The Only Hope for Me is You {Emo/Punk Romance - any takers?}

Alex smiles"Where are we gonna get them? Please dont go to my old school. They all hate me there"
"Hon, I dont even know where your old school is. But I've got a friend coming over to my house. His name is Thar, and maybe we could convince him to."
Alex starts to think about when her "First time" will be "I cant wait till i have my fist time with a guy" she accidently said out loud
Alex looks at the floor with a tear dropping from her eye"D-D-Do you like T-T-Thar?"
Mirantha looked at her quizically, she could tell that she hadnt meant to spit that out. "You know, I've heard that it's not all that great, but what do I know, I'm in the same boat as you."
Alex looked up "Everyone says to me that its the best time of their life but maybe they were lying"
"You know, it might just depend on the person. But i've never really had the best of luck with friends so, you know maybe they were all telling me that to keep me from trying."
"Just to make me jealous maybe coz they knew that i would probably never ever do it"
"Why would they wanna keep you from trying?and anyway most of the girls have kids now so maybe i wont try it. i dont know"
"Also Mirantha its weird that its easier to draw male figures then females because its just drawing our selves"
Kori and Thar just stood to the side as the new girl and Mirantha talked. Of course Kori was a bit judgemental thinking the girl was weird, but was impressed when Mirantha told her she wasn't. Thar thought over the idea of being drawn but didn't quite know how to feel. Overall they just wanted to go to Mirantha's and chill with her. Maybe smoke up. Who knows. "Soo are we getting in the car?" Kori interrupted

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"Like i said when we were introducing each other...I'm the any of them wanted to touch me. would have made their lives hell if I would have decided I liked one of them that much." She laughed at herself. "And youre right, not a one of them doesnt have a kid now. and I KNOW I'm smarter than that."

She had almost forgotten that Kori and Thar were standing there.
"Yeah we are. Hey, wanna come too Alex? Maybe we can get out model to start today." She wiggled her eyebrows kind of suggestively at Thar, picking on him in a way like how he picked on Kori.
Alex laughed "you know maybe we should try the way i like too. I get guys and they do a photo shoot and then redraw the pictures"
"yeah ill come"she looked at thar and knew that he thought she was weird and she starts to get mad...the way she felt at her old school
"What are you staring at thar?"she said in s snippy voice
(oh sorry ill do that)

alex gets in the car and decides to start drawing a new figure. she starts drawing herself and a male figure
Thar laughed, but his face was turning a deep shade of red. Yes, he was a ladies man, but he never modeled for any of them. It was sort of intimidating. "Aww come on Thar!" Kori shouted. "SHow off your sexy bod!" SHe laughed and winked at the other two. "We will get him to do it." Thar just looked down and sort of leaned into Kori. He wasn't all to comfortable with the idea, but he will cross the bridge when he gets to it.

Kori didn't like the tone the girl got with her friend. "Excuse me, no need to get snappy. Especially not at a new school and not at Thar." She raised her eyebrows, narrowing her eyes upon the girl.
Mirantha looked at the embarassed expression on Thar's face. "Hey, Thar, you dont really have to. It's just, youre the only guy I know, and the only one that might even consider it. Besides, it's not like we're really gonna be paying that much attention to your junk if thats what youre worried about." She smiled at him sweetly as she climbed into the SUV.
Alex listens to the whole conversation and she cries quietly not making any noise"Same story" she said quietly

Alex burries her face in her hands"Same story same thing everything stays the same"
Mirantha scoots closer to Alex in the car. "Hey, hon, so, what other kinds of things are you into. Today is my first day here, and I only really got to meet Kori and Thar, so I could really use some friends here too."
Thar heard what Mirantha had to say and thought about it for awhile. "Damnit Kori," Thar said. "Why'd you have to be such a bitch?" He motions towards the crying Alex who just hid her face. Kori chews the inside of her lip. She never made someone upset before. This was new. Part of her blamed the girl. If she hadn't had snapped at Thar for no reason, this wouldn't have happened.