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  1. This is kinda a crack role play. Some people can be cannon characters and some their own. I'm not letting too many people into this role play because well I don't want it to be overloaded with OCs and shit.


    Following the Undertale story, a couple new humans end up in the underground and need to figure out what the fuck is going on. This is while Frisk is still in the underground. And that motherfucker flowey is there.

    No gary sues or god mods please!! I don't tolerate anything that could be considered extremely annoying! We're here to have fun people. Don't make things difficult. Be nice, and just role play.

    Otherwise enjoy and have fun!

    For anyone knew to Undertale! I shall guide you through this! Here are the cannon characters which can be taken!


    A human child who fell down into the underground. She has a strong determination which can help her 'save' and 'load' and also has the choice to either make friends or kill everyone... in this time line I'm going to say she is friends with everyone.

    A true comedy skeleton. He's always cracking jokes and making puns and is quite lazy... but is rather knowledgeable and strong. He's a really good guy when you get to know him.
    Papyrus (TAKEN)

    Thinks a bit highly of himself and loves spaghetti as well as making spaghetti. Uh... that's all he knows how to make actually. He's still a good skeleton though!

    Very motherly and kind. Quite calm and nice. Very caring. Also likes to make butterscotch pie.
    Undyne (Taken)
    Character Name: Undyne (The Undying)
    Age: Immortal (Adult/Young Adult)
    Personality: Undyne is STRONG, optimistic, competitive, and persistant. However she cannot cook, and can be easily convinced into challenge. She is fairly violent and can be naive.
    Appearance: Tall, slim but definite muscles, huge angler-like smile, blue skin, red hair, eyepatch, yellow eyes with red eyeshadow
    Likes: Fighting, puns, making friends, winning, protecting innocent monsters
    Dislikes: Cold food, when other won't fight her and spare her, criminals

    • Head of Royal Guard
    • Now currently lives alone in a house that looks like a giant, cartoony angler fish.
    • Was trained by a (now) senile turtle that was once similar to Crocodile Dundee in mannerism. Often beat up the mailman as practice when she was a kid.
    • Cannot cook


    Elysia Lyons



    Outgoing, energetic, punny, gentle

    dogs and cats alike. actually anything that's fuzzy. Likes to make friends. She's definitely more of a pacifist, BUT if someone tries to hurt a friend then no more mr. nice guy! Er... girl. Also she really likes music. Partaaaay!

    Conflict. She's bad at arguments. She doesn't like anyone who has ill-will towards others for no good reason. Like can't we just all get along? Sheesh.

    Odd obsession with popcorn. She won't even go to the theater for the movie. She'll just buy popcorn and leave. Seriously what the hell.





    Cassius just wants to help, anyone, anywhere. He's a kind soul, alone and hunted.

    Frisk lost her determintion one day, and so returned to the forest to live by the Ruins.
    She was Cassius's mother, and his father... well, nobody knows who he is- but he was a monster. This is why Cassius has a half-human, half-monster soul. The power of which, he has never bothered to investigate.

    Cassius learned magic from a voice behind a huge door.
    He spent his days staying away from monsters tasked with finding humans, as his half-human soul is still a better prize than an entirely non-human soul.
    Other: Cassius's magic is strange. It was once fire-based, however now it has become water-based through careful practice.))


    Sara Reedus



    Head Strong-Sly-Smart-Fast Thinker

    Puppies-Small Animals-Mettaton's cooking show-Guitars

    Shy things-Clumsy people-Human books

    She secretly wants to become a musician.
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  2. Elysia

    She's just a human girl, who likes music and really bad puns. What have I done.

  3. CassiusCassius is actually a monster with a pretty strong soul. He's really nice.

    He's also a dork.

    And I need to develop him a bit more.

    And also what have you done- now I will have no life thanks to my rabid Undertale worship. xD

  4. ElysiaIt had been a long and rainy day where Elysia lived, meaning that she couldn't go outside really. The storm was way too heavy and she wasn't fond of the idea of getting wet. Elysia was a girl who loved adventure, as well as making new friends. She had been craving some sort of new adventure, but the rain seemed to be stopping her.

