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    The year is 2020, a time of new opportunities, war, and change.

    And yet another change is coming.

    I wish to welcome you to a group called the E.I., a group of working towards world domination, using powers that are more than human. In this group everyone is immortal, through the collective efforts of three people known only as "The Founders", a serum was developed that prevented cellular growth and destruction when you are at perfect health, and heals your injuries at an astronomical rate, not only that, it grants you control of powers and physical abilities that were only once dreamed about by the human race. It's a wonderful thing, and it has brought these three people together in an effort to establish world domination, and perhaps even an intergalactic empire.

    But they can't do it alone.

    So they have recruited you, whomever you may be, old, young, diseased or healthy, fit or unfit, to join their ranks.
    Each one of you has a special place in the ranks of the E.I., now it's up to you to train and hone your skills under the founder's watchful eye, so that you may help them achieve that goal. You all have your reasons for being here, some benign, some malevolent, but for now, it’s best not to question them.

    Welcome to the E.I.

  2. Tyler awoke suddenly to silence. She was lying still on a small bed, sprawled across the mattress as she usually slept, but something was very strange about this situation. She was definitely not at home. This room was too bright, painted in whites and lit up like what she would consider the white light at the end of the tunnel. She had no idea where this was or why she was here. Closing her eyes to the burn of the bright lights helped her recall her last memories. She had been walking to her car from the high school after practice. All the students had gone home but someone approached her from behind. When she turned to tell the kid to go on home, she was greeted with darkness. She remembered swinging her arm once violently, and the sound of her favorite volleyball hitting the concrete as it tumbled from her hands - And then nothing. In her last moment of consciousness, she was already prepared to never wake up again. Yet here she was, rolling around in a soft white cotton shirt that she was sure she had never seen before, let alone put on. This obviously meant that some stranger had seen her naked, and though it irked her briefly, the thought quickly left her mind for larger concerns. “Twilight Zone…” She muttered halfheartedly to herself, looking up at the white walls that encased her. She’d not taken the strength to move even an inch but she could already picture herself running through a maze in search of cheese. She felt like a rat in a pristine and sterile cage.

    Gathering her energy, she wiggled her fingers, flexed her hands, and then slowly sat up. Looking down at herself, it appeared that she had kicked the blanket off of herself at some point while unconscious. It wasn’t surprising in the least and she dropped her legs off the side of the bed to hoist, literally hoist, herself to a standing position. This was already too much of a bother. There was already too much to think about upon first waking up. “What a hassle…” She murmured yet again, glancing around to take in the small room, fit with necessary amenities for living. Just shy of a prison cell – this room at least had a shower and the bed wasn’t a metal cot. That was nice at least. The door, as she twisted the handle, popped open to her skeptical surprise. Carefully, she eased the metal slab away from the frame, peeking out from behind it in case she was to be attacked. Again. When no one and nothing greeted her, she took that as a good sign and let the door fall open, stepping out into a circular room, painted the same sterile white as the room she woke up in. Thoughtfully, she ran a hand through her auburn hair, pushing it away from her face. It fell in long waves down her back to her waistline. She’d kill for a hair tie about now just to keep it from annoying her.

    Still there was silence. There’s no one here? There were doors, all of which looked exactly like the one she had emerged from. Should she try to go through one? The hem of her white pants skimmed the floor as she took a step toward the center of the round room, eyeing the other metal doors one by one as her honey-colored eyes skittered across the walls, up to the ceiling, and back down to the floor. What should she do next?
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  3. Otto White.
    His eye's popped open to be greeted by the sight of a white ceiling, as he turned his head he saw white walls along with a sink, latrine and shower. As he became more aware memories began rushing to his head, his time in Belarus, the opening shots of the war along with the sounds of mortar shells raining upon his building then darkness. He then became aware of the fact he was in a bed not made of dirt and sand while his clothing was not plated or stiff but rather soft and comfortable...he didn't like either of these things. He sat up and observed a door the was opposite him but that would wait for now, he looked around the room for something he would be able to use as a weapon as he stood to his full height of six foot even and after a few minutes he found nothing and this made him uncomfortable but his still had his fists if he was in a hostile area. He ran his hands down his face feeling the rough texture of his palms run along the distinct scars on his face then down through his beard while he let out a sigh, his eyes scrutinized the door in the room before he walked to it.
    He put his hand on the handle of the door and slowly opened it, his foot steps were almost silent as he looked to what the door had led to. He found he wasn't alone as a young woman stood in the center of this circular room they found themselves in, identical doors that more then likely lead to identical rooms filled with others. He redirected his attention to the woman in the room with him, she had rather long auburn hair that drew his attention. "Hello." He said in his native tongue hoping he wasn't locked up with people who couldn't understand him.
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  4. Daisuke Hirragi

