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    was founded nearly 200 years ago by humans looking to settle on new land, to start a new, better life. However, they weren’t the only ones, individuals and small families of supernatural creatures stowed themselves away aboard the ship to the new land and settled, undetected, with the humans. However, word spread around the supernatural realm of this new land that was a safe haven for their kind and soon the hunters, men and women who hunt supernatural beings, began to notice. As one can imagine, tensions rose, the hunters were skeptical of the supernaturals and threatened them to leave. The creatures refused and before anyone knew it, the first murder had happened.

    A young faceless girl, figuratively and literally, was murdered, drained of blood. All eyes were directed to a rouge vampire, who was then killed off, curtsy of the hunters, but it would only be the beginning. More and more killings of the humans, who were unaware of their neighbors’ “unique” abilities, became afraid. For every human death, a supernatural was killed by a hunter, it didn’t help that the common human folk of the newly established town were doing their own little witch hunts as well. This, however, was nothing compared to when a hunter was murdered.

    Nearly all supernaturals were wiped out, with the exceptions of a few witches and warlock who had made an agreement to help the hunters catch any supernatural that was out of line, in hopes it would save themselves from the noose or worse, burned at the stake. Nearly any supernatural creature that wasn’t of witch-kind was destroyed, those who lived through the massacre, fled. Fifty years of bloodshed had finally come to an end and to this day, the witches and warlocks kept peace with the hunters. 150 years have passed with little to no incidents, some supernatural creatures even started moving into the town again. The hunters over this time became a sort of secret police of the supernatural community of OakWood, much to the supernaturals disliking.

    Many humans of OakWood, like most other humans in this world, are still unaware of the creatures that reside with them. They are ignorant of the supernatural world, even more so of the dark and bloody history that was more than a mere “second version” of the Salem Witch Trials, as some townsfolk like to call it. The supernaturals and Hunters intend to keep it that way, though it seems that someone or something has other plans. It started three months prior, light snowfall in the middle of a hot summer day. The snow didn’t melt upon reaching the ground, leaving a thin sheet of white, the mundane townsfolk thought it as strange, hunters thought it as magical and became suspicious. A few weeks passed and the snow melted, but another strange happening occurred in its place. Sons of a farmer, just outside of town, found live snakes slithering around in the stomach of their freshly slaughtered pig. Again, the mundane townsfolk thought the youths were pulling a prank, a disgusting prank, but a prank none the less, and again the hunters glared an accusing eye at the supernatural residence. The next thing to occur caused a bit of a stir in the town, particularly with the hunter and supernatural communities. A young, virgin woman, who was once a resident of the town, was found in a nearby creek, dead.

    Though OakWood is rather smallish, it certainly wasn’t the little village it once was 200 years ago, murders were uncommon, but not unheard of. What made this murder so “special” was the autopsy, the woman had no clear signs of wounds, she was, however, completely drained of blood. The hunters are on edge and on guard, questioning the supernaturals, and the supernaturals are no different. Both sides are skeptical of each other, both deep down, are afraid. Are they omens? Perhaps they are rituals or a curse. Whatever it maybe, it is clear if something isn’t done about it, there maybe a second bloody war between the communities, like it was in the very beginning of the town.​

    Town of OakWood Info (open)

    OakWood: A town surrounded by forest, getting its name from a giant oak tree, affectionately named Old Oaky, that sits at the town’s center in a park. The town itself has various places, two neighborhoods, a shopping center, a park, movie theaters and a school district. OakWood it somewhat seclude as it is a rather unknown place.

    Old Oaky: The tree is well over two-hundred years old and has been around since the beginning of the town. It continues to grow in the center of the town’s park and is one of the town’s main attraction. This tree carries a dark past as most of the executions, from hangings to burnings, of supernatural and humans alike were used on or near this tree more than a hundred years ago. Its darker name is called, The Bloody Tree or Hanging Tree by the supernatural locals.

    Shopping Center: A large center used by the mid and upper class citizens of OakWood. It is filled with various food courts, stores for clothes and groceries, and an entertainment center with a movie theater as well as an arcade.

    Library: One of the oldest buildings in OakWood that harbors many books as well as the town's history. Unbeknownst to many mundane humans of the town, there a second floor to the library. One must go to the far back of the Non-Fiction section, face a wall with a chipped brick and whisper the words "Aperi mihi verum Roboreti". A secret passage will open to downward stairs, leading the person to the underground library holding all sorts of books about supernatural creatures, magic, potions and the dark, hidden history of OakWood.

    Red District: A small part of the town that is livelier at night that harbors clubs, from dancing to lounging. Many supernatural residents use the basements of these clubs to relax, gossip or have group meetings.

    OakWood Theatre: Near the upper class neighborhood is a large sixty year old theatre used for plays and sometimes large meetings for hunters and supernaturals to come together to discuss matters within their communities. These secret meeting are done soley at night.

    Oaklen (upper class neighborhood): The ritzy side of town where those of great wealth live, it is one of the older parts of town. Some of the older mansions have been abandoned.

