Unite: The Harvest

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It has been years now since Humans learned to accept the Dark Creatures of their Universe. It is now a Universal order with Empress Liana Courdes in charge. There has been peace ever since throughout the universe between the Humans and the Dark Creatures and crime has even gone down. Everyone is happy and it's almost thought that nothing else bad could ever happen. But not in Ulterius-Xar. An alternate world in an alternate dimension that no one on Earth or the Dark World knows about. The Zialon Crystal has grown a portal deep within its core that one day opens up and swallows the Empress and her children and brings them to Ulterius-Xar where they are captured and taken prisoner. Their evil Emperor has known of the other dimension and the Zialon Crystal all along, and is how he came to Earth after the war with the Demons, and how he got ahold of the DNA samples that he had Everest's scientists harvest from Landion, Empress Courdes, and Everest himself to make what is known as Erebus' Elite Assassins. This is a new beginning. A new battle for peace. A new civil war for Earth and the Dark World. It is time to fight back before The Harvest is completed........








Liana woke early one morning, thinking about her kids and her people. Her people now included those from Earth, which needless to say improved things on Dark World a great deal! There were numerous peace treaties still being signed, and other details to work out, but she wasn't worried. She left her massive king-sized bed, and dressed in her regal gown of bright gold cloth, pinning her long hair up in a semi-loose bun, after taking her usual shower. Once she was decent, she walked out of her room and down the stairs to the basement where Dr. Fujisawa was still working with the Zialon Crystal, repairing what was needed, and basically updating its programming. She gave the palace and the crystal an extra dosage of energy that morning... but just as her son Eric found where she was: the dark haired, look-a-like of Landion never lost his mother, ever; or his dad; the crystal that even her daughter Lina was currently helping with, shut down. "Dr. Fujisawa? What's happening?" She asked,- her kids ran to their mother's side, but that's exactly when the three of them were pulled.. right inside the Zialon Crystal! A flash of light flared once, dimmed, then the crystal hummed back to normal! But clearly it had been tampered with from far away and made to be used as a portal! To........ where?

Erebus laughed deviously as his General had reported to him the wonderful news. He knew that he could get their crappy Crystal to make a portal from the Dark World's Crystal. However, he was not satisfied that the portal didn't bring their Zialon Crystal to Ulterius-Xar. The scientists stood behind the General trying to explain to their Emperor that their Avion Crystal wasn't as powerful as the Zialon and was more of an energy source than anything else, really, but....THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF TRYING TO STEAL IT! He shook his hands in protest at the helpless men and told the soldiers nearby to have them executed immediately. That was how things were in this dimension. If you couldn't get things done for Erebus the right way, you got executed and he would simply have them replaced in only a matter of days. Besides the DNA of that Empress and her suitor, the Zialon was one of his most coveted items on his "wishlist". He wanted that Crystal. And he didn't care how many men it would take to kill til he got it. The General still stood in front of his throne heartlessly watching the scientists get carried away to their death. Erebus nodded to him giving him the okay to leave, and sat back, sighing. Calling out to him as he left, he said, "Oh.....have your men find me some better scientists! And don't forget to give our guests the "special treatment", Axel! If anyone can do it, I know you can!" Axel smiled back at him deviously. It was time to greet a long lost "friend".

Landion looked at the night sky and laughed with Braun that morning. Things had become a lot easier for both him and Liana since the last battle with the Demons, and also a little challenging ever since Eric and Lina were born. He loved his children so much and made sure they had the childhood him and Liana never had. He had always found his daughter's fascination with the Zialon Crystal to be quite amusing and wondered if she would be following in Dr. Fujisawa's footsteps even though the 90-year-old scientist seemed to be getting slowly younger as the Zialon Crystal became stronger. He often wondered how he could do so much at his age, but his "Teenage Interns" (who were now adults) were pretty much his Assistants now, and knew their way around his lab and his work just as much as he did. Braun made a joke about hoping he could live as long as Dr. Fujisawa was and the Vampire laughed softly with him. He didn't really feel like an Assassin or a Soldier anymore. And, truth be told, he really wasn't. Just a Guardian to his wife and children. Not so much had been happening lately, but General Braun was still preparing his Universal Military troops just in case anything did happen. Landion pretty much had nothing to worry about besides the Knights, so sometimes he just relaxed on the roof of the Military HQ building. Suddenly, what looked like two of Dr. Fujisawa's Assistants were running down the streets yelling for Landion and General Braun and waving their arms franatically. Guess I spoke too soon.

