White Grace

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"Thank you, Memento. I'd just love to come with you." Keli stammered flirtatiously, blushing slighty. She oped up her letter and it in fact was an invitation to the ball. She quickly placed it down on the table. She dearly wanted to go with Memento. It would be her chance to make a move.. To say something. As the mysterious women with the cat came knocking on the door she followed the others to greet her. She looked almost as if a male. Very handsome actually. "Oh, you're leaving so soon Travis?" Keli said with a saddened look and tone.
"Well Masa, you can stay here tonight if you want to." Memento pet the cat in her arms. "And Travis stay warm and safe on your way home." She smiled.
Keli shook Masa's hand and grinned at her widely. "You're always welcome here." She gleefully said to Masa. "Is it okay if I stay here tonight too Memento?"
"Of course, Keli!" Memento laughed. "Your my best friend."
"Aww! Thank you Memento! You're the best. Uhm.. Can we talk about something tonight?" Keli smiled up at her bestfriend and looked her deep in the eyes.
"Of course! Thats what best friends do." Memento pet her cat.
"Alright. We'll talk about it later tonight? But, about the ball.. I don't know what I could possibly wear. And when is it?" Keli asked gently. She sat in a chair and looked at her friend intently.
Masa felt like she shouldn't be here. She was tempted to leave while they were talking to each other. But then again she didn't have a place to stay yet. Then on the other hand, Masa didn't want to intrude on them. She could see something going on between the two friends and didn't want to get in their way. She would try to respectfully decline her offer for her to stay here.

"Thank you for your offer for me to stay at your residence, but I must decline this kind gesture. I wish not to intrude." She said, bowing respectfully to Memento.
"Are you sure? We could have so much fun and you aren't intruding anything dear friend" Keli said with a smile. "Memento, I received an invitation so Masa could come aswell, right? Would you like to come, Masa?" Keli asked excitedly.
"yes. Of course." Memento put down her cat. "It's ok Masa, feel free to come back whenever you like. And perhaps if you like you could come to the ball tomorrow night."
"Hrm.. So what shall I wear? I'm so excited." Keli delightfully giggled.
"Well, I'm thinking about wearing my favourite white dress but I'm not so sure yet..." Memento looked up thinking.
Travis left quietly after asking if the new girl would like a walk home
"You always look beautiful in it. It suits you well. Maybe I can wear my black corset top dress." Keli scratches her head in deep thought. "How much time do we have to get ready? When is it?" She asked.
"It's tomorrow so we have all day tomorrow to get ready." memento stated.
"Alright. It's going to be amazing. So, can I ask you about something now Memento?" Keli asked nervously.
Masa shook her head at the boy's offer. "You don't have to walk me home. It isn't far from here anyway." She said. Masa just didn't want to feel like she was in debt to these people for letting her stay here. She would feel inclined to do something to make up for it.
"Hehehe. Well, what if.. One of your good friends... That was a girl.. Liked you?" She hesitantly asked blushing brightly.
"Well... It would depend who it was." Memento hesitated for a moment, confused.