The Only Hope for Me is You {Emo/Punk Romance - any takers?}

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Jazamyne hated the fact that she had been alone for so long. The school she had gone to since elementary school was a small one, and the cliques there were impossible to penetrate. The only friend she had ever had was her cousin, Jaycen.

Ah, Jaycen. He was one of those bipolar kids who would be acting like a hyper little kid one moment, and be serious and stoic the next. His hair color seemed to be bipolar as was constantly being dyed different colors, so often, in fact, that it was hard for Jazamyne to keep up. At the moment, it was his natural dark brown; he was allowing his hair time to recover from an 'incident' in which the lady dying it had gone too harsh with the dye and his hair had become stiff, brittle, and nearly fallen out. Luckily, his hair had survived, but he was waiting to dye it for a while.

What Jazamyne really wanted, however, was a boyfriend. She was sick of being the only girl at school that didn't have one. Of course, she never would have dated in the way that other girls did, having a new guy every week. She was looking for actual love. It was the reason she hadn't dated anyone yet, despite the offers she had gotten when traveling for various vacations. She didn't want a short-term, just for fun relationship. She wanted something lasting, something that was real.

But she wasn't so sure whether or not it was ever going to happen. After all, she had just turned eighteen, and was a senior in high school. If it hadn't happened by now...would it ever?

"Hey, Jazzy, you off in la-la land again?"

The familiar voice of her cousin broke through her thoughts, and Jazzy flipped him the finger as she glared at him. "Geez, can't you ever just let me daydream in peace?"

Jaycen shook his head. "Nah, you weren't daydreaming." He said matter-of-factly. "When you daydream, you get this happy, goofy smile as you stare off into space. Sometimes you start drooling." Ignoring Jazamyne's glare, he continued. "This was more of a...unhappy type of look. Everything okay?" The teasing tone dropped as he put an arm around his cousin's shoulder.

Ever since Jazzy's father had died when she was around five years old, her mother had been in close contact with her sister, Jaycen's mother, as a support system. Because of that, Jaycen and Jazzy had grown up together, and were incredibly close. Which meant that Jazzy couldn't hide anything from him, nor did she want to, really.

"I was just thinking about my future," she lied. "College and stuff. But c'mon, we're gonna be late for school." She led him towards the school bus, where they sat as near to the back as they could, hoping to actually escape the torment and teasing from other students.

((Ooc - feel free to jump in! You can either be a student whose gone to their school for awhile, or a new transfer. If you'd like to be a romance interest for either Jaycen or Jazamyne, go ahead! Jaycen is bisexual, so either a girl or a guy for him, and Jazamyne is straight. Anyways...join?)

Mirantha walked up the steps of her new school. Looking around she already knew that she would not be welcome her, same story, different place. She never fit in, what with her dark clothing, dark make-up and multi-hued hair, no one even wanted to get to know her. She entered the office and recieved her new schedule, a locker number and its combination, along with a map of the campus and was sent on her way. Eventually within the sprawling expanse of the campus Mirantha finally found her locker and started to put in the combination.
The locker wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she pulled or how many times she put in the combination.

"Hey there, you must be new, lemme help you with that." a young man in a football lettermans jacket walked up beside Mirantha, not having noticed how she looked because of the black hoodie that she had pulled up over her winter colored hair. She kept her head down and handed him the combination, and within seconds he got it open.
"Thanks" she muttered to him.
"No problem, always eager to help out the new transfers."
She looked up at him and her ice blue eyes connected with his and her hood fell back, exposing her wild makeup and hair, and the jock jumped back from her.
"Whoah!! You're seriously not from anywhere near here, god you look like a freak!"

After he left she could hear him telling all his buddies that the supposedly cute new girl was a major freak and to stay away. Mirantha just sighed and headed off to her first

Heath walked through the doors, ignoring the sneered stares and looked around. He was new and he needed to find the office so he could start heading to class. He had his transfer papers and forged signatures from his 'parents' to attend the school and all school functions.

He actually lived alone, since his father worked too often to be at home and his mother had been dead for years. He prefered being alone, it was better then having the nagging voice of someone everytime he went home.