Landion and Braun hopped off the roof and ran over to the young men. "What's going on?" he asked them getting mighty worried. The two men huffed and puffed out of breath and spoke as quickly as they could, "Dr. Fujisawa......Crystal.....It shut down!....Sucked up the Empress and your kids......And...It started working again.....They're....gone!" Landion could barely believe what he was hearing. Nonetheless, he and the General hopped into a shuttle car with the Assistants and zoomed down the street to the Palace. Landion looked in the Throne Room, in he and Liana's bedroom, and the childrens' rooms, but they were all devoid of his family. Racing down the stairways to the lowest floor, Landion slammed open the door to find Dr. Fujisawa staring at the glowing Crystal and shaking his head with a look of horror on his face. "Doctor! What happened?! Where's Liana?!?! And where's Eric and Lina?!?!" the Guardian yelled grabbing the scientist's shoulders and shaking him vigorously. The old man looked at him sadly and whispered, "They're......gone......." The Zialon Crystal stood before them all glowing and humming innocently. Whatever happened, wasn't its or Dr. Fujisawa's fault. But, people don't just magically disappear either. Something was definitely going on, but what? It's not like Everest or Axel were still alive to do anything sneaky. Landion bent down and picked up his daughter's teddy bear that was lying helplessly on the floor. What's going on?!

Helies looked all around him trying to figure out exactly where he and his brother had ended up. "Well, this is odd, Kyle! We were supposed to end up wherever the Zialon Crystal is! This is a forest!" he scoffed. Looking up, the ex-soldier could see two moons shining brightly in the night sky. Yep, this is definitely the Dark World! It has to be! Picking up their scattered belongings, Helies looked back at his brother and smiled, "Well this is gonna be a long trip into town. Got your Datapad set?" Pointing to the long, black electronic pads strapped to each of their arms, he was surprised they were still fully functioning far from home. He tapped coordinates into his own pad and a holographic arrow popped up and pointed in the direction in which they were to folllow. Gesturing to his brother to follow, he began the long journey into Central City, the words of their Emperor circling through his head. They had been both charged with treason after sneaking into Restricted areas of the Emperor's Research Lab. The infiltration was worth the risk, though, beacause what he and his younger brother had found was less than inviting. This was their fate, their choice, but Helies knew that he would have to make things right again for Kyle. He had promised their mother he'd take care of him and give him a good life right before she died. He deserved at least that. The young man strolled through the forest with one hand on his sword. The soldiers of Ulterius-Xar were quite vicious and he wasn't exactly trusting of these people either.
Liana gathered her two children in her arms as soon as she woke up, realizing she was inside a very dark looking cell! Even worse, that bastard Axel was approaching! She pushed her two scared kids behind her, squeezing their hands tightly so they knew to stay silent. She had no idea where she really was, or what was about to happen to her. Lina and Eric were both terrified, but they didn't make a sound, Eric's dark eyes took in their predicament, already looking for some sort of way out of this situation. Finding none, he attempted to comfort Lina and his mother, knowing some awful things were about to happen soon!

Kyle nodded to his brother. Yes he had everything, and all the equipment was working. He really hated having to cross dimensions like this, it was a little too physically demanding on the bodies. But seeing how they'd been asked for help, they couldn't refuse. The brothers Kyle and Helies were orphans, but he was okay with this, since they got along famously. Kyle never burdened his older brother and tried his best to be on the independent side, even when horrible things happened to them occasionally. They've never been separated, and probably never would. Least he hoped not. He didn't trust anyone except his brother, and they carried out all of their missions together. This one would be no different.~
Axel approached Liana and the two kids with a snide look on his face. The Empress looked a bit different, but then again, he had been gone for quite some time and looked a little different himself. His beard was cut a lot shorter and his hair as well. He practically burned his old Dark World General uniform for a new Ulterius-Xar one. He loved the full black attire that almost everyone wore in Erebus' military. It made them look dark, mysterious, and fierce and not to be messed around with. The two soldiers following behind him looked on in wonder at the mysterious woman. She was so oddly dressed! After giving them both a quick kick to the groin, he began to speak, "So....we meet again, Liana. I don't know who the brats are, but you don't have to be so protective of them. They aren't the ones the Emperor wanted in the first place. They'll be sent back, immediately."

