White Grace

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"What do you mean? Do you have feeling for any of your friends that are girls?" Keli's heart was beating hard and fast. She was so scared that she may have already messed everything up.
Memento stiffened. "No... Why do you ask?" she asked confused.
"Oh.. I was only curious.." She said in a low, sad voice.
Masa quickly left the doorway of the house, closing the door without making a sound to give the two girls some privacy. She simply walked, and kept going until she saw a bridge. She walked underneath it and sat down, leaning up against it. "This would do for tonight." She said to herself in Japanese, the language she felt comfortable in using.
Keli looked at the door as Masa left. "I uhm... I need to tell you something.."
"I should go get her? To see if she's okay.." She started to slowly walk towards the door, depressed.
He walked around for a bit and arrived at the bridge to get to the other side of the city. Having taken the long way to deliver other letters he saw Masa go underneath the bridge and followed her confused to what she was doing. He approached from behind her and said "That's a lovely language you speak" he said quietly so not to startle her
"Alright..." Memento walked to her room wishing her elusive brother was here.
Keli walked out the door and into the town. She walked to the bridge, where it was most peaceful and saw Masa and Travis. She felt like bawling and never stopping. How could she be so stupid to think Memento would love her back? She ran towards the two to keep from crying.
Memento felt as is she had done something terrible. She thought she had mortally wounded her friendship with Keli.
Masa jumped slightly, not hearing Travis come up. "It's Japanese, my first language." She said to him. Masa noticed Keli running to them. She could clearly see the pain on her face and she wondered what could be wrong with her. She remembered sensing the feelings coming off of Keli when she was with Memento, and instantly knew what was wrong.
Keli finally reached them and looked Masa in the eyes. Then she started to bawl.
Travis hugged Keli as she started to cry. "What's wrong Kels?" he asked patting her back
"I love Memento.." She gasped between sobs.
Masa was going to try and comfort Keli, but felt it wasn't her place to do so. Travis knew her better anyway, so she let him do it.
Keli wiped her nose and stared at Travis and Masa. "I'm sorry you guys.."
"but you can't love Momento do you realise what would happen when people find out?" he asked worried for her safety
"I know this is none of my business, but why does it matter if she loves Memento?" Masa asked, standing up.