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  1. When One Remains: The Beginning

    The stars have fallen. In the year 2056, The worlds governments have fallen into collapse, sending civilization into utter turmoil. In their place, multi-billion dollar corporations have risen to power, laying claim to large portions of land all over the world. Pelican Corporation, the leading weapons developer in the known world has risen to power seemingly overnight, utilizing futuristic weaponized machines known as OSi. Bent on transforming Earth into a robotic dictatorship, only two other organizations stand in their way.

    The first is Evotech Sciences, the second most powerful organization and leading developer of Genetic Modification in Altered Sciences. With the greatest scientific minds in existence working together, Evotech created altered beings known as Lotus, gifted individuals with extraordinary abilities but cursed with powerful drawbacks. Believed to be the new generation of the human species, Evotech strives to erase the world of all current life, creating a utopia for the new man. Lastly, the secret organization known as Virus. While they are a small, lesser funded group, each member is extremely talented and possesses unique weapons, making them both dangerous and incredibly mobile. While Evotech strives for mass genocide and Pelican attempts to rule the world, Virus exists to promote order and maintain peace...by any means necessary.

    Our story begins three weeks after Pelican Corporations new OSi units have flooded the northern streets of New Corsa, eliminating and capturing any and all humans in the precinct that do not work for Pelican. Any survivors left have fled, taking refuge in the southern part of New Corsa. Realizing Pelican Corp has begun making a move, Evotech Sciences and Virus push their respective plans forward, preparing for whats to come.

    And so it begins. The Factions of New Corsa have prepared to take up arms against each other, each vying to push their agendas forward. Blood will be shed. Lies will be told. Brother will turn against brother. And in the end, only one will remain.

    So what side will you choose? Will you rule with the Machines? Purge the earth for the new generation of human kind? Or will you strike from the shadows, fighting for total peace? The choice is yours.


    Pelican Corporation: The Heart of the Machines


    Location: Northern New Corsa

    Founded by Dr. Gerard Rockhold fifteen years ago, Pelican Corporation is the leading developer of weapons and technology in the known world. Equipped with the greatest robotic inventors at it's disposal, as well as top notch weapons developers from around the globe, Pelican Corp strives to advance the world into a new age; a mechanical age, with machines at the heart. Their latest robotic creations, known as Osi, flood the northern streets of New Corsa, promising security and structure, while eliminating any and all that would stand in their way.

    OSi Machines:



    The standard OSi Unit. Armed with powerful assault rifles. Easily destroyed.



    Heavy OSi units. Equipped with heavy firepower, capable of high damage output. Extremely Slow. High Armor.



    Fast OSi Units. Used for Recon. Equipped with simple laser weaponry. Quite fast; Easily destroyed.

    Evotech Sciences: The Next Generation

    Location: Southern New Corsa

    As the corporate rival to the Pelican Corporation, Evotech Sciences is the most advanced Science Corporation in current existence. While it does not boast powerful machines or futuristic technology, the scientists of Evotech have their own weapons called Lotus: powerful humans who have been genetically modified via nuclear radiation. With the belief that the Lotus are to become the new inhabitants of Earth, Evotech Sciences looks to destroy the world in nuclear fire, rebuilding it into a paradise for the new generation of ultimate beings.

    Example of Pyrokinetic Lotus:


    Lotus come in many shapes and forms, so there isn't a specific image I can use to represent them. This image provided is just an example of a Lotus with pyrokinesis.

    Virus: The Freedom Fighters


    Location: The Fault Line

    Formed after the rise of Pelican Corp, Virus is a brotherhood brought together to save the world from ultimate destruction. Painted as terrorists and criminals by both Evotech and Pelican Corp, Virus embraces the role of the villains, using their title to strike fear into the hearts of the common man. Despite their best efforts, Virus is small, and their access to resources and manpower are extremely limited. However, this doesn't stop them. Each member of Virus possesses a unique weapon that enhances their natural abilities, making them essential parts of deadly team armed with one goal: maintain absolute peace using any means necessary.

    Examples of Virus Weaponry:

    Above is an example of a sword that a Virus member may possess. This image is just for reference purposes.

    The Fault Line

    When the first Lotus was created, an intense earthquake caused by radiation split New Corsa in two, effectively creating a Northern and Southern New Corsa. Over time, the Fault Line became the center for many battles between the different organizations, destroying what little remained there. Many corpses still lay strewn across the ground, rotting and unclaimed. Because of its history and danger, few venture through the Fault Line unless absolutely necessary, making it a perfect place for Virus to establish it's hideout.
    Northern New Corsa
    Northern New Corsa is empty. While it boasts beautiful architecture and scenery, It is generally quite vacant. OSi units patrol the streets, effectively eliminating any human they come across. In the center of Northern New Corsa is Pelican Tower, the massive headquarters for the Pelican Corporation. Any humans that have not fled or been captured have gone into hiding.
    Southern New Corsa

    The South of New Corsa is quite different from the North. The streets are bustling at all times, and many humans who escaped Northern New Corsa have traveled across the Fault Line seeking refuge from Pelican Corp. Located in the higher quadrant of Southern New Corsa are the laboratories of Evotech Sciences, the base for all Lotus operations.

