Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader: The Interex Valhalla

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  1. This is the place where PCs will sign up and we can discuss things OOCly.

    Campaign Overview:
    A deadly Warp-storm killed everything organic on the Interex Valhalla, except one man who was in Cryostasis-Apollo Torque. When he awoke from cyrostasis, he found his whole crew dead and he was not where he used to be. Over 10,000 years had passed, and the galaxy was radically changed, and his home government of Interex has been long destroyed and forgotten by the Imperium.

    Gone now is the power of technology and science; for much has been forgotten never to be re-learned.

    Gone is the promise of hope and understanding, for in the grimdarkness of the 41st millenium, there is only war, and the laughter of bloodthirsty gods.

    And so, he has exiled himself to the Koronous expanse, where he will do what he needs to survive.

    Signing up and Rules:

    You'll need a copy of Rogue Trader to play this. I can email a copy to you, no problem, though.
    Also, if you want to play a Tau character, here's the Tau guide:
    http://wh40klib.ru/rpg/Rogue Trader/Tau Character Guide.pdf

    (since the ship will be Archeotech, it'll probably have some technology similar to Tau. For example, drones)

    Your characters will be people on board Apollo's ship. They can be either:

    1. Humans he's managed to hire or recruit; possibly outcasts from society or other such things.

    2. Xenos he's managed to recruit. Unlike the Imperium, this Rogue Trader has almost no xenophobia. So, more or less, all xenos are welcome. In fact, here's a book that contains a lot of xeno builds:
    http://wh40klib.ru/rpg/Rogue Trader/The Koronus Bestiary.pdf
    (I'm thinking it'd be cool perhaps if someone signed on as an Eldar Harlequin? Since they intereact with other races anyways).

    3. Androids aboard his ship who managed to survive the warp storm. (They'll have the same stats as Battle Servitors)

    4. Agents of the Imperium or the Tau (or maybe the Eldar) who are on his ship for whatever reason. Maybe they just got lost and need to hitch a ride on something, maybe their faction wants them there. Just don't be torching everything you consider mildly heretical.

    It's fine to port a character from other rulebooks (such as dark heresy) though probably not Black Crusade, since Apollo likes Chaos about as much as the Inquisition does.

    Anyways, there should be a character sheet in the book itself. I'm going to use the "Allocate Points" method of character creation.

    Rogue Trader (open)

    Name: Apollo Torque

    Species/Class: Human Rogue Trader

    In armor:
    (Minus the shield)

    Out of armor:

    BS: 35
    WS: 35
    Strength: 35
    Agility: 35
    Toughness: 27
    Intelligence: 41
    Perception: 35
    Willpower: 35
    Fellowship: 50

    Wounds: 10
    Insanity: 3
    Fate: 3

    Hive World
    Savant (Logic)
    Duty-Bound (Duty to Humanity)
    Dark Voyage

    Air of Authority, Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal).

    Command (Fel), Commerce (Fel), Charm (Fel), Evaluate (Int), Literacy (Int), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int), Basic Logic (Int), Forbidden Lore (Archeotech +10), Speak Hive Dialect

    Starting Equipment:
    Best Craftsmanship Archeotech laspistol, common craftsmanship power sword, Best Craftsmanship enforcer light carapace, Drone Controller

    Apollo Torque was born on planet Keplar in the 31st millenium, on the Interex equivalent of a Hive World. He did well in school, and was considered something of a geek. The crime rate was pretty high, and he decided he wanted more adventure in life. So, he joined the Interex navy as an engineer.
    Then, one day, the Imperium showed up to preform its Great Crusade.
    Interex and the Imperium came into a short conflict, and Apollo was injured in a fight against the Luna Wolves. He lived, though, and was carried off and put in cryostasis while he recovered.

    Then, the ship carrying him, the Valhalla, was caught in one of those annoying warp storms that killed every organic being on his ship save him-and transported the ship to the grim darkness of the 41st millenium. After realizing what had happened, he exiled himself to the Koronus expanse. He considers his ship to be a little miniature Interex all to himself.

