is.​


    Ansgar Staudinger






    Ansgar is the picture of rational and calm in all things, often being the only thing between a patient surviving a narrow encounter with an angry Dragon, and being buried or lost during a hunt, and feeling he cannot afford to lose his cool and panic. As such, he tends to stand in the back, watching and offering advice towards those that would listen, and dragging the young bucks that get in way over their heads back to safety with a biting remark or generally snide aside, chastising them for their reckless or foolish behavior, though not nearly as harshly if born from inexperience. Otherwise he tends to enjoy talking in riddles and not giving straight answers, much to the chagrin of those around him, taking full advantage of the fact that, as some might say, he is indeed far too old to be still doing this for a living.


    Despite his quieter and calmer demeanor now, Ansgar spent quite a few years as quite the vagabond and renegade, having gone so far as to fly with pirate crews as often as Hunting crews. During such formative years he would learn the way to fight both Dragon and his fellow men, as the pirates rarely could be picky in what they targeted to make ends meet. He was a younger man, brazen and bold with no regard for the lives of anyone or anything, and his attire reflected as such, more armored and less concerned with mobility and staying out of sight. However, such things hardly lasted and he found himself abandoned and left for dead by the pirates that he had fought so hard for, and what did the crew of hunters do to the half dead pirate abandoned to them? Took the young man in and aid in the recovery of his injuries suffered during his attempt to slaughter them for plunder. It was a profound moment, and he found himself apprenticing under that crew's doctor, learning how to heal instead of kill.

    Of course, the time came for him to part ways with the crew that saved him, and he would spend over twenty years drifting from hunter crew to hunter crew, refining his craft as both doctor and hunter of Dragons. Of course, he never told the true story of his past, each crew hearing another story spun, from being orphaned at a young age and raised by Hunters, to being the pariah or scion of some noble family that could bear not the shame of a disfigured child. The story changed as often as the direction of the ships he served on, creating tension at times when he would refuse to tell the truth of his past. It made pinning motivations unclear and difficult, creating a constant time shifting and moving from place to place. Moving on from those he had sacrificed much saving was as natural as fighting and breathing, and he has no qualms about leaving or expectations that his time aboard the Beowulf will be permanent.


    Rapid First Aid, Triage, Surgical and general medical knowledge
    Oddly talented shot with his pistol and a not so surprising surgical precision with blades
    Deceptive Speed and Strength, conditioned from many long years hunting dragons on ships of most makes and models
    Can pinpoint the weak spots in most common makes and models of Airship, and pick out the weak points in pirate vessels especially


    Personal Chest containing various medicinal supplies, including surgical equipment too large to carry on his person.
    Large bag with medical supplies to respond to injuries and stabilize prior to surgery
    Personal Diary/Medical Records
    Family heirloom Swordcane
    Old repeating revolver


    Unclear, though if asked, claims that he is merely there to preserve the lives of the next generation of hunters.


    The background he presents to his fellow hunters, the truth of the matter, and whether anyone believes him or not rarely align, creating a natural distrust from other hunters.
    Often prefers to merely be referred to as 'Doc'​
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  11. Ok sorry I'll change it
  12. I'm interested in joining, but would written description be okay for the appearance section?
  13. Go ahead.
  14. Ansgar is accepted.
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  15. At the moment I'm working on my character, but I have some other questions. Would underground crime be something that would occur in the Doxan Empire? Would there be things similar to mafias? Or, say, for instance, high-class families with many criminal connections that want to get things done without getting their own hands dirty.
  16. Name:

    Yvelorna 'Lorn' Tratweil

    Age: 24




    Friendly, but mistrusting. Experience has taught her that betrayal and cruelty are easier to spot when met with a smiling face. Quick to laugh and open to conversation, Lorn nonetheless seldom seems totally at ease in the company of others.


    Born third daughter to a somewhat prestigious family of the northern reaches of Doxa, the Lady Yvelorna was destined for a life of embroidery, gossip, and - one day - marriage. But young Lorn was never interested in any of that garbage, and sneaked away from the watchful eye of her mother as often as possible to shadow Quintus, the estate's mechanic and repairman. At the age of sixteen the spirited girl convinced Quintus to help her move to the capital and apprentice under a well known mechanic, insisting she understood that such an action would lead to being disowned by her family.

    For six years she learned under a master of engineering and mechanics, learning much about the ways of machines. The master's workshop was always bustling, and Lorn proved a more than able hand; before too long, she was getting personal commissions herself. Her future changed one unfortunate day: escorting a load of minerals from the outer reaches of Doxa, her master's airship was struck down by pirates, leaving no survivors.

    Two years have passed since that day. Since Lorn lost her lodgings and her livelihood, and had to resort to life on the streets. She ekes out a living doing odd repair jobs and selling her tinkerings, but you have to be quick if you want to keep what you make. Lorn is quick now, and knows how to keep an eye out for trouble.


    Machine repair and maintenance; schematic reading and mathematics
    Familiarity with large scale weaponry, such as that found on DHV's and other Doxan aircraft.
    Small and nimble; fast, and able to squeeze into hard to reach places
    Sucker punch; life on the street has taught Lorn to hit hard, and hit first.​


    Only her toolkit, which is both her prize possession and source of income. Large, metal-plated, triple-locked and surprisingly heavy (considering how small Lorn is to be carrying it around), it contains an assortment of tools, useful bits of machinery and her tinkerings, as well as various small personal effects in a hidden compartment.

    Motivation: To become renowned enough to reopen her old master's shop.

