The Only Hope for Me is You {Emo/Punk Romance - any takers?}

Thar listened intently, he always believed it was important to show that he was truly interested in what they said, it was respectful. Kori wasn't good at that, but somehow she managed to say back verbatim whatever was said to her. "Sebring is a type of car made by Chrysler," he blurted out randomly and grinned like a little boy for knowing a bit of trivia. "My free time? hmmm..." Thar never really paid attention to what he did, he just lived. There was partying, drugs, sex, going to concerts, and playing guitar. He loved to play guitar oh, and hang out with Kori. That seemed like a good enough answer. "Play guitar and hang out with Kori," Thar nodded with a small smirk on his face. "If you haven't noticed yet me and this chick are inseparable. I'm completely single though," he winked and gave the girls an adorable smirk. "How about you guys, what do you enjoy doing?"
Allorah laughed softly. "Well, concerts are always fun." She replied softly while still laughing. "And don't waste your time.. I'm a lesbian." She said as she returned the smirk and laughed.
"well damn." Thar pretends to put and motions to Kori "Then you'd be right up her ally. 'I say bi is the way!' is something Kori normally says. she has had her eye on this girl Jazamyne for awhile, but she is too nervous to actually talk to her." He smiled reassuringly and nodded. Its about time that Kori find someone and Allorah seemed nice enough, then again he shouldn't play match make or leave Mirantha out. "If you like girls too then I'm sure you'd work with Kori," he said rather awkwardly then smirked a bit. Glancing up at the clock he noticed that debate class was almost over and that he would probably wake Kori up, but she had more time to sleep before then.
"Well, I dunno." She said with a wink while giggling. "Do you guys know where I could get any.. Shit?" She asked quietly.
Mirantha sat and listened to the conversation.
"Wow, wouldn't have guessed that youre a lesbian, though, not like it really matters. I dont really do anything in my free time. I like art, so when I have the materials I sit and draw or paint or whatever else strikes my fancy i guess. My favorite thing to draw is the human form, it comes in so many shapes and sizes that it just doesnt get boring, and its always challenging."
Mirantha looked a little embarassed at admitting that her favorite thing to draw was basically naked people.
Thar leaned over and grabs Kori's side. She jumped hard and cursed "Damnit Thar!" He looked at her with an amused look then motioned to the girls "I think Allorah is lookin to smoke up my friend." Kori smiled and looked over at her "well I can provide that easily! So what all did I miss." Thar laughed and pointed to Allorah "well she is from Florida and a lesbian and Mirantha is from L.A. and I enjoy drawing the human body." Kori nodded "that's all very interesting..." She was then interrupted by the bell ringing. In a fluid movement Kori was up and out of the seat heading towards the cafeteria.

Lunch time was her favorite period. She could do basically anything she wanted, anywhere she wanted. The food wasn't gourmet in anyway, but the chicken patties were really appealing especially when paired with strawberry milk. Simply wonderful. After getting her food she settled down at a far table in a corner. She sorta hoped her new friends were there.
Mirantha wandered through the cafeteria looking at the food. It really didnt look all that appetizing, but she settled on some pizza and a raspberry tea. After picking up her food she looked around and saw Kori. She walked over to the table and sat down next to her.
"Okay, so what are my chances of getting food poisoning here?" She took a bite of her pizza smiling at her really juvenile joke.
Kori chuckled at the innocence of the joke. "Depending on what you get, you definitely take a risk." She leaned closer to Mirantha and lowered her voice "don't eat the nachos on nacho day." With a nod she straightened and took a bite of her chicken patty. It felt nice having another companion. There is nothing wrong with Thar, but there are things you can talk about with a girl that you can't with a guy. Kori suddenly had this weird thought to ask her friends over for a sleepover.