    He's a staunch individualist, who believes the highest good is rational self-interest. He rejects the Imperium's xenophobia and it's theocratic elements (though he does have respect for non-chaos religions). He's rather fascinated with the Tau, even though (or perhaps because of) their different philosophies.

    Starting XP:


    XP Spending:
    Pilot (Space Craft)
    Scholastic Lore (Philosophy)

    Apollo's Drone: K'ara

    BS: 22
    WS: 22
    Strength: 30
    Agility: 40
    Toughness: 45
    Intelligence: 15
    Perception: 35
    Willpower: 30
    Fellowship: 8

    Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag) +10

    Fearless, Guardian


    Character Sheet (open)

    Starting Equipment:

    The Valhalla (open)


    A Galileo-class starship. She has an on-board AI known as Kara. She's a bit sarcastic, to say the least, and is generally unimpressed by humanity-especially now that humanity is a totalitarian dystopia. However, at least in the recesses of her mind she likes having a crew around.

    Even in its own time, it was a technological marvel, but unfortunately was severely damaged by a warp storm. As such, some of its most advanced systems have been replaced or powered off.

    Its interior is white, silver, and sterile. However, it's also clearly new-something rare for the 41st millenium. In addition, its life-sustainer is a miracle-the air is noticeably sweet. The hallways are patrolled by drones, and under constant surveillance. There's rumors that there might be cameras in the quarters, but these rumors are false...right?

    There's screens in every room, which usually quietly play speeches given by Captain Apollo-to a long-time crewmember, these speeches are basically white noise. Between speeches, classical music plays. There's nothing from stopping a crewmember from turning of a screen if they find it annoying (they are, however, set to automatically re-activate after a few hours). At least weekly, they put a movie on the screens-the crew votes on a movie. Particularly popular are the Ciaphas Cain movies.

    Crewmembers have some degree of freedom of speech as well as religion, so long as they do not associate with the forces of Kaos. Worship of Kaos may result in being shot out an airlock. However, worship of the God-Emperor, the Omnissiah, Gork and Mork, among other various non-Kaos gods is totally acceptable.

    Speaking of things that are acceptable, Xenos are welcome on-board the ship, so long as they follow the rules that everyone else does. The Rogue Trader is a little skeptical of the more violent species, but there is at least one Ork on board the ship.

    Speed: 7 (-1 Resolute)
    Manoeuvrability: +18
    Detection: +12
    Hull Integrity: 36
    Armour: 19
    Turret Rating: 1
    Space: 42
    SP: 30
    Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2

    Resolute, Reliquary of Mars


    -Interex Plasma Drive (+45 power, 6 space, 3 SP)
    -Combat Bridge (1 space, 1 power)
    -Interex Life Sustainer (2 power, 2 space, 2 sp)
    -Mars Pattern Macrocannons (4 power, 2 space, 1 sp)
    -Security Androids (1 power, 1 space, 1 sp)
    -Tenebro Maze (1 power, 1 space, 1 SP)
    -Librarium Vault (1 power, 1 space, 1 SP)
    -Barracks (2 power, 4 space, 2 SP)
    -Munitorium (3 power, 4 space, 2 SP)
    -Extended Supply Vaults (1 power, 4 space, 2 SP)
    -Compartmentalized Cargo Hold (2 power, 5 space, 1 sp)
    -Voidsmen Quarters

    Approved Player Characters! (open)

    Apollo Torque: Rogue Trader

    Tycho Merax: Explorator

    Throatslitta: Ork Kommando

    Shas: Tau Fire Warrior

    Shandra: Human Arch-Militiant Sniper

    [[Er, ignore the second die roll. I threw that one on accident]]
    Protagonist threw 5-faced die for: Insanity Total: 8 $dice $dice
    Protagonist threw 5-faced die for: Wounds Total: 2 $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Fate Total: 13 $dice $dice
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  2. How much starting XP do we get?
  3. Okay, I must be blind or maybe I misread something. On the page you told me, I read before, explaining characteristics and stats but I don't recall it mentioning what determines your stats or the like. It by race? Class? Haven't read the part regarding equipment yet. Will get to doing that soon.
  4. Everything starts at 25: Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower and Fellowship. The way we're rolling our characteristics is you get 100 more points to allocate as you see fit. Whatever background you pick will modify your characteristics from there.
  5. Approved

