The Lonely Girl

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  1. Lillith is a special girl that looks 16 but isn't. Her whole life she was living in the forest alone thinking she was the only person on the planet. She talked to her fuzzy bunny, Lulu, and used her powers to occupy herself. One day she went out of the forest and into the city. She was amazed to see there were people here! She lived on the streets for a long time.

    One day a woman took her in and adopted her. She knew of Lillith's special abilities and was the head master of a high school for teens that were different from humans. Lillith though wasn't interested in making friends and is known as The Lonely Girl.
  2. Lillith walks into her first period class. This is the class she hates the most because most of the kids in this class bully her a lot. Especially when all she wants is just to be alone like she has her whole life.
  3. jake sat in the corner with ear buds in and ipod blaring humming 'Hollywood-undead' and then took out some drum sticks and started to play it on his desk he was a bit faster then the music and the his werewolf ears perked up then saw the girl being bullied and stood up and puntched the bully in the face starting a fight 5 against one he took them all down bare fists and sat by Lilith and kept her safe they all knew there places around jake he was the king practically gave Lilith a stare and said very low toned voice "hi"
  4. Lillith looks down at her desk. "Hi."
  5. jake lifted her head "assert dominance to your self that's how ive survived..." he was very gentle and careing "when you assert dominance to your self you are treated nicely when bullys see a weakling they go for a kill" he gave her a friendly smile "im jake the werewolf some call me shade due to my very dark attire"
  6. Lillith blushes. You already know me. "I'm The Lonely Girl. I always will be and your advise makes no sense.
  7. jake sighs "im telling you that you need to be proud of your self Lilith no matter what cus I am" smiles ad hugs her
  8. Lillith hugs back and cries. "I wish I could go back to my old life."
  9. jake "shhhh would a calming walk in the woods make you better?"
  10. Lillith nods. "Yes but my mother...."
  11. jake "so what? break a rule have fun in life" smiles and took her hand
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    Areiz walked into the room, sitting in her regular desk. She waved her hand dismissively in the air at nothing most people could see. She placed her head carefully in her palm, scrawling symbols on her blank paper while looking at the chalkboard. She turned around as something poked her shoulder. "Go." She whispered to an unseen ghost. That's when she noticed the new girl. She waved.
  13. Farah had watched the fight with little interest before walking into the classroom and sitting down in the far corner away from everyone. She leaned back in her chair and surveyed the room, her light brown eyes looked around the room as she sighed and muttered to herself, "god i hate school its such a drag", then after looking out the window, "id rather be outside doing something fun".

    She returned her attention to the people in her class and noticed the new girl and gave a small smile before pulling out a pad of paper and starting to draw on it a scene from a dream she had had the day before. after a moment she pulled out her ipod and started listening to it even from 10 feet away the lyrics and rythym to "comin in hot" by hollywood undead could be heard as she ignored any classwork that needed to be done.
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    Lillith looks down again. She can tell they all think she's new here! She's been here for a week and they still didn't notice her? She gets up and walks out the door slamming it really hard. She runs to the girls bathroom in tears. They bully her and don't even realize it!
  15. jake sighs "damn...." stood up opened door shoved hands in his pockets and walked outside and put a cigarette in his mouth "these things are goanna kill me...."
  16. Lillith curls up in a corner in the hallway refusing to go back to class.
  17. Areiz sighed. Another ghost floated above her and she waved it away to, scribbling something on her paper. I wonder why she was crying.. She stood up suddenly, folding the paper and going after the girl. She sat across the hall, leaning on the wall. "Hey, is everything okay?" she asked, her voice quiet and soft, like the wind. "I'm Areiz." she said, her icy blue eyes scanning the halls. "Did we upset you?"
  18. Lillith nods. "I was here for a week and I can tell you all think I'm new here. Why did you just notice me? I remember bumping into yesterday yet you already forgot who I am?"
  19. jake stood up and walked in still smokeing his cigarette and slid down the was and tightened his black hoodie hood next to Lilith cigarette showing and none of his face "im sorry...."
  20. Areiz looked at the girl. "I don't do very well in remembering faces, I'm sorry. She said, waving her hand at another ghost which passed close to her face. "It takes me awhile to get use to new faces."