Yawning, Helies stopped his brother as soon as they were close to Central City. "Kyle," he whispered, "We're here." Tapping into his Datapad, he put an Invisibility shield around them both. "This faulty thing only lasts for about 20 minutes, so we're going to have to run for it like crazy! We'll go when I say go.........GO!!!!" he yelled. Running down the steep hill, and into the city, Helies called out to his brother, "Try not to run into anything!!!" The last thing they needed was to knock a stand or someone over. It'd cause chaos and confusion and hold them back. The skilled ex-soldier sprinted at a breakneck pace with such agility and focus, hopping from rooftop to rooftop and gliding underneath obstacles. He didn't even care to look around at the foreign city and the odd civilians. He was only interested in following the holgraphic arrow on his Datapad and getting to wherever it was pointing in the next 5 minutes. It's mighty hard to believe that the two could run with such inhuman speed, but, as much as their DNA and bodies had been poked, prodded, and tampered with, it really isn't too much of a shock at all. Halting in the gravel, Helies looked up at structure in front of him and then pulled out the diagram he had stolen from the lab. "The Empress' Palace. We made it," he said unenthusiatically as the invisibility shields wore off. They wouldn't be able to use them again for another 5 hours. The Datapad began to beep out of control detecting the Zialon Crystal nearby, much to the young man's pleasure. Watching the Knights and soldiers around the castle, he could see that their security system wasn't as advanced as Erebus' and figured it'd be an easy infiltration, "Come on, Kyle. I can see a breach over there. We'll get in that way."

Landion sat on the floor with his head buried in his hands while Dr. Fujisawa ran around doing the best he could at figuring out what happened with the Crystal. Usually, he would've been fast on the trail behind Liana with Braun in tow, but, this time, there was no trail. No clues left behind. His family had disappeared into nowhere and he ultimately couldn't do anything about it this time. The worst feeling a husband and a father would ever have to go through. Tears fell down his cheeks as he hugged his daughter's teddy bear, hoping that somehow it might bring them all back. He would've never even guessed what was going to happen next. Something so totally shocking that even Dr. Fujisawa stopped his frantic running to take a good look. A hole in the walls of the basement appeared out of nowhere, and two men stepped through. One with a disturbing appearance, the other with amazingly bright blue eyes and a bit younger. Both of them looked less than your Average Joes.

Liana remained even more protective of her children! Being hers, meant indefinitely, the enemy would use them as bargaining tools. To be used and hurt accordingly. She couldn't let that happen, and she wouldn't let Axel take a closer look! "I'm not surprised to see you here Axel. But what does this Erebus want with me?" She asked, trying to keep both her kids hidden! She only hoped he didn't get a close enough look at either of them. And hoped her kids didn't do something too impulsive!

Kyle grinned at Helies for a moment, leaping just as nimbly from the rooftops until they were right inside the palace! "I think we've reached the crystal." He said to his brother, then saluted Landion and Dr. Fujisawa. He wasn't the expert on introductions, but he made one anyway. "Kyle Treon, and Helies Treon sir. Reporting for duty. We've heard you need assistance with rescuing the Empress and your two children?" Good thing they could cross dimensions. Even alternate ones.~
Helies butted Kyle in the stomach. Uggggh!.....He needs to work on how to not greet people you've just invaded! "What was the first thing we learned in Elite Military Training?! Never trust anyone!!!" he whispered to his brother sternly. He turned to the men in front of him as Landion opened his mouth to speak into his wristwatch to report a security breach. Pulling out a laser gun and aiming it at the two, he brought a smirk to his face, "I suggest you don't do that." The Zialon Crystal next to them quickly came to his attention. So bright and beautful.....and big! It was much more magnificent and fascinating than Erebus' Avion---no wonder he wanted it so badly! "As my brother said....we're here to warn you of our Emperor's attempts to kidnap your Empress, but....as we looked around here......it seems we're a little too late," Helies stated, still holding out the gun at them and looking at the Zialon in awe.