    Daisuke woke up suddenly blinded by all the light. He turned over on his stomach and covered his head with his sheet. After 5 mins of rolling around he could no longer fight the urge he needed to use the restroom. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, the took a second to look around. "I must have got really wasted yesterday I don't remember checking into this hotel. Oh well."

    Daisuke got up and used the restroom, he washed his face and cleaned up a bit. When he was finished he looked around some more. He noticed he didn't have his cell phone, his wallet, or even the pocket knife he'd been carrying around. "Did I get jacked?" Nothing felt right so he did the next best thing he decided to go outside and figure out where he was.

    Daisuke opened the door to a larger white room with doors surrounding him. He noticed 2 other people a young lady and a grizzled man. "Oh, hey. Good morning. Do any of you guys got a cell phone on you? I can't find mine."
  5. Maine Yates
    "The base is overrun! I repeat they are in the base!" The muffled sound of the crackling radio called over the noise of distant sounds of explosions and gunfire. Near the radio was a long figure, resting against the wall in a pool of blood. The figure, a young man, clutghed his chest, hoping to stem the flow of blood. "All evac choppers are leaving in 5 minutes. All personnel must be at the air strip for extraction." As the sound of war came closer, a new familiar voice was heard. "Specialist Yates, where are you? The choppers are leaving any minute now. We can't hold them off any longer."

    The figure crawled to the radio and responded, struggling to speak, "Specialist Yates reporting from the barracks Sarge." The voice responded, "Hold tight Maine we are coming to get you."

    "Negative Sarge, I've been hit pretty badly. I can barely move my legs. Don't risk others for me."

    "Wait. We can st-" "Sarge just get out of here. I'm too far gone. Just go..."

    "Maine..." "I never took you as the emotional type Sarge. Just get everyone out. Tell the guys... Thanks."

    With that, the radio fell silent. Once again, Maine leaned against the wall, listening to the sound of helicopters pass by. Well I guess this is it then... Maine let out a single sigh. At least they got out... Soon his eye lids grew heavy and slowly closed....

    Maine woke with a violent start from what seemed like a nightmare. The sounds of gunfire and explosions were gone, replaced now with silence. Did I die? He quickly patted his body. He could feel the scar marks from where he was shot in the chest. What the... Standing from his bed, he took tentative stand, unsure if he legs would work. Assured he was able to move, Maine took a look around, taking in the plain white walls. Am I in heaven? Upon noticing the door across the room, he silently walked toward it, peering through the door to observe the room inside. Seeing on a few figures, Maine walked in stealthily and stood by the door to observe.​
  6. ???

    A lone figure watched the small group come out and begin to greet each other from behind a screen in a security room. All of them were most likely confused, no doubt. More then a few of them probably thought they had been kidnapped for some nefarious reason. No matter, it was time to let them in on the secret. Standing up, he walked over to a door in the room and opened it, stepping out.

    In the circular room the group of four were standing around in, a small circle in the middle of the room suddenly opened up, and through the circle came a man standing on another metal circle. Once the elevator had reached the top, the masked figure stepped off the metal circle, and it receded into the floor, the elevator hole being closed up once more, and the floor seamless once again.

    "Why hello to all of you, and welcome to your new home."

    The man's voice came seamlessly from behind the mask, and his voice echoed loud enough that no doubt anyone's attention would be gained.

  7. Tyler was considering opening one of the metal doors when someone emerged from one of them to her right. She turned only slightly, just enough to be able to see the man there without wasting too much effort to do so. Her almond-shaped eyes peered at the stranger blandly, as if she felt nothing for his presence there with her. Blatantly, she eyed him up and down in an attempt to determine whether he was a threat or not. From her only five foot nine inch height, she would have to look up a little to be able to examine him fully. He looked… well worn. Or at least that was the best description she could come up with. He was probably in his thirties somewhere. She noted his facial scars, making no facial expression that would indicate she cared or even noticed. They made him look older than she was sure he was. He was also wearing all white clothes so she was already coming to the conclusion that they might just be in the same boat.

