We Fight Because We're Two Halves Of The Same Whole

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  1. Katherine Brookewelle
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    About Katherine: She's good looking, takes care of school finances, runs errands for the principle, responsible, and does many good deeds for the good of the school.

    Katherine's history for the most part is kept under wraps. No one really knows about her home life and despite her cheerful disposition, there is something off about her personality. She doesn't really care for people that act difficult all the time and she can't stand people who insist on breaking the rules. Katherine herself, has tried to avoid breaking rules whenever possible.

    While Katherine may seem like the perfect student, perhaps there are some underlying things going on at home that she doesn't want the entire school to know about. However, that can always change.

    (Keeping her backstory a secret until further character development.)

    Katherine stood at the front of the class, doing role call as was normal in most Boarding Schools. This was of the more painstakingly boredom riddled activities she would accomplish all day, but someone must do it. With a sigh, she read off all the names waiting for each person to respond accordingly. She had her sights set on planning for the annual school dance, though that was the event she hated the most. A lot of the school's budget was spent on the annual dance and each year they made more and more profit, but that wasn't what bothered her. It was the fact that they could have used that money on much more useful things.

    Katherine snapped back to the present with a start staring down the rows and rows of seats with tired eyes. She pushed her glasses up looking around for someone in particular that she didn't necessarily care for, but needed to see everyday for role call.
  2. Name: Troy Matthews
    Age: 17

    Gender: Male
    About Troy
    : Hot headed and has a short temper. He dosent get along with the teachers and especially the principle. Tends to get into many altercations with other students which leads him to detentions and most people keep their distance from him unless therr his friends.
    History: Troy gre up in an abusive home. His father was in and out of jail and a complete drunk who verbally abused his mother and physically abused him. His father would beat him and usually put him in the hospital with a broken arm or leg. His mother was on drugs and barley came home most of the time. One his 16th birthday his father died in a car accident, he was drunk driving. Troy was in the car with his father during the accident but survived with scars on his back and arm from the glass. ( You'll find out more later on)

    "Nothing i ever do is good enough" Troy mumbled as he walked down the street to meet up with some of his friends. His mind just wasn't in it and his body was sore from the fight he got into last night out at the park. Giving his friends a handshake they nodded and talked about skipping class which sounded fun but he knew that he had to be their to retake the test he missed from skipping class the other day or he'd fail that class. Nobody knew about his grades besides the principle who just glared at him when he walked down the halls and he knew exactly why. As much as he got into trouble and fought in school his grades were always an A and B mark.

    The teachers would constantly lecture him about keeping up the work or asking him why he did what he did and he'd just answer with a siple " Fuck you". Troy didn't see the need for school only to prove his parents wrong...well parent. He clenched his fist as he remembered the one person he hated the most. His father. He was glad that his father was dead but he kinda wished he was stil alive to throw the A's he got in his face or to show him how strong he got from weight tranning. It sickened him but he wanted to prove himself so bad went through all the trouble in school and out of.

    Troy sighed as he looked up at the school and then at the doors. Slowly he dragged his feet looking down at his cellphone to realize that he was actually on time and that was a shock to him. As soon as he walked into the class which had only a few students in it he groaned when he saw Katherine. All she ever did was lecture him and nag him about bullshit he didn't care about. He smirked as he looked at her and then walked over. " Moring teach". He always called her that to bother her since she acted like she ran the school. She was nothing but a goody to shoes and he hated her for that and mostly because she had the perfect life.

  3. "Late again?" Katherine said not even giving him the satisfaction of a glance.

    She didn't mark him tardy as she had grown tired of filling out the paper work and allowed him to come into class as he pleased. Katherine hated the way Troy called her "Teach". It was hardly called for. She sighed having finished role call and set it on the teacher's desk. Katherine had learned to "tolerate" Troy. She tolerated everyone. It was only a matter of time before someone really discovered why she was so quiet.

