The Tattoo: A Unique Modern Vampire RP

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    [BCOLOR=#000000][The Blight is Upon Us][/BCOLOR]​

    It is modern day, and the social fabric of every vampire’s existence is being torn apart from within. The several vampiric bloodlines, once arrogantly thought impervious and eternal by their children, have been infected with a disease so ancient and terrifying that even the oldest of nosferatu believed it to be nothing more than a myth. It is called the Sol Blight, and it has shaken the pillars of vampire culture to its very core.

    As the Sol Blight spreads erratically and unpredictably throughout the vampire community, burning its victims with unnatural light from within, fear and chaos spread with it. It is a disease that shows all the potential of becoming a pandemic, and every vampire upon the globe now looks to total extinction as a very real possibility. The search for a cure is frantic, and near all-encompassing. The clan-like bloodlines find themselves with strange bedfellows, working with longtime enemies and forgotten brethren in order to steal their very existence from the expurgation of time.

    Yet, even with a singular focus, unity is far from a reality. Some see this coming tempest as an opportunity to change the power hierarchy of the bloodlines, and perhaps even to supplant the long-ruling ancients that hold ultimate reign over every vampire upon the globe. It is a seminal moment for all the vampires with unnatural life still within their still hearts—and you are among them.

    This is the Sanguinoso Covenus, one of dozens of vampire covens in New York City that find themselves caught in the tumult. Beneath the overreaching purview of the Great Council of York, rests all of the covens within the five boroughs--and all the intrigue, scandal, and blood-letting that comes with it. The Sol Blight has begun to spread throughout the city. Survival, or perhaps more, steer the course of your actions now. How will you and your coven members navigate the strung web of disease, betrayal, violence, romance, and political machination?


    This is an Adept to Advanced level Group RP where players will create a character that is a part of a vampire coven (the Sanguinoso Covenus) in modern day New York City. The RP will be open-ended and character driven, allowing players to help truly steer the course of the conflicts that they, and their fellow players, will face throughout the entirety of the story.

    I am looking for several dedicated and enthusiastic people who would like to build a unique story and world around one of the most iconic supernatural characters ever conjured by humankind…

    [BCOLOR=#000000][Please feel free to post questions, interest and comments below. Can’t wait to hear from you.][/BCOLOR]
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  2. This looks wonderful O! Have you anything on the vampires themselves developed, character traits or a template you'd like to see from your players?
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  3. My, oh my. Seems like an interesting story you have here. Do you have a certain idea of where this plot will go or how you would like it to end? Are there rankings in the coven and seeming as this is vampire based, will humans be NPCs or basically just a food source with little to no contact?
  4. I'm in too O, as you well know. Looks lovely.
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  5. Hello, hello! Glad to have see interest and old friends, alike.

    Now, to the questions!
    I do have a character template, complete with bloodlines, etc. As far as traits, I'll leave that up to the individual player to conjure up. I was awaiting some clear interest before I put up the OOC/Signup thread. I expect that'll be up in about nine to ten hours or so.
    Indeed I do have a definitive beginning, and a hopeful end to the RP. However, the "meat" of the whole story will be really up to where the players take it. As the GM, I'll of course nudge that direction with my own characters, NPC's, and other such things from time to time. There are indeed ranks, or positions, in the coven, and you'll have that listed in your CS. All that relevant info will be in the OOC/Signup thread (coming soon). Humans will play an integral role in the RP as well, as some of them will be directly serving the coven's interests. They'll most likely be NPC's. Of course they're also delicious to munch on as well.
  6. I'm interested if you'll have me c:
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  7. Thanks for your interest, neptune. You're certainly welcome to join.
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  8. Ooh I'm also interested, I'm pretty adaptable when it comes to my writing style. I mirror posts : )
  9. Thanks for your interest. I'll hopefully have the OOC/Signup thread up in a few hours.
  10. Just a quick update for those waiting on the OOC/Signup has conspired against me tonight. So, sadly, I won't have it up until tomorrow. Hopefully you all are doing well.
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  11. Didn't anyone let you in on the memo, O? Once you self-identify as a GM, you're no longer allowed to have a life that interrupts RP... *shakes head sadly, so very and deeply disappointed in you*

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  12. Your trouble began when you put a time-frame on it, Sir. I know full well whatever/whenever you manage will be more than worth it.
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  13. I would love to be a part of this concept if I am not too late! I honestly regret not clicking on this thread until today, since I completely overlooked it last night, which is rather sad on my end v.v
  14. You're still welcome to join. In fact, I just got the OOC/Signup thread finished...
  15. The OOC/Signup thread is finally finished!

    I had to sacrifice three albino rabbits, sell my soul, and eat an entire bag of kale in order to magically create the time this weekend to actually do it! But, it's here nonetheless. Hope to see you all there!

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