    Just then, without time to return the greeting to the first, another man was coming from his room and asking about a cell phone. She was already aware that she did not have hers and the room she woke up in was too barren to be hiding it. She assumed everyone was stuck in the same circumstances now. From the way he spoke so casually, it seemed he was not even aware of the situation he was in. Tyler took a moment to look him up and down as well, thinking that he may be close to her own age. His ignorant demeanor immediately had her thinking that he was some kind of simpleton. Idiot… She thought to herself absently as she turned her face away from him. How many more people would show up? At last a third man, and they were four.

    As the floor opened up, she took a step back, sure to be at a decent distance from whatever would appear. Yet another man; one who seemed to be more in the know than the rest of them. Her eyes settled on him firmly as he spoke, trying hard not to make a face when he mentioned ‘new home’. Why the hell was he wearing a mask? Trying to hide his face? The lab rat theory was looking more feasible by the second. A feeling of unease swept over her, but no one would be able to tell by the still blank expression on her face that she felt stiff as a board. Her focus remained on the last man who appeared – his voice demanding the attention of an authority figure.
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  8. Daisuke looked annoyed that no one responded. "Tsk, what a pain." He mumbled under his breath as he continued to wait he leaned up against a wall and slide down till he was crouching down his back supported by the wall. Daisuke crouched and waited as another person walked in. He thought about possible scenarios. 'Ok 1 we were all drugged and forced to join a cult. 2, this is a weird sex dungeon. 3, I must have gotten wasted and joined a non profit again.'

    Another man entered tell larger room. 'Hm by the looks of this guy he doesn't know shit either.' Just as Daisuke was gonna open his mouth a guy came in like he owned the place. He said something about making this place their new home. Daisuke smacked his face in frustration. "God damn it!! I did it again. I gotta stop drinking with Hippies."

    Daisuke spoke up. "Look um guy. I don't know what kind of cult or non-profit scam I signed up for but I was shit faced last night. I can't be held accountable for my actions. So I'll just be going now. Return my stuff so I can catch a cab back to my loft."
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  9. Otto White
    He looked at the new person to arrive asking for a cell phone, from the posture to the way he spoke told Otto this man was a go with the flow kinda guy...Otto and him were gonna have problems he could already tell. He heard another door open as someone peaked the corner before sliding in while trying to stay unnoticed but Otto saw him out of his peripherals. "Solider." Otto thought seeing the way the man stood and moved, it was of some comfort that their was someone else here who knew the feeling of war but if they got along would wait to be seen thought now that he had seen the other three it appeared that all the others here were younger then him he noted offhandedly.
    His attention turned to the center of the room as it opened then a round elevator platform with a man in a mask on it who stepped off before speaking. "Turning into a B rank movie real quick it seems or a bad spy book." He thought before he heard the second male besides himself to speak talking about his stuff and some type of scam.
    "I don't think our new friend in front of us all is planning on letting us leave without telling us why were here." He looked at the masked man in the middle of the room. "Right?" He asked, something was off about the masked man and this whole situation more so then the fact that they all woke up in a unfamiliar place.​
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  10. Maine Yates

    Looks like I'm late... again... As Maine walked into the room, he noticed three others already in the room. He immediately began to assess each person as potential allies or threats as he was trained to do. A girl, no older than 20, probably a high school student stood across the room. She seemed athletic, but not dangerous. Another man, big and burly, almost Viking like with the scars. A possible threat in Maine's book. Then there was a sleazy looking Asian guy. He reminded Maine of the Yakuza like characters on some shows. Could be a threat, but could not be at all.

    Maine's train of thought was broken when the floor parted. A masked figure seemed to magically come from the ground itself. When assessing the new man, Maine couldn't get a read on the figure, which made him all the more threatening. All he knew was that this guy had some info, something that he wanted. He didn't know where he was. He didn't know how he was alive. He didn't know why he was here- The list of questions kept growing with every second. All I want are answers.
  11. ???

    The masked man said nothing as Tyler, Otto, Daisuke, and Maine each took turns looking at him, some of them were suspicious, some clueless, and another seemed to be mainly curious, in any case, it did not matter to him. He remained silent, and let Otto answer Daisuke's question.

    "Quite right Otto White, none of you will be leaving this place for quite a while, dead or living.'

