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  1. October let out a sigh as she ets her backpack down beside her and plops into her chair. She attempts to ignore the pain in her shoulder by talking to her fellow friends around her before the bell would ring... her father really got her good last night now she has horrible deep dark purple bruises on her shoulder in the shape of fingerprints... but of course no one else sees them because of the the jacet she is wearing.... she cannot wait to get out of this hell hole... and never return. Her train of thought was interrupted when the bell rung and a familar face walked through the door...
  2. Katsumi was walking out of his own class a little happier than he normally was, but he still kept his calm and reserved posture. The day had gone relatively well without much trouble as of yet and thankfully school wasn't posing to be too hard for him, he looked around envying the friends others were currently chatting away at, something he quite clearly was lacking, but he still had yet to find a reason to make any. Then, someone in the crowds made him cringe a little, October, they were almost like rivals to one another, he just stood there watching her carefully not sure what to do.
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  3. October let out a sigh feeling a little irritated that he was staring at her. She frowned slightly crossing her arms in her chair, "Will you quit staring at me?"
  4. As soon as October talked Katsumi knew his day was about to take a nose dive "Sorry." he practically mumbled starting to walk past her, he really wanted to get home today, and didn't want to argue at the moment... But she was really starting to test him.
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  5. October scowled slightly and looked away. These two have been rivals for as long as she can remember. They always seemed to be at each others throats.... October doesnt exactly remember what caused this rivarly but now a days she doesnt really think about it... she just decided to keep disliking him..
    As if on cue her best friend Emily leaned close enough to Ocobers ear and whispered, "What is it exactly that you two fought about that make you dislike each other so much?" The blond haired girl looked at October. October groaned softly and whispered, "He is just a jerk..." TuAll the students were waiting for the English teacher Mrs.Robins to come into the classroom... it was unusual tfor Mrs. Robin o be late to her own class...
  6. Katsumi looked away with a frustrated sigh and sat down at a desk as far away from her as he could... The day seemed to go by slower than usual, not to mention their teacher was actually rather late... "And the day started off so well..." He thought with a sigh as he leaned back in his chair and waited for their teacher to start the class with great curiousity. If the teacher was unusually late, what could have caused it? Perhaps it was some sort of emergency? A mere accident? Or maybe it was because she was planning something... Whatever it was, Katsumi was getting rather edgy about it, he had a bad feeling about this whole event.
  7. Emily shrugged not trying to push the issue any further, she looked around, " Where is Ms. Robin?"
    October shrugged, "Thats what I was thinking actually... usually if she is late... that means she is planning something for us."
    " Oh goodie" Emily sighed and said sarcastically.
    As if on cue the teacher came in with a big box, October arched an eyebrow, "Sorry I am late class!" she says as she sets the books box on her desk . The class just looked at her strangly. She looked at her students, smiled and clapped her hands together, "Well today I will assign you guys a project which will be a big part of your grade. And I will also assign you guys a partner." TThis is when October begis to get a badfeeling in the pit of her stomach.
  8. Katsumi was feeling more than a little nervous by now as the teacher announced this, it wasn't the project itself that bothered him, but rather the partner he may be assigned... He glanced around the room looking around at everyone, even Octobre before slumping down into his chair. This was amazingly the first time he'd had something like this happen to him, and something within him told him luck was most definitely not on his side, his eyes remained on Ms. Robin as he waited, on edge, for her to start assigning partners.
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  9. As she passed books to each student she said, "These are all William Shakespear book, you all have a month to memorize lines... you will be performing what I give you. The class groans as a unsion. Then came Octobers turn... she looked at the title: 'Romeo and Juliet' ok... now who would be her partner? October did notice Ms. Robin gave her an evil smirk when she handed her her book... but it was to only her. Once all the books were givinen to each student she went to the front of the room and smiled, "Ok now I want you all to get up and search for the person that has the same book you do... ready... go! " and like that everyone got up and did as they were told. October took her time to get out of her chair to search for her partner.
  10. When Ms. Robin handed him his own book, he read the title "Romeo and Juliet" "Now... Who's got the other copy?" he thought to himself as he scanned the room more thoroughly this time... Not seeing anyone in the immediate area, he started walking carefully through the class sticking to the places where the least people gathered, but after countless minutes of searching, he still hadn't found the person he was supposed to be partnered up with. Running out of possibilities, he got a sinking feeling in his stomach as he finally turned towards Octobre, and sure enough... She had the other copy.
  11. Of course October searched but no luck... the bad feeling sunk deeper into her stomach... what if... it was Katsumi.... oh please no. With one big exhale she turned around and sure enough there he was. Then her eyes went down to the book he was holding... and sure enought the feeling sunk deeper. OuHer jaw dropped at the shock of all this and everyone seemed to have saught on to the idea that they were partnered upEveryone at the school knew they despised each other even the teachers! What was Ms. Robin thinking?! The students began whispering to one another. October then mentally shook her head, "You have got... to be kidding." She then looked at Ms. Robin, "Did you do this by accident?"