    Katherine took her seat in the back corner of the class, closest the window. She was more or less invisible in this seat and was glad for it. People were less likely to badger her with meaningless questions. She hated having to explain and reexplain lessons people didn't understand. It was rather tiring and left little time for Katherine to do things for herself. In fact, Katherine had not been to hang out with any of her acquaintances or that was she called them. Friends were not particularly the word to describe the relationship.

    The teacher was a rather burly man, with a face that was pinched as though he smelled something foul. He was the Physics teacher and often gave them partner assignments. Through luck, Katherine had found ways to avoid working with Troy, simply because the two of them could not get along with each other in the least. However, that much was about to change much to Katherine's displeasure.

    "Hello class, welcome back from summer vacation. I'm sure it was all fun and games, aside from you Ms. Brookewelle," He smiled in her direction though Katherine was not really looking at him, but out the window, "Today we'll be doing pair work and I think it would be a good idea for Brookewelle to work with Troy from now on. Maybe some good will come of it.

    Katherine turned slowly around to face the teacher. Was this person insane? Had he completely gone Crackers? "Mr. James that's hardly necessary-"

    Mr. James cut her off, "Nonsense! Katherine you'll be fine. Now onward with today's lesson..."

    Katherine sank lower in her seat grabbing her things to take her new seat... next to Troy...
  4. Troy flashed one of his aproving smiles when she had said he was tardy. He shrugged it off and then leaned on the teacher's desk watching her fill out the paper. It wasn't like he wanted to bother her...but then again he did. It was fun to him and simply because he knew every word and action to get under her skin. The first bell rang and he heard the chattering of the students outside in the hallway. Mostly they were laughing or agruging and some running to class afraid of being late.

    Once the second bell rang most of the students were in the classroom except for some who haden't got back from vacation or others who just dind't come for whatever reason. Sitting in his seat Troy placed his backpack on the floor and then glared at Mr. James. he hated the man simply because he always found a way to bother him or ask him something..well that was the main reason. Most teachers just left him along but not Mr. James, he made it his personal agenda to call on him whenever possible.

    Placing his head down to start off with his nap instead of listening to the teacher's boring lecture on school and work and what their expectations were. That changed when he heard Mr. James words. Sitting up quickly his jaw dropped and he almost stood from his seat. " What the hell, Katherine!? You got to be kidding me!". Troy sighed and then leaned back into his seat watching Katherine move from her usual seat next to his. Smirking Troy leaned over. " Well it'll be nice working with you..Teach".
  5. Katherine just placed her head on the desk cursing her good name, "Please don't call me Teach..."

    Her tone was rather tired and she was not really in the mood for Troy's teasing. Katherine was never really in the mood for teasing, but now even more so. She was tired and had a lot of stuff on her plate. Troy could have at least tried to make this a pleasurable experience. However, she had noticed that he had used her name a few seconds go. So at least he knew her name. What Katherine wondered was why Troy insisted on bothering her so. However, there was usually an explanation for everything.

    Katherine didn't bother listening to the lecture and just went on ahead doing the experiment. There was a meeting and of course Katherine had been invited to it. She grew rather tired of them. There were days where she made up excuses just to skip them. However, today was something entirely different. This was about the dance that everyone rumored was going to be the best one yet. Katherine was in charge of everything this time and that was what made things difficult. She had no idea how to make the best dance yet, but of course she would try regardless.

    She ignored Troy throughout class , often enraptured in her own thoughts. There was so much to do and such little time to do it. It seemed as though people like Troy had all the time they wanted to do what they wanted. Didn't have a care in the world... A life like that must be full of excitement... In her eyes, Troy's life was like a dream she would never live.
  6. Troy looked over to see Katherine putting her head down on the desk and kindly asking him to stop calling her teach which he was going to continue. He had nothing better to do than bother her and especially in this class. The teacher went on with telling the class their homework for today and then about the detantions and what he was looking for this year. Troy sighed and then pulled out his phone to check his messages. His friends were planning on cutting lunch and agreed, school was nothing to him just a place to waste valubale hours.