    Name: Tycho Merax
    Species/Class: Human Explorator
    Origin: Forge World, Stubjack, Criminal (Judged and Found Wanting), Dark Voyage, Pride
    Movement: 3/6/12/18
    Wounds: 14
    Total TB: 4
    Armor: 5 head, 7 body, arms, legs

    Common Lore (Tech +10, Machine Cult +10) (Int)
    Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int)
    Intimidate (S)
    Logic (Int)
    Literacy (Int)
    Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Techna-Lingua, Low Gothic) (Int)
    Tech Use (Int)
    Trade (Technomat) (Int)
    Basic and Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
    Logis Implant (On successful Tech Use test, gains +10 WS or BS until end of turn, must pass T test or take 1 fatigue)
    Quick Draw (May draw one handed weapons as a free action)
    Traits: Mechanicus Implants
    Equipment: Good Quality Hellgun (Basic, 110m, S/3/-, 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Clip 30, Rld 2 Full, Reliable),
    Good Quality Power Maul (Melee, 1d10+5 E, Pen 4, Power Field, Shocking/1d10+1 E, Pen 2, Shocking),
    Enforcer Light carapace (5 all)
    Multikey, void suit, injector, sacred unguents, micro-bead, combi-tool, dataslate.
    Augmetic Leg (Left, Good Quality)
    Mind Impulse Unit (Good Quality)
    Subskin Armor
    XP Total: 5000
    Current XP: 0
    Insanity: 2
    Corruption: 0
    Fate: 3

    <> <> <>​

    Servo Skull
    Movement: Flier 6
    Wounds: 4
    Total TB: 2
    Armor: 2 all
    Awareness +10 (Per)
    Concealment +10 (Ag)
    Dodge (Ag)
    Silent Move +10 (Ag)
    Tech Use +20 (Int)
    Fearless (Immune to Fear and Pinning, must pass WP test to disengage)
    Traits: Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine (2), Size (Puny) (+/-20)
    Equipment: Auspex

    <> <> <>​

    Tycho was born on Hesh, one of the Lathe Worlds. He found work as a Stubjack in the employ of one of the many Manufactoria on the planet, making sure the workers of the factory kept to their tasks, using whatever means necessary to keep them in line. Though he was afforded singular power within the factory, he never let it get to his head; being a devout believer in the Cult Mechanicus, he wished only to be a functioning cog in the great machine. Being smarter than his peers, he eventually was promoted to the leader of the taskmasters in his factory section.

    After several years of growing malcontent amongst the workers, they began organizing, something that Tycho and his crew tried in vain to discourage using ever escalating levels of violence. Tycho's superiors allowed him to use violence only within the factory grounds, listing any injuries they inflicted as 'industrial accidents'. Despite his best efforts, talk began to spread about an impending strike. Believing that they would have failed in their duty by letting such a strike occur, Tycho took drastic measures. He took his crew out into the Hab-blocks, found the leaders and murdered them, displaying their corpses outside the Manufactorium entrance. He was arrested for murder, but when the strike broke before it ever began, his charges were dropped down to 'superseding authority', a crime he paid for with his left leg.

