White Grace

"If anyone found out she would be killed on the spot, it's a very dangerous taboo" he said smiling sadly
"Ah, forbidden love.. I know that it's dangerous.. I know. It's just I cannot help it." She said sadly.
Travis wiped her tears away and shook his head "I know you can never help it but please be careful"
"I will.. I promise Travis.. Thank you." She hugged him tight and long.
Masa stayed still and quiet. She thought that maybe if she didn't move or anything, they would simply leave and forget about her. She wanted to feel some peace, not the awkwardness in Memento's house now that she has learned of what Keli felt about her.
"Masa. would you like to stay the night? Maybe we could talk. And get to know eachother. I'd love to get to know you." She smiled gently at Masa, blushing slightly from what had just happened.
Masa sighed silently. Plan failed. It was harder to refuse Keli's offer, since she just confessed that she had a forbidden love for her best friend, and wanted someone to talk to. "Sure..I guess it is fine if I spend the night." She said.
"Okay, it will be fun. So, I really hope this isn't rude to ask but I mean it in the kindest way, why do you portray yourself as male." She asked kindly.
The question was bound to come up sooner or later. "It is long story." She simply said. Masa was actually sensitive about this subject. The fact that her father raised her as his son and not his daughter played its part, as well as her height and voice. But her chest...oh her chest just never grew. It got on her nerves at how she looked so much like a boy, but then again she didn't care if she was mistaken for a boy. It was natural to her by now.
"Well.. I still think you're beautiful." She replied lightly. She hoped she hadn't offended her. That was her not the intention. She didn't want to ruin anything else tonight.
A light blush formed on her face at the compliment. She turned her head away, her bangs covering a little of her face. It was just enough to hide the blush if Keli didn't notice it before.
She giggled lightly and hooked her arm around Masa's. "Shall we get going?" She playfully asked and started to run, forcing Masa to run along with her back to the house.
Masa nearly tripped from Keli suddenly starting to run with her arm hooked around hers. She was fit, so keeping up afterwards was no problem for her.
As they reached the house Keli quickly led her to the guest room. "Is it fine if you lay down with me tonight?" She asked curiously.
Lay down with her? This made Masa feel nervous, but she guessed Keli just wanted someone there for her, to comfort her in this time of need. She simply nodded her head, finding no use for words right now.
She sat up in the bed and looked at Masa for a while. "Tell me about yourself." She said lightly.
Memento was at her desk writing a letter and wasting time. She wished she could sleep well tonight but she knew it was impossible.
Keli heard Memento in the other room. "Should I go talk to her?" She asked lightly.