    Tapping his foor rapidly on the floor he watched as the clock ticked. It seemed to be going even slower as if it was teasing him. Mr. James was looking dead at him and decided to ask him a question, he could tell by the finger pointing in his direction but he was blocking out the words and then the bell rang. Standing up he zipped up his backpack and threw it over one if his shoulder and then looked at Katherine who semed diffrent. Usually she would nag him or do something in general but today she was quiet..real quiet which was new to him.

    Being the annoying person he was to her he stood infront her desk and then looked down at her. " Are you having boyfriend issues, because if so i can talk to Gilbert for you". Gilbert was the one classified as the scool nerd. He wore his clothes tucked in and he had suspenders. Troy actually never bullied the kid for the simple fact that they used to be friends in grade school. The tescher was watching his movements as if he was going to throw a bomb out or something. Troy suddenly realized that he was actully worried about if she was okay or not. He shook his head and walked out the room to his locker.
  7. It wasn't that Katherine was repulsed by Gilbert. She just couldn't quite fathom the idea of him being her boyfriend. Though be it as unlikely as it may seem, Katherine had never had a boyfriend. Granted, she had more than enough confessions from both nerds and athletes alike. However, Katherine simply didn't have the time for a boyfriend. As much as she herself would like one, there was just no way that a relationship could be nurtured with a schedule like hers. So obviously, Katherine was NOT having boyfriend issues and that being the case, she ignored Troy entirely.

    Katherine had finished the experiment, no help from Troy, and handed it in analysis, hypothesis, and the collected data. This was of course nothing new to anyone else. With Katherine's busy schedule, no one blamed her for rushing classwork. It was always like that. Mr. James simply smiled at her as if she was scientist ready to receive an award for discovering yet another use for solar power or some other great accomplishment of the sort. She headed to her locker and placed her books where they belonged before reaching to get the books for the next class.

    As if irony was playing some type of cruel trick, a member of the student council went to retrieve her. Of course there was another meeting right before class was about to start. It was absolutely nerve wrecking. She could hardly get through the day without the principle wanting something. Katherine just wasn't feeling it today and she said, "I have a test today so I can't make it."

    That was that and she headed onto her next class. Knowing that when she did role call, Troy would most likely be late, meaning she would have to fill out more paperwork and that also meant less time for herself. However, Katherine's time was limited. She hardly ever had time for herself, always planning, studying, doing the school's finances. They were working her to death now that the annual dance was drawing near...

    Katherine walked into math class and she stood at the front of the class... doing role call... again.
  8. After opening his locker he sighed and then put his books inside and stared at his locker. Honestly Troy was tring to drag on the day as much as possible, even if that ment getting a detention to keep him away from the one place he hated the most...home. Every morning was like a rush to get into the shower and then get dressed and head out without having to stop and speak to his mother. He hated her, even thought it was mean to say..he did.

    She never helped him in anyway shape or form. When his father was beating on him, he called out to her but she never came. Clenching his fist Troy slammed the locker shut and then looked down at his hand which had a slight mark left from the incident with a knife. Walking to class he let his feet drag across the floor which got glares from the teachers but he didn't care. To be honest he didn't know why his mood was so down and then he realizeed it was because his birthday was comming up.

    Alot of people would be happy that their birthday was comming up but not Troy for the simple reason that he would have to remember the death of his father in the crash...the one his mother blamed him for. Once he was in class he made no effort in looking in Katherine's direction or any of the students. Math was an easy class for him and he had a 98 in the class so he didn't care. Sitting in his seat he just simply put his head down and doddled in his notebook.
  9. Katherine looked and for once Troy had been on time. At least that saved her some paperwork. After she finished role call Katherine noticed that Troy was completely ignoring her entirely, much to her pleasure. For now, class would be a little more pleasant, that was if they didn't have a substitute today. So it was safe to assume that this hour was altogether going to be entirely pointless. Again a representative from the student council came to retrieve her. She tried her best not to groan and she followed the student council member down to the principle's office.

