We have 200 Members logging in DAILY! -- How do YOU stand out from the crowd?

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  1. We've recently broken 200 DAILY LOGINS! That means 200 different people login to roleplay and post on Iwaku EVERY DAY. 8D That's pretty cool! It's a LOT of people!

    All of us are here because we love roleplaying and writing. (Most of us, anyway!) It makes us different out in the physical world, but here, we are just one face in a crowd of roleplay lovers.

    So what makes YOU stand out from the other people on Iwaku?

    Is it the kind of character you play?

    Are you known as something like "That Girl who really REALLY loves foxes" or "The Guy with a million Moon avatars".

    When someone says your name do they instantly recall some of your best roleplay posts? Or do they think of that one roleplay plot you keep trying over and over?

    Have you claimed your own personal space on Iwaku that everyone knows about, or are you a total mystery and no knows you outside of hearing your name?

    Newbie or oldie! Talk about things you do! Quirks you have! Stuff that you think you are (or WILL be) well known for on Iwaku!
  2. Yay! Growing website! I`m the type that`s addicted to reading good books, writing whatever comes to mind and KILLS at archery. I`m also iwaku`s offical Doctor Who fan :3
  3. I'm October! Named after a month, that's a little different I guess.

    Also I think people might think of me as the guy that always talks about food, and started the food group on Iwaku.

    Not really sure though, It's hard for me to tell how people think of me or what I'm known for.
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  4. I post succinct one-liners that are passive-aggressive and witty.
  5. I are Cat Emperor of Catkind
  6. Still new here, so probably not known for much of anything :P. Hopefully one day people will know me for something! I do try to make interesting characters.
  7. ​I'M STACI. HI. 8D

    Everyone is being serious. - w- Guess I should be..

    I'm that gurl in the picture thread.
    and bloggin'.
    and purple.
    and league.
    and POKEMANS.

    I dunno what else... :D
  9. Um...I don't know what makes me different. :|
  10. I'm that guy everyone mistakes for a girl, I guess >_>;
  11. I'm perfectly sane and normal. I'm not a pervert. I'm not a leader of a nonsensical cult. I hate people. I hate this site.


    Also, I can be known for my history of emotional problems that used to occur, and also I've been a moderator a number of times on this site. I love foxes. Dunno what else.

    OH! I like getting on Asmo's nerves!
  12. Hello beautiful Iwaku. Shall I give you some tea? I could totally tell Diana that! You know that really just was inappropreate. BEHAVE LIKE RATIONAL PEOPLE. *koff* c(_) <3 *squeak*

    ... yeah that's about how most of my chat sessions look like.

    ... my RPs? *shrugs* I honestly don't know how people view those.
  13. I'm the discoholic. It's as simple at that.

    Is anyone else besides me a discoholic? I don't think so!
  14. This is a rather interesting question. I say that because a given reason could be the opposite of what someone is famous for. xD

    For now, I will say that I am famous for....my red beard. Yup. I am going with the beard.
  15. The Burger King, of course. Well before they changed em.

    That and being a part of the first completed fantasy RP on Iwaku. :P
  16. If anyone met Axel, then they've met me xD
  17. How do I stand out from the crowd? Hmmm....
    I may be new, but I have an idea; I like to explore new opportunities. What I believe I might be known for is music and archery.

  19. Disco Stu.
  20. "My name is Kitti... Yup. No, no, that's not right at all. No, no tail... I AM NOT A CAT. I AM NOT A NEKO. SPELL MY NAME KITTY ONE MORE TIME AND SO HELP ME..."

    Just a guess.