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  1. Chapter 1: "After the Phone Call."
    After the phone call they were grouped at a wooden table, still smelling fresh of wood and chairs that were
    probably bought pretty soon, because they were set up sort of awkwardly as snow shone outside the window.
    It was currently January 3rd, exactly 5:00pm. It was a cold morning and each seat were placed with a name tag
    scribbled messily. The order was of course by team, it had seemed that the ring master was going to be a bit late,
    so that left the people who were currently seated to talk with each other, some were familiar faces,
    some not. Strangely if they called Ryouta back he wouldn't answer, so in the meantime they were pretty much
    sitting ducks waiting for the strange male to come back.

    The phone call was plain and simple,
    "Ah, It seems you're not home at the moment. But you do
    have a recording machine... Great! So, since you're one of my blessed friends... Mind helping me?
    It's going to be called a Kiora project. You know because... Remember?"

    His laughter rang out though it was a bit dull,
    "I guess you don't. It's been awhile. I think you know who this is... Don't worry about it!
    Just arrive at Serenpity University, room 102, first floor near the left end of the school."

    He paused,
    "There will be others gathered there, don't feel that alarmed. After all we're connected in one way.
    Oh also, make sure you pack your bags, you'll find out soon!~
    Oh, almost forgot, be there at 5:00pm sharp, I know some of you have classes. January 3rd,
    two months from now."

    For now they were left to discuss whatever they pleased,
    until the young man came through the door.
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  2. [​IMG]

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    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    Sadie had wandered into the room, stumbling slightly. She was never the most graceful, but she continued to smile with her hands jammed in her coat pockets. Seeing the chairs with name tags, she decided to find her own and sit down. Looking around awkwardly, Sadie tapped her feet gently on the ground, making up a beat as she went. She cleared her throat, "Er... how is everyone?" Sadie attempted to be polite, also using sign language as she spoke. She had met Elune Valentine before and knew the girl was deaf, but she didn't know if anyone else here was as well. The girl shrugged off her jacket, adjusting the flower pin on the chest of her sweater. Her outfit probably wasn't the best for freezing January weather, but she liked it. Shifting in her seat, Sadie looked around once again. Despite how uncomfortable she felt, Sadie maintained a smile. Some of the people here looked rather nice, some of them didn't. But for the most part, she figured she'd be able to become friends with them.
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  3. Kenji sat at the table, the silence filled the room like it itself had a presence. He had never met any other people before, and since it seemed that no one else had either... the silence stretched on. It didnt help that he'd been early to the meeting and had sat there for some time. The atmosphere felt too heavy for a casual get together to introduce each other before this mysterious project started.

    Kenji hated it.

    He tapped his foot under the table, audibly breaking the silence for the sake of his own comfort. When that stopped easing the anxiety he started tapping on the table. When that didn't work he spoke and checked the time.

    "I would be better if this meeting would actually start instead of having us stare at each other until he decides to show his face again." Kenji replied to the blue haired girl. "Psh," Kenji stood, "if he doesn't get this meeting started and to the point I'm out of here. I don't even know why I bothered coming to begin with."

    He knew why he'd come, it was because he'd missed Ryouta and that time in middle school. For some stupid reason he thought it would bring back that time. Another part of him had desperately hoped it was only Kenji that had been called for the meeting, but as people filed in his hopes had been dashed. This was what he got for putting stupid fantasies in his head. Besides, it wasn't like Ryouta knew about the writing thing he did, it was just Kenji's major at the college. No point in secret hopes or aspirations.
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  4. [​IMG]

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    {5:00 PM, Jan. 3rd}

    Immaculate white boots clicked against the tile floors as Luca Morgan made his way down the hall towards his destination. His outfit was perfectly suited for the cold, January weather and was as white as the snow falling outside. Luckily, his earmuffs had doubled as wireless headphones and he was happily listening to music as he walked. Honestly, Luca wasn't entirely sure why he came. Sure, he missed Ryouta, but part of him felt like it was mainly a one-sided feeling from himself for reasons he was unsure of. Luca just supposed that his coming to the meeting was a mix of the want to see his old friend again and the fact that Sadie said she got a call from Ryouta as well.

    He stopped for a moment before the door. For a moment, his heart rate increased for a reason that he couldn't tell. Maybe it was because he was feeling awkward to see Ryouta after years. Maybe it was because there were going to be more people there who Luca didn't know. Probably the latter. Luca shook his head and continued humming before opening the door.