"If you're here to "help" us, then why are you holding us at gunpoint?!" Landion yelled stepping in front of Dr. Fujisawa just in case these weirdos tried anything sneaky.

Helies looked at the small, high-tech gun in front of him and scoffed, "Beacause you're trying to call your little soldier friends on us! And me and Kyle have had enough of small, dark, and cramped prison cells! We spent months in there till we managed to escape! You should be glad we're here! You would've never found your Empress without us!" Walking over to the Zialon Crystal, the young man with a mechanical right eye, pointed to it and didn't hesitate to get to the point, "Erebus wants that. And to marry your Empress since she's the source of Ulterius-Xar's Elite Soldiers' power. Kyle and I were test subjects along with a few others. Our DNA and our bodies were tampered with. They fused our DNA with yours and the Empress' along with a few other things with our vast advancement in technology, allowing us to do.....supernatural things. When we found out his intentions, we had to do something and fast. So we looked around the Restricted area a little more and found some files stating everything in there came from here. The Dark World. Then we found out that Erebus was going to try and kidnap the Empress along with the Zialon Crystal using our Avion Crystal. So, we jumped through to get here, but we ended up in the forest. And, apparently, it wasn't strong enough to pull the Zialon through. That's as simple as I can put everything."

Landion looked at him in confusion and shock. "But.....how could this "Erebus" have gotten ahold of mines and Liana's DNA?! And where is this Ulterius-Xar?!" he protested.

Helies smiled then sighed. There was a lot of explaining to do.

Axel looked back at Liana and smiled deviously. "He wants to marry you. He's taken quite a liking to you. Now get up and let the servant girls clean you up! Erebus wants you to be pretty when he meets with you for the first time," he said looking indifferent, "And don't worry about those brats. We'll have 'em back home in no time!" The General walked away quickly before the Empress could even say a word. He really didn't like to deal with past skeletons.
When no one was looking, Kyle grimaced at the punch to his stomach! Older brothers like Helies tended to be quite abusive! He retaliated with a sturdy kick to Helies' knee cap! But he was completely quiet then, letting Helies do all the talking. If people wondered why Kyle was so quiet all the time, it was usually Helies' fault; the two of them hadn't made a single friend since escaping their imprisonment, or even before that! He sulked unpleasantly as Helies did all the explaining as usual, but he did take notes of the Zialon Crystal for later use! And he was perfectly well behaved, simply waiting for orders.~

Liana grimaced. She was already happily married to Landion! She wouldn't agree to marry Erebus! "Now, both of you listen...I don't know what's going on, but rest assured, your mother is -not- marrying another man. Go back to the palace, and just stay away from the crystal for a while, until things settle down. I know this is scary, but your father will protect you... somehow... you'll see me again. I promise." She hugged both of them tightly, her two children clinging desperately, afraid they wouldn't really see her again as she said! "But mom... this place is scary... and that Erebus guy... he might hurt you!" Eric said, his eyes wide from stress. She soothed him and Lina both as best she could. "Shh... try not to worry... Just tell Landion... Tell him I love him. Don't worry. I love both of you. Cooperate for me when they send you home please. I don't want either of you hurt." She stood up then, and was dragged away by the servant girls!~
Erebus sat on the throne with his legs swung over the side carelessly. He popped a grape into his mouth before looking towards the door to see the two servant girls carry in his "bride-to-be". They shoved her towards his throne knocking her on the floor, then curtsied and fled the room! They didn't want to be a part of anything that was about to happen! He smiled at the young woman on the floor with interest. "Come, now, Liana. Don't just lie there on the floor. There's all kinds of germs down there. Wouldn't want to see my bride for the first time all dirty...." he said softly, jumping from off his throne and gently helping her up. He stood back to get a good look at her. "Just as beautiful as I dreamt.....," he commented. Walking back over to his throne, Erebus didn't forget his manners. "My name is Erebus. I don't have a last name and I don't care to have one. I'm Emperor of this world. This great world on which I have bestowed upon you the honor to live here....with me. He looked at her and smiled humbly, "I'm sure you're wondering what I want out of little ol' you. I came to Earth after your fight with those Demons. And I retrieved what my brother, Aaron Everest, strived to get for me. Your DNA. Along with hundreds and thousands of others. You see, you have something that the people of my world didn't have at first and neither did I. We had the technology, all we need was your amgic power to make both I and my military....invincible. And now we are! And I owe it all to you, Liana. My General, Axel, and my brother hates you, but not me. I really do admire your power and strength. That's why I wish to marry you." He stroked Liana's face gently. This was definitely the ultimate trophy for his collection.

