White Grace

Masa hesitated in telling her anything about herself, and was relieved when she asked her something else. "Yes. Talking with her now would be better than sometime later." She said.
"Would you like to come or no?" She asked while getting up.
Masa shook her head at Keli. "This isn't any of my business. You should do this alone." She said.
"Alright.. But, stay here. I'll be back." She said lightly.
She nodded and sat down on the bed, looking around the room a little. It was strange to sleep up off the ground for her, given that in Japan, they slept on futons all the time. More nobler families used platform beds though, but they didn't come up off the floor as much as this bed did. "Go on." Masa said, seeing that Keli hasn't left yet.
Travis knocked on the window of Keli's room and trying to see in.
Keli walked over to the window and helped Travis in. "Is something wrong?" She asked him
"There was a fire on the way to my house and no way to get around it so I need a place to stay" he explained Hopping down from the window sill "And doors are not fun"
She giggled softly. "Alright, come in Travis. It'll be a huge slumber party!" She said ecstatically while giggling.
He smiled and laughed with her "Lead the way" Travis said
"Keli...aren't you forgetting something?" Masa asked, looking over at her. She was reminding her that she needed to have a chat with Memento.
"I'll wait here instead" He said motioning for Keli to do whatever she needed to do
"Oh.. Yeah. I uhm.. Okay." She said hesitantly. She walked over into Memento's room. She glanced over the door to see her writing. Should she do this? She thought. She pushed the door open then closed it behind her. "Memento, I need to tell you something." She said.
Memento jumped at the sound of Keli's voice. She quickly stood up and tried to hide the letters she was writing. Her success was smearing the wet ink all over the paper and her hands.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" She ran over and wiped off Memento's hands with her shirt.
"Oh, Keli! Now your shirt is ruined." Memento shook her head.
"That's okay. It was my fault.." She replied softly.
"No it wasn't... Just make sure you don't sneak up on me next time." She tried to calm herself down by not looking at the letter that she had poured her heart into.
"Well.. Who were you writing to?" She asked gently, trying not to anger her.
Memento stiffened for a moment. "My brother." she replied looking away.