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    Come one, come all! The Inn of the Sable Bear is a unique place. It's a roleplaying chat in which any and all character types can interact. The base environment is medieval fantasy, but the room allows for all time periods and all tech levels.

    The Inn of the Sable Bear is the main watering-hole for the border town of Bitter Ridge. It's a massive, fortresslike structure seven stories tall, shaped like an H from above. The commons is in the central bar, the rooms for rent are on the left, and the kitchens and stables on the right. In the front, there is a courtyard with a well, which is also the main well for the town. Itinerant merchants without permanent shops frequently set up their carts in this courtyard.

    As with so many other places in Bitter Ridge and in Pellithárias as a whole, there is more to the Sable Bear than meets the eye. This Inn also is proximal to one of the Sigils that lead from other worlds and into Pellithárias. This one is known as the Spiral Sigil, and it is set into the ground right in front of the courtyard, as one enters. More than one very confused individual has found themselves standing upon it, looking past the well and at the doors to the Inn. It is the most active Sigil known.

    Baltis is the owner and headman of the Inn, as well as being the chef and brewer of the excellent meads for which it is quickly becoming known.

    The commons is wider than it is long. The bar is on the right, and doors lead to the rented rooms on the left. A long, deep hearth is in the central back of the room, with a sunken sitting area that holds not only couches, but also low tables with cushions around them, after the fashion of the Ashtóri and the and Morahûr nomads. Water-pipes are available to rent for the price of one copper.

    There are standard tables with chairs and benches elsewhere, and the Inn is lit with glow-lanterns—small pieces of M'hazíran glowstone that have been charged with a persistent light spell. These produce a heatless and slightly bluish light that never fades.

    There are other areas within and around the Inn, but these will be what is readily visible to a new arrival.


    As always, there are rules. Please read and heed the following!

    1. There is to be no godmoding of any kind at any time. This is to include refusing to take hits, autohitting, metagaming or playing ridiculously-overpowered characters without clearing them with me before they enter play.

    2. Dragging IC into OOC or vice-versa is called 'blurring'. Please don't; it's drama.

    3. If you don't like another player, place them on Ignore. If someone is being horribly egregious, hover over the post and report them. This is a drama-free zone, and that means you don't critique the roleplay or writing of others.

    4. We have an OOC room. Please use it for all sidetalk and chatter. If we see too much OOC in the main room, we will put the brakes on it.

    5. No characters under sixteen. Lots of places cater to that. This is not one of them. Your character has to be a minimum of sixteen to play in the Sable Bear. 'Little kid' characters are not within the scope of play here.

    6. Regarding triggers, if you are being triggered, please PM me and politely and maturely explain. If it's truly a serious issue, I will do my best to help. You always have the option of blocking someone or not participating here.

    7. All time periods, tech levels and multiverses are welcome here. Please don't bash the fandoms of others.

    8. Pellithárias is a very violent and sometimes unfair place, due to its nature. If you come in here and cause issues, your character risks being killed. Although we do allow resurrection in many cases, it's not a guarantee. Remember: there are always 'bigger fish'.

    9. No bashing of other sites or players. That's an Iwaku rule, and also a rule here.

    10. There is to be nothing more explicit than PG-13 sexual contact in open chat. If you want to do libertine play, please take it to private. Anything extreme will be reported. We may have underage people in this room and these are risks I refuse to take.

    11. Furries and anthros are fine. But please, no all-out animal characters.

    12. Final authority rests with the Iwaku staff. The rules of this wonderful site are in play at all times.

    13. As the creator of this room, my preference is that you come to me if there are issues. I'll do what I can to help. Staff of course is always an option.

    14. Wheaton's Law applies here: don't be a dick. Please be inclusive rather than exclusive in your play. Don't purposely shut out other players.

    15. Please don't place me on Ignore if you want to play in Sable Bear.

    16. Although I don't expect to see this in here, actual, OOC racism will be grounds for a report. Likewise, there will be no bashing of veterans, active or reserve duty servicemembers or law enforcement officers. Another no-go is bashing someone OOC over RL mental health diagnoses. OOC bigotry/discrimination of any kind will get you reported.

    17. I will state the following very clearly: if you play in a disrespectful way, you will face potentially-unpleasant IC consequences. 'Playing disrespectfully' means more than simply godmoding or something. Roleplaying oppositionally—in an arrogant, destructive or disruptive way—counts, as well. This is not to say you cannot play a villainous character—far from it. Just keep in mind that IC actions have IC results. Note: you are not permitted to destroy the inn or its environs. No 'planet-crackers' or permanent damage to the inn or any part of the setting. The occasional smashed chair is one thing. But I do not permit people to blow up my world.

    18. There is an overarching storyline in these rooms and all of the above is intended to preserve that and protect my intellectual property, my regulars and their characters. If you don't like the above, you are welcome to find another game.

    19. Don't make excuses not to roleplay. If you want to sit and talk OOC, please use the OOC room. The main room is to remain IC as much as possible.

    20. The preferred post perspective is third person. Tense doesn't really matter, though you will see present tense somewhat more frequently than past.

    21. Do not null out plotlines with other characters without telling the other player that is what you are doing. It's completely disrespectful to the other players involved in the storyline.

    22. Lurking is always allowed, but I encourage everyone to participate. The more the merrier!

    23. Please be respectful of the ideas and intellectual property of others. That's a site rule as well, but it does bear repetition.

    24. Please don't enter with large numbers of NPCs. That's a form of godmoding.

    25. If you want a plotline to persist and be recognized by the room at large, please send me a synopsis or the applicable log and i will maintain a copy.
  2. A small heads-up: groups will be back soon. When that happens. I am going to ask for this thread to be archived, and then create a group based on the entirety of the world where the Sable Bear is located. There is way, way more to Pellithárias than just Bitter Ridge and the Inn of the Sable Bear.

    Wonderful things are coming!
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