    As he walked in, he saw Sadie and some other people already there. He saw name tags by the chairs and luckily his was next to Sadie and he quickly took it. It didn't take long for everyone else to file into the room and they were all sitting in silence. Luca kept his gaze focused on the name tag in front of him as he quietly hummed along to the song playing on his headphones. He payed no mind as Sadie attempted to speak to everyone as he wouldn't speak even if spoken to in this situation. There were far too many people he didn't know, so he just let himself get lost in his music and humming.
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  5. [​IMG]
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    [5:00pm, January 3rd.]

    Snow crunched underneath the small male as he hurriedly made his way into the building, a small frown forming on his lips. It was freezing outside! God, he wished he had brought a jacket with him. But he didn't realize just how long a walk it would be from his apartment to here until after he was about halfway there. Despite being freezing, he was only physically there, mentally, not so much. He wondered why exactly his old friend, Ryouta, had called him. They had barely kept in contact over the years, so it was kind of strange. But, he still decided to come, after all, he owed the man his life. Though, of course, curiosity still circulated in his thoughts.

    Soon enough he noticed another, almost as small as he, walking down the corridor he was now in, before turning and walking through an open door. That's probably where they're going to be meeting. Ryouta did say that there would be others coming. Benji checked the time on his wrist watch, realizing that if he didn't hurry, he may be counted as late. That was something he really didn't want to do.

    Hurrying down the rest of the corridor, he took a sharp turn and almost ran into the wall right next to the door he had been trying to run through. His head barely smacking against the dry wall, before he'd been able to completely stop. A deep hue of red dusted on his cheeks, having already embarrassed himself even though he'd only just gotten there.

    With a soft sigh, Benjamin quietly walked into the room. He looked around momentarily, only to notice his name plastered on a tag, near a seat without a name tag. Maybe that was Ryouta's seat? He had no idea, but he didn't bother questioning it as he walked over to it and plopped down onto the chair. Might as well get comfortable, seeing as he couldn't find his old friend anywhere. Huh, strange. Oh well. The male could hear slight bickering and grumbling from others, but he didn't bother with responding. That is, until someone said that they were going to leave. Why? Ryouta had asked specifically for them to come, so why leave now when they were already there? Huh... What a strange guy.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Interactions: Sadie Gare // @-'ToxicGhostie'- | Kenji Kojima // @RainDash
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    Color Code: Red // ff0000

    [5:00 PM, January 3rd]

    "Don't feel that alarmed," he said, Stella Hathaway thought with a soft 'hmph'. She had been prepared for a few more people besides herself when she arrived, but not ten other people. The sight of twelve seats arranged at a wooden table had caused her to halt at the entrance of the room, wondering if she had come to the right spot. Of course. I'm not one to get lost easily when given directions. I'll just have to face the fact that there are... more than just a few other people. Despite her reluctant acceptance, she still found herself annoyed as she made her way to the seat that was assigned for her, sliding into it with as much grace as one could manage for such a simple task. Immediately, her arms were crossed underneath her chest and her legs crossed as well. Her body language shut her off to any advances made by the others. It didn't help that her gaze was hard as stone as she trained it upon the entrance, not wanting to make awkward eye contact with anyone. As she settled down, silence filled the room, along with tension so thick that it could be cut with a knife. It seemed like she wasn't the only one feeling a bit uncomfortable.

    "Er... how is everyone?"

    Ruby red eyes swept towards where the question had came from. She fixed her gaze upon the blue-haired individual, not bothering to respond. If she did, she felt like she'd tumble into a rant, and she couldn't let these people see her lose her cool. Fortunately enough for her, it seemed that someone else was feeling just as ticked off as she was. She regarded the blond with a look of agreement as he spoke. When he was finished, she let her gaze rest upon the table that they were all seated at. There was a pause before Stella decided to share her own thoughts on the matter.

    "I'd have to agree," she began in a smooth voice that was slightly laced with the irritation that she felt. "Ryouta is my friend, yes, but I will also have to go if this doesn't start soon," she confessed. "I'm not quite sure about all of you, but I do have better things to occupy my time than just sitting here." Her hand ran through her silver hair as an exasperated breath left her lips. Besides having better things planned and other people also being called by Ryouta, the fact that the aforementioned leader had picked January to hold this meeting also soured Stella's mood. Honestly, out of all of the months, it had to be January? She refrained from pouting petulantly in favor of muttering under her breath as she twirled her side bang around her nimble finger.

