You Are Mine Now

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  1. blondegirl05.jpg Annie was in the back of the shop, chains on her arms, and legs. Yes she wasn't human. She was indeed a witch. She was asleep still though she had never thought about ever being a slave until now. sleeping with her legs to the side nicely. she was wearing one of those Belly dancing outfit , she sighed still sleeping there were noises. She thought that her being kidnapped was just a dream. Oh but no it wasnt. As she woke up from someone's footsteps. She opened her cyan eyes. Looking around. Where was she?? Her eyes widened she gripped the bars they were so cold. She gulped and said, " LET ME GO!" But there was a guard near her, walking over to her. She thought he was going to let her out. Her eyes widened and said, " Please.." But then this laser thing had touched her bare skin on her side of the middle of the stomach she gasped as the shock went through her body causing her to let go of the bars. It shocked her. She gasped. As the cage swung. She gasped retreating to the nearest corner. She gulped she was really scared now.. Pulling her legs up to her chest and hugging them she put her head between the crack of her knees whimpering softly...
  2. Gemini walked into the supposedly best store in town. It was full of some many beautiful and shiny things. Clothes that are too expensive for the normal common folk. But luckily to his advantage he was a warlock and could gain money through simple manipulation. He strolled over to one of the counters, taking his time to look at the clothes and accessories. A clerk addressed him, "Hello sir. How may I assist you today?" Gemini looked at the young man, "Hello I am interested in purchasing some of your 'special imports'" The clerk eyed Gemini, "Let me go talk to my manager." A few minutes later the clerk came back with another man, who spoke with a deep gruff voice, "Hello sir. I hear you are interested in our special imports. please follow me." And Gemini did. He was led to a secluded part of the store. There stood a shelf and behind that shelf a locked steel door. The manager unlocked the door and led Gemini farther down into the basement. "Take you pick sir." Said the manager gesturing."
  3. Annie had sighed and when she heard voices she blinked.. She twitched and then kicked the cage door, " I Said let me out! I have duties and people to please!! " She sighed slightly. Shaking her head, but then she seen the guy coming towards her she tried to get out, " Please no!! " she whimpered. She hated this. She wanted out. She gulped and then looked to hear some people. She didnt know what to do. She wanted to be out though. She gulped putting her feet through the bars.
  4. Gemini passed by a cell holding a girl that was yelling and screaming that she wanted out. He stopped, he was intrigued by this girl. "Her" he said, "I want her." The guard went over to open the door to the cell.
  5. Annie's eyes widened she said, " n-no!! " she frowned as her cell was opened she looked at it a and made it close, " NO!" She frowned, ' Not him, I dont want him" she crossed her arms. She hated him. She then tried to transport she gasped feeling a shock. She had whimpered, she looked at the manager who was glaring at her frowning she tightened her hold.
  6. The manager grabbed the girl and dragged her to a room in the back that was sound proof and locked by a steel door. Gemini followed and just watched as the girl was put in shackles on her ankles and wrists. She was supened about and inch of the gound. "Need anything else today sir." Gemini had a look of evil in his eyes, "No that will be all thank you."
  7. Annie screamed as she was dragged she glared. She hated this. then feeling shackles on her ankles and wrists she frowned, she finally played with her hair. She didn't know what to do. She gulped and wondered. She bit her lower lip as she thought. Maybe there was a way out... she gulped as she thought she fixed herself so she was on her knees. She sighed. Putting her hands in her lap. Acting innocent. But she was thinking of a spell.
  8. Gemini walked over to a chain that was laying on the ground. He pulled it and up the prisoner went suspending her in the the air about an inch off the ground pulling her hands up. He stomach was exposed. He walked over the a table that had some torture implements on it. He looked over the items and decided upon a pure leather whip. He cracked it a few times on the ground then looked at the girl.
  9. Annie gasped, When she felt her being lifted up fro the ground she kicked but then she stayed there she tried to touch the ground but she couldnt. She looked down her belly dancing outfit just laying on her skin gently. She gulped and she seen all of these devices. Her eyes widened and when he seen the whip she tried to get out , twisting her wrists. She then closed her eyes and she tried to make it drop with her witch powers seeing it drop she screamed , " You wont ever touch me!" She glared. She knew this was in the slave shop, maybe he wont take her home.. Maybe.. Let's just hope for the best...