    The masked man held his arm out, and a little blue light shot out, and then expanded into a full size 100x100 picture, each projected image of them moving to the walls around them, showing the height, weight, and history of each person, including every single official file, as well as notes from the team assigned to observe each of them.

    "This is no non profit place, nor is it any kind of lab. Well, not quite true on that account, it is a lab, but not the kind you would want to be involved in. Which is why your here by force and not choice."

    He turned to Maine.

    "Maine Yates, a specialist in the military, nearly died when the enemy launched an assault on your base."

    He turned to Otto.

    "Otto White, you were the staple "American" rebel who has appeared around several civil wars all around the world, and then the building you were taking cover in came under mortar fire. Both you and Yates are welcome by the way, we saved your asses."

    Then he turned to Daisuke.

    "You, didn't really pay attention to your dossier, sorry."

    After that he turned to Tyler.

    "Last but not least, Tyler Haak, school teacher, and all around uninteresting person, other then the fact you are lazy."

    He gestured to the files on the walls, showing the image of each person and their files.

    "A rebel, a soldier, a school teacher, and a bum all get kidnapped and placed in a science lab, sounds like a bad joke right?"

    The masked man chuckled at his own joke, then gestured at all of them.

    "So do you know just why all of you are here?"

  12. Tyler watched in silence, her shoulders relaxing more by the moment. It seemed they wouldn’t be harmed, at least not yet. Though the masked man made it clear that no one would be leaving whether they wanted to or not. She studied her own profile as it popped up, noting how boring it was quickly before turning her gaze to scan the other profiles on the walls. At least two of these guys were used to combat and one was obviously an idiot. One of these things just doesn’t belong here… She thought to herself, singing the tune in her head. Or rather, there was really nothing that they all had in common. She was not finding a common denominator in this equation. When the masked man came to her own profile, she said nothing in response. He was quite right. She was uninteresting and lazy, so there was really no reason she would be a good kidnap target. Unless it was for scientific experiment, in which case anyone would do. They were all about to be unwilling lab rats.

    Despite the fact that he had asked the question, she did not speak her mind and decided to keep silent. Whether she was right or wrong did not really matter, only the outcome. Her listless eyes began to drift around the room, scanning it for exits. If he had come in on platform through a door that could not be seen, then maybe there were other similar openings. Of course, she saw no seams and turned her attention back to the man before them, the words coming from her lips before she could think to stop them. “To hear the punchline?”
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  13. Daisuke looked at the girl who tried to make a joke. he rolled his eyes the got really serious. "WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. Wait up..." Daisuke waited till he had everyone's attention. "I AM NOT a bum." He looked around. "I'm a drifter, a man who loves adventure and will go anywhere the wind takes him. A bum is a filthy beggar that panhandles for loose change and booze." Daisuke looked pleased with himself as he finished the rant. "other than that No. I don't know why were here."

    He Looked at the facility a little harder now. "oh i get it now. we are here to test some kind of weight loss pill or something." He crossed his arms and looked up at nothing. "yeah reminds me of the time i was in L.A. and i accidentally signed up for a controlled group testing for a new hair growth pill." He chuckled to himself. "Anyways long story short i ended up with an Afro for 6 months."
  14. Maine Yates
    This guy was serious. It was like he knew everything about the four of them. He looked at his profile. Wonder what they have on me probably nothing- Maine's jaw dropped. What the hell? How did they get this. His profile contained everything from birth records to high school transrcipts to even Army psych evals. Who are they? He quickly composed himself, keeping his thoughts together, and looked through the other profiles. While reading everything, he made a mental roster.

    Teenage girl aka Tyler Haak: High school PE teacher (pretty shocking). No police record. Minimal threat. Question is: Why is she here?

    Big and burly aka Otto White: No official military background yet has more combat experience than most special forces. Definite threat.

    Sleazy Yakuza aka Daisuke Hirragi: Associate with the Yakuza (wow good guess). Gambling low life. Minimal threat.