Helies sat down and explained what he could to Landion and Dr. Fujisawa. From the Avion Crystal to Erebus' almost invincible army due to Everest's Harvesting the DNA of every individual on Earth and the Dark World and on Ulterius-Xar, too. "Your wife is on Ulterius-Xar with the most powerful man I know! I've seen him destroy mountains and dry up rivers with only a flick of the wrist! That's just how strong it is! And it's all beacause of your Empress' DNA! Once he had gotten ahold of it, he managed to tamper with it's magic power making it 10 times as strong as it was at first!!!! Then he fused it with his own DNA and now, he's untouchable!" He had to make this man understand somehow. They needed all the help they could get. It's not like him and Kyle could go back to Ulterius without getting arrested or killed. They were wanted men, now. Helies looked over to Kyle to see if he had anything he wanted to say, but turned around quickly as two small children fell through the Zialon Crystal with a burst of light!

Eric and Lina both were shocked at finding themselves right back where they'd been taken from! But both relieved as they hurtled themselves into Landion's arms. They'd been so scared during the whole time they were gone! Tearfully, Lina told everything that had happened while they'd been at Emperor Erebus' palace, while Eric clenched his small fists, his face a mask of rage! He hated leaving his mother alone in that cell! Anything could be happening to her!
Liana really was going through something bad just then! She felt Erebus was definitely trying to win her over! "Erebus... please, you must understand. I cannot willingly marry you... I'm already married back on my planet. I have a family. Please... don't separate me from them!" She said, not even noticing that she'd been washed, then dressed in a silk gown of dark navy blue, her hair left unbound but brushed. "I need to go home..." She didn't mention, that if she was away from the palace for too long, she could easily die. When she had amnesia back on Earth, and didn't remember anything of her own planet, she'd been very ill a good deal of the time, but she'd just assumed her immune system was faulty. Once she was returned to her palace however, everything was quite different: She hadn't even gotten a single cold! She dreaded to think what could happen to her here after even a month...

Kyle lowered his gun, reattaching it to his back along with his giant scythe blade. Shooting anyone here would do no good. He worried a bit that Landion or Dr. Fujisawa might not grasp his brother's concept of just how -bad- Erebus really was. Hell, to be honest, he wasn't sure his own brother knew. Once, about five years ago, Erebus had sent him on a scouting mission for enemies. When he reported there hadn't been any -which there hadn't! not one!- Erebus himself had ordered two armed guards to drag Kyle off to the dungeons, and strip his back free of any skin whatsoever with a long, deadly cat-o-nine- belt. He'd heard of such brutality given to disobedient citizens and renegades, but to one of his own soldiers? That hadn't been likely, until he himself was left on the cell floor, bleeding, curled up, and almost dead. He never told Helies anything, staying away on purpose for two months until his back could heal properly. But the proof was still on his back. Those scars had never really healed. Kyle knew they'd used the sharpest whip they could find. And he kept the memory of every moment of torture he'd endured in silence to himself. Amazingly, Helies never asked about his disappearance, or questioned the way he so carefully hid his back.~
Erebus listened to Liana's plead intently. She wasn't as fierce and defiant as Axel had warned, so far. But.....Just in case.... The Emperor turned and poured a glass of wine from the bottle on the nearby table. He pulled a vial with mysterios powder inside from the pocket inside his cloak and poured it into the drink. Walking back over to Liana, he said, "I know of your.....'husband'.....but....think about it. What can he give you that I can not? I have riches. I have power. Everything you could possibly want in the world. Stay with me, Liana. Even if it's only for a spell." He handed the wine over to her. "Drink it. You look tired. Don't worry, I wish to do you no harm, and your children are back safely in the Dark World with...your 'husband', " he assured her, "As you can see, it's getting very late. I shall retire to bed, now. The servant girls will carry you to your room. Think about what I've told you, now. I'll want to hear your final decision in the morning." The murderous man walked away without looking back. He knew that Liana would protest to go home. What he put in the wine would definitely change that.