    Fearing a resurgence of discontent on his return and recognizing his unorthodox methods and intelligence, he was inducted into the Tech-priesthood of Mars. He was a quick study and after several years in the seminary, he graduated and was assigned to a small party of Explorators. Their party booked transport offworld, but were soon after attacked by pirates. The ship managed to escape into the warp, but damage to the warp drive caused it to fail mid-transit, leaving their ship stranded within the warp. Even though their gellar field remained intact, everyone onboard was subjected to horrible visions and unnatural happenings. After the leader of the part lost his mind to the visions, Tycho managed to lead his party through the damaged ship and assist in repairs to the warp drive. The ship escaped into realspace, though blown horribly off course and in no condition to travel. It barely managed to dock at a local spaceport. Knowing repairs would take months or even years, Tycho, now the de-facto leader of his small band of Explorators, left the ship to seek passage elsewhere. After a tense stand-off with Kroot mercenaries, Tycho managed to intimidate them into backing down, catching the eye of Captain Apollo, who invited him to join his crew. Tycho accepted and is now a member of the Valhalla's crew.
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  6. Oh, oops. I forgot to hit "watch thread".

    Grothnor's right about how we're allocating points for our character.
  7. Two things: Are we using insanity and corruption points in this and can I switch my power axe for a shock maul (for flavor reasons)?

    Not to be pushy or anything, I just really don't want to have a poor quality augmentic leg. It seriously gimps my movement.
  8. 1) Yes. Someone said they wanted to play an Inquisitor, so there has to be heresy somewhere.

    2) Sure! A shock maul's fine, and would probably fit your character well.

    3) I believe the book suggests 5000 XP to start with, with 500 of it actually being spendable. I'll go with that.
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  9. Spent 300 xp upgrading my bionic leg to good craftsmanship, (see page 27, Criminal (Judged and found wanting)) and 200 xp more upgrading my MIU to good craftsmanship (see page 73, Explorator Special Abilities)

    Also, as my history says I have to roll 2d5 for current insanity points, I shall do so here.

    EDIT: Well, that was pretty lucky. Gonna roll for Fate and Wounds now too.
    Grothnor threw 5-faced die for: Insanity: 2d5 Total: 2 $dice $dice
    Grothnor threw 5-faced die for: Wounds: 2xTB+1d5+1 Total: 5 $dice
    Grothnor threw 10-faced die for: Fate Total: 9 $dice
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  10. Btw, the Rogue Trader's name will be Apollo Torque.
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  11. As for the ship's name, it's the Valhalla.
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  12. How will the Trader play? I mean as in tech-focused, tanky, sharpshooter, that kinda thing. Thinking of what role my character will have.
  13. I'm interested in this somewhat, would like to make a former Machine Priest. You could always use a mechanic afterall. Oh nvm you have one, would you be willing to take on one of da boyz? Mite be's a'Loota or one of dem der Kommandos boyz, all sneaky like..

    I know the lore to a fairly good point being a fan of the series, namely the books, and know a good deal about the miniture game to the point an observer can.

    Is there anyplace I can see the guide for the PnP rules, or some source of information?

    I read the character creation on another website, saddly it just talks about the Origin path, and alludes to traits and various other abilities plus some penality roles is mentioned in the creation process, as Grothnor did above. But I am rather knew to this in terms of warhammer pnp.
  14. Yeah, Protagonist has a PDF he can e-mail to you. I have it too (thanks to Protagonist) so shoot one of us a PM with your e-mail.
  15. It'd be cool to have an Ork on board! Please do!
    ...Just don't kill any of my crew. Unless I tell you to.

    Let me PM you about getting that book to you.
  16. Grothnor sent it to me already actually.

    Sure thing boss! I won't sqish any of da ummies...maybe..though this ship ain't just Orky nuff! Needz MOAR DAKKA!

    Him and the Tech priest I'm sure will be at each others throats, with the former attempting to pain the machines red, or adding extra guns to the hull haphazardly.

    I think in terms of story he'll owe one of the crew a life debt, or some other sort of deal was made. Orks while stupid savages do have some honor.
  17. Man... I wish I knew I could roll up an ork....

    Poop. Too late now.
  18. Sorry I didn't make that more clear (just a blurb about how he took xenos in).

    But this ought to be fun. Interex, Admech, an Ork, and one guy said he wants to port in a Dark Heresy character.
  19. I'm thinking my guy might be more tech-focused.

    Speaking of which, would it be alright with you guys if I gave the Rogue Trader some sort of Interex drone buddy?
  20. You're the GM. Why are you asking us?
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