She never did sleepovers. Especially at other people's houses. She was scared to spend the night at someone's house. Of course if she passed out there overnight it didn't bother her, but she always left promptly. Kori always felt watched when she stayed at someone's house, except Thar's, but maybe that was because he was a dude, and he seemed safe. With a slight shrug she pushed the thought away "so where do you live?"
"Oh, well, you know that private resort club on the far end of town? Well I live there, well, I should say that's where i'm currently sleeping and residing, because as they day 'home is where the heart is' and well, my hearts not into this place yet. Hey, Kori, you and Thar wanna come over after school? There's plenty of space there, and there's even a place you could smoke, my parents dont care, they do it too." She had said all of that rather fast and there was a slight blush under her makeup, it was as though she was embarassed about living there and even more embarassed about having the guts to ask them over.
"I'd love to," Kori blurted out then looked down. It was weird that she was so hasty. Normally she was cool and collected. The thought of having a friend was nice. Though the fact she lived at the club was a bit daunting. She had money and probably nice parents, Kori had none of that. With a sigh she took another bite of her food. "I'm sure Thar would love to come too. You got a crush on the Tharster?" She teased and took a sip of milk.
Miranth almost spit out her tea. She hadnt expected Kori to say yes, and she hadnt expected to be asked if she had a crush. "Um...well, Thar is cute and all but..." She bluched slightly. "I dont really know him well enough to have a crush on him yet." She took another quick bite out of her pizza. "So, how much longer is this darn school day gonna go on?"
"Cuteness is where crushes start my friend." Kori teases and looks a Mirantha with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Feels like it goes on for damn ever, eh?" At that point a couple jocks passed by their table and murmured about how the slut and the freak found love. Remarks like that have start just rolling of Kori's back, sorta like that duck analogy with the water and duck feathers that parents are supposed to tell their children. Well, maybe she doesn't completely ignore it because the comments do get on her nerves, but she has started not flipping about it. Kori was more worried about how Mirantha would take it, but she seemed fairly strong.
Mirantha just giggled at the jocks. "We sure have boys, bring your video cameras and get a free show." She smiled at them wickedly and they hurried away just that much faster. Mirantha looked over at Kori. "what? It's not like i haven't heard anything like that before. It just gets old after a while, they're just ignorant and dont know any better. And as for Thar, well, he's just cute."
Kori didn't expect Mirantha to respond to them, and it also didn't occur to her that maybe she had heard it before. "So you get assholey comments a lot too eh?" She dropped her empty milk carton on the tray. Lunch was a success, and now she even had a new friend to spend it with. "Give it time. He will grow on you." She winked and giggled nudging Mirantha slightly with her elbow. "I am sorta excited to chill after school," Kori admitted.
"I get a never ending landslide of assholish comments." Mirantha smiled at her in answer. she picked up her empty lunch tray and started to get up slowly and walk over to the trash cans. She hadn't had a friend since she had been a little girl, this was nice. "Oh, i'm sure he will grow on me, like a fungus." She laughed, and it was a different sound. MOst people who looked like her didnt laugh at all, let alone laugh with real happiness in their voice sometimes.
Kori enjoyed the fact that her friend laughed. It was pleasant to actually laugh with someone and know why they were laughing. The school day was finally over and Kori stopped by her locker. Thar came up behind her poking at her sides. "Dammit Thar!" Kori screamed and smacked his chest. "Oh baby it hurts so good," he teases then leans against the locked next to her. "What are you doing after school Kor?" She thought for a moment then smiled a bit "I'm going over to Mirantha's. She invited you too." Once she said that Thar grinned "Looks like we are moving up in the world Kor. We got more than just eachother." He laughs and nudges her locker door trying to close it. Kori holds it still and glares at him. "Chill dude."
Mirantha stood outside the school watching as the other kids piled onto the busses. She'd told Kori that this is where she would be. Mirantha checked her watch as the busses pulled away. "Late again." She muttered to herself. Her parents and their driver just couldnt be trusted to be on time. She watched down the road for her parents car to pull up. The car itself would probably be the SUV today, because her parents didnt feel like making a big impression with the other kids at her school, even after school, and especially not onn her first day there. Give it a couple of months though, and then they'd pullout the big toys.
Kori and Thar came out of the school to meet Mirantha. There she was.. waiting. "I hope we weren't holding you up," Thar said and looked around at the empty school. He had never been there after everyone left, and it was a little weird. "Do you see a car?" Kori looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Thar shot her a look then started laughing. That's how it went with them. They were jerks to eachother.. plain and simple.

"but I do hope you weren't waiting for us," Kori said eventually. Thar was going to make a smart remark, but Kori smacked him before he could say anything. "Mirantha he is an ass," she said non chalantly and stuck her tongue out at Thar.
"No, I'm waiting for my car. It's, always a little late." At that a large black SUV came pulling around the corner and into the parking lot. It pulled up at the curb with the back door perfectly in front of her. An older man in a blue chauffer's suit got out of the driver's seat and walked over. Mirantha turned away from Kori and Thar blushing in embarassment. "Umm, Jared, these are Kori and Thar, they're coming over to the house with me today. If you wouldn't mind driving them home later." It was a statement, not a question, and the man just nodded. Mirantha climbed into the car when he opened the door for her. "well, come on guys."
Alexandra stared at Mirantha
"I cant beilieve im not the only person that draws like that everyone thought i was weird...drawing naked people.."She sighed"I mostly draw what i like or my dream boyfriend that i will probably never have."She looked down and notced she said something that would make her even more weird