Landion and Dr. Fujisawa hugged his two children, relieved, and Braun entered the room quickly perplexed at the scene. The kids were back and a guy with a weird eye and another guy was standing nearby. He didn't know what was going on, but Landion nodded to him that it was okay as the kids explained everything that had happened. They weren't lying. They are from another dimension!

Dr. Fujisawa walked over to the two men with his arms folded. "The children say it true, but how we know you both aren't working for this Erebus?"

Landion and Braun looked up at the two odd men simultaneously agreeing with the older man's words, and Helies and Kyle were put in an awkward position.
Kyle almost glared at the idea of working for Erebus! "Simple. Because we hate him. We'd love to see him destroyed as much as everyone else on our world. The problem is we don't have that kind of power. We're ex top-ranked soldiers. I don't know how we're supposed to prove that to you, but we can only try." The Zialon Crystal seemed to hum then, and call towards Helies especially! The kids both clung to Dr. Fujisawa and Landion. They were a little afraid of the crystal now, and their mom had warned them to stay away from it for a while.

Liana was stunned. Erebus wanted her to just marry him and forget about Landion? That wasn't possible! She felt a headache growing, and drank a few sips of the wine, feeling too parched to be suspicious. It was a few moments later however, she realized this had been an error, when she pitched forward, blacked out on the arm rest of Erebus throne! She was unconscious to the point she didn't even notice the servant girls retrieve her to take her to a dark, small bedroom, locking the door after tossing her to the bed and leaving her there!
Helies nodded in agreement at his brother's words and, suddenly, as he looked at the Zialon Crystal, it almost sounded as if it were calling out to him. He carefully approached it with a sort of indifference, and he then felt a sharp pain shoot through his head. Helies backed away quickly rubbing his forehead. Forgot. I'm supposed to stay away from bright objects beacause of my eye...... He shrugged and then stated, "So.....are you with us or not? We're telling you.....if you don't listen to us, you may never see your Empress again!"

Landion looked to Dr. Fujisawa and then to Braun and then back at his kids. "Let's go to Ulterius-Xar, and kick this Erebus' butt!" he exclaimed.

Erebus waltzed down the hallways passing by his bedroom. Checking his watch, he smiled. Time to go check on my fiancee! He quickly walked down the stairways and opened the door to a small room with Liana inside lying helplessly unconcious on the bed. Walking inside and shutting the door, he looked down at the woman. So beautiful...... He pulled off his cloak and sat down beside her. What he was going to do didn't matter, right? After all, she is his fiancee......
Liana woke up the next morning, head-achey and unbelievably sore in her lower half. Later in the night, she could have sworn she was undressed, and someone heavy had pressed himself on top of her, but that was impossible! She'd been unconscious and alone in this room..... hadn't she? She shuddered, and was afraid to look, but she made herself. Yes, down in her thigh area were huge bruises. A sure sign she'd been raped. She sobbed quietly on her bed, her face in her hands not knowing how to deal with this terrible situation. Wanting nothing more than to go home!