He unstrapped his jacket then unzipped it, sighing as heat settled in his broad chest. "Onii-chan!!" an annoying high male voice called and Heath had to sigh. "What is it Namie?" he asked, turning to the colorful male. He sighed as the boy came up to him and smiled. "I knew you were avoiding me, how rude," he said smirking. "Leave me alone Namie, I'm trying to get settled," he said to his long term friend.

"Oki doki, I'll see you later then," he said smiling as he walked away, knowing heath wasn't in a very good mood.


(Okay Heath is the first one, he is straight, and Namie is this hottie with the red hair and he his also bi, just letting ya'll know :) )
Mirantha sat there in art class looking uninerestingly at the teacher as he was trying to explain how to draw a successful human form. She'd done this already and was drawing in her own notebook a drawing of a young man dressed all in black with his hair over part of his face and his hands in his pockets, and boy was he cute. When she drew pictures like that, it was always what she hoped she would find sometime, friend, boyfriend, it didnt matter to her, as long as it was someone who wouldnt think she was a freak. Mirantha was so lost in her own world that she almost didnt hear the very metrosexual teacher announce her presence to the class.
"Oh, oh oh...class, I almost forgot, we have a new transfer student today. Mirantha would you like to come up and introduce yourself to the class?"
Mirantha sighed heavily, she had been sitting there with her hood pulled up and her head down for a reason, and got up to stand in front of the class.

Her hoodie was unzipped to show her A.F.I. shirt and she pulled her hood down to stare coldly at the class. A collective murmur of 'freak' and 'oh my god whats on her head' went up from the class, and she just smiled caustically.

"Hi, like he said, my name's Mirantha, I'm new here, just moved in from Los Angeles. I can hear your whispering about my appearance, and lemme tell you, I've seen weirder, so, if you have a problem, keep it to yourselves. I neither want to hear it, or deal with it from the likes of you closed-minded morons." With that she resumed her seat to the shocked silence and the gaping stares of the class and the teacher.

"Yes...well, umm...thank you Mirantha, that was...enlightening."

God, she could not wait to meet someone other than these brainless idiots, and she could not wait to go home.
Allora Sat in the back of the class. The teacher rambling about.. Well, she didn't quite know. She ignored him as best as possible as she doodled in her sketch pad. She just moved to this stupid little hick town and she already hated it. She hasn't seen one kid like her yet. Everything sucked. Maybe she'll get more luck in her next classes she hoped. But, she doubted it highly. The bell rang and she slowly grabbed her things and started to her next class.
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(Btw that's Allora)
The bell finally rang and Mirantha walked out of the classroom last. She did not want to be the first person into the hallway, especially with the current feelings of her peers right now. She had been through it all before, eventually they would start to be juvenile, paint in the hair, surprises in her locker, anything to make her feel bad. She really hoped that maybe in the multitude of students, that there would be someone like her here.
As Allorah walked to her next class she saw someone like her. Well, who resembled her style. She wore an AFI short, which was her favorite band and had multi colored hair. She walked up to her cautiously and asked "Hello, I'm Allorah. Can you lead me to my next call? It's debate and the teacher is Mr.Wung."
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Kori Montgomery grinned at the fact she timed it just right. English class was officially skipped and she was walking into her debate class more than a little baked. It wouldn't be the first time she smoked before class and it definitely wouldn't be her last. Settling down in her seat by the window she sighed and immediately slouched while tapping away on her phone. Mr. Wung always gets on her for not paying attention or falling asleep, but even when she did participate she was being yelled at. Then again Kori did have a tendency of saying the most ridiculous things. As long as she pulled off a "D" everything would be grand.