    She wasn't surprised to see that it was just her and the principle, as this was common.
    "I know you're busy Katherine, but listen. You probably didn't know, but Troy's birthday is coming up and everyone knows how foul his mood gets when-"
    Katherine cut him off, "Get to the point."
    "Well I was going to ask you if you could, I don't know... do something nice, so us teachers don't have deal with his mood. Like get him a present offer him something, anything." The principle said, half desperate.
    "You're joking right?" Katherine asked him, looking at the principle's dead serious face, "I will see if I can come up with something."
    "Marvelous! I'll be sure to put in a good word for you about that college you wanted to go to in California." The principle said winking at her before sending her back to class.

    Katherine was furious. She was fed up with the tasks people were asking her to do. This one would possibly be the most difficult. What the hell did people like Troy want? She walked back to class, fake smile to hide the anger before continuing to wrack her brain. There was no other option but to do some investigating of her own. And this meant she would have to talk to him.... somehow...
  10. The class couldn't go buy any slower. Glancing up at the clock it ticked slowly and the sound of the ticking noise was stuck in his ears. Looking down at what he was drawing it was turning out pretty good. In his spare time Troy drew. Nobody knew, not even his friends. He felt like it was his own personal thing and that it was for his eyes and his eyes only. Just as he was finishing on the outline his pencil broke and he groaned getting up from his seat.

    Walking over to the sharpener he sharpened his pencil before looking at the teacher who was looking directly at him and then asked him to do the problem that was on the board. Troy sighed and ran his hands through his hair as he walked over to the board and answered the problem and showed the work an less than a minute. He already knew the work was right and he headed back to the seat and allowed his teacher to go over the problem and tell him he was right.

    Most people seemed shoked that he got the answers right but then again looks were deciving and he knew that most of the students thoght he was a trouble maker and was always up to no good. To him mpdt of the students seemed to look down on him like he was nothing and like he'd never amount to anything and he knew thats why he hated most of them so much because they seemed so much like his the person he hated. Not in a physical way but in the thought that he'd never be somebody in life. That was one of the main reasons he never came to school or why he always got into fights with other students.

    Just thinking about it fustrated him and hi leg began to shake uncontrolably. Usually it was what he did when he was pissed and ready to explode. The teacher glanced in his direction but didn't say anything because he already knew what the problem was. And that was why his math teacher was his worst teacher..because he knew exactly what was going on in his life because he knew his dad...Once the bell rang he stood up quickly leaving his notebook on the desk and heading out the classroom.

    ( This is what the drawing looked like)
  11. Had this been any other student's notebook, Katherine would have cared less about the picture she saw, but seeing as this was Troy's notebook, it made her wonder. However, then she realized that it didn't matter to her what he drew. She nonchalantly closed the notebook, hoping the math teacher would ignore her and not make any requests. Katherine gathered her things and Troy's notebook. She then reluctantly ran out to catch Troy before he got too far away and before she would have to back track and be late for her next class.

    "You forgot this. Perhaps this is important to you." She said as she proffered the notebook to him. Her hands were outstretched as though she was giving him something she thought was pure gold.

    Katherine waited for him to take the notebook so she could leave. She puffed and looked straight at the ground, not knowing what else to say. Her brain was trying to figure out what someone like him would want on his birthday. Katherine couldn't buy anything of value to him could she? She was being nice as was expected of the student council president, but Katherine in general was genuinely nice. As was stated earlier, she does things for the good of the school even if it means helping out individual students as well.

    However, it was possible Troy didn't know that, given his lack of appearance at school. On top of which, Katherine had not been in the least bit surprised by his math skills. She wasn't judgmental by any means and kept an open mind. What bothered her, was that Troy did things to make her life more difficult than it already was, but even with this she still did acts of kindness.
  12. Troy was half way down the hallway heading to his last class. Checking in his bocket he pulled out his phone and then began texting before he heard Katherine's voice. Slowly turning around he blinked a few times and then looked down to what she was holding in her hand and he shook his head, mad at himself for forgetting the book. Looking at her he nodded. " Thanks i needed this". When she looked down at the ground he realized this was one of their first coversations they ever had.