"Helies is right. Erebus could be doing -anything- to her right now. We don't know. But to stop anything else from happening we need to act fast. We'll have to teleport all of you at once to Ulteris-Xar. So hang on, it's going to be strange." Kyle added, before calculating everything in lightning speed, before setting the transporters up to work properly. The kids were instantly sent to wait in their rooms. Neither of them had reason to doubt their parents, so they stayed out of the way.
Helies looked at his brother, whispering, "We should take them to see Maverick at the hideout. Much better place to sit and plot without us getting hunted down and killed." He helped him set up the transporters before motioning their new comrades to come close. "Don't worry, It's night time where we're going. Although, it should be morning in Eretiban. Where your Empress is," he said to them not really smiling, but trying to be friendly. This was definitely Kyle's forte. He wasn't really the best at "befriending" anybody, and left that to his brother, whenever possible. Helies did feel a bit guilty for dragging Kyle into a lone wolf's lifestyle. That was his forte and made a promise to himself to at least let him befriend these people, since they seemed remotely trustable.

Landion stepped forward near the two along with Braun who had left all command to the military to one of his most trusted soldiers. Landion wasn't going to be able to do this alone, and he wasn't going to let him. Looking towards Dr. Fujisawa, the elderly scientist quietly sat far off and watched. This confused the Guardian. "Doctor.....you aren't coming?" he asked.

Dr. Fujisawa shook his head with a straight face. "No. If I go, who will watch kids? And who will watch Zialon and keep safe? My Assistants know very little about keeping Zialon up to boot. I stay. With their technology, there should be way to contact me through Zialon....right?" he replied.

Helies nodded to him. It was possible. That thing was pretty strong, after all. And they had contacted Erebus before through the Avion as suckish as it was, so it was bound to work. Setting his Datapad to connect with the Zialon Crystal, it went through in seconds! Nodding briefly, he looked up at Landion, "Ready to go?"

Landion nodded reluctantly, hating to have to leave his children so soon after being reunited with them. "Tell Eric and Lina I love them and I'll be back with their mother! I promise!" he said to the Doctor before turning back to Helies and Kyle, "Let's go!"

The young man looked to his brother, "Wanna punch it?"

Erebus sat in the dining room quite pleased with himself. "Bring me my bride. I'm sure she is very hungry, this morning," he siad to the cooks who in turn alerted the servants. So much power.....and, finally, someone to share it with! The source of my success! The Emperor was very pleased with himself, and sat back in his chair with his feet propped up on the table to prove it. As soon as the servants carried Liana in, he couldn't help but smile even wider. "And how are you this fine morning, love?" he asked softly.
"Yep." Kyle said furrowing his brow and concentrating only on the coordination keys that would take them to their destination. After all goodbyes were said to Dr. Fujisawa, there was one flash, and the group of heros were transported through space and time, landing safely on their feet in a dark forest. Now they just had to visit Maverick. Getting there safely would definitely prove challenging.~

Liana was grabbed by the same serving girls, scrubbed in a bath tub, then forced to wear a long purple gown with short sleeves, and a low-cut V-shaped hem. She frowned, fighting them even as they pinned her hair back into a tight bun, then once again threw her right to Erebus! "Why did you assault me last night? I wasn't even conscious -and- I'm not married to you!" Were her first words to him. Tears gone, she felt very violated- and furious!
Erebus frowned and said acting hurt, "..Oh....What a hurtful thing to say....I'm sorry. If it bothers you so, I won't do it again." Erebus got up and led Liana to her seat across from his seat at the very long table. "What would you like to eat before we discuss your decision?" he asked while whispering to the head chef some "special" breakfast plans. "I am going to have a poached egg with toast---I'm not too hungry this morning. But, you, my dear, can have whatever you like," he said aloud towards his "bride". Shuffling in his seat, Erebus sat quietly while awaiting Liana's response.

Helies was confused as they all landed on the ground in the middle of a forest. They were in the correct place, yes, but he didn't have a headache....Usually, whenever he used the transporter to get from place to place, he had a terrible headache afterwards. Helies rubbed his head, confusingly, as a long-forgotten memory came to him......

A 25-year-old Helies sat in his room at the Elite Military dormatories. He was waiting on Kyle to return from his scouting mission, especially given by the Emperor only days ago. Hours passed, and, still, no sign of Kyle. Helies got up and walked over to the Emperor's Palace and requested to see Erebus immediately. When the time to meet with him came, he respectfully inquired of Kyle's whereabouts since he was told by fellow soldiers that he had returned home hours ago. Erebus shrugged, claiming it must have been a mistake since he hadn't heard from Kyle himself. Helies regretfully went back to his room worried, and it stayed that way for the next 2 months. Finally, Kyle returned looking fairly okay, but wincing whenever he bent his back........

