Warfare Ops

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  1. The smell of the moisture in the air in the morning flooded the whole Green Point base, drawing a beautiful scene of new recruits receiving though training, pilots doing the mandatory practice formation and the sound of gun fire from the open firing ranges. That was the life Captain Aaron Riley Sanderson chose, and damn, it was one he enjoyed living.

    "What do we have today? How is the world doing?" Asked Aaron as he entered into an hangar with some helicopters and other equipment in it. Some members of his team where there, fixing some last details on their equipments and checking all the material they would need for tomorrow. "Good news and bad news, Captain." Replied Allen, Aaron's second in command, standing behind a table with blueprints, maps and many other papers and even a laptop.

    "We have a cold war to balance, Russians and Koreans fighting for a thousand nuclear warheads prize. Live conflicts all over the Ukrainian border, and a war one step away between half Europe and Asia over the control of the new trading routes on the North pole." Explained Allen. "Just another regular day of work." Replied Aaron. "What about the bad news?" Asked the Captain. "Bad news? The new replacement is coming in today." Replied Allen with a chuckle.

  2. looks up from her equipment. "I don't see how that's bad, seeing as you need all the help you can get here." Blows a whisp of her brown hair out of her face and looks at the two of you with a cold stare. "Plus, I'm not some normal recrute off the streets I'm how do you say... advanced." Grins stand, walking over to you in long strides reaches out a hand to shake yours. "Names Blaise, hope you don't mind a girl on the team now" looks at him as if daring him to say anything against her. "I may be a recrute but I'm no rookie."
  3. Aaron didn't precisely liked to be interrupted. Certainly not that way. "What? Wait. Blaise is a girl name?" Said Allen looking at her. "Advanced?" Said Aaron, obviously not impressed. At his age and after everything he had seen, impressing him was rather difficult. "I expect nothing less from you, Soldier." Said him looking at her. "Come on lads! Everyone gather up!" Ordered him, calling all the members of the team around the table. "People, this is Blaise, the new replacement." Said Aaron. "This is Rocket, Chemo, Oxyde and Allen." Said him introducing her to the other components of the team.

    "Operation, Sea viking." Stated Aaron showing them some blueprints of what it seemed like a civilian ship. The Santa Mónica cruiser. "The Ukrainian vice president was traveling with his wife and kids when someone attacked them. Our contact in Ukraine got for us the exact coordinates of the ship, and the General itself asked the 22th S.A.S brigade to take care of it." Explained him. "Bravo, Delta and Echo will be our support, we will be Alpha, the ones on the floor. Chopper will drop us on the higher decks. From there I don't want us to be noticed until I say so. We find the vice president, rescue him and his family and avoid further conflicts between our nations. Understood?" Asked him, and everyone replied with a effervescent 'Yes sir.' "Get in, grab, get out. I want it as simple as that. Be ready to leave tomorrow at 0600. Dismissed."
  4. Listens tentavly to the plan and waits for a chance to speak with him afterwards. She approaches him with a high air of self esteem. "Look sir, I am in no way ordinary and I'm sure you've never seen anyone in the likes of me!" glares at him "I will gladly show you what I can do if you will allow me." brushes the same same strand of hair out of her face careful to keep the hood she's wearing covering her head.
  5. He took a look at her and got close to her. "Soldier, I want to make something really clear, right here, right now: I don't like selfishness, and I do not allow it in my team. So, you better keep all that ego you have for yourself and stop trying to impress people or you will be here for a really short period time." Said Aaron. "Now go prepare yourself for tomorrow, and get to know the team. Because I don't know, and don't really care where do you come from. But here, we work as a team."
  6. Glares at him. After a pause she storms off to follow the team and introduces herself without looking back at him. "Hey y'all I'm Blaise. I'm new round here soooo.... what are all your names again?" Looks at each of them smiling. "Sorry I don't remember them I'm not used to a team, it might take a while for me to remember them. I hope I'm not too much of a bother to the team but I am ready to fight, otherwise I wouldn't be here right?" Tugs at her hood and rocks on her feet as she talks to them.
  7. "So, the little new replacement speaks." Said a big black guy. "A female voice? In the army? Damn... I'm still unable to get used to it." Replied a guy with British accent. "Go easy on her. Didn't you guys remember your first day?" Said Allen. "Yeah... The Captain took me to the training course and made me do the whole course under 45 seconds and with a 100% accuracy." Explained the other team member. "Yeah? How long did you take? A month?" Replied the black guy and everybody seemed to laugh. "At least I made it without the need of punching any of the wood targets, Rocket." Replied him.