  10. Gemini say the whip drop from his hands by not fault of his own. He knew she had power at that point which made him want her more. He stepped over to her leaving the whip, "I won't touch you huh?" He took his hand and rubbed it against her bare skin and then for fun he shot a little electricity from his palm to her skin. Then using a little more magic he called the whip to his hand.
  11. Annie looked at him and said, " Yeah, you wont" and when he began to walk toward her she gulped and then feeling his hand on her stomach. Oh no. she didnt want to be. Cause she is pregnant... about a half of a month then when she felt the electricity went through her she screamed in pain she felt tears.. She said, " N-no.. please don't do this.. " she frowned and then tried to get out. She didnt know what to do. the electricity felt like it was still running through her body she continued to scream in pain..
  12. Gemini had that evil smile on his face. He began to run electricity through the whip. It cracked even louder when he tried it this time. "Oh don't worry I will be gentle." He sent the end of the whip sailing at her and crack against her arm. Electricity shot from the whip.
  13. Annie's blonde hair fell in front of her face. She gasped and looked down and when she seen the electricity in the whip she tired to get out she screamed as it hit her. and then electricity went through her body , she continued to scream. " P-please stop..." she frowned and then looked at him feeling one single tear fall from her left eye. " I'm begging you, please stop i'll do anything you ask me too just please stop"
  14. Gemini continued to smile, "This is what i ask of you." His deep seathing voice sounded like it was coming from a far. It had all the nasty qualities of a snake to it. He sent the whip flying again, this time to her leg. On this go he shot freezing cold through the whip. and crack it struck her leg.
  15. Annie gasped as she felt another hit. She said, " N-no!!!" she frowned and then felt the cold she gasped.. She gulped and then wondered She bit her lower lip and sighed. She didn't know what to do. She gulped. She then looked at him as more tears ran down her eyes she then made it go out of his hand again, But pink glowing stuff around it, It sparkled and it hand small red hearts around in the mist. She made it drop to the floor, then the mist and hearts went away fading slowly. She tried to transport but she couldn't she whimpered. She screamed..
  16. Gemini was having fun with this one she could put up a little bit of a fight. "Fine I see you don't like this whip. Well then let me get another." He walked over to the table and picked up a rope that had a sharp blade at the end of it. "How bout this? Would you rather play with this?" He began laughing as he sent it flying towards her other arm. It sliced her at the shoulder.
  17. Annie closed her eyes tightly and she felt something slice her shoulder, She screamed really loud. She was scared. She said, " Stop please" she frowned she was so hurt right now blood poured out of her shoulder really fast. She gulped biting her lower lip. wondering. She sighed slightly. Biting her lower lip, she sighed. She then said.." Please" she was beginning to get weaker, just slightly.
  18. Gemini decided to answer her pleas by attacking again. He shot the rope dart at her uninjured leg. The dart pierced the inside of her thigh and he dragged it out causing the cut to open wider. He barely missed the arty that lie just beneath the inner thigh.
  19. Annie gasped. she screamed as she felt herself all beat up and her leg tore. She frowned and then looked down. She knew that there was no way to stop him All she can do was scream and whine about what he does... She sighed slightly. she gulped and wondered.
  20. "Oh what this now, no more pleas for freedom. That's no fun." Gemini said jokingly. He put the rope dart down and knocked on the door. A eye hole slide open, "So?" a voice said from beyond the door. Gemini smiled, "Ill taker her at full asking price." A man came in and unlatched the girl. He took another set of shackles and put them around her ankles and wrist with a chain that connected to one shackle around her waist. Gemini looked up, "My car is out in the alley I will meet you out there." The other man nodded, "Very good sir." Gemini went out through the store and out back to the alley. The other man took and pulled the girl through a dark hallway that led to the alley. Gemini opened the car door and the other man shoved the young girl in. Gemini followed. "To the house." HE told the driver.