    Oakley (middle class neighborhood): Where those of mid wealth live, built on top of the first village when the town was founded and built.

    OakWood Schools District: Where all children of the town go to learn. There is a high school, middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten within this district.

    OakWood Park: A park where all the town’s residence to go and relax, have a picnic, walk, and even fish in the man-made pond.

    OakWood Graveyard: Just on the southern outskirts of the town where the townspeople bury their dead. There are grave sites as old as the town itself.

    OakWood Farmlands: Northern outskirts of the town lays the farmlands owned by a few farmers and their families.

    Forest Surrounding OakWood Info (open)
    The Forest: The wilds that surround OakWood, some supernaturals live within this forest.

    Forest Trail: A dirt track used by people of the town who enjoy taking nature walk or jog through the forest.

    Misty Lake: A large, wide lake found beside the nature trail, rumors of the mundane townsfolk say during dawn and dusk, just when the mist settles above the lake figures of women and be seen. Mermaids, sirens and other aquatic mythical being reside in this grand lake.

    Flora's Meadow: A meadow filled with flowers that never wither or die thanks to the faeries' magic that dwell here.

    List of Playable Characters for the Rp (open)

    Witches and Warlocks: men and women who have magical abilities. Some are born with the power, as it is inheritable, while others were simple humans trained in the magical arts. Though all witches carry the same powers and ability, individuals are better at a certain magical skill that others. For example, some witches are better in elemental magic while others are better skilled in flying or making potions. Witches and warlocks, though not immortal, stop aging when they've reached their twenties or thirties. Some witches and warlocks are other creatures (such as a vampire-warlock/witch, or ogre-warlock/witch), as a witch/warlock is not only being but also a title. Like how a mundane humans can train in the arts to gain magical witch/warlock powers, other creatures can as well, however these instances are rare, humans are the most common witches and warlocks. This creature can only bear children with humans and their own kind.

    Witch/Warlock Types
    Magic Born: A witch/warlock who was born with magical powers inherited from their parent(s). These witches/warlocks are essentially humans were gifted in magic.
    Magic Made: A witch/warlock who was not born with the powers of magic and had to train and study in the magical arts to obtain the witch/warlock powers. Those who are Magic Made are creatures who carry witch/warlock as a title instead of belonging to the species. The most common who are Magic-Made are humans, however, it is possible for other creatures of different species to carry the title of witch/warlock, but these are very rare and can only bare children with those that belong to their species. For Example: An Ogre who is Magic-Made and earned the title of a witch can only bear young with other ogres or humans.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Elemental Magic: the ability to create or manipulate the natural elements such as fire, water, ice, electricity, wind and earth
    • Potions: witches and warlocks are gifted in concocting potions from healing to poison to even physical transformations.
    • Shapeshifting: every witch and warlock has the power to shape shift into one animal such as a cat, dog, wolf, fox, raven, crow, raven, owl, rat, mouse, bat, snake, spider, and deer
    • Flight: every witch and warlock has the ability to fly while in their human form, however they must need a broom or tree branch to do so
    • Necromancer: the ability to raise or speak to the dead
    • Grand Witch/Warlock: the most powerful of all witches and warlocks, who has perfected the art of all magic, these beings are very rare. A witch or warlock must reach the age of 900 years before they can become such a powerful creature.
    • Spellcasting/Curses/Enchantments: used by the typical witch and warlocks, spells and curses are similar in some cases and different in others. Grand Witches/Warlocks, being the most powerful of witch-kind, create the most powerful kinds of spells, curses and enchantments and can do so with only the power of their voice. While normal witches and warlocks must find ingredients (like potions) as well as the use of words to create such magic.
      • List of Spells Curses and Enchantments
        Spells/Spellcasting/Enchantments: the term spell, spellcatsing and enchantment are used interchangeably. Used in help creating potions and enhance or give items certain magical properties. However enchantments and spells ( again, like potions) will eventually dull and wear off, depending how skilled one is in this line of magic depends on how long the magic will last and how powerful it is. Types of spells and enchantments include, healing, poison, increase/decrease of strength, increase/decrease of speed, and transformations. Burning a enchanted item will end the enchanment
      List of Spells Curses and Enchantments

    List of Spells Curses and Enchantments

    Curses: like spells or enchanting, they can be used on an item that can affect not only a person but also the surrounding area. Also like spells and enchantments, depending on the witch/warlock and how skilled they are in this subject of magic, depends on how powerful the curse is ad how long it will last, as all curses are limited and will wear off in time. Curses include, illness, blind rage, mind control, storms, and plagues. Curses for a typical witch/warlock are to be done via rituals with the right items and ingredients. But for Grand Witches and Warlocks, a simple command from their voice can cause such things. Burning a cursed item will end the curse

    Witches and warlocks can die from mortal wounds. Evercot Root is a plant only found in Europe that can be used to weaken a witch’s or warlock’s magic to the point that they are nearly as helpless as a mundane human if ingested.