    Other: Lorn is used to all sorts of life-threatening terrors, and knows how to deal with them. Dragons, though? She's never actually seen one before.​
  17. So when are we starting??
  18. Yvelorna Tratweill is accepted.

    Organized crime does exist within the expanse of the Doxan Empire, and I don't think it would be hard to imagine some power-hungry nobles taking advantage, or being taken advantage of, because of that.

    @daniel reaver
    I kinda want to wait for more crew-mates.
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  19. Name:
    “Faye Madsen”




    Talks too much, Talks too loud, Talks before brain can filter out 90% of what she ends up saying, but can be amiable, good natured enough and sometimes even just plain ol' sweet. Rather too friendly and flirty with the ladies, but still respects boundaries... wellllll kinda' sorta' cuz she is a Thrill-seeker afterall. Winks and smirks with Devil may care shine, she shrugs instead of saluting to authority, High risk/reward mentality, but always aware of how to improve when she survives her acts of sheer stupidity bravery. Oh and she likes things that go BOOM!

    "I am from a Northern Area. Sumplace Town, Nobodycares Province. I was raised military. But not in the North. No. I was sold because my old family was too poor. I got lucky. I could have ended up in a Pirates den, but instead I was raised on some giant DHV by me new Mum. When I was still wee I learned to fix fighter pods because me new Mum showed me how. And! They taught me how to shoot things and blow thing up cuz... welllll, Faye likes to make things go BOOM! whether or not the Admiral approved. Hahahah..! Ahem. But yes, our DHV, it was so big many families lived on it. Even Complainy Lainey was there! But alas, then sadly we 'crashed' one day. Mummy did not survive. Neither did sisterhood. We split apart.

    I was re-commissioned on other boats pulling stints as a Main Gunner and Munitions Expert. Ended up on a high paying mining transporter gig with my big, red, sexy sister! Oi! Know what? She used to wet her underpants quite often... hahahah...! Ahem. Anyways... So then we lost a fight against a SkyPirate attack. They were good. There were two of them against our freighter. They took and conscripted the services of the skilled and worthy. They 'Peregrined' the rest. When the opportunity was ripe, I grabbed Lainey and we escaped. And so we managed to find our way onto this outfit. Yes, that happened as accurately as I remember. Soooo...yes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Sir."

    DHV trained Gunner, Small fighter craft mechanic, Pilot (multiple types of craft), Ariel Combat trained/specialty, Expert Paratrooper, Basic Hand-to-hand, small arms trained/ long range expertise, demolitions/explosives specialty, alchemical weaponry tinkerer, sketching, eagle-eyes, SkyPirate knowledge.

    Change of clothes, standard side-arm, ammunition, survival knife, fluffy slippers, spyglass, Mother's heirloom pendant, old and worn mech tools/grease, sketchbook.

    Work and make money. Take the Beowulf when in proximity of the “Cove.” Get Mother before one years time. Gather, Retaliate, Win. "Winter is coming, and she is One Cold Bitch."

    She has not told anyone she is a fighter pilot or paratrooper. Pretty tough for her size, 5'4" and solid, but has a good cry in private everyso often. She becomes aloof even agitated when pushed about her past.


    “ Lainey Fontaine-Madsen”




    Polite, but not overly friendly. Intelligent, but a bit socially awkward. Meticulous and Efficient, but a bit too vocal in Criticism and Over-Achieving. Respects authority and aims to please; carries out orders to a tee... even if it irks her crewmates. Sometimes gets a bad case of the giggles at strange moments.

    "I'm from Drivenville, South Cospin. I was raised by my Father, Emery Fontaine. He was an archaeologist and expert speech pathologist professor. While growing up, we visited many strange cultures near and far. He was killed when the SkyPirates boarded our vessel. I was rescued by the DHV Chastaine, where my biological mother worked. It was here where I met my rather... pesky, loud, irritating, annoying, loud, pyromaniac, verbose, loud and annoying adopted sister, Faye. Did I tell you that she is loud? But she was good with her ken and do, I guess, since she taught me mechanic skills. But soooo not my calling. Me, I learned to take the Helm when I was old enough. And I excelled. But they knew I already had my wings far before my time to shine. But then we crashed and lost Mummy. I was devastated since I now had lost both parents. And so Faye and I parted ways.

    I went back to exploration and even took jobs as Helmslady to support myself. I actually met up again with my sister, since she found this lucrative high paying job. I was the Helmslady of that fateful freighter. The SkyPirates... they took us... and the others... and the things they did... I... I do not wish to ever relive those moments, so please do ask Faye about it and our escape. My sister is loud, annoying, too verbose, and loud but I owe her my very life. I would not be here as a recruit if not for her. "

    DHV trained Helmslady, Small fighter craft mechanic, Pilot (multiple types of craft), Ariel Combat trained/specialty (Ace), Paratrooper, Expert Hand-to-hand/weapons fighting, small arms trained, Communications expert, Multi-lingual, SkyPirate knowledge.

    Change of clothes, standard side-arm, ammunition, survival knife/kit, Journal/pens, dual lensed spyglass, Mother's heirloom pendant, beauty kit.

    Return to her old life and pay old debts. Do whatever it takes to get Mother. "Winter is coming, and she is One Cold Bitch."

    She has not told anyone she is an ace pilot. Near 6 foot tall, and always seems to keep coveed up, but she is rather well-built underneath the layers of clothes; surprisingly strong and quick. She refuses to talk about her recent past with the SkyPirate encounter.



    If you're still accepting I'd love to drop off an appie♥♥!!​
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  20. Still accepting.
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