Warframe - Remnant of the Orokin

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  1. War is the only absolute. Conflict must arise.

    They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: Masters of the Warframe armour. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more. The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. To conquer, to destroy. As a solar system-wide corporation, the Corpus, attempts to engulf and assimilate all that they come across. All the while they turn a profit at the expense of those that suffer in the war. And the Infested are corrupting the origin system, one world at a time, in an attempt to consume all life.

    A call echoes across the stars summoning Tenno to an ancient place. They must allow the Lotus to guide them. She rescued their race from cryostasis and given them a second chance to survive. The Grineer will find them and they must be prepared. The Lotus will teach the Tenno the ways of their Warframes and the secrets of unlocking their powers.

    Once Awake. Stolen Dreams.
    New players should start with their Tenno awakening to find Grineer Lancers coming to claim them. You can always go with whatever starting point that you want but players in the game begin with the Grineer trying to capture the Tenno to use as a living weapon. The main plot that connects all players will be one of my own devising but you are all welcome to make your own story lines and even use the plot lines from the game's quests.

    I want this roleplay to be easy to jump into. And it will be limited to only a few players to prevent things from getting messy, chaotic or heavy.
    Wiki Links. In-Character Thread.

    Wiki: WARFRAME Wiki
    Warframes: Warframes
    Weapons: Weapons
    Companions: Companions
    Landing Craft: Orbiter
    Factions: Factions
    Archwings: Archwing
    In-Character Thread: Warframe - Remnants of the Orokin (IC)
    Sign-up. Character Sheet.
    Warframe/Name: Only one type of each Warframe at a time (I will keep an updated list of which ones are being used). Primes are considered seperate Warframes and characters. Your character should go by their Warframes name (hence why I only want one of each) and act like is expected of their frame. So Ember would be hotheaded, Mesa is a gung-ho cowgirl, Loki is micheivious, Excalibur is a noble warrior. You get the idea. The frame, of course, is your choice and if you want to use an original frame then post them in this thread so that I can look through their details and approve them. You only have a Warframe if you are of the Tenno faction, otherwise just put in your name. If you want to then I suppose you can play as a cannon character such as Vor or the Lotus.

    Faction: Players should ideally be Tenno. Otherwise they won't be able to use the titular Warframe (with the exception of a few that are made by the other factions, like Valkyr). The Grineer are an army of clones that pretty much follow orders, slowly degenerate and eventually die but there are a few (Clem!) that defect and do their own thing. Really the only faction that I wouldn't advise playing are the Infested, for obvious reasons, and the Orokin since they are extinct. The most normal, human-like faction are the Corpus so if you want to be a normal person then include your details in the "other" section below as to how you defected from the Corpus (if you did) and tell use a little about your character's personality.

    Weapons: Starting weapons are preferred for the start of the roleplay but any weapon from the game is fine. Tenno usually use weapons that compliment their Warframe such as Ash using kunai and Excalibur using a sword. But of course your choice of weapon, in the end, is always up to you. And original weapons are allowed too, just post information about them.

    Archwing: Ideally you wouldn't start with one of these. But if you want to then I won't stop you. Basically the Archwing is a set of wings used by Tenno to engage in space combat. There are a few Archwings to chose from and you can always have your own design.

    Companion: You don't have to start with a companion but you can choose to if you so want. From the Sentinels to Kubrow. This is very much up to you. Original companions are absolutely welcome.

    Landing Craft: What landing craft you use. There are currently three in the game but originals are welcome too. The three current landing crafts are the Liset, the Mantis and the Scimitar.

    Cephalon: Typically Ordis will be the A.I that runs your Tenno's landing craft. But original A.I (known as Cephalons) are always welcome.

    Other: Any further details that you would care to add. You can adhere to the game as strictly as you want or add as much original content as you want. For the most part this roleplay is made around the idea of us playing as Tenno and using Warframes but that is not necessary.​
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  2. Warframe/Name: Volt.
    Faction: Tenno.
    Weapons: Skana. MK1-Braton. MK1-Furis.
    Archwing: None.
    Companion: None.
    Landing Craft: Liset.
    Cephalon: Ordis.
    Other: N/A.
  3. Warframe/Name: Rhino
    Faction: Tenno.
    Weapons: Gorgon machine gun, Magnus, Fragor
    Companion: None.
    Landing Craft: Scimitar
    Cephalon: Ordis.
    Other: N/A.
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  4. Accepted. Feel free to start when you want. So happy that we got a Rhino right out of the gate xD
  5. Is there a thread for playing.

    And I'm glad you like it I love making tanks you should see my dark souls 2 character.
  6. you may need to make a starter post because I am unfamiliar with the game.
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