    Aw, who am I kidding? A little rain didn't hurt no body!

    She decided she wasn't going to let the storm... rain on her parade. Grabbing her cell phone, her jacket, and throwing on some clothes for this rainy day, she head out... towards a place she had been quite curious about for some time now. Mt. Ebott.

    She had heard the rumors one too many times and now she wants to see if it's all true... do people really go missing around that mountain? Only one way to find out.


    The last thing Elysia could remember was the sudden and loud clap of thunder that had nearly scared her pants off, jumping backwards because of the sound, and then tripping on something unseen before plummeting into a hole that she had been inspecting. At least these nice yellow flowers cushioned the fall...

    Wait, one of the flowers has a face.

    Oh god.

    I must be dead, she thought. Because well obviously when did flower's ever have faces!? She cautiously moved towards the flower, stopping just before it and looking down at it. It looked uh... rather friendly. It had a big smile on it's happy little face.

    "Hi!" The flower pipped up. "I'm Flowey! Flowey the flower!"

    Elysia tried her best to hold back a snicker at the ridiculousness of the name, the flower, and this whole scenario all together. "Hi Flowey... Uh I'm Elysia. Eh, where am I?"

    "Oh!! You're new to the underground! Well then, I ought to teach you how things work around here!" The flower said excitedly before... wtf a heart sprang out of Elysia's chest and landed smack dab in the middle of a box that just appeared in the air. Okay, yep, dead. This couldn't be real. Either dead, or dreaming.

    "You see that heart in the box?" The flower asked. Elysia just nodded silently, her eyes still wide in shock. "That's your SOUL." Okay, even more shock. "The very culmination of your being! You can move that heart around!" Elysia tried to move the heart without touching it and it did indeed move around the box. "Your SOUL gets stronger when you gain LV!"

    "What's LV? You mean like... level?" Elysia is kind of a video game nerd too.

    "No silly! It stands for LOVE!"

    Oh. Well this weird limbo that Elysia is in just keeps getting weirder and weirder. "Okay Flowey... then how do I gain LV?"

    "Through these little white 'friendliness pellets'." The way Flowey said 'friendliness pellets' made them feel eh... not so friendly.

    "You want some LOVE don't you? Here! I'll share some with you! Move around the box! Get as many as you can!~"

    Elysia, suddenly not trusting Flowey, moved away from the little pellets that shot towards her SOUL. This seemed to annoy the flower.

    "Hey buddy... I think you misunderstood. You're supposed to move INTO the pellets." The flower's attitude had shifted now.

    "I know what you meant, Flowey. I just don't think I want any LOVE right now..."

    Then the flower's expression contorted to a very insane one, causing Elysia's eyes to widen once more in shock. His true colors were showing. Elysia, feeling a bit afraid now, backed up a couple of steps.

    "Aw... you don't want any LOVE? Hahahaha!! Fine... Heh... I would kill you now if I could... but here... it's not possible for me... SHE will probably come along to stop me... so I'll SPARE you for now... but... don't get used to it, buddy. In this world..."


    "It's kill or be killed."

    Welcome to the Underground.

  5. CassiusCassius took a deep breath. It was all underground air, nothing fresh and new and it bored him. He wasn't one for complaining though, and when his mother asked in her elderly voice how he felt, he answered her with a big smile. "I feel great, ma. The weather is... uh, really great today." Wait, what weather? They were underground, for Pete's sake. His mother, none the wiser to his blunder, nodded and smiled just like him.

    It suddenly struck him, how similar her smile was to his. From all the times he had caught himself smiling in a mirror, he was looking more and more like her everyday.

    "Take me to the garden, deary..."

    "Yes ma." He let her loop her frail hand through his arm, and Cassius led her carefully around the house to the backyard. The grass felt soft under his feet- he could feel it through his boots. Cassius remembered reading about the wind and how it felt when it ran through your hair. It filled him with wonder and determination, just thinking about that. "Ma, today... I have a few errands to run..." Really, it was time go back to his own house, and take care of the laundry... or something responsible like that.

    "You're not leaving so soon, Cassius?"

    He turned to look at her, and was startled when suddenly the old woman's hands clutched his face, mushing it together, and brought it down to her's. Cassius had to bend his back into a ridiculous angle to match her height.

    Her greying eyes stared lovingly into his.
    "Oh, my handsome, handsome boy. Do your ma a favor..."

    "Yes, ma?"

    "Please take good care of the next person you meet."

    "Wha...?" How strange. His mother was rarely so serious.

    "I just want you to make a new friend, Cassius. You're always cooped up here with me... Go on an adventure, won't you?"

    "But mother..."

    "I'll be fine, my dear. The little monsters will take care of me, you can trust them."

    She let go of his face, and Cassius stared blankly at her before turning on his heel and laughing as he headed for the door. "Just like I always did."


    "You know, somehow I've always thought that by taking care of you now... I could make up for all the time I spent away when I was little. But you're right."

    His mother beamed brightly, even though Cassius was just saying what she wanted to hear. He didn't really want to go- but there was no arguing with her once she's made up her mind about something. He laced his boots up, and schemed.
    Cassius would leave for a little while, and come back and say that he didn't see anyone. Then he could keep taking care of her.


    This turned out to be more satisfying than he thought. Cassius strolled through the woods, watching the tops of the trees with a smile as he walked.
    His smiles and gazes were like kittens, he was giving them away. Everything caught his azure eyes and made them glow with excitement- the grass, the moss, the dew, and the dark. Cassius moved through it all like a fox, sleek and sure, flashing his eyes at the ground to ensure his footing. He was all grace and magic in his movement, and when he heard the sounds of a scuffle, his steps grew greatly in their length and speed.
    As he ran, the air blew his blonde hair back like golden rays of light. This must be what the wind would feel like, he thought. Like running while standing still.

    Something was happening, and his smile dropped into a look of determination and seriousness. Cassius was not one who enjoyed the idea of fighting happening around him.

    There! It was the flower again- Cassius was well-acquainted with the monster's antics. He had seen the terrible beast in action before, and it had filled him with a feeling of dislike towards the small, innocent-looking fern-being.
    On the other end of the playing field was a... monster? No, that was certainly a human's soul in the box.

    Cassius leaded a bright-white spell in his right hand, an orb the size of a peach- and dashed into the clearing. There was bravery in his eyes as he unleashed what appeared to be a silver, spinning disk of light, aimed directly at the stem of the flower.

    He had trained for ages- Cassius was sure that his magic was a powerful force to be reckoned with.
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  6. ElysiaFlowey quickly ducked into the ground and disappeared before the attack hit, releasing Elysia's SOUL from the box. It returned back to her body, and now she was looking over at the monster who just helped her. She wasn't sure if he was nice or not so she stood at a bit of a distance, watching his every move.

    "W-who are you? And... where am I?" She didn't mean to stutter, but after the whole thing with the soul and all, she was a bit shaken up. She wasn't completely sure about what just happened still. Did her SOUL really just leave her body and end up as a heart in a box which she could move around? Really... what the flying fahoozie was going on?

    "U-Um... I'm uh... Elysia by the way. And you are?"

    ((My posts are so short and shitty argh don't tell me they aren't. XD))

  7. CassiusCassius ran up to the girl, and his eyes scanned the treeline from beneath lowered brows.

    "You're a human, aren't you? ... No time... Not here." He grabbed her wrist and attempted to pull her along with him.

    The flower was sure to come back some time, and Cassius didn't want her to be around when he did. Plus, what if other monsters heard about her? Oh boy... He could already hear the bad puns coming.

    Cassius had to help her.

    (( How's that for short? >:D ))
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  8. ElysiaElysia followed, not sure if she should resist or not. Aw what the heck? He helped her out didn't he? Why should she be afraid of him? Although, she was curious as to where this monster was taking her. He seemed to be in a hurry now, as if there was lurking danger. She's sure there is... after the encounter with Flowey, there was no doubt about it... but this monster seemed nice... so surely all monsters couldn't be that bad, right? Right... at least some of them should be good. At least that's what Elysia hoped for.

    "Where are we exactly going? A-And you still didn't tell me who you are!" Elysia dug her heals into the ground to stop the boy from practically dragging her.

    She realized that, even if the monster boy seemed nice and protective, it probably wouldn't be safe to go with him somewhere when she doesn't even know his name or where they are going. Well... then again even if he told her where they were headed, she probably wouldn't know the place... not that she knew that. I'm just simply stating this fact as a narrator.

    "Look... I am grateful for your uhm... help back there... but I can't just come along with you when I don't even know who you are or where you are taking me. Please, at least tell me that..." She looked down at the ground nervously as she waited for a response. This was all just too weird.

  9. CassiusHe kept dragging her along, blue eyes darting around to ensure there was nothing near-by. Nothing could shake his determination, and so he dragged and dragged. The sound of gushing water suddenly began to echo through the trees, and drew closer. Cassius picked up speed, and checked briefly behind himself to make sure the girl was alright. She looked a little... startled, to say the least.

    "We're almost there, I promise." His gaze softened for her, just a bit, and then he faced forward again.

    The trees began to become sparse around them, and suddenly they came upon a bridge.
    Under it, a calm underground river flushed azure-purple waters south, where they'd run deeper into the ground. The bridge appeared to be mostly wood, but it was wide and well-kept. Sturdy pillars supported the whole thing, and its planks looked rot-free- almost as if somebody had scrubbed them clean.

    Thick, flowery, and sweet-smelling bushes of what almost looked like honeysuckle crowded around its entry, almost as if they were trying to hide the whole thing from view.

    Cassius let go of the girl, and pivoted around to face her, urgency in his tone.

    "Follow me." And then he was gone- his presence was only marked by the white tail slowly getting shorter as it followed its owner into the bushes on the left side of the bridge. There was a cobblestone path that descended with a slight right angle for a few feet, until it ended on a platform under the bridge. All around this were bright pink, perfumed water-lilies and flowered ivy vines that crawled up the sides of the walls like snakes with golden heads.

    Strange lights darted around Cassius as he stood there, patterned by the glow of the outside coming through the planks of wood above him.
    The moving lights were almost like fireflies.
    They captivated the man's aqua gaze.

    "This is my safe place. Nothing will hurt you here." He said, mostly thinking out loud.

  10. ElysiaElysia glanced around in awe. It was so pretty... the words were just taken right out of her mouth. "T-Thank you." She stuttered out as she slowly walked around, looking about. It was simply amazing. Elysia was also quite glad that this was a 'safe place'. She didn't want to have to run into any other monsters like Flowey. She shuddered at the thought.

    "Hey... um... are there... other monsters like you? Or is everyone else kind of like Flowey?" Another shudder. She really hated that flower.

  11. CassiusCassius smile to the girl. The words his mother said, echoed in his mind: "Please take good care of the next person you meet."

    He would do that. He swore he would, even if this quest was one he thought was impossible. He could imagine that what waited ahead of them was not entirely all fun and puzzles.

    "My name is Cassius. I am the only one of my kind." He sighed, and the azure eyes betrayed his sorrow for only a moment before they met the girl's. "What is your name?"

    As he asked this, a torchbug gathered up a squad of others and flew around the platform like an airshow.
    They dissipated with the gentle breeze.

  12. Elysia"Elysia..." she mumbled, looking at the ground. "Am I dead? I mean... I fell and now I'm in a weird world like this..." Her eyes wandered once more. Everything seemed so... surreal. She couldn't even process that this might all be reality. She then turned her attention to Cassius, a million other questions running to her mind.

    "What other kinds of monsters are out there? Will I get to meet them? How many different races are there? And if this is real... how come I didn't hear about this place filled with monsters before?"