    Faeries: human-like creatures who can change their shape from the size of insect to that of a human. They are commonly seen with wings and come in various types with various powers. This creature can only bear children with humans and other faeries.
    Fae Types and their Powers

    • Animalia Fae: ability to communicate with animals
    • Plantae Fae: ability to manipulate plants and heal via magic
    • Illumna Fae: ability to produce light and give other the limited ability to fly
    • Darcia Fae: ability to create illusions

    Faeries can die from mortal wounds (being stepped on or accidently crushed is a more common death in faeries). The golden web of an rare Arachne known as the Gold Spider, native to Africa, can weaken the powers of a fae if they are caught in a web.

    Werewolves: men and women who are able to shapeshift into a large, beastly wolf. They typically run in packs with similar rankings of a normal wolf pack with an alpha, beta, subordinates and omegas. Alphas in their werewolf form are bipedal while the other werewolves of the pack are nearly bear-sized quadpedal wolves. They are unable to hide their wolf forms under a full moon, however they do retain their humanity, but their more basic-wolfish instincts is stronger at this time as well. These creatures can bear children with with only other werewolves or humans.
    Strengths and weaknesses

    • Strengths: Speed, strength, night vision, acute sense of smell and hearing
    • Weaknesses: silver is poisonous to werewolves and with the right amount can kill them, wolfsbane exposes person if they’re werewolf by showing their wolf eyes, beheadings and disease that is like werewolf rabies that can make any werewolf go mad with rage and hunger.

    Werewolf Types

    • Pure Bloods: a werewolf born from a werewolf mother and werewolf father
    • Turned Bloods: a human bitten by a werewolf who will turn into a werewolf under a full moon, will show symptoms of wolf-like behavior post wolf bite and before the transition.

    Vampires: creatures with the appearance of a human bit with pale or very fair skin. They have retractable fangs and have a second form that is usually some sort of bat-like beast. These creatures can bear children only with humans.

    Types of Vampires

    Dark Blood: vampires who were once human who sold their souls to demons to become vampires. They are weak to sunlight, crucifixes burn them on contact, holy water and cannot enter a home without being invited first. However they become resilient to these thing when they pass the age of 900 years, however beheadings and a stake to the heart can still kill them.
    Red Blood: human turned vampire through another vampire by drinking the blood of a vampire. They are weak to garlic (repellent, or can make them ill if ingested), be burned alive by fire, large quantities of dead man’s blood can gravely weaken them by making them extremely ill, small amounts of dead man’s blood can make them feel fatigue. Like their Dark Blood kin, they become resilient to these things pass the age of 900 and like the Dark Bloods, but they can still be killed with a stake to the heart or a beheading.

    Strengths and Powers of Both Vampire Types

    • Speed, strength, night vision, acute hearing and sight, hypnosis and sense of smell

    Human: you know what a human is :P but if your curious... Humans can bare children with only certain creatures this includes other humans, ogres, trolls, werewolves, vampires, witches/warlock (though the witch or warlock in question must be human themselves ie, a person who was either not born a witch/warlock but trained themselves to be one in the magical arts or witch/warlock who was born with magical abilities but is essentially a human with magical abilities.).

    Behold, the magnificent human

    Hunter: a human who protects mankind from the supernatural creatures, some work alone others work in groups, but all follow the Code of Honor. Because hunters are humans, they can bear children with only with the selected creatures, other humans, ogres, trolls, werewolves, vampires, witches/warlock (though the witch or warlock in question must be human themselves ie, a person who was either not born a witch/warlock but trained themselves to be one in the magical arts or witch/warlock who was born with magical abilities but is essentially a human with magical abilities.).

    Wendigos: creatures who have the insatiable taste for flesh, particularly human flesh. Wendigos are made, never born. They are monsters, once humans who have knowingly and willingly ate human flesh out of starvation. They have human forms, but many do not live within civilizations, as their hunger is never satisfied and fear harming innocent people. Some, however have lived with the infliction long enough to train themselves to suppress the hunger and live “normal” lives. Those who do this eat blood raw meat. These creatures cannot bear children.
    Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Strengths and powers: speed, strength, mimic voices to lure in prey
    • Weaknesses: fire, lamb’s blood (acts like a sedative if ingested), beheadings

    Trolls: short creatures who are known for their impish nature. These creatures can bare children with humans and other trolls.
    They are unable to shape shift into a human form to blend in with humans, they need to assistance of a potion or magical item to transform, but these items have a limited time. Can be harmed and die from mortal wounds.

    Ogres: creatures who are typically seen as aggressive and brutish, they are also known for their size being 6”7 the average height. These creatures can breed with any other creature that is not of their kind.
    They are unable to shape shift into a human form to blend in with humans, they need to assistance of a potion or magical item to transform, but these items have a limited time. Can be harmed and die from mortal wounds.

    Ghosts: spirits, most commonly human, who have yet to pass on to the next life. A ghost can focus its energy or emotion into power to move objects and communicate with the living. These creatures cannot bear children.
    ] [/B]If a ghost remains on earth for too long they slowly begin to lose their mind and become a violent, angry spirit. Weak against salt, holy water, iron, burning the ghost’s corpse of personal item can destroy them. Ghosts are unable to move from an area from which they died unless a personal item that once belonged to them can be moved around via living person or thing.

    Dragons: giant reptiles that come in different types according to the element they can breathe. The types being fire, wind, ice, water and electricity. These creatures cannot bear children with any other creature that is not of their kind.
    Dragons have a knack for hording items, from gold to shoes. Dragons can be slain with any weapon by a mortal wound. They are unable to shape shift into a human form to blend in with humans, they need to assistance of a potion or magical item to transform, but these items have a limited time.

    Unicorns: a creature of purity and sometimes known as a narcissist, they typically white horses with a single horn jutting out from their head. Can be slain with any weapon with a mortal wound. Their blood and horns have magical healing properties. These creatures cannot bear children with any other creature that is not of their kind.
    They are attracted to virgins (mostly women), even the less “snooty” unicorns are prone to be soothed by compliments. They are unable to shape shift into a human form to blend in with humans, they need to assistance of a potion or magical item to transform, but these items have a limited time.

    Children of Mixed Blood/ Half-breeds: terms used to describe an person who is the offspring of two different beings, such a child born of supernatural and human, or a child born of supernatural parents who are different species. In some cultures these children are treated as any other, in others they are reviled are walking taboos. The later is especially true for many, many hunters as seen in their Code of Honor, they believe humans and supernaturals are not to bare any child. Some children are born with their parent's magical abilities, some do not inherit such things while others or only given partial magic (this is especially true for witch/warlock and human crossed children.) Take note that not all creatures can produce half-breed offspring.
    Half-breeds are still susceptible to things that are harmful to their supernatural heritage, even more so if a child has two supernatural parents. A vampire-human crossed offspring can be harmed by whatever is harmful to vampires, a faery-witch/warlock crossed offspring can be harmed by whatever if harmful to witches/warlocks and faeries.

    Hunter's Code of Honor (open)

    Hunters’ Code of Honor: (note, these can be broken in game to create rp drama)
    All of mankind comes before me, it is my duty to protect my fellow man

    I am to keep peace and order, human eyes that do not belong to a Hunter must never fall upon the realm of the supernatural.

    I am not to bear any love romantic or otherwise with those of the supernatural, to bear a child is an offense and affront to my Hunter brothers and sisters and is highly punishable

    Those, Hunter or Supernatural who harm my fellow man, and try to expose our world are to be destroyed immediately.​

    List of Items and Potions (open)

    Evercot Root: a plant found in Europe to weaken the powers of a witch or warlock if ingested.

    Garlic: commonly used against Red Blood vampires, as a repellent and if ingested by a vampire can turn them ill.

    Golden Web: a web spun by a rare African spider. Used commonly to trap faeries and weaken their magical powers.

    Holy Water: common used against ghosts and Dark Blood vampires. Poisonous to vampires if ingested, can also burn Dark Blood and ghosts on contact.

    Iron: commonly used against ghosts, as it can make them disappear for moment if used on contact.

    Luna’s Bite: a disease found in werewolves, making them mad with rage and hunger that can be passed on through a werewolf bite. Humans bitten by a diseased werewolf will be afflicted by the madness.

    Potion of Vilka: a potion made up of the honey of a white bee and crushed unicorn horn. This potions’ healing qualities can cure any poison, illness or disease, but is very rare and can be tricky to create even for witches and warlocks as one must put the exact, perfect, equal amount of each ingredient. Not mention it is difficult to find the honey made from a white bee.

    Salt: used commonly against ghosts as barrier to keep the spirit away.

    Silver: used commonly to poison or kill werewolves. If used directly toward a werewolf’s heart, the death is instant.

    Stakes: a piece of sharpened wood commonly used against any type of vampire by piercing them through the heart.

    Wolfsbane: used in physical contact expose the eyes of a werewolf if said creature is in human form. Poisonous if ingested by a werewolf, a handful of this flower has been proven fatal towards werewolf kind.

    Rules (open)

    No godmodding (at this point it’s just a given for me xD)

    Don't do anything drastic in the rp that effects the rp greatly without discussing or asking first in OOC to make sure everyone is on board. As in don't be that person who decided to cause a giant massive plague or invasion on the town without even asking the other rpers or me if it is fine.

    Any kind of existing mythical creature (as in don’t make up your own :P ) that you can find in the Wikipedia's page of mythological creatures of any mythology book is allowed. Just give a description of the creature, its powers, strengths and weaknesses and any other info that maybe important, p.s you can add your own personal spin to the creature if you wish. You don't have to choose something from the playable characters list, I just put it there to help peeps out when it comes to ideas for different kind of creatures in this rp.