    There was that smirk again, "No." Ms. Robin said.
    "You do realize.... that you might kill each other right."
    Ms. Robin leamed back in her chair, "That has crossed my mind... but you two this little feud you have going on is getting rediculous... its about time you two learn to get along. "
    October sighed, "Its not that bad..." she said obviously lying.
    The teacher looked at gave her a 'are you kidding me?' face then said, "Remember last week you slammed your locker door at Katsumi's face because of a 'little' argument you two had?"
    October pouts slight and mumbles, "Not my fault his face was in the way..."
  12. Katsumi rubbed his nose a little as Ms. Robin brought up that particular incident, thankfully it didn't really leave a bruise or anything, but it was still a little tender. As much as he hated the concept of working together with October, he knew there wasn't any way around it, when Ms. Robin gets an idea like this, she's stubborn about it. "Let's just get it over with..." He said shaking his head a little, he feared Ms. Robin might actually pair them together again, or even extend their pairing if they argued too much. As embarassing as this was already, he figured complaining about it would only make it worse...
  13. As much as October hated to admit it... she agreed with Katsumi. Better to just get it over with.... just a month right. Eventually October said, "Fine... deal I suppose."
    Ms. Robin smiled, "Good glad you two are on bored."
    October was tempterd to make a smart ass comment but held it back... not the time or place. then she speaks up, " Ok so the remander of the class I want you all to sit by your partner and go through what you know about the book and set up a time when you can practice this outside of school. " October just nod s and heads to two desk and makisetting them to where the were facing each other. October sat down and waiting for Katitsumi to sit in the seat across from her.
  14. Before Katsumi could object to what Ms. Robin said, she started speaking again, giving them the rest of the instructions for this particular assignment, and afterwards he turned his attention back to October, but he didn't make eye contact with her. He waited rather awkwardly for a bit until to his surprise October faced them towards each other, and sat down expecting him to sit down too... It almost made him feel guilty he didn't help with it, almost. After a brief moment of hesitation, he sat down in the seat across from her staying quiet, he wondered who was going to start this conversation.
  15. October knew this kid was socially awkward so she knew she would have to do the talking which she usually does anyways. She is just an outgoing person... but she should force herself to play nice. She wouldnt want to have topartner up with him ever again. She looked at the book for a moment then at him this time she had that bright smile she usually gives to everyone else but him, "Hey so Katsumi do what do you know about tbis book?"
  16. "Well..." Katsumi went silent for a moment trying to recall if he could remember anything about the book, he definitely remembered reading it when he was much younger, but he wasn't so sure what it was about. Then after the brief moment of silence he spoke again "It was about two people from rival families who fell in love..." he said stopping there, attempting to recall the rest. "That's all I can remember." He added after the second pause, unfortunately, it's been too long since he'd last read this book, so he didn't remember too much about it.
  17. October leans back in her chair looking at his face.... unlike him she could actually look at someone in the eye and not be awkward about it. She continued to smiled, "Yeah I remember that two... I also seem to recall that they both ended up dying at the end... Juliet thought Romeo was dead when he really wasnt he just wanted to trick everyone so he could run away with Juliet... I always seem to remember Juliet found him, thought he actuallhy was dead and killed herself... then Romeo woke up found her dead and did the same..." she shrugged, "That basically all I remember." she winced slightly when she shrugged... she almost forgot about the bruises...
  18. Katsumi just nodded, noticing October wince a little as she shrugged but didn't think too much about it, though not sure what else to talk about, he figured they should set a time they could meet up and practice. They could figure out what their lines are when that happens "W-where do you want to practice?" he asked all of a sudden stuttering a little, this wasn't normal of him, but then again, neither was hanging out with a long term rival... However he knew someone would have to ask that question sooner or later.
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  19. She did notice his slight stutter, which he never does, but decided to not bring it up. Then she thought about his question for a moment... his house definetly. She wanted to avoid him going to her house as long as possible...although she knew sooner or later he would have to... just not right now. She smiled once more, "Well my house isnt the best place for today... how about your house? Is that ok?" she said calmly.
  20. Katsumi gave October another nod indicating he was alright with it, he wasn't very enthusastic about this as he liked to think of his home as a safe haven, but things might turn out alright... He didn't want to intrude on someone elses home if they preferred not to, even if that someone happened to be one of his worst enemies. Though she didn't seem so bad now that she's less aggressive to him... "Perhaps there's a different side to her..." As he saw her smile to him for the first time since he could remember, Katsumi shook his head a little, he didn't have time to worry about these things, or at least not right now.
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