The Night is my Friend (Click Me! :D)

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  1. Hola! I'm back again with another 1x1 request. Here is the premise of the rp:

    Skylar's family always thought she was a blessing. They named her Skylar because she was as beautiful as the sky, and her mark on the world would be infinite. That was until she got wrapped up in bad influences as a group of friends and dangerous ways. Her life spiraled out of control.
    Now she walks the streets; she's not homeless, but home isn't really "home" for her. Her only true friend now is the sky as she roams the lonely streets at night. Often she'll sneak out the house to meet up with her delinquents of friends, out at clubs and bars with a fake ID, in an ally smoking Marijuana, or something else that's no good. Her parents have tried to tame her, but it's no use anymore.

    Then, she falls into YC's arms while drunk at a club, and he only sees it fit to help this girl, or at least try. But will he be able to put up with her rebellious attitude?


    So this can either be with or without romance, I don't mind either way. I am willing to do multiples of this rp also! If you have an questions or would like to understand something further, reply to this thread or PM me! Do the same if you're interested in rping with me! :)
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  2. This will always be open! Still looking!
  3. This seems very interesting! I may be interested, if you'd like to message me?
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  4. Still open for multiples!
  5. Stiiiill available! :D
  6. Open and awaits rp partneeers! :D
    Come on guys! Lol I really want to do this rp!
  7. Hey, I would be interested in doing the plot with you, just shot me a pm if you are still looking
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