    Plz dun tlk like dis wen rping kk tnks

    No one or 2 liners please, 3 or more, write a novella if you must. We all get writers block, so if you can’t think of anything to type don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    Have any rp ideas that can help flesh out the story? Great! Let me know via ooc chat or message me and I'll post it in poll for everyone to vote on!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions if unsure of something

    Unlimited amount of characters

    This Rp is set in modern times that is loosely based in our universe, ie Earth (just FYI )

    Please do place your character’s name and current location they are in above your posts

    Add in more ideas on items and potions for me to add on the list if you like!

    You may create your own coven, pack, tribe ect… for this rp they can be made up of other fellow rpers or made up of npcs, please do not make them overpowered :/ as in it’s a little unfair to have a coven of a thousand witches and then suddenly go to “war” with the hunters or other supernaturals using a bunch of your npcs as the warriors. Ask before making big decisions like that.

    Some creatures are more powerful than others, that's fine, but no creature or character is untouchable. So remember this, if you plan on making a powerful character, such as a grand witch/warlock, keep in mind they are not invincible, they have weaknesses and are not 100% flawless.

    Half-breed characters and characters who are not human or human-like witches/warlocks are rare and I will only hold a few spots for such characters. In other words, and as an example, I don't want a bunch of half-breed and vampire-witches running around xD. So as now, I am only allowing 4 half-breed characters and 2 (insert creature here who isn't human)-witch/warlock characters.

    There will only be 2 Grand Witches/Warlock characters as of now in this rp, I might change this later as the rp progresses, but as of now, only 2 are allowed.

    List of Characters (open)

    Nira De Valnia, Witch

    Name: Nira De Valnia
    Age: 205 years
    Gender: female
    Species: witch, magic-born
    Power: typical witch abilities
    Strengths: her strongest points in her magic is the ability to create potions
    Weaknesses: typical items that can weaken a witch, she’s not as skilled in the elemental arts, fear of fire. She has soft spot for children.
    Image/Description: Her true form [​IMG]
    Her disguised form [​IMG]
    Animal form when shifted [​IMG]
    Weapon(s): a broom
    Usual attire: In her old woman form an old black dress with a head scarf in matching color. In her true form, gypsy-like attire with tied up head scarf, jewelry and trinkets adorning her green and purple dress.
    Allies: her small coven
    Foes: hunters
    Do they belong in a group (pack, clan, coven ect…): BlackWaters Coven (founder and leader, would like 2 or three rpers to join this coven)

    Lives: in a cottage within the forest[​IMG][​IMG]

    Family: Vira (mother, deceased) other family member whereabouts unknown

    Occupation: She has no occupation directly relating to the town, she does however create and sell potions for paying customers. She is also a teacher for young witches and warlocks.

    Personality: Nira is a no-nonsense woman, who is stern and oversees her coven with a firm hand. She’s known to be blunt, proud and is no ones fool, the woman is a realist and years of hardship has nearly erased any trace of naivety. Beneath her rough exterior, does lie a kind-hearted woman, she behaves motherly towards those she cares for.

    History: Nira arrived to the new world and the newly formed town of OakWood 200 years ago with her mother, Vira, when she was only five years old. She has little to no memory of her old home and country, but she does remember the early history of OakWood vividly. She and her mother lived quietly among the humans of the town, hunters knew of their powers, but since they caused no harm to the people, they let them be. That was until the murders, then everything changed for the worst for the two. Nira can still remember she and her mother being hounded by hunters, asking them intruding, personal questions, spying on their home, rummaging through their things. It was only made worse as the years passed by and the mundane townsfolk were doing their one little “witch hunts” accusing innocent men, women and children of witchcraft to then hang, burn or drown them. When the “war” heightened at the murder of a hunter, Vira’s mother was wrongly accused of a killing a human child. The then fifteen year old Nira watched helplessly as the hunters tied her to a stake and burned her alive, creating her fear of fire and her already growing hatred and mistrust towards hunters. After her mother’s death, Nira kept to herself, away from the town and its bloodshed of supernaturals and hunters alike, living in a little cottage within the forest. Again she was pestered by hunters who were going around the area offering an alliance to help them find supernaturals who were committing the murders. At first, the stubborn witch refused, but soon came to realize if she didn’t agree, there would be no one to protect her from ending up like her mother. She allowed herself to accept the alliance, along with a few other witches and warlocks, to have themselves be a “protected class” against accusations of ill doing. When the slaughter ended, Nira found peace within her cottage once more only visiting the town now and again for necessities or personal pleasures. These days, the witch currently sells potions to those who are willing to pay while wearing the disguise of an old woman with help a of a transformation potion.​
    Evaline Iris Warden, Faery

    Name: Evaline Iris Warden
    Age: 16 years
    Gender: female
    Species/Creature/Race: Faery, Illumna Fae
    Power: ability to produce light and give other the limited ability to fly
    Strengths: she is a gifted flyer, friendly personality
    Weaknesses: she easily startled and her friendly personality makes her a bit naïve, while in her smaller form she can get stepped on or crushed, sugar or sweet things (she loves sweets and become easily distracted by them)​

    Image/Description: [​IMG]

    Usual attire: [​IMG]
    Weapon(s): a magical switch blade that can change its size when she changes hers, but only when she if wielding it
    Allies: n/a (though she does typically see everyone as a possible friend)
    Foes: n/a
    Lives: Town of OakWood, Oakley Neighborhood
    Do they belong in a group (pack, clan, coven ect…): n/a
    Family: Erica (mother) Robert (father)
    Occupation: her occupation in OakWood is librarian assistant
    Personality: Though a bit skittish, Evaline has a bubbly personality, very much the warm and fuzzy type. She loves meeting new people and talking, a very social girl with welcoming personality. Not to mention has a ball full of energy.​
    History: Evaline was born in a suburban neighborhood far from OakWood. She often spent time with her grandmother and her garden during the day. At night, without her family’s notice fly off into the dark in her smaller form and entertain small children, usually babies. Upon the age of sixteen, she asked permission from her parents to move in with a close friend of the family in OakWood to get more education in magic and supernatural creatures. Her parents, understandably so, were hesitant, but they trusted their daughter was capable enough and allowed her to leave home and start school in OakWood while staying with a friend of the family.​

    [spoilerbb=Tlilpotonqui Neobach, Dragon][/spoilerbb]​
    Tlilpotonqui Neobach, Dragon

    Name: Tlilpotonqui Neobach
    Age: 24.7 Million years old
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragon
    Powers: Tlilpotonqui is a Dragon with the capability to breathe fire
    Strengths: His scales are as hard and as sharp as diamonds. He has razor sharp claws, a spearlike point at the end of his tail that pierces only through flesh and wood. He can crush and bend metal as thick as the beams in sky scrapers. powerful wings to escape any situation.
    Weaknesses: He has a tender under belly when pierced, his wings are a weak point when attacking the folds of skin in between the bone. His eyes are a small target, but they are a weak point that other dragons have tried to take out before.
    Image/Description: [​IMG] [​IMG] Occupation: Writer/Author
    Group/Coven/Clan/Pack/Tribe ect...: He has started his own makeshift clan with Luciana Lynes, known as Warden
    Lives: He lives in a two story home with a rather large basement by the Misty Lake that leads to a large underground cove where he visits a few mermaids and water elementals every now and then.
    Usual Attire: A suit jacket plus a thin button up long sleeve and a pair of decent jeans and leather shoes are his usual human attire, along with a few enchanted rings and pendants, with the occaisonal ear piercing.
    Weapon(s): He doesn't carry any weapons with him but his claws, teeth and his own fire.
    Family: the only one that he considers family are his clan member Luciana Lynes. His own relatives are no longer living.
    Allies: Luciana Lynes
    Enemies: a few hunters, but they know Tlilpotonqui is only harmless until he would actually do some damage.
    Personality: Tlilpotonqui is a bit mental, he would be classified as bipolar and possibly insane if ever diagnosed by a doctor. Reasons being he is like this is because of what humanity would perceive as normal and because of how much will power it takes for him to hold back an immense surge of anger. He is quite technically, a bomb constantly resetting its time before it explodes. He always seems happy, he always seems laughing, but he has seen so much destruction in his time, and so much anguish. He has met many beings that many people consider Gods, even the man whose name takes on the title himself. He's a neutral party though and has never really wanted to take sides unless if its in the defense of people who are in harms way, no matter the person. That's why so many beings have come to him, they want him to choose a side. Even the hunters he has made enemies with have tried to pick fights with him, just to get him to fight back. In turn he never tried to harm anyone, but defend his own hide because he knows it will only show how true the word monster can really be towards a dragon. He's a complication in a nutshell when it comes down to personality, and for very good reason.
    History: Tlilpotonqui is a dragon that has seen this world, maybe not through the dawn of time, but through a very long time of insane qualities. He's seen war's between creatures, supernatural beings and humans. The dragon knows why this happens, he understands why this happens, all he wants is for peace, but he knows that being a dragon, he wont get the recognition he deserves. There was once a time when dragons were worshiped, they were seen as creatures of great power and were respected as intelligent creatures. That was until holy beings decided to take matters into their own hands, and it changed Tlilpotonqui's life forever. He knows that now, he cannot go back to being what he once was. Angels might take it all away once again. So he decided to live on as a neutral party, he didn't want to be worshiped by any one person. He didn't want to be feared. He just wanted to be seen as him now. There was nothing wrong with that in his mind, as he just wanted to be left alone. It took several ages before he actually made any friends again.
    It was more around the time of the 1700's, when he made his first friend in a long time. Tlilpotonqui was living in Japan at the time. A certain Bakeneko was being chased off from a village around what would now be known as Kyoto. Knowing that the dragon would not eat her, the bakeneko had come to an agreement with the dragon and they both left Japan towards what would now be the Misty Lake area in the forest residing around Oakwood. When more humans and other supernatural gathered around, the bakeneko decided it would be best to start putting her magic skills by making enchanted jewelry for him that way he could have a human form in case if ever needing to be around humans. Thus initially began the start of the Warden clan. Since then, Tlilpotonqui has been writing about fiction and fantasy for miles to come.​

    Luciana Lynes, Bakeneko
    Luciana Lynes, Bakeneko

    Name: Luciana Lynes
    Age: 927
    Gender: Female
    Species: Bakeneko Witch
    Powers: She is a grand witch, being around for quite some time helped her develop her powers quite well.
    Strengths: Luciana has mastered all kinds of magic. Enchantment spells are her favorite.
    Weaknesses: She has a weakness for everyday cat like things, such as a ball of yarn. She also finds herself despising any kind of canine. Reptiles are fine if you talk about Tlilpotonqui, but others are iffy. She hates high pitched noises, and can be jumpy considering over her lifetime that the residents of Japan have tried to kill her plenty of times. Her tail and ears are also sensitive, especially when in neko form, as she has more nerves in that form than her cat form.
    Image/Description: Cat Form[​IMG] Neko Form[​IMG]Occupation: Jewelcrafter/Info Broker
    Group/Coven/Clan/Pack/Tribe ect...: Warden
    Lives: In a two story home plus basement with Tlilpotonqui
    Usual Attire: She usually appears to wear silken clothed items, especially ones that include white or red. The jewelry she makes is usually for Tlilpotonqui but once the enchantment runs out she sells it at a jewelry shop set up in town known as the Bakeneko Jewelery Store.
    Weapon(s): basic potions that she brews at home, claws of her own, her teeth, and two basic knives made separately of iron and silver
    Family: She only considers Tlilpotonqui as her family
    Allies: Tlilpotonqui Neobach
    Enemies: a few customers here and now, not to mention a couple hunters as well who have tried to have their way with her or kill her. Being neutral like Tlilpotonqui does come with its cons.
    Personality: Luciana is actually very curious about things, like every cat out there. She was always wondering in and out of places to look for dirt on people. You could say she's like an info broker, because she likes to do such things. Though she always tries to make sure she gets away from trouble it ends up following her some how. In the end, she likes to hang around Tlilpotonqui, sort of like a sibling fashion. That was what they were trying to accomplish with the clan anyways. Keeping her words to herself about it, she has always made sure that she was quiet about things unless if she was able to see through disguises of the supernatural. Being her age she had a sense about her that was quite popular with most townsfolk. Rumors were always spread about her, and she liked it. Though it's not like she never knew how to defend herself when a perp came around, she always came up with idea that they were hallucinating if they saw anything, as concealment was best. Life currently is always fun for her.
    History: Being born the way Luciana was didn't always have it's pros, and it definitely had it's cons. Living in Japan, people claimed that she was a danger to humanity. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. So she kept up her trickery, she kept up her life of deceit and it was a thrill, every minute of it. Practicing magic also had its ups and downs, coming into contact with other yokai in Japan(otherwise known as demons or monsters), finding beasts of utter proportions, getting into the worst of situations and even getting to kick back and relax to say the least. Being able to speak to other ghouls and shaky things in the night was an everyday thing that always hooked Luciana by the claws. Originally she had to change her name several times just to stay in hiding. Finally her new name was what it would be now, when she made a pact with a certain dragon and moved out of Japan for a change of scenery.
    Luciana still practiced her magic, still had fun, and still enjoyed life even when it was dangerous. Why? Because she enjoyed every minute of it. Another bakeneko that she had met a while back before she had met Tlilpotonqui had told her, "Enjoy your life to the fullest, with your circumstance, you may never know how long you may live. Even if it's centuries at a time, roll with the scratches and hook onto life like it's a roaring river that never ends. It just may make you live longer." So Luciana did just that.​

    [spoilerbb=Stephen Arcturus Mart, half-breed human warlock][/spoilerbb]​
    Stephen Arcturus Mart, half-breed human warlock

    Stephen Arcturus Mart



    Human-Warlock hybrid ~ Potion-making gifted//Charm/casting magic gifted
    (Human-Warlock hybrid doesn't have several aging features that normal Warlock has, but Human-Warlock hybrid aging is still very slow. Warlock part is a bit bigger, than human part, due to Father's half-warlock genes)

    Normal warlock abilities (Developed - Low level)
    Elemental magic (Developed - Medium Level)
    Spell casting ability (Which may be not associated with element) (Needs to be learned)
    Potion-Making (Semi-developed)

    Weaponry combat // Hand-to-hand combat // Quite good potion-maker // Experienced in magic

    Emotionally unstable // Personality's wrecked // Bad past - Mental Breakdown

    Stephen has soft wavy hair, colors green. He is quite of pale, but that doesn't make him thin. He is semi-muscular. Also, there is a burned scar, going from his neck, down to arm.


    Marauders (Stephen / Victor / Megan - Leaders)

    In a, quite big, abandoned and wrecked manor. Manor was broken, as part of revolution, which happened in town, a long time ago. Victor found it, and Stephen casted powerful hiding spell, with them (Victor / Megan / Stephen) living inside.

    Usual Attire:
    Plain green shirt with long sleeves, and blue triangle in center. Thin blue gloves, with fingers, which protect from several potion effects. Tight black jeans, with silver belt. Small green shoes, with silver attachments.

    One long silver sword, classified as Estoc, which can produce magic through it.
    Pair of blue gloves, with several protecting spells on it.
    Thick family spell book.

    Arcturus Mart // Hunter // Father // Half-blood breed of Witch, and Human // Potion-Making gifted (Inactive)
    Catherine Laplause // Witch // Mother // Gifted with Elemental magic, and charm/casting/spells

    Vampires, from Victor's side. Several witches and warlocks.

    Friends (Near group):
    Victor // Vampire
    Megan // Werewolf

    -Every human, which is trying to kill his friends, or/and his family, or Victor's family-

    Due to tragic and horrifying events in his past, Stephen doesn't believe to anyone anymore. He is closed for anyone who try to bring him in past, but open to anyone who believes he is good.

    Being born a breed of human and witch, their family was always under attack. But, as soon as they hid deeply in the forest, they left Stephen, so he wouldn't be in danger. Stephen grown on street, finding his first friend - Victor. Victor was flirty, and interesting person. They were best friends.

    Once, when witch caught a werewolf, and wanted to kill her, they saved werewolf. Werewolf appeared to be a nice girl, names Megan. Three of them started living inside wrecked mansion, and helping anyone the could, not minding their species.
    [spoilerbb=Victor Dorian Morphier, Vampire][/spoilerbb]​
    Victor Dorian Morphier, Vampire

    Victor Dorian Morphier

    190 (Looks as 16)


    red blood vampire

    Normal vampire powers - speed, super-vision (sometimes), levitation (common)
    One un-normal feature, is that Victor turns in black panther, instead of bat.
    Victor also has Telekinesis, which awakes rarely.

    Charisma // Seduction (Not only in female way) // Strategist // Cold minded in battles

    Love can break him apart (not literally) // Looses control sometimes // Low self-esteem

    Victor is handsome young (not literally) boy. He is quite muscular, his body is covered with amount of scars. He has purely black hair, with dark-Crimson eyes.


    Marauders (Stephen / Megan / Victor - Leaders)

    Wrecked manor, with Stephen and Megan.

    Usual Attire:
    Tight black shirt, with white teardrop, upside down in center of it. Red pants, without belt. Leather "boots".

    Hand-to-hand combat with speed.

    Dorian Morphier // Head of ancient Morphier clan // Male // Pure vampire
    Regina Loukemduk // Loving wife // Female // Half-Vampire

    Witches and Warlocks from Stephen's side, some vampires from clan.

    Stephen // Warlock-Human
    Megan // Werewolf

    -Anyone who tries to hurt Stephen, or Megan-

    Parallel to Stephen, Victor is hot minded, open to anyone, and ready to party with anyone he meets. Victor can also be self-confident, cold, and strategically accurate.

    Victor was born in aristocratic vampires family, as a new generation. But, he decided to protect humans, for what was kicked out. But, Family-Stone still accepts Victor.

    Several years after, Victor was found by Stephen, who helped him out. Together they found Megan. Victor is not ashamed of his past, and freely speaks about it.
    Megan Jen Leviroctus, werewolf

    Megan Jen Leviroctus




    Basic set of werewolf's powers.

    Rough combat // Boxing // Fashion

    Strategy // Tactical combat // Egoistic

    Megan has long, spiky red hair. Her eyes are crystal-blue colored. Her arms and legs are thick, but she still is strong as Hulk.


    Marauders (Stephen, Victor, Megan - Leaders)

    Wrecked mansion, with Stephen and Victor.

    Usual Attire:
    Thin sky-blue t-shirt, with jeans-like shorts. And green slippers on feet.

    Her fists.

    -Lost, and forgotten-

    Several warlocks and witches from Stephen's side. Several vampires from Victor's side.

    -Anyone who hurts anyone-

    Megan is something between Stephen and Victor. She is open to party, but still checks people, for them betraying her. She can be sometimes ruthless, and often gets carried away.

    Being born in friendly family of humans, she didn't knew she was a werewolf, through gene from her grandmother. She fled, after her parents tried to kill her, as a werewolf. She fled to forest, and lived there, for some times.

    Once, Megan asked some witch, if she could heal werewolf disease. Witch just knocked her out when Megan got distracted, and carried her, wanting to kill. But Victor and Stephen saved her, and since then they were good friends. ​

    List of NPCs (open)

    List of Groups Tribes Clans Packs Covens ect... (open)
    BlackWaters Coven
    Nira De Valnia, founder, leader


    List of NPCs (open)

    List of Groups Tribes Clans Packs Covens ect... (open)
    BlackWaters Coven
    Nira De Valnia, founder, leader

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