Kori wasn't a bad student. In fact, when she actually cared about school she could make honor roll. Even her not caring state she is passing her advanced psychology and biology class with a "B", which her dad doesn't understand why she succeeds in advanced classes but not her core classes. Then again, her dad didn't care. As long as she came home, cleaned the house, didn't wake him up, and fixed dinner, they pretty much stayed out of each others way. From the outside looking in it seemed as if this little single dad family had it all together, but that's just the outside.
As the two girls walked to class Allorah sat down next to a white haired girl. Her eyes were red and she smelled of pot. What a good smell.
Mirantha was relieved to see another person like her, and that it was a girl. Finally, possibly a friend, and at least they had the same next class.
Mirantha sat in the class next to Allorah and the girl with the white hair.
"Oh, by the way, my name's Mirantha, and i just transfered here." She looked at both of them with a kind of relieved awkward stare.
Two girls she had never seen before sat around her. She raised an eyebrow as the one girl began talking. "Oh," Kori mouthed silently, not really paying anyone any mind. "I'm Kori," She finally spoke up, deciding she needed to make a decent first impression "Welcome to this hell hole." A smirk played on her lips as she leaned forward ready to engage in conversation. "Actually its not too bad here if you know the right people. All the fun things happen after the sun sets. Then again you have to be ready to do illegal things." This is what happens when she gets high. She rambled on to anyone, but then again rambling makes life fun.

Kori reached across the isle to a quiet guy and grabbed his binder and pencil. She scrawled her number on parts of the paper and ripped them off handing one piece to Mirantha and one to the other girl. "I'm usually free whenever. Unless its my mom's weekend then I'm pretty much in prison but that doesn't mean I can't sneak out." She shrugged and put the binder back on the guys desk and settled comfortably back in her desk. From the corner of her eye she noted Mirantha's unique hair and AFI shirt. Not normally someone I hang out with but whatever.
"Thanks," said Mirantha, taking the paper from Kori. She scribbled her number on a section of paper and traded it for Kori's. "And, this isn't the worst hell I've been to yet. Just goes to show ya, that you cant judge something by it's cover. So...what are you guys doing tonight? I don't really have a curefew or any rules at home, i'm pretty sure my parental units would just be happy that I was getting out of the house and they wouldnt' care what I did for fun."
She just smirked at Kori's mention of 'illegal things', she'd done some stuff like that before, sometimes it was good, and sometimes it was bad, just depended on who you were with when you did it.
What am I doing tonight? Did I make plans with Thar? Kori simply shrugged "I usually do things on the fly. Most the time its some college party a couple hours away with my friend Thar. I'm sure he won't mind if ya'll come." She really needed to check with him first. Thar had been her best friend since they were in elementary school and one of his biggest pet peeves was when Kori just invited someone in on their plans, but he would get over it. Idly she picked at a thread hanging off her shirt. I just made a new friend. This never happens. Its always been Thar and I facing the world alone. Her thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Wung came in the door. "Ooohhh Miss Montgomery, you decided to show up today." Kori quickly glanced at him then waved her hand like 'yeah yeah'.

It took Mr. Wung a minute or two to get settled then he cleared his throat and looked over his students noticing Mirantha and the new girl. "We have two new students!" He stated rather loudly and Kori shot him an annoyed look. Would Miss Mirantha and Alorrah come up to the front and introduce yourself?" Kori remembered the day she had to go up there. She had purposely skipped the first day of class so she wouldn't have to introduce herself but the annoying man called her up the second day. There was no escaping Mr. Wung's plans once he made up his mind.
Mirantha sighed. 'Not again.' this was the worst part of going to a new school. If she never had to do this, she could remain anonymous to almost the whole school. But no, teachers always had this bright idea that everyone had to know everyone else. If the teachers never brought undue attention to her, than maybe she wouldnt have to change schools so much. Mirantha was half lost in that thought as she walked up to the front of the class.
"Hi, like the guy said, i'm Mirantha, and i'm new. I know already what most of you are thinking, I've heard it all before. So, let's try not to be jerks about this and come up with something new already, 'Freak' gets a little old." With that she just smiled sweetly at Mr. Wung and went back to her seat in the back of the classroom.
"That would be awesome if we could chill. Illegal has always been my thing. My parents don't really give a fuck of to what I'm doing or where I am." She said to Kori and Mirantha. As Mr. Wung called the two girl up to the class Allorah stood silently as Mirantha talked. She had nothing to say to these mere fools. She merely walked back to sit back down, not a single word spoken as Mirantha finished her speech. That should keep them away from us, she thought.
Kori looked at the two amused as they stood in front of class. I like her, she has got spunk. "So once I figure out what's going on tonight or once I talk to Thar I will call you guys." She nodded and smirked then continued to talk about anything that came to her mind. That's the problem with Kori. She doesn't respect teachers and she seems to have a stick up her ass sometimes, but that is needed to survive in her home. Thar has helped her survive.