    Yet there was one piece missing. The man in the mask. Who is he? Who does he work for? How am I even alive? There were a thousand questions, but Maine listened as the others started questioning. While he did have his own, he was going to wait for a better time for his...​
  15. Otto White
    He looked at all the profiles and filed somethings away for future reference, he looked at the one named Maine and wondered if he had killed anyone the soldier knew, he would also be listed M.I.A and shifted K.I.A soon enough. The teacher named Tyler was next, she seemed plain in the sense that if she was just gone one day and the same went for the drifter Daisuke who was talking but Otto was only halfheartedly paying attention to. "One thing links all of us and that's that we won't be missed or at least that's the only thing I get from this." Otto thought.
    "A bad joke indeed...you ask us why were here and so far you got two responses, one from Ms. Haak and rambling from our friendly neighborhood drifter while being greeted with silence from the tinker tailor solider man so I guess it's my turn. You got four individuals that either wouldn't be misses or who if it was said that they left or vanished no one would question it, so imma guess you need or want us to do something and that something is big, bigger then anyone one of us. We're walking dead right now and that makes us perfect for your plans Mr. Mask." Otto said, he was confident in his response but he doubted if it was all right. "Also while you did kidnap me I will offer my gratitude for pulling my ass out of the fire or ruble in this case, so thanks." Otto was actually getting a little giddy, this was something new and this facility had to be underground somewhere that require a large budget and that normally meant big plans. Otto wouldn't let it show on his face but he was really excited about this.
  16. ???

    The man chuckled at Tyler's response, but the laughter was not to last. When Daisuke spoke, his laughter ended.

    "You are a fool, perhaps this will show you just how serious the situation you are in is."

    Reaching into the white lab coat he had been wearing, he drew a U.S. issue M9 pistol, aimed at Daisuke's gut, and pulled the trigger once, the 9mm caliber round that exited the gun passing through his body seamlessly.

    "If you feel like saying anything else stupid, i'm open to hear it."

    The masked man pressed the ejector switch for the magazine on the side and let the magazine drop, then pulled the pistol back to unload the round in the chamber, and threw it to the side, before holes opened up underneath each and they both dropped through the floor.

    "Ah, how brutal firearms can be. In either case, since the bum is bleeding out now, i'll go ahead and skip all the formalities."

    Letting a smirk onto his masked face, he gestured at all of the dossiers around the room.

    "You are all nobodies, no one will miss you, and none of you ever aspired to seize power for yourselves."

    The masked man snapped once, four holes that were approximately one foot in diameter opened up in the floor, and out of each rose a pillar, upon which rested a syringe fitted with a hypodermic needle, each filled with a blue liquid.

    "Through your histories, I have selected the perfect serum for each of you, the blue liquid holds power beyond your wildest dreams, and the ability to never die. Along with that, comes accelerated healing, which is important for you right about now bum."

    Pointing to each of them in turn, he spoke.

    "All four of you have a choice, though it's not much of a choice. Take the liquid, join those who will establish the new world order, and become rulers over the entire world, or don't take the blue liquid, and die in a very quiet, discreet, and humane way. Your remains will be returned to what is left of each of your family's. Live or die, the choice is yours."

  17. Tyler more or less ignored the drifters rant. She didn’t care who or what he was or how he felt about it. But the more she listened to Otto speak, the more sense it made. Two fighters who could be pronounced killed or missing in action anytime, a drifter with no home and no one close to him, and herself. She may be the only one in the quartet that had a family that was probably already looking for her. Considering the way she was taken, if the kidnap crew didn’t clean up afterward, her car would still be at the school and the things she had dropped in the struggle could still be lying on the sidewalk for all she knew. Either way, when she didn’t show up to work, people would begin to question where she was. She never missed a day. Her family would look for her, but they were not wealthy people, and the search would not last long for someone as unimportant as herself. Of course she would never be found in a place like this when the rescue teams would more likely be searching the woods and riverbeds for a lifeless corpse. They probably were not even in the same state she was picked up in. In fact, she didn’t even know what day it was anymore. She could have been unconscious for hours. Otto was right though. None of them would have anyone with enough power looking for them. They would not be missed, at least not for long.