    He could tell there was complete awkwardness and when he glanced around he saw that the principle was looking right in their direction before looking away. " Umm i dont want to waste your time so i guess ill be heading off now and umm...soory for not helping you with the project, ill do the next one". Troy gave a weak smile and then turned and headed down the hall looking down at the floor.

    As soon as he got into class his teacher yelled at him for being late. Shrugging his shoulder he took his seat and then gave the teacher the only " Dont fuck with me" Look. Leaning back into the seat Troy sighed and then opened up his notebook and stared at the picture. He always seemed to draw whathe whish he had or how he wished his life was. " Ugh two more days". He mumbled and then put his head down and waited for the bell to ring.
  13. Katherine had been on time to class, but with P.E she was never really late. She was good at sports, but not great at them. She was what one could consider average in most sports, but good at individual ones such as badminton and tennis. Katherine was supposed to be fit as the school didn't call for a physically unfit president. She dressed in the normal P.E. uniform or at least something similar thereof. Black shorts, gray top. However, must girls wore shorts that were short enough to see the underside of their rear, though Katherine wore her shorts low enough so she didn't have to worry about such a problem.

    Today was fitness which meant a lot of running, but she didn't mind it necessarily. After the running was over, it was badminton. Her favorite sport. As the hour went by she began to ponder about what to get Troy. She didn't know the exact date of his birthday, so she'd have to peek at his records for it. Though she could just ask him, but that would most likely create an unstable amount of awkwardness and raise a lot of questions. She pondered the idea for a while, finally deciding that the safer choice would just be to ask him.

    The bell rang, signaling that P.E. was over and she prepared for her next class which was Art... She had the hours of math and Art switched around so now her Art class was later in the day. That was the class she most looked forward to as it was a way for her to let out her emotions peacefully. She was more of a painter than anything else, but she could use pencil... outside of those materials, her artwork was nothing spectacular to look at. She grabbed her sketchbook stood at the front of the class and once again did roll call.
  14. The class went by quickly since he had nothing to do but sit around and losten to a teacher rambling on about half of the tings he leard last year. Time seemed to freeze up and everyone was in slow motion. The teacher called him to the board and he slowly got up from his seat and did the problem. Once sitting back down he opened up his notebook and just stared down at the picture he fisished drawing last class. Slowly he allowed his finger to trace the paper.

    The paper reminded him of himself in his childhood and what he wanted his life..well childhood to be. Bitting on his tounge he flipped the page and began to doodle an outlie of someone a person. After erasing a few times he finally setteled on the look and then began on the background. Troy liked the artwork that he did and then closed his notebook waiting for the bell to ring.

    Everyone in the class seemed antsy to leave and he knew why. One reason was because of the fight that was going on after school and the other reason was jsut because they were getting out of the damn school. As soon as the bell rang he headed out the door with some students who didn't have to stay. Walking down the streets he leaned against the fence and waited for his friends to come.
  15. Katherine just sighed as school ended. This just meant there was another meeting for her to attend. It was as if she was expected to make all of the decisions for the school. She didn't understand why the teachers couldn't handle these simple tasks themselves. In a way, it was almost like child labor since Katherine wasn't getting paid for her services. Though she was considering to start charging people. Katherine just desired some room for herself to have a life. She was growing weary of trying to make everyone else's life easier, when her life was harder than was necessary. Perhaps if she had time, she could even have a boyfriend... Katherine laughed out loud. Time for a boyfriend sounded silly in her mind. That was highly unlikely as she would most likely be spending extra time relaxing than stressing out about keeping up a relationship that constantly needed to be nurtured.

    Katherine had heard the rumors of the fight that was going on after school, but as usual she would not partake in the activity of gawking at it like some useless pigeon. She just simply didn't have the time nor the want to watch something so seemingly pointless. She was not aware of what the fight was about, but she believed that violence was only necessary in times of extreme provocation and protection. Even then, it wasn't meant to be publicized for people to stare at. It just simply wasn't done. Katherine shook her heads as she watched numerous students on their way out to witness the madness. Of course the fight wouldn't be happening on school grounds. Too many police lurked around the area.