About 15 minutes later some guy who was holding a bag of Mcdonalds. It was funny that Thar took a debate class because he can't talk in front of a lot of people. He seems to have it all together but Kori quickly realized he wasn't perfect. Kori made the quiet kid get up and Thar took his seat. "Mirantha, Allorah, here is my extremely sexy, incredibly charming, uber best friend Thar."

He waved slightly and nodded at the two girls. Thar, in reality, is the complete opposite of Kori. She is rambunctious, loud, and somewhat inconsiderate, while Thar is quiet, soft spoken, and normally gently. He was smart and a majority of the time passed all his classes. If there had to be a flaw it would be that he angered easily, but Kori never had a problem with that. "I apologize for my baked friend over there," he smirked his eyes twinkling a bit as he talked.

Mr. Wung cleared his throat rather loudly and stared back at Kori and her group. "Miss Montgomery, you have already began to corrupt the new students of this school." Kori sighed and dropped her chin into her hands and dramatically rolled her eyes "I am just being friendly. I guess you've never seen this side of me." She smirked. "Kori would you just shut up," Thar mumbled then looked back at the new girls "Once again I apologize for her."

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((Welcome to Thar!! ))
"Yeah, not a problem, and I so cant wait to meet Thar."
MIrantha chatted the whole time with Kori and Allorah, keeping her eyes to the front of the class just to keep the teacher from noticing them. So she saw immediately as the young man walked into the classroom. She sat there silently as Kori introduced her and Allorah and Kori told them that this was Thar.
"Well, I guess I spoke too soon, apparently I couldn't wait to meet Thar. And you dont have to apoligize for her, if I wasnt okay with this, then I honestly wouldnt be sitting here." Mirantha smiled over at Thar.
He smirked and nodded "Well that's nice to know. If she becomes a nuisance just hit her, that's what I do." Thar laughs and Kori glares back at him. Finally, the group settled down as Thar munched away at his food. Kori ended up falling asleep and Mr. Wung actually ignored her. "where'd you come from?" He asked softly leaning toward the two new girls "I'm sure it was better than this place."

Thar had come from a city not too far from here. His parents never had a problem and they actually spoiled him, maybe that was the problem. They didn't stop him from doing anything. It wasn't that they didn't care, they did, they were scared that if they said no then their son might think they didn't love him. Thar never took advantage of their willingness to let him do anything, well, when it came to parties, staying out late, and bringing girls home he did. The bringing girls home was the one thing they fought about. His parents didn't like the idea of premarital sex, they believe it was all sacred and should be saved for that special someone. Thar blew that thought out of the water. He enjoyed girls too much, but if he ended up dating one, he wasn't the type to fool around behind their back.

At one point Kori and Thar even tried something. It worked out for close to a year, but then feelings faded. Since it wasn't a bad break-up they became close friends an occasionally on drunk night they became wasted sex partners, but they didn't really care. That's how life went. Why worry about the consequences when you could die tomorrow? Live in the moment. Live for the day, and that's exactly what Kori and Thar did.
Allorah was mostly quiet but she introduced herself to Thar. She talked to the group about random stuff as the munched on the McDonalds. She was mostly quiet. She never felt it necessary to talk. "I come from a town called Sebring. It's in Florida." She said softly. "You know, it's really awesome to meet you guys. I've never really had friends like you. Or really friends at all." She said. That was true. She only had one friend. Her name was Kira. Kira was a snotty bitch but she was the only girl like Allorah in her old town. I mean it's something though, right?
Mirantha watched quietly as Allorah introduced herself to Thar and he ate his food. After Allorah had finished, she smiled at Thar.
"I'm from the big city, L.A., I've never really had any friends, ever, not even in a placw where people like me are common. Sad huh." She said it as fact, not wanting any sympathy or pity, just saying it as it was and making conversation. "So, Thar, what do you do in your free time?"