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  1. Kawazoe looked at the door in front of him it was very strange it just appeared out of nowhere right when he was thinking about taking a break for a couple of days. He was very confused as he went up to the door and opened it this only made him more confused it looks like there was a building beyond the door." What is this." He said as I walk through the door automatically close behind him and disappeared he saw different kinds of monsters and creatures walking around.
  2. a teen who looks about 15 years old appears in front of him. his eyes are bright gold and he wears a fur coat and brown pants and present day dress shoes. he smiles as he plays with a toothpick poking out of his mouth. "welcome to the thunder strike inn! refuge for monsters, creatures, wizards, witches, hunters, and people of all types, sizes, and abilities throughout the multiverse! i am phoenix nova and i am in charge of this establishment."
  3. I wake up with a headache and looks around.".....where am I?" I stand up. I look at where I was laying and my vision blurs and I stumble. "woah!....." I bump into a closed door. I look at the door. " a door in the middle of a forest how odd." I decide to open the door and walk through it. the door slams shut then disappears and I slightly jump. " magic door?" I say confused. I look around. I see all types of monster and humans. blood runs down my head and drips to the ground but I don't notice.
  4. @queenofdarkness

    as im talking to the one visitor i notice the girl and a duplicate of me appears in front of the girl and smiles as the duplicate says, "welcome to the thunder strike i-" he notices the blood and says, "oh! thats a nasty bump. here come with me and we will get that taken care of and you can get a dip in the hot tub. free of charge." i gently take her arm.
  5. i don't notice the guy till he touches my arm and i slightly jump. "d-did you s-say something?" my head starts to hurt and i wince. i shake my head and looks at u. "C-cant you please repeat?"
  6. @queenofdarkness

    phoenix 2: i slowly take your hand. "you have a nasty wound on your head and your clothes are filthy. come with me and i'll get you some nice clothes, a drink, take care of the wound, and then your can take a warm dip in the nice hot tub." i start to pull you a bit.
  7. I smile slightly. "Um.....OK sir."
  8. he smiles as he pulls you to a room filled with clothes and pulls out a dress and swim suit. the dress is red as a setting sun and swim suit blue as the oceean
  9. I look at the dress and whispers something without knowing it and the dress turns white with a black angel wing design. then I open my wings and a little demon appears by my feet. " hi little fella." I pick up the little demon. " there are a lot of clothes in here." looks around and closes my wings. the little demon jumps onto your shoulder and whispers in your ear. " Joy is 16 and is half demon half angel. she has no memory of anything but her age, name, and species." the little demon waves at me then vanishes.
  10. " joy. do you like the clothes? if not there are lots of others to choose from." i smile as i look at you then gesture to the other clothes around me.
  11. looks at you confused. "how did you know my name?" looks at the other clothes and shakes my head. "nope I think I'm fine on the clothes u picked out so I'm good." my eyes slightly sparkle. " I would like to know your name now that you know mine?" I say with a small smile.
  12. i bow like a gentleman and i look up at you. "the name is phoenix nova and welcome to the thunder strike inn now let me take care of your wound." i walk up to you.
  13. I smile. " I like your name." I touch my wound and my hand touches blood. I look at my hand and frowns. " um...that would be nice."
  14. "ok. just hold still." *i put my hand up to your wound and it starts to glow. in a flash of bright light your wound and the blood disappear*
  15. I touch my head and there is nothing there. " cool." the little demon appears again. " I am Rebecca joy's demon pet." I look at Rebecca. " hi, Rebecca." my head starts to hurt and I hold it. Rebecca whispers to you. " tell her not to remember her past. it will hurt her and its not time for her to do so yet anyway." Rebecca disappears.
  16. *i sigh* "hey joy try not to remember the past ok? right now all you need is a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub." *i smile and put my arm around you as i start to lead you to the hot tub*
  17. Kawazoe looked around for a while before answering to the kid front of him." Hey my name is Kawazoe I am a human and I'm wondering how I got here and how do I go back to my universe is what you said or multiverse." He said curiously as he started to feel a tightening feeling in his chest where the mark was he even put one hand on his chest plate hoping that it will make it feel better but it didn't the dragon wants to come out and he wouldn't allow it
  18. @Kawazoe gem

    i chuckle as i look up at the man. "whats the rush sir? this is a place where you can relax and have fun!" i smile brightly and a drink of alcohol appears in my hand. "drink?"
  19. I looked down at the drink fun relaxation I didn't really need that I need to find a way to get this dragon out of me it already cost me my love and family." I don't think so I just ....." I stop the pain in my chance become even more worse than before to where I had to put a hand on the wall to keep myself up and I was panting heavily from the pain
  20. i frown as the drink disappears. "sir are you ok?" i walk up to the man and put my hand on his shoulder
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