    All the questions came out at once, and once she realized that she was bombarding the poor monster boy with so many questions, she began to blush.

    "I-I'm sorry... I'm just... r-really curious."

    ((Should I like do a whole MEANWHILE with another character from undertale?))
  13. (( Lol sure ^.^ ))

    Cassius"This is the Underworld." Cassius smiled at her reassuringly. "You're not dead- you just happened to stumble upon the place in which all monsters are sealed. I like to call this place The Catacomb of Creepy-Crawlies, haha." He crouched, down, and peered into the clear waters passing beneath the bridge.

    He could see his own reflection- clear complexion, pale and soft features, and yet sweetly masculine. His blonde hair fell around his face just a bit, and and tucked a few fly strands behind his ear while he explained, "Long ago, there was a war between the two powerful races of monsters and humans." The white tail twitched as he studied his wide, blue eyes intently. "The humans won, and sealed the monsters Underground with a magical barrier. That is where you are right now... the Underground. It seems you have bypassed the Ruins somehow."

    Cassius sighed.

    "A few years ago, a human named Frisk climbed Mt. Ebott and fell into the Ruins. She made it up to a certain point, and then nobody knows what happened after that. Some say she could no longer feel the determination that had once kept her going..."

    He looked up at the girl then, seriousness in his gaze. "There aren't really 'races' of monsters. They're more like, uh.... clans. You know a monster is from a certain type, or 'family' if they look a certain way. I don't look like any of them... And that's because Frisk was my mother. A human." He paused a moment, to let that sink in.

    "Your kind is being hunted here. That is because with seven human souls, the monsters can finally dispel the barrier that separates them from the humans. That's why I need to keep you safe."

  14. Elysia"O-Oh... I see... But surely not all monsters are bad right? I'm sure some are like you and wouldn't hurt me... or... am I wrong?" Elysia gave Cassius a sad look. She was starting to wish that she didn't adventure out of her house on that stormy day. Maybe then she wouldn't be in this mess right now.

    "I... I have to somehow get home... I can't just BE here... I don't belong here. And how long can I live here when they are literally hunting for humans." The thought sickened her.

    "Please... you have to tell me how to get home. Does your mother know something about returning to the surface?"

    PapyrusPapyrus was patrolling in Snowdin, as always, in search for humans. He was especially alert since a little flower told him that another human had dropped into the underground. Papyrus' brother, Sans, was also supposed to be patrolling with him... but currently, Sans was no where to be found.


    Well, he would just have to worry about Sans later. He was probably at Grillby's as usual. Right now, Papyrus made it his mission to find the new human and make Undyne proud. HE JUST HAD TO BELIEVE IN HIMSELF!


    So, Papyrus went around Snowdin, calling out for any humans to come out... very tactical. Brilliant. Papyrus, you are a genius.
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  15. Cassius"No, not at all. I'm sorry if I made it seem that way." He chuckled.

    "I've just had a few bad experiences. See, to break the barrier between this place and the surface, the monsters need seven human souls. I have half a human soul... so... Naturally some of them have tried to take mine, even if it's only half-human." Cassius got up from where he was perched to look into the water. As he did so, the wind picked up and blew the scent of water lilies towards the two of them, as if trying to comfort the man. He felt like a strange patchwork of two very different things. He was a missing link, missing a purpose in life.

    "I think that... everything will be ok though...I'll take you to my mother, she'll know what to do. But first..." Cassius turned to the dark corner of the bridge. There were a few candles amassed by a mat, and beside those was a chest and a dummy. It looked half-fried with magic, but usable otherwise.

    "Let me show you how to defend yourself, just in case you'll need to."

  16. ElysiaElysia followed Cassius over to where the Dummy was. Curiosity flew over her as she wondered how would she teach her to defend herself against monsters. I mean... monster's had magic, right? They could do more than her... all she could probably do is flail about.

    "So um... what do I do? Beat the dummy up?" She looked at the dummy. She really didn't want to have to do that.