    One of the team members got in front of Blaise and gave her a quite heavy transport bag. "I'm Chemo. The big black guy; Rocket. That British slowpoke is Oxyde and that guy behind the table is Allen." Explained Chemo. "Now make yourself useful and help us load the chopper. This whole things have to be double checked for tomorrow 0600, remember?"
  8. Looks at herself. "Am I really that little?" Looks at Rocket expectantly as if daring him to speak up then turns to the Brit and says "Please don't be offended that I can make it into your team but I'm glad to be here." Holding the tranport bag with ease nodes to Chemo and heads to the chopper to load the bag. "C'mon boys lets load this hunk of metel."
  9. "Whoa! Looks like the new girl is ready to punch some faces!" Exclaimed Rocket looking how eager Blaise was. They spent the rest of the day preparing themselves fer the operation next day. Making sure all the ammunition and weaponry was ready and good to go, that they knew every inch of that ship blueprints.... Everything had to be perfect. "Come on people! Let's take some rest. I want everybody fresh and set, here, five minutes before the Captain arrives." Ordered Allen. "Come on, girl. You need to rest too. You wouldn't like to disappoint the Captain tomorrow, right?" Said Chemo.
  10. Scoffs "Evidently I can't impress him either." Looks at Chemo with a sorta depressed look then smiles "but hey who needs to I know what I can do I don't really care if he cares or not." Heads over to her bunk and pulls down her hood for a second forgetting they are there shakes her ears around. "... CRAP!!" Turns and looks at them... "I-I can explain..."
  11. The whole team looked at her, Oxyde even put his hand over his gun in what seemed a mixture of weird amazement. "What the?" Said Rocket. "I can't believe it... Is this girl really coming here with a... Costume?" Asked Allen. "Yeah... You better explain yourself, girl. Jokers are not really our thing, you know?" Said Chemo.
  12. her ears lay back in anger as he handles his gun "Don't!" She steps back "No I didn't come in a costume these are real and... and I also" reaches behind her and pulls out her tail holding it close to her. "I have a tail... look I am not joking around you can feel them they aren't fake... I am an experiment gone wrong.... I ran away from them and I joined the army... I figured since I was already trained in martial arts, snippering, hand to hand combate and more I could be of service.... I know this is a shock but you have to understand that I am still human, if... if you don't want me on your team I'll leave but when I was tested y'all where the best for me... I do understand though." Turns her back to them to get in her bunk.
  13. Oxyde rose his hands and walked away. "Shit... I need a beer." said him before he left. "I... Oxyde, make it two." Said Rocket following him. "You know what, I think... I think I don't want to know anything else.... Just try to... Try not to show those too often." Said Allen, trying to understand what she just said. "I... Hell..." Muttered Allen before he left too. "You... You should tell the Captain.... Yes, you should." Said Chemo. "He is the one who decides who stays and who leaves the team..." Said him. "This shit's too crazy for me..." Muttered him and then left too.
  14. Shudders "Guys..." regains her composure as before and puts her hood back to follow them and as shes about to leave Captain walks in. "oh! sir... I... I have something to tell you."
  15. "What? Blaise, you should go have some rest. Tomorrow operation will not be a walk in the park. I need you rested and fresh." Said Aaron looking at her. "What do you wanted anyway?" Asked Aaron.
  16. "look Aaron... I.." Pulls back her hood to reveal her ears yet again. "I know you decid who stays and who goes... Don't kick me off please I want to fight I need to fight. I'm just as good a soilder as the others though I think I might have made their old army stomachs queasy I mean they are just ears look feel" Takes his hand and puts it on her ears. "They are real and they help. I can hear so much better and my tail keeps my balance I'm not normal any more im advanced please let me stay." Looks him ernestly in the eyes. "let me fight"
  17. Aaron looked at her, but even then he showed no amazement or even impression. "Blaise, I'm not sure I want to know what are those, or even where do they come from. But if the commander decided you were capable of being in here, then it means you've earned the place." Said him looking at her ears again. "Earn the respect of the others, follow my orders and do your job. I don't care if you... Purr and play with a wool ball in your free time, here the work gets done and I expect it to get it done exceptionally. Understood?" Said the Captain. "Now go rest and be ready. The next couple of days are going to be really long."
  18. Hangs her head. "Alright... Sorry if i scared the team, I'll go to bed now..." Heads to her bunk putting her hood back on. was i right to tell them? I mean theyre my team now.
    Goes to bed in her bunk excited for tomorrow mission.
  19. The next morning came, and as always, Captain Aaron was an hour early on their hangar, talking with the pilots of the chopper and making sure the wole plan was impeccable. Of course, he knew by far that no plan survives contact with the enemy, but the best everything was planned the better. "Captain." Said Allen, getting to the hangar also sooner than the Captain had ordered.

    "Batteries on the night vision are the same ones we used in the last operation." Said Aaron. "Yes, but we didn't used it, and we checked them yesterday. They should be fully operative." Replied Allen. "How long until Da-Rar is in the air?" Asked Aaron. "Da-Rar U.A.V will be operative and online fifteen minutes after your command." Replied Allen. "Nice to hear. Come on, let's get this beauty ready to go." Ordered Aaron so the pilots would start preparing the helicopter to leave.