    Her outfit because I couldn't find a way to put it in my post — click!
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  7. [​IMG]
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    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    Adelaide hurriedly strode through the rather empty hallway, the heel of her boots creating a faint clacking sound with each step. By this time, she would normally be stepping into the library to start her shift, but Ryouta, her friend, decided to hold a meeting for some sort of project. She was still confused on the whole thing, but she was willing to help the male out, which was why she called in 'sick' for work. The girl could only hope that it was worth it and not something that would end up wasting her time.

    "Room 102..." She murmured under her breath as she looked at the room numbers besides the doors. After a couple more steps, she spotted the numbers and stepped over, her hand wrapping around the door knob and pulling the door open. Immediately she was greeted with the sight of several other individuals that she didn't know, but no sign of Ryouta. Where the hell was he? Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion with a hint of annoyance as she stepped inside and went to sit on her assigned seat. For a moment it was silent, until one of the girls spoke up, asking how everyone was. A male was next to speak out, followed by a silver-haired girl. They both would leave soon if the main man, who was hosting this meeting, wouldn't show up soon.

    "You would think the one who made this would be the first one here." Adelaide grumbled while she glanced over to the door.​
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  8. [​IMG]

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    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    Alice was surprised by the call she had gotten. It was vague, didn’t give much information, but that didn’t stop the girl from deciding that she was going to listen to what Ryouta wanted and meet up on the date and time he wanted her to.

    When the day finally arrived, Alice was running late to the meeting. Despite telling her manager that she wanted to take a break on practice for the day, all he said was that she could cut it short. Now, she was running towards her destination. Her breath could be seen, showing how cold it was. Almost slipping on a sheet of ice, Alice slid to the entrance of the university. She opened it up and quickly tried to dry off her boots so she wouldn’t slip anymore. She ran around, trying to figure out the layout of the building to find the classroom that she was supposed to meet her friend in.

    She finally noticed the numbers by the side of the door. She moved to crack open the door, hearing the small pieces of conversation others were saying inside. So, she wasn’t the only one? That was fine. But, the way they were acting. They didn't seem so into the idea of staying around.

    Alice burst through the door with a large smile on her face.

    “Aw, come on. Poor Ryouta probably has a reason for being late. Don’t just walk out on him yet!” Alice commented as she walked to the table and looked at the name tags.

    “Up, there’s me.” She took a seat down in her spot and took a look at the others that were sitting too. Some of them seemed like they would be very friendly and easy to get to know, though others seemed like they would just turn away from you and ignore you.

    “I mean, he brought us all here for a reason. Don’t you want to find out what’s going on.”

    Some of them seemed to not be all that interested in what was going on, or they weren’t fond of being around a whole bunch of strangers. But, Alice didn’t care. She was around strangers all the time when it came to preforming her music. She was much more curious about what Ryouta had planned to care about the strangers she was surrounded by.​
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  9. Interactions: Kenji, Everyone
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    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    The sound of hurried footsteps and heels clacking against the floor resonated throughout the hallways as a blur of pink passed by. The pinkette was beyond excited too see her dear friend again and she just couldn't contain herself! She waited months. MONTHS. For an airhead like Candy, that felt like forever. She was also excited about the Kiora project Ryouta mentioned over the phone two months ago. She didn't know what the project is about but she was highly interested. To her Kiora Project sounds science-y, something her genius side couldn't pass up.

    "RYOOOOOUUUUUTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Candy squealed and screamed on top of her lungs as soon as she slammed the door open, not caring if she was being loud or scared anyone. She was so excited that she pounced on the first guy she sees, glomping him and not noticing that his face was buried deep on her bosom. "Oh, Ryouta! I missed you so much! SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! MUCHO GUSTO. Do you have any idea how I missed you? Of course you don,t! But still, I missed you!!!"

    She pulled away from him to get a better look but blinked owlishly. She hugged the wrong person! Instead of Ryouta, she hugged Kenji instead! Kenji and Candy haven't really formally met yet but she knew him because they had a couple of class together. Smiling sweetly and trying to pat Kenji's had, she airly apologized "Sorry, Kenji. I thought you were Ryouta. Hehe~"

    Candy then looked around in search for her friend but failed misrably. All she saw was a bunch of people sitting around the table with nametags in front of them. Speakng of nametags...

    "ooooooh~ is this mine?" The airhead asked as she reached for her nametag between Kenji and Stella, a girl she had classes with but haven't really talked to. "of course it is! Unless, there's another Candy here? Nah, I think I'm the only Candy around here."

