The Only Hope for Me is You {Emo/Punk Romance - any takers?}

"I like to to go horse back riding and take pictures,dance,sing,and play my instruments. as in piano,clarinet,flute,trumpet,drums,violin and guitar."

Alex finishes up her new drawing and says quietly"Thar i drew you here"she passes him a perfect picture of himself
Mirantha smiled. "You play clarinet? Me too...its about the only thing i can play, we'll have to do that sometime too." She watched as Alex passed Thar the drawing and caught a quick glimpse of it, sure enough it really was perfect.
"Or we can do a duet and ill play my flute and you play the clarinet" alex puts her long hair into a ponytail and puts on earrings
she hopes that Thar will like the picture
"That would be awesome, I would love that. And I saw part of the picture you passed to Thar, it really was perfect. Like I dont get how you think you need work, you draw better than I do."
alex shakes her head"No that picture has clothes on it. Im not good at the naked part...especially with males" she blushes scarlet red "I already told you about that remember?" she says quietly
"You dont like it do you? i knew my drawings were bad. i told you mirantha" "Can i have it back Thar im gonna throw it away"
"No honey he likes it. He's just a guy...and guys arent as vocal as we are." Mirantha put her hands up to stop Alex from taking the picture back.
"ok,i guess so.When we get him to model can u help me with the naked technique? if he allows us?"
"I really do like it." Thar said reassuringly and nodded. Kori forced a smile too. After all she needed to be nice and the picture was good.
"thanks" she smiles a little." my parents would have never thought..."

Alex started to think about what happened. "wow there are people that dont think im a freak thats a first well this is all a first.and every aince i drew human form my parents thought i was disturbed and my teachers thought i was innapropriate and all the kids thought i was naughty but would never ever see a real male's body. I thought i was the only one For everything."