    She was pulled from her thought process by the image of a gun being pulled. She instantly leaned back a little. Her heart stuttered for a few beats in her chest. She had never actually seen a gun pulled on someone in real life. When the masked man fired and the shot rang through the room, she jumped a little at the loud sound it caused. Guns were so much louder than she anticipated; her ears were ringing. Figuring it best not to move, she held very still, watching a bunch of syringes rise from the floor. Lab rats. Called it. When the choice came down to living or dying with no other out, it was just human nature to fight to live. At least this way, maybe one day, she would get a chance to get out of these walls. Tyler stared at the needle closest to her. But damn, she hated needles. Despite her hatred of them, her resolve to live was still clear on her usually stoic face. I really don’t want to help rule the world… But… I really don’t want someone to ship my body parts back to my parents… Her choice was already made but she was not very happy about it.
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  18. Otto White
    The gun went off and he watched the drifter fall as the round tore into his gut, he turned to the masked man and listened to him as the syringes popped out of the floor. He regarded both the masked man and the syringes then looked to the other two able bodied individuals in the room who weren't bleeding on the floor, the woman seemed resigned to take this serum while the solider hadn't seemed to make a choice yet while he looked back to his own. "So take the serum that as stated is gonna make us undying Übermensch in a very literal sense, then we are going to be part of some sort of new world order style group who's goal is to rule the world?" He picked up his syringe and looked at it in the light of the room. "Sure why not." He said as he rolled his sleeve up and pushed the needle into his arm and slowly depressed the plunger this the syringe was empty, he then went and sat down against a wall to wait for and side effects. "Oh and by the way someone should inject the guy bleeding to death as i'm not sure he will be able to himself."
    He sat and waited and waited and waited some more without anything really happening, he did feel a slight tingle at the injection sight that went up his arm but ended at his shoulder. He started to feel something akin to a headache right in the middle of his forehead but other that these two things he was fine, he was still able to use all of his limbs and the pain in his head was just annoying. He watched the other three now waiting for them to take their own serums, he waited to help them if the reaction was severe or debilitating as he wasn't sure if the response he was having was typical of if all of this would be at random. "Time to see if these others are made of sterner stuff than most people." He thought as he waited.
  19. Maine Yates

    Maine had been shot at numerous times and seen others shot, but when the masked man pulled the gun on the Yakuza, fear sank in. He had never seen this level of cruelty and lack of remorse of human life. Then, the syringes popped up breaking his shock and the masked man explained his goals. New world order. What the hell is this, a friggin sci-fi movie. How did I get here....

    So the question was what now? Take the syringe and live but be part of some world order, or don't take it and die... again... He looked around as the school teacher and burly guy took theirs and the Yakuza was still lying on the floor. Poor guy... Maybe I should help him.... Nah.... After a minutes of debating, Main grabbed the syringe and stuck it in his arm. It shouldn't be all that bad...

    An initial wave of warmth passed through Maine's body. He felt relaxed, but only for a moment. Then suddenly, his body tensed up as he began to lose his vision. Instead of seeing the masked man and the room, he was transported back to the war. Visions of death and destruction filled his view. He felt the wounds, physical and emotional, he received over his time in war. Every single bullet, every explosion, every death, all in a single moment. He tried to cry out, but his voice wasn't working. It was a living hell...​
  20. Daisuke was digging ear wax from his ear when the mood suddenly got serious the masked man pulled out a hand gun and without any explanation shot Daisuke in the stomach. It was almost surreal, he didn't feel anything that is until he saw the blood. A look of confusion consumed him as he dropped to his knees.

    "You...sick..son..of a...(cough, cough) bitch." Daisuke was no stranger to getting beat up or even stabbed but being shot is definetly on a different level. He swallowed as blood started to fill his mouth. He gargled curse words as he put pressure on his wounds.

    The syringes rose from the floor. All Daisuke heard was heal quickly, that's all he needed to hear. He tried to stand but he had already lost alot of blood, his legs were shaky and undependable. He decided he'd for go his honor and crawl tword the syringe. With each movement he felt weaker, and weaker. He arrived at the base of the column. He reached for the top and felt for the syringe.

    Once he found it he fell back and coughed up blood all over his face. "Sounds.... (cough, cough)..fun". Daisuke used up the rest of his strength and jammed the syringe into his neck. The liquid was suddenly sucks in to his body like a bullet from a gun. Daisuke's heart started beating slower, the world got dark and he was sure it was the end. 'What a pain' was his final thought. His hand went limp and fell onto the floor splashing his blood in the process.

    He laid there motionless for a minute but only a minute. He suddenly opened his eyes and felt an intense burning sensation coming from his wound. He arched his back as he tried to do anything to escape the pain. His eyes started to change colors, his cornia consumed the whole eye making it pitch black. A bright white light emerged from his wound, as it closed a black smoke rose and disapaited into the air.

    Daisuke then took in a deep breath. The pain was gone, his energy was slowly returning. He tried opening his eyes but all he could see was black. He closed his eyes and opened them a couple of times until his cornia returned to normal. He stood up slowly. "Holy shit that's uh..different."
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