Helies shook his head. He hadn't remembered that in ages! In fact, he regretted forgetting that since he never found out from Kyle what took him so long to return. Looking at his brother, he opened his mouth to say something, but shut it back again. He'd wait til they were alone at the hideout to ask. Gesturing for the others to follow, he walked through the forest trying to figure out why his head was seeming to clear up so suddenly, when it usually worsened as the years went by. The Zialon Crystal.....

Landion couldn't really too much since it was dark, but he could definitely tell that things were different. A new world and a new dimension...... He wondered to himself where exactly they were going and why they weren't wherever this "Erebus" was....

"Maverick" looked down at the "intruders" with a grim look on his face. He signaled his comrades to move in and attack while smiling at his girlfriend. "Looks like we've got a fresh battle, babe!" he whispered to her before jumping down from his position in the trees behind the others.
Kyle wouldn't have answered any question Helies might have had, but from the look in his eyes, he guessed somehow his brother got some of his memory back. He wished he could have forgotten those two months all those years ago, and sometimes occasionally, just for sport, he was beaten and lashed repeatedly whenever Kyle took too long on a scouting mission or even when something happened. Now, as they stood in front of Maverick and his girlfriend named Jody, he wondered if they'd even have to worry about such a thing. Were they to be killed on sight? He stood in a defensive stance, ready to fight for his, and the other peoples' lives. But that's when Jody, a beautiful red-haired woman with icy blue eyes and many gorgeous curves, and 5'5 height, decided to intervene. "At least let them explain themselves Maverick. Jeez.. going all gung ho again! You play too many war games, you nerd!" She flicked his ear, but secretly hoped these people weren't enemies. If they were, she'd no doubt Maverick would have them wiped out without a trace.

Liana worried about that awful decision she knew she had to make... But how could she? She stalled a moment over breakfast... "Toast.. and coffee sounds fine... thank you... As for this decision... I already know, I have- to get back home. My real family need me as much as my people do. You cannot have me stay here.. " She told him with her characteristic defiance! As usual, she was in more trouble than she realized...~
Maverick rubbed his ear and scoffed, "I am not! Helies and Kyle are my buddies! I was gonna kill 'em till I saw who they were!" He signaled for the small troop to fall back before strolling over to the brothers and giving them both a friendly punch in the shoulder. "Nice to see you two, again! For a moment, I thought you must've gotten captured by Erebus or something!" he teased.

"We were captured by Erebus! And would've been killed too if we hadn't escaped and found these guys," Helies said, smiling, "Looks like Jody's got you on a leash again!"

"W-W-What?! I'm my own man!!! Jody doesn't own me!!!" he complained. Running back towards the hideout, he geestured them all to follow. "Come on! We should get back before Erebus' fighter jets pass by again!"

Erebus picked at his nails pretending to not have heard Liana's last statement. Then, sitting up, he replied, "You can't leave, now, darling. Besides, I have some very important tasks for you!" The cooks quickly walked in with the food and Erebus watched Liana from the corner of his eye to make sure she took a bite. "I have quite a few things to show you, as well."
Jody just laughed at Maverick while the troop left the group alone. Kyle flicked Maverick with a grin. "Us .....recaptured? No thanks. We'll pass on that idea. We have an Empress to rescue though." He told them. They were lead to a fantastic underground maze-like set of tunnels. There were people working everywhere, and all sorts of helpful places! From the Infirmary/Hospital, to mall-like stores! Truckloads of shipments were organized, arranged, and being taken to their destinations. Kyle couldn't help but admire the efficiency of the place.

Liana managed to eat her toast and drink her coffee. "What tasks are needed to be done?" She asked warily. She didn't like any of this, but she had no choice, and was being forced to stay here..... really, her decision to go home was not going to matter to Erebus, so why did he even bother to ask?