    There was some sort of odd tension around the room that Candy just can't put her finger on. Deciding its time to cut it, she reached inside her pocket and said "HAVE SOME CAAAAAAANDY!!!!!" The stupid pinkette threw lollipops and mint up in the air that when it landed, some were hit right in the face or in the head.

    "sorry!" She giggled, finally deciding to take her seat between Kenji and Stella "Sooooooooooo, why are we here, guys? Oh wait.. IS THIS A BIRTHDAY PARTY? Is Ryouta's birthday today? Oh my glob. We need CAKE!"
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  10. 10ydfgz.png
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    Color Code: Purple|Raspberry
    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    Elune arrived at the predestined meeting place awhile before anyone else. She did this on purpose so she could kind of get a feel for the each person there as they arrived instead of all at once. Though the young purple haired decided to stay quiet- or rather in her case, not write or sign until it seemed like everyone had arrived. This made it easier to let people know her...Disability, all at once. Though when Sadie came in she gave the bluenette a bright smile. Happy that she was sitting next to her and another by the name of Alice that looked pretty friendly too.

    As Sadie asked how everyone was, even signing it for her sake she assumed, El couldn't help but smile and sign back to her friend (and the only other one there other than the missing Ryouta that she knew). "I'm doing good. I wonder what Ryouta is up to this time. How about you?" She asked in return. But before either could respond suddenly candy flew everywhere. Since Elune had been paying attention to Sadie and not the last girl to arrive, ghe candy came as even more of a shock as it pelted her head. Frowning she blinked at the energetic pinkette that seemed to have done it out of generosity rather than the anger that El had feared.

    Suddenly her frown turned into a friendly smile as she took one of the pieces of candy, unwrapped it and popped it into her mouth. Then she lifted up a medium sized notepad that she took with her everywhere and scribbled down something before lifting it up for Candy to see.
    "Thank you!" Is what was written in a very standard but still elegant print. Then she flipped the page and moved so everyone could see it. "Hello I'm Elune Valentine and I'm deaf. But I can read lips!" She had written this beforehand to save time since this subject was unavoidable and she didn't want to seem rude if she didn't respond to someone by accident.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Interactions: Everyone (Mainly Lia, @DANAsaur)
    Activity: Talking/sitting?
    Color Code: #490263
    [5:00pm, January 3rd]

    "There will be others gathered there, don't feel that alarmed. After all we're connected in one way.
    Oh also, make sure you pack your bags, you'll find out soon!~
    Oh, almost forgot, be there at 5:00pm sharp, I know some of you have classes. January 3rd,
    two months from now

    Two months had passed by quickly, today was the day that he had to meet up with his old friend. He'd already arrived at the destination, meeting these to called 'others' that he had been warned about in the recording. Just by the first meeting, he already knew that he was going to have some fun. These people seemed gullible enough- Especially the girl with the pink hair, whom he deemed as his first... New play toy. He wondered what she looked like in tears. Though he wasn't that sadistic and evil, he was sure that she'd still look cute crying. Give or take a few days, he'd probably be able to find that out for himself.

    He looked at everyone in the room, realizing that, he assumed, the only person who was missing was... Ryouta. What the hell? Of course, it wasn't all that surprising. The man had never been good with time it seemed. Well, since he wasn't there quite yet. Why not have some fun?

    Pushing himself off the chair, he made his way over to the pinkette. "Hey doll ace-" He paused, leaning over her chair slightly, his lips close to her ear. Looking down at the name tag, he continued "-Lia, I don't believe we've met before." Kobe gave her his award winning smile, holding his hand out where she could reach it. "The name's Kobe, Kobe Himura, and might I say, you're quite the cutie." Loud too, but he wasn't going to mention that. It'd totally ruin his vibe! Certainly he didn't want that to happen, at least, not until he thought the time was right.
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  12. More people filtered in and the silence stretched on, making it nearly unbearable for Kenji. No one wanted to talk and the one who did was unable to really respond to the silence.

    And the girl who agreed with him came across as snooty, but at least she was talking. He didn't like the silence, and the longer it remained the worse it would become. The silence made his ears ring with anxiety, like he needed to break it and it was his fault for letting it go for as long as it did. He should say something else.

    Then a girl screamed, Kenji jumped in his seat, and then his face was full of boobs. He attempted to share his irritation, but his words were muffed. Plus, he was being called Ryouta. He looked nothing like Ryouta. She was very clearly an idiot. He might end up working with idiots. Suddenly, he felt her release him and twitter off. Then he got hit in the head with candy.

    Then a boy started to flirt with a girl and it was the final straw. Kenji snapped, standing up quickly enough to throw the chair behