Worlds Of Possiblity (Fantasy/Scifi/everything Adventure)

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  1. OOC/Sign ups is Open: Worlds Of Possiblity, A scifi/fantasy/action adventure

    What if our world was not the only one? What if some worlds had stopped where we had continued, What if some had grown where we had called it witchcraft? What if there were billions upon billions of worlds out there? And each world was a fantasy to us? and to them we are just a fantasy?

    Well, I'm going to tell you its all true. Each and every world, each fantasy, each story, each adventure happened somewhere. to someone.

    In a world, Somewhere, something has happened, You don't know what. why would you? its not on your world. But what you do know is that you feel a prickling on your skin as you drift off to sleep, the air smells of lightning, and when you awake you are no longer home. you are worlds away and someone needs you, someone on this world needs you. Will you say yes?

    The idea here is that people can bring characters they like from almost any universe, They have to have a reference point, but don't have to be cannon, A example of this would be a Dragon Rider, There are plenty of examples of Dragon Riders in stories. But it dosn't have to be Hiccup from the HTTYD series, or Eragon from the Inheritance cycle. Any 'era' is allowed, be it scifi, steampunk, high fantasy, low fantasy. It must have a refrencable source, and not come from the 'banned universes' list. They will be set on a adventure of some kind, challenges will be encountered and overcome, foes will be faced and bested. and who knows, maybe friendships will be forged between people from different worlds.

    Other than that there a few things:
    Banned Universes, These are Universes that allow for either very little in the way of variation from character to character, Or most characters from there would become grossly overpowered, Some are also banned to avoid 'fandom arguments'. Some universes have specific banning's while others are blanket bans. There are also 'General' bannings, which are non universe specific, but are done to cover other bases.

    Blanket Bans:
    HP Lovecraft (See God/God Like Creatures)

    Specific Bannings:
    Non-Sentient Creatures
    Zerg (Starcraft)
    Tyranids (WH40k)
    Deamons (WH40k)
    Xenomorphs (Ailen)
    Anything Akin to the above (Hive mind, consume all ect)
    Any of the 'Forbidden/Forgotten' Magics from Fairy Tail
    Pokemon Trainers
    Legendary Pokemon

    General Bannings:
    Any and all 'God' or 'God Like' Creatures.
    Anything that can Warp Time Or Reality
    Anything Akin to the Zerg/Tyranids (Hive mind, consume all ect)

    The above list is subject to updating

    I know these banns seem restrictive and limiting. but there is A LOT of worlds out there for you to chose from. just go look at some stuff. bet you'll find it.
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  2. Ooh, I might be interested.
  3. You might wanna ban Steven Universe too.

    Hmmm... Pokemon Trainers are disallowed, but how about Digimon Tamers?
  4. Digimon Trainers are actually ok, well, excluding any 'capture' abilities, The reason I disallowed Pokemon trainers is they can have up to 6 pokemon, which in my eyes counts as 7 characters, also Then would come the argument of pokemon abilities, stats, weak and strong against, what the team is made up of. Basicly they are banned due to making things way more complex than they have to be. Digimon however is only 1 digital 'monster' which is totally ok.

    I'll look in to the Steven Universe. Looked in to it, Its one of those I'll have to keep an eye on, I won't ban it for now on the premise that it seems to be useable, but if anyone starts throwing around main characters and insisting that having the ability to create treents on demand is balanced I'll hit it with a ban hammer.
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  5. Making a character up is ok? How about a keyblade master? And or squire
  6. As stated above, So long as it has a 'cannon' basis (Eg our dragon rider example) you can use it, You could have a Keyblade weilder yes. however you couldn't have someone who switched between keyblades on demand in a split second, as it hasn't been shown to be cannon. Also, follower characters won't be happening, so yeah, you could have a master knight, or high lord, but they arn't going to be arriving with their retinue in tow.

  7. Well I am definetly interested
  8. Awesome, one more person and I'll set to on the OOC, though I'd idealy like to have 2 more people
  9. Although Lovecraft (which just so happens to be the inspiration for every horror story I've written) is banned, I'd be more than than willing to join.
  10. I banned Lovecraft because last time I ran this someone killed it by deciding they wanted to play Cthulhu and fucked everyone over several times in the first few posts. If you can give me a lovecraftian creature/horror that WOULDN'T break everyone, I might consider it. but I consider myself pretty well versed in Lovecraftian lore.

    Working on OOC!
  11. Well, I'm not going to argue about non overpowered Lovecraftian beings, because the whole part of Lovecraft is to make us realize how useless we are against these cosmic beings. But playing as Cthulhu is a little silly, if you ask me.

    What I would love to do is play as Silent Bob. Being taken away from his loud mouthed Jay, and thrust into adventure, forced to use his secret inelect and problem solving. Sure, he is a silent character and would probably only talk once during the roleplay, but do you think he would be a banned character?
  12. wouldn't fall on the the banned list but the lack of power/skill might end up with them in REAL trouble. seeing as who knows what they may face.
  13. Silent Bob is a bit more of a humurous character. He could also be his superhero persona, Chronic, with his ability to use the Blunt-Saber. But I dunno, I'll keep thinking if Silent Bob wouldn't be the best.
  14. Well last time I did this, I had a Steampunk/soviet mech, a space marine, Gandalf, Professor X, and Iron man, Oh and a Necromancer who kept getting told off for resurrecting the badguys.
    Well not exactly all the above, but pretty much re-hash's there of to avoid the 'no cannon' rule.
  15. Sounds like D&D gone horribly wrong....or completely right.
  16. Well, we got off about 600 pages before we closed shop because all the characters decided 'fuck going home, we like it here'
  17. The longest one of my roleplays has ever been is ten pages, so I'm really hoping that this roleplay could get that long.
  18. Depends how good people are. but I hope so to.
  19. My laptop crapped out on me, so I'm stuck on a tablet for now, so I can't write novel posts, but I'll write to the best of my abilities. My writing sample was done on a tablet, if you want to check that out.
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