White Grace

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    First I want to put some guidelines:
    I'd like some romance
    Please don't roleplay as more than one character unless you ask
    if your not talking about something we're rping about put it between parentheses or asterisks
    Don't be too far-fetched
    This is a sort of middle ages fantasy

    So let's jump in!

    Memento sat with her left side to the only door to the room. Her floor long white hair had just been brushed out. In her lap rested a white puffball.
    "If you werent deaf we would have so much fun together." she said simply as she held the cat to her face, the playfulness in her voice showing her youth. There was a knock on the door.
    D: Is this not interesting or something? Cuz I'm dying to roleplay here. I guess if you think you can take it some where continue. =_=
  3. Her best friend, Keli, gracefully strided in. Her black, short hair shimmering from the light drifting in the windows. "Hello Memento. Playing with that puffball of yours again I see" She playfully giggled. She jumped at her friends side and hugged her tightly as the cat leaped away from the embrace.
  4. Memento giggled delighted to see Keli again. She straightened her chair, "Let's sit and have some tea together." The cat curled up underneath the tea table.
  5. Keli giggled back lightly, jumping into the seat next to Memento. She gently picks up the tea pot and pours tea for the both of them. "So, how have you been my dear friend?" She asked smiling widely. Blushing widely in remembering how much she truly cared and loved her dear friend. Although, her friend would never know her true feelings. Keli would never dare admit her love for her best friend in fear of losing her forever.
  6. "I've been well," started Memento, "Except last week when Kitty ran outside." She took a sip of tea. "That silly cat nearly scared me to death." The cat meowed underneath them. "Did you ever get your invitation to the ball?" the girl asked tipping her head to the side a bit.

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  7. Travis knocked on the door quietly waiting for it to be answered. He stared up at the ceiling fiddling with the letters in his hand thinking about where else he had to go when he looked down and blew his brown shaggy hair out of his eyes
  8. "Aww. Poor kitty. And no I have not. Why do you ask?" Keli answered back blushing brightly. Then a knock on the door. She jumped to her feet and opened the door excitedly. "Travis! Hello, how are you?!" She asked with growing excitement as she leaped on him for a giant hug. Travis had been a good friend since toddler years for the two girls.
  9. "Oh, hey Justin. And I was just wondering, Keli, because if you want to come I can bring one guest" Memento stated standing up. The cat wandered over to the window and meowed. Memento stepped lightly over to the window and opened it, the feline jumping on the windowsill.
  10. Masa sat outside of a little cafe just across the street of Memento's house. She had been pondering of whether or not to go inside for something to eat. She wore the typical clothing that men around here wore, not wanting to wear a dress at all. "This country...It's so much different from my own." She muttered to herself with a light Japanese accent as she observed the people around her. Masa spotted a pure white feline sitting on a windowsill across the street from her. Then she noticed the girl with long white hair standing just behind the feline. She looked to be too young to have white hair already. This made Masa a bit curious, and she couldn't help but to watch her for a while, curiosity filling her eyes.
  11. The boy laughed and wrapped his arms around the older girls waist before pullin away "Keli, Momento," he said nodding to both of them "I come with letters for both of you" he said waving envolopes and passing some to each girl. "I think you got an invitation Keli but I don't know to what all I know it looks fancy"
  12. Memento nervously held the envelope before tearing open it. Her eyes quickly skimmed over the paper. She breathed a sigh of releif and smiled. A butterfly flew around the open window tempting the white cat. "Meorw!" the cat jumps off the window onto the bushes to chase after the butterfly. "Kitty! Agh! That's the second time this month! I should know better!" shouted a frustrated Memento before she threw herself back into her seat. The cat soon found it's way into the street where they could no longer see it's white tail.
  13. Noticing the white puff ball run off, and hearing the frustrated yell of the girl, Masa stood up from her seat. She jogged after the kitty, picking it up white ease and dodging an oncoming carriage. "Someone looks like they're trouble." She said, holding the cat up to see it's face. Sighing, she started walking over to the cat's home. "Better get you back home then." She said. Masa knocked on the door three times upon arriving there, holding the cat with her right arm and waited for someone to open the door.
  14. Travis opened the door at the sound of the knock and look down blinking at the girl with Momento's cat "Oh hello," He said smiling at the girl before holding his arms out for the cat "Thank you very much for bring the cat back" he said kindly waiting
  15. Memento walked over to Travis's side. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for bringing my kitty back!" She jumped excitedly.

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  16. Travis just smiled and shook his head at Momento's actions as he thanked the new girl again calmly and asked for her name

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  17. "Sure, no problem." She said with her usual light Japanese accent. Her voice made it hard to recognize her gender. She stood at 6 feet and 3 inches. Her eyes were light purple, and her hair was light brown, it barely going past her ears. Her chest was as flat as any males. Masa raised an eyebrow slightly at the boy standing in front of her, curious as to how he knew she was a girl. Most people always assumed she was male, given her appearance and how her voice sounded.

    Masa held out the cat for either one of them to take, waiting patiently.
    "My name is Masa Sakamoto. I'm from Japan. I just recently moved here." She said, answering the boy's question.
  18. "For an immigrant your English is pretty good" he said taking the cat from her arms and passed it to momento. "Oh where are my manners, I'm Travis" he said holding his hand out to shake
  19. "I studied your language for a few years before moving here." She said, taking his hand. "Nice to meet you, Travis."
  20. "Always a pleasure," he said shaking her hand and gesturing for her to come inside"It's getting a little chilly out so I'm going to go home soon" he said