    Special Roles (open)

    Special Roles are different positions members of the three factions may hold. Certain organizations have more special roles than others. Listed below are the available special roles for each faction paired with a small description of the role.

    Pelican Corp:

    CEO: The Head of Pelican Corp and creator of the OSi Units. Need I say more?

    Status: Taken by @QuakeUPSB

    Pelican Commander(1x): The Pelican Commander is the highest ranked and most esteemed military leader in the organization and is equipped with some of the most powerful weaponry Pelican Corp has to offer. He/She has command over both Pelican Military members as well as the esteemed OSi Units. The Commander answers only to the Pelican Corp. CEO.

    Status: Open

    Pelican Lieutenant (1x): The Pelican Lieutenant is the second ranking officer in the Pelican Corporation and possesses special Pelican weaponry. He/She commands smaller military squadrons as well as oversees everyday operations of Pelican Corp, answering only to the Commander and the Pelican Corporation's CEO.

    Status: Open

    Regular Character Slots Available: (9x)

    Evotech Sciences:

    Chief Scientist (1x): Self Explanatory. Head of Evotech Sciences and creator of the Lotus Program. Leads the Lotus as well as oversees daily operations of Evotech. May/May not be a Lotus as well.

    Status: Open

    Regular Character Slots Available: (9x)


    The First Seat(1x): The Primary Leader of the terrorist Organization known as Virus.

    Status: Open

    The Second Seat(1x): The Secondary Leader of Virus. Assumes command of Virus if the First Seat is vacated for any reason.

    Status: Open

    The Third Seat(1x): The Tertiary Leader of Virus. Assumes command of Virus if the First/Second Seats are vacated for any reason.

    Status: Open

    Regular Character Slots Available:(6x)

    Character Sheets (open)

    Appearance: (Insert appearance here.)
    Name: (Self Explanatory.)
    Age: (Self Explanatory as well.)
    Title: (Optional)
    Association: (Pelican Corp; Evotech Sciences; Virus;)
    History: (5 sentences minimum, although greater character development is highly appreciated. If you need clarification on the world's current history, let me know.)
    Personality: (At the very core of their being, who is your character?)
    -If your character is a Lotus, explain their ability, as well as the drawback they are cursed with.
    -If your character is a member of Pelican Corp, explain what kind of weapons/technology they have.
    -If your character is a member of Virus and is not a Lotus, explain their weaponry and what enhancement these weapons provide.
    Strengths: (What does your character excel at? What other talents do they have apart from their main abilities? 3 maximum.)
    Weaknesses: (Weaknesses are meant to balance out your character to prevent them from being unbeatable. Where does your character faulter? What are they bad at? 3 at a minimum.)
    Equipment: (What items/equipment does your character possess?)
    Extra: (Theme Song, banner, anything you'd like to add.)

    1. Follow all Iwaku Rules. Simple.
    2. Max amount of characters currently is TWO. Depending on the activity and progress, this rule may change. If so, this rule will be updated.
    3. No metagaming, god-modding, and all that good stuff.
    4. No Mary Sues / Gary Stues. Originality is appreciated.
    5. Quality over Quantity. Posts should move the plot along, as well as be written to the best of the roleplayers ability; punctuation, etc. It's not that hard, and yet is greatly appreciated.
    6. No OOC Drama please. Let's all just chill. If there is some sort of issue, hash it out outside of this thread. IC Drama is fine. But OOC Drama will not be tolerated.
    7. Got a question? Please ask it. I'm sure other people are wondering the same thing.
    8. If you're going to be away for some reason, please let us know. Activity is important, but real life is more important, obviously.
    9. Lastly, character death is a thing, and while uncommon, especially at the beginning, it can be expected throughout this roleplay. To clarify, I won't go about killing characters needlessly, and if your character should perish, you will be allowed to create another CS. However, this character will need to be approved before it can be inserted into the roleplay.

    Cast List (open)

    Pelican Corp:
    1. Dr. Gerard Rockhold @QuakeUPSB



    FAQ (open)

    1. What kind of tech do Pelican Corp characters have? Anything mechanical really. This can mean powerful weapons, mechanized suits, etc. If it's got any form of technology, it's generally fair play.

    2. What kind of tech/abilities do Lotus have? Lotus have all sorts of different abilities. It really just depends on the specific Lotus. However, the more powerful their ability is, the greater the drawbacks of it are as well.

    3. What kind of tech/abilities do Virus Members have? Virus members possess weapons that enhance their natural capabilities. This means increasing their speed, strength, reaction time, etc.

    4. Are all Lotus on the side of Evotech? Or can a Lotus be a member of Virus, or even Pelican Corp? While most Lotus are sided with Evotech, I definitely don't mind if you'd like to create a Lotus who decided to ally himself with a Virus, however a Lotus allied with Pelican Corp really wouldn't make sense to the faction's mission. Basically, Virus, yes. Pelican? Not so much. Either way, Be sure to make note of how that happened in the History column of the CS. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although regular members of Virus have specialized weapons, a Lotus allied with Virus will be the exception, meaning they won't have a specialized weapon to go along with their abilities. After all, they are practically weapons themselves. Don't be greedy. (:

    FAQ is updated regularly as questions arise.

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