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  1. [​IMG]

    Credits to a person who has left this community, who some of us know, some of this 'theme' is from 'Shounen Senpai's planned roleplay, 'Anomaly'.
    I loved his style.

    NOTE: This will be a sort of small roleplay so if you are planning to be busy in the future please don't join, I've been apart of roleplays that are ended fast because of foreseen vacations. If you join please

    Also, meet xLarius. The GM who's not very good with codes, even after reading the bb code guide
    10 times. Not even exaggerating.

    Also, this is my very first RP that I will be a GM. Please don't be too harsh on me!
    If this isn't a good idea I guess I'll tweak it a bit, but... I LIKE THIS IDEA!!
    Now that this has been established, thank you for taking interest in this rp and let's get the ball rolling!


    Character Sheet/Information (It's Here!) | Out-of-Character/Plot Discussion(you're here!)
    | In-Character
    Character Sheet- (July 26, 2016)
    Out-of-Character/Plot Discussion Thread//Information Thread (July 25, 2016)
    In-Character Thread - N/A

    Open/Closed Signups?: Counting. . . .

    How many more slots are open?: CLOSED. WILL BE OPEN ONCE SLOTS EMPTY!

    Male: 6
    Female: 6
    - Will count once everyone is finished!

    How many characters am I allowed to make?: 1 please and thank you, since there isn't that many slots.
    I may increase this based on if more and more people would like to join, but for now let's just stick
    on the safe side~

    Welcome! You're currently in the Out of Character thread!
    PLEASE, don't post your CS in this thread!
    This area is for random stuff, asking questions and all that nice rp progression stuff.

    I hope you enjoy this roleplay! Below is all the information I think you need at this time.
    I'm really open to suggestions for changes!​


    • "Ah, It seems you're not home at the moment. But you do
      have a recording machine... Great!"

      At this moment there's a bit of crackling.
      "So, since you're one of my blessed friends... Mind helping me?"
      The, "Kiora" project. What is it exactly? Since Ryouta
      has been a kid he's always wanted to create something with
      the friends she's/he treasures dearly to show to his children that yes! That he plans to have. This was also an opportunity to connect with all those friends that he hasn't talked to in awhile, it's basically a 'Art' get together.
      Ranging from instruments and basic music skills,
      to drawing.He's in college and life has been a bit rough but
      everyday after the school day, he declares that this would be a dedicated
      program that his superiors wanted him to commence. It so happens that
      his 'friends' are the best of the best. Though the program isn't without flaws.
      This gets pulled from his own budget and not to mention the rest.
      Though everyone is different, the teams ranging from, music, artist,
      drama (acting), being a writer, it could end up being madness!
      With all the geniuses together, what could they create? That's for them to
      decide. Will they bond over the events? Or will this group break up? Can they even balance it between college and this group?
      Well my reader, that's for you to decide.

    • The Strange GM: xLarius
      The Generous Co-Gm: Whispering~Melody
      The Skills Wanted: 'Intermediate' or Higher
      ("At this level, you should exhibit a distinct writing voice and style. All players must be familiar with common grammar and punctuation and write clearly legible posts with varied sentence structure. You will be expected to have more fleshed-out characters and adhere to the setting.")
      Type: Group, GET WITH IT (WO)MAN!
      Genre: Slice of Life, Romance
      Posting Rate Expectation: Please post as frequent, but don't rush
      your post. Unless,
      a) Someone's waiting on your post
      b) You haven't posted for an extremely long time

    • As much as I don't like rules they need to be made to create order in the rp.
      In general: Follow ALL Iwaku rules please.
      IC RULES
      1) Wait two posts after yours, please. This is because
      I don't want things moving WAY too fast before others can comprehend
      what in the world is going on. This rule may change depending on if the number of players screws up the system.




      2) Please follow the format!
      (This will be listed in the 'Formats and Things' area.)

      3) Smut or anything that goes on the nature of Libertine is strictly forbidden in the IC thread. Romance is encouraged, but things that aren't
      family friendly is are not! Well except for swearing. That's alright.
      (I'm sorry, I just think swearing is okay.)

      4) Heads up! You're allowed to create NPC's if your character has nothing to do! So ha! No excuses!

      5) Please. No. One liners. No *fluffs! Please avoid grammatical errors.
      I understand when you start posting and you're exhausted and you
      trip out, one or two is okay if we understand your point! Otherwise
      if someone notices they have the right to mention it!
      Yes! I agree!

      6) NO Godmodding or Metagaming. No Gary Stu's or Mary Sue's (meaning your character is perfect and unbeatable). Make sure that the character will fit the realistic nature of the RP. Seriously. No one likes that one guy who's seriously annoying good. Really.

      1) THIS RP WILL BE A CONTINOUS RP DEPENDING ON THE ACTIVITY OF THE PLAYERS AND THE GM. As much as possible, I would like this RP to last for a long time, aka creating a sequel and things like that. Join the roleplay ONLY if you feel lke you can stay committed to your strange GM! Of course, things happen in life that weren't planned for at all. Check Rule #2 regarding this.

      2) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, inform me if you're dropping out! Seriously. If I don't hear from you for awhile I will be one, of course, a bit upset but on the other hand it could create chaos in the IC! If it's a cliffhanger and you just leave then... Hmph. I understand that we're all eventually going to be busy. If you feel like you're busy or if you have your reasons to leave or if you have lost interest in the roleplay, please tell me. In the end this will happen. (Skip to the *)

      If it's a temporary leave, for the time being your character(s) will either be:

      Option 1: Personally controlled by me for the time being

      No I'm kidding, you can trust me. Well there's also Option 2.

      Option 2: Given to other interested roleplayers for the time being

      Feel free to communicate and plan with whoever gets to control your characters on how they can temporarily keep your character alive in the roleplay while you are away.
      (Cough. Personally I think I'm better.)

      If you feel that your character wouldn't be in good hands (ouch.)
      There's a vacation option! Well, if your 'vacation' is more than
      a month real time then I will assume you've dropped out unless
      further notice, in that case this will happen:

      *A farewell post will commence. Aka an actual reason, not.

      3) While drama is encouraged in-character, I shall refrain drama of any kind happening in the OOC discussion. I've had enough fights in my
      Iwaku lifetime. I will be patient but if you push my buttons... Well I've warned you. (Please understand this only happens if the fight lasts
      for three days or so, and nobody has posted in the IC because of this fight.)

      4) This goes without saying but... Respect your fellow roleplayers as well as the characters they've created. Golden rule,
      "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
      You guys are nice people 15/16 of the time, I trust you!

    • {Insert Banner}
      Color Code:

      [Time Strip, Insert here the time the GM has implied.]
      Post down here

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    • [​IMG]The 'president' of this project. He's passionate and seriously protective. He's laid back but if you make him snap he'll snap your neck in return. ~Artist
      [​IMG] ~ The proper, prideful young lady of the group, she isn't afraid to show off and will throw tantrums to get what she wants. ~ Writer
      [​IMG] ~ The strange, yet cheerful person of the group, otherwise known as the most likely to trip over stairs and die. ~Music
      [​IMG] ~ The optimistic go lucky person, a shorty but very generous. Though he doesn't really like absurdly tall people. ~Drama
      [​IMG]The jokester around the area, but she's pretty unpredictable in terms of personality, especially when she's on the stage, on that stage she could be anyone, even the badass Alice compared to the sweet Alice. ~Music
      [​IMG]The socially awkward cheerful happy kid. He's fine if you put him on a stage and have him sing. But once that's over don't expect him to be all smiles anymore. More like as much sweat as a pool. Don't have him talk in front of the public. ~Music
      [​IMG]Meet the dumbo. Oh wait, have I mentioned that she's actually the genius but extremely insecure? But that's a secret so hush, hush. ~Writer
      [​IMG]Asshole. Arrogant. Who knew that this is the same guy who cares deeply about the care of other people. Even though he pretends he's the guy who doesn't care he's actually the guy who maybe cares first. Even though he has a short temper. ~Writer
      [​IMG]Acting is everything to this
      male, he'll be a little cold at first but if he likes you enough he'll warm up to you. Though he's a person to smile and greet you with flare and he's pretty kind. ~Drama

      [​IMG]Kind of like Kenji, he's the ideal
      pain in the ass. Which also includes, sarcasm, flirting, and by nature, pissing
      the crap out of people. He'll probably use you as a toy. Don't worry, the night is young! ~Drama

      [​IMG]The kind understanding
      lady. Unfortunately she's deaf but her personality makes up for it. ~Art
      [​IMG]Innocent and sweet, Savi enjoys the smiles and laughter of the people around him. That is until he gets a mood swing. It's pretty much the opposite except he's the same guy. Frown or not. This guy can show you a world of thrill! Just be careful not to tick him off too badly. ~Art