    I mean, what has the dummy ever done to her?

    Nothing, that's what.

    "I don't know about this Cassius... what could I possibly do against monsters?" She sighed. "It's not like I can just snap my fingers and little laser beams will shoot out of no where like pew pew pew!" She made little guns with her hands as she pretended to shoot at the dummy, all the while going, 'pew pew'.

  17. CassiusHe laughed at the girl's antics- this was perhaps him most sincere laugh in a long while. It sounded like wind chimes in the summer, and it left little dewy teardrops on his long, pale lashes that he had to wipe off.

    Cassius approached the girl and lowered her laser-gun hands. "Woah, easy there Jedi." He had read ALL of Alphy's human history novels. But... he had the feeling that if humans were so awesome and destructive, they would have destroyed the Underground by now. Or the entire planet.

    "Try..." He smiled at her, letting his touch linger on her hands to emphasize his sincerity, "Try talking to it."

    Sanssans was busy being sans-ible and not doing anything in particular. well, he was standing. that's one thing.

    among the trees, all by himself. he had just witnessed a monster pulling along a human to somewhere, and it made him feel all kinds of pretty good feelings. maybe his brother could finally capture that human he had been searching for all this time... and then sans could go back to grillbys with him and celebrate. ah, those would be some pretty good times.

    so he followed the human and the creature to an unfamiliar neck of the woods. that monster she was with was running through the trees with seemed kinda protective though, and sans wood-en't want to get into any kind of cone-frontation, he wasn't one to axe for trouble, unless it was really unavoidable.
    he was as stealthy as possible the whole way though, but had to run to catch up to them at some points. gosh, that was hard- running. never a fun thing to do.

    sweaty and out of breath, the skeleton lingered in the trees by the bridge where he could hear their conversation clearly. so the boy she was with was frisk's son? but that didn't make any sense... who was frisk with? he was sure she never had a partner, but then again sans had to work all his jobs and stuff, so maybe there was a chance that he just hadn't noticed.

  18. ElysiaElysia raised an eyebrow but didn't argue. She walked up to the dummy kind of awkwardly as she began to talk to it.

    "Uh... hello. Nice weather we're having."

    No response.

    "Oh... there is no weather down here..."

    She looked over at Cassius with a weird look. "Uh Cassius are you sure this is right? This feels weird."

    PapyrusPapyrus had spotted his brother Sans going into the woods after something.


    Was his brother actually doing his job and hunting for humans for once? Well, if he was, he didn't want to be left out. So, hurriedly, he followed after sans. But, being Papyrus, got lost almost immediately. Oh well.

    He sat down and pulled a plate of spaghetti out of no where and began to eat it.

    Even if he has no stomach.

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  19. ((Updated form:

    Name: Cassius
    Age: 18


    Personality: Cassius just wants to help, anyone, anywhere. He's a kind soul, alone and hunted.
    History: Frisk lost her determintion one day, and so returned to the forest to live by the Ruins.
    She was Cassius's mother, and his father... well, nobody knows who he is- but he was a monster. This is why Cassius has a half-human, half-monster soul. The power of which, he has never bothered to investigate.

    Cassius learned magic from a voice behind a huge door.
    He spent his days staying away from monsters tasked with finding humans, as his half-human soul is still a better prize than an entirely non-human soul.
    Other: Cassius's magic is strange. It was once fire-based, however now it has become water-based through careful practice.))

    Cassius"Perfect. Now you know what to do in case we meet a monster." He smiled at her eagerly. "Just rememebr to be persistant... and stay determined."

    "If you want, we can go meet my mom now. I'm not sure if she'll tell you more than I can, but you never know... At least she'll finally meet another human like herself..."
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  20. ElysiaElysia grinned at Cassius and bounced on her heels in excitement.

    "Then let's go! Lead the way.~"

    She followed after Cassius, wondering who she would meet along the way. Maybe she could actually be happy down here... and make friends with the monsters.

    Hopefully there won't be any more flowey's.
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