    Katherine found herself in the principle's office for the second time that day and she followed him into the meeting room. There was a considerably large amount of teachers attending today's meeting. And she was beginning to get curious as to what today's topic would be about. The principle cleared his throat before saying "Katherine, we're all gathered here to ask you... If you'd take Troy with you to the dance in two days..."

    Katherine's jaw dropped a few centimeter and she took a few seconds to speak before replying.
  16. There was of course another fight that was suppose to go down a few blocks away from the school. It supprised Troy because for the first time it wasn't a fight between him. It was some other kids who had beef from a while ago. When Troy's friends arrived they chatted up for awhile until the rest of the students got out. When he and his friends saw a crowd outside the school he was confused and walked over to see the guys had already started arguing.

    The kid in the black t shirt was Mike, he was on the football team as wide reciver and Adam who was in the red jacket was on the basketball team. Both fighing over some girl. As the arguemnt continued Adam was the first one to throw the punch and thats when the brawl began. All of Mike's football friends jumped in to help Muike who was getting beat up and then Adam's basketball team got involved.

    All the students were laughing and recording, cheering them all on. As Troy turned away not wanting anything to do with the fight, someone bumped in back and he stumbled right into the middle of the fight. One of the Football linebackers tackled him to the floor as he landed on his stomach and felt something sharp agaisnt his chest, his shoulder was in pain and he groaned as he elbowed the kid on the face knocking him off.

    When he stood up thats when secutity came and everyone was staring at him as if he was the cause of it but when he looked down at his shirt he saw what they were looking at. Blood. It was all on his shirt and he knew it was his because of the sudden pain that came through. His chest had a huge cut and it was deep. Pulling him inside and the security rounded up the other gous he walked into the principle's office and the security said to call his parents and the ambulance was on their way.

    Troy placed his hands to his chest and he then froze then he saw that their was a meeeting going on. He immeditally looked away, it was embarrasing for him and he looked at the clock hoping that the ambulance was comming soon because he was begining to feel dizzy.

  17. Like clockwork, all of the teachers turned to look at Katherine as if they expected her to do something about the currently bleeding Troy. Then after that, they turned to stare at Troy. Some shook their heads while others muttered words of disapproval.

    "Well don't just stare at him like that! That's rude. You should be helping him feel comfortable. I can't believe this!" Katherine was shouting in frustration. From all the stress, and the pressure... She was cracking.

    Katherine looked at Troy and noticed the wound that was bleeding profusely. She grabbed gauze from her gym bag and started to hand wrap Troy's gash. She hoped that he was in too much pain to say anything so she could just do something nice. The ambulance eventually came and Katherine was more or less requested to go with him. Since none of the teachers wanted to speak on the school's behalf. Katherine sat in the back of the ambulance with Troy and tried her best not to say anything that would make things awkward. There was no time for that.

    She moved Troy's hands away from his wound along with his shirt so the cut could be wrapped properly before being taken care of by doctors. This was a reason Katherine didn't care for violence. Too many people ended up getting hurt... And once it happened, you could never take it back no matter how much you wanted to. The teachers stared dumbfound at Katherine's ability to treat wounds, but Katherine was wondering why the school nurse wasn't doing it. The teachers at this school were just unbelievable. After Katherine finished... she stared at her now blood stained hands... And for once... she wasn't bothered by it.

    Katherine studied the ground. She was partly wondering what would happen at the meeting now. It was highly likely that it would have disbanded since Katherine had already been given her assignment. She sank in her seat. There was no way Troy was going to go the dance with her. That was like trying to lure a cat into a bath. It was simply impossible. She looked at Troy. Katherine had been certain that he was not going to be involved in this fight. She pondered over what possibly could have happened. She hadn't known Troy to get into a fight for no reason so she just wondered if he would explain things... Probably not...
  18. All eyes were on him and it felt like there was nothing going on around him and the faces of purse disgust and shame. They shook their heads like he was the bad guy, like it was always his fault. the truth was it wasn't because he wasn't a snitch and he took the fall for all of it. it didn't matter thought because they only thought he was trouble anyways.

    When Katherine spoke it stunned him, Troy haden't expected her to spazz out on them the way she did but he had to aplaud her for it. She was always so calm and like the teachers pet he knew that she had to be aggravated deep down inside her because if he was doing things like she was he knew he would have been exploded. Wincing he groaned in pain as Katherine tended to his wound. No teachers got up the only teacher who looked genuly worried was his Math teacher.

    Before Troy knew it he was in the back of the ambulance heading to the hospital and Katherine was right by his side. He was thankful that she was there, she seemed to be the only one that cared. he was in serious pain and he didn't know how serious the cut was until Katherine pulled off his shirt and he looked away from the wound. As he waited to arrive at the hospital he looked over at Katherine. " Look..thanks alot for comming..it um means alot to me and just so you know i didn't start the fight and it wasn't my fault..i was pushed into the brawl".

    When the ambulance stopped the people helped him inside and onto a bed before taking him into one of the rooms for the dotors to examine the wound and stich it up. It took and hour before the doctors were finished and they said he could go home after contacting his mother whom he gave a fake number to and then headed into the waiting room. Troy looked around hoping Katherine was still there.
  19. Katherine had not been allowed to be present when the wound was to be stitched. Instead, she waited outside and watched as the clock ticked for an entire hour. Perhaps it been one her more painfully boring times. Katherine had not expected for Troy to say thanks at all, but she just smiled. At least he had been grateful in the least. However, she was even more shocked that she received an explanation. So he really wasn't supposed to be involved in the fight. He was thrown into it, by someone who had perhaps been careless. She shook her head. That was ridiculous.

    Katherine would have said something back to him after he had thanked her, but she couldn't really say anything. Katherine had more or less been forced to go with him, though she wasn't regretting it. Katherine cared a lot about people as was customary for someone of her stature. However, it appeared as though Troy was not used to something like that. Katherine wouldn't make any sudden notions, but she kept it in the back of her mind for further investigation at a later time. If she got the chance that was.

    After the painfully long hour, Troy appeared and Katherine walked up to greet him. She stopped shortly after she realized that none of Troy's friends or family had showed up. Weren't they worried about him at all? She didn't give it much thought as she couldn't think of anything to say, but her mouth seemed to think otherwise.

    "Are you feeling okay? Perhaps you would like a rest before you went home? My mother brought my car to the hospital after I told her what happened. Are you hungry? Is there anywhere you want to go?"

    Katherine was probably rambling, but this would give her ideas on what to do for his birthday. It was the same as the dance. And she was still certain that he wouldn't go with her. She sighed... This whole thing was pointless, but nonetheless, Katherine smiled thinking that it would pay off in the end.
  20. Troy smiled when he saw that Kantherine was still there in the waiting room. He knew that his " suppose" friends wouldn't show up or him, they wern't really his friends. Only tow had texted him asking if he was okay but that was about it. The stitches didn't really hurt that much but it kinda hurt when he took in a deep breath.

    The one thing that was stuck on his mind was the teachers faces in the room. They didn't seem to care about the fact that he was bleeding, they just stared and shook their head and looked away. it amazed him how adults who had a job and a role as a teacher could just stand there and let him bleed out from the wound and nobody was going to help him.

    The doctors wanted to contact his mom and said that they left a message but Troy already knew that it was a fake number. They wouldn't call back because he gave them his neighboor's number and they were out of town on a vacation for two weeks. Watching as Katherine walked over to him he was shocked when she asked if he was okay and all thsese other questions. Did she care? He blinked not knowing how to respond insteady he just smiled because for the firdt time someone actually cared.

    " Im okay just a little sting and i dont need to rest but thanks. Hungry? Yeah im starving and i want to go anywhere but home". Troy looked away. He could imagine what his mother would do once she found out he was in the hospital. She'd go balistic and trow things at him and blam him once again for everything that had happened. Clenching him hand in throught he sighed and then looked down at the floor feeling like he was going to break any moment. " Why do people always think its my fault? Like im the problem, they dont care..nobody seems to. If only they knew...".