    • - xLarius as Ryouta Arashi
      - Kitsune as Stella Hathaway
      - galactical as Benjamin (Benji) Brown
      - - 'ToxicGhostie'- as Sadie Gare
      - ScarletNova as Alice Chamberlain
      - RainDash as Kenji Kojima
      - ★Under The Stars★ as Nickolas Vang
      - DANAsaur as Cordelia Yourne
      - DustBunny as Luca Morgan
      - Whispering~Melody as Elune Valentine
      - galactical as Kobe Himura
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    • [​IMG]
      Serenpity University:
      As the name says it's a college that all our characters go to starting after the phone call.
      To start the world-wide project they must be in the club called, 'The Kiora Project'. This is just a project that Ryouta wanted to call a 'club' because he loves his comrades dearly. Some more then others.
      But this university revolves around the arts along with teaching the basic skills of college that are necessary set for life. It's located in Japan and contains a dorm for all the art students.

      Kiora Clubroom:
      This is a musty room that was never used and currently does not have any furniture.
      Ryouta weirdly claimed this room over all the other luxuries for an important reason.
      The wallpaper is kind of falling apart and the floor near the door creaks. Currently it has a sign plastered with the phrase, "For the Wonderful Kiora project!"

      Reitoria Central
      The area for shoppers and things. There's many stores where you can get a cup of coffee or purchase laptops. Or go for dates. It's nearby the university and is only 2 miles away or so.
      Here there are a lot of trees and landmarks to view and admire. Music shops are something you see very frequently in this central, along with a lot of pink shops that contain puffed up clothes and stuffed animals.

      Serenpity Dorms
      To put it simple, boys and girls could be next door dorm members but never share a room.
      This university has it arranged so the rooms are pretty empty so the students may feel free to customize it, with basics like a bed, toilet, etc. This dorm is arranged so that students share a dorm with one other person then themselves. If they already know somebody within the university they're free to settle with that friend. But once you settle they mark you as residents and you may not change rooms unless the dorm mother is forced to make arrangements.
      Next to the dorms is a huge parking lot so those who can drive may park their vehicles.
      The university has been made very conveniently so students almost never use cars unless going out for break, etc.

      Notes for the Dorm:
      - After 11pm is curfew. No one is allowed to make noises and everyone must be in their rooms.
      - No weapons are to be brought into the rooms at any time.
      - No damaging any of the rooms at any time. Otherwise you will be fined.

    • Chapter 1:
      The moment after the phone call.
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  2. Updates - These are for when I update and other people come
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  3. Hello!

    Hopefully, I'm interpreting the "...TYPE YOUR INTEREST~!" correctly.

    But is it alright if I were to reserve a girl? And that she is a writer? If not, that's totally okay!
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  4. Omg @Kitsune, hello xD
    I may or may not have been waiting for someone else to respond
    but I'm also interested, and if it's alright, I'd like to reserve a drama girl?
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  5. Thank you for showing interest! I will update you when I get things straight,
    some data might be a little crazy but that happens when I'm sleep deprived!
    I'll reserve the two for you :)
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  6. @Kitsune

    The CS drop is now created! Feel free to get a CS up, or at least a WIP!~
    Also please spread the word to people who might be interested!
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  7. *rolls in like a tumbleweed*
    this sounds pretty interesting :3
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  8. Are we allowed to make Gay males? (Because you had a Sexuality thing in the CS ;o) so would they be able to date or would they be the loners? I'm only asking because of the group limitations and such. xD (If they are allowed to date though, I'd be cool with changing my female to a male :>)
    It's just nice to see that it can happen.
    If someone wants a special some1 for their character,
    we may expand the number of people allowed to 0/3
    But I want to see who's joining first since currently there's only 3 participants out of the 10.
  10. okie...
    I think I'd like to make a (trans : >) female character, is that okay?? I'll probably put her in music... o3o
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    Oh okay ;o
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  12. o k a y. It may take me a bit longer to create my CS (like a day don't worry) only because I'm an idiot and decided to start a collage on my closet (which I'll probably post a picture when it's done c:) and now I feel the need to at least get the majority of it done. At least, that is, until I run out of pictures. xD
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  13. Even though I'm the GM I still find struggles making the history.

  14. Histories are never easy. ;n;
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  15. Why did I do this to myself?
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  16. Asked by everyone, everywhere.

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  17. THANK YOU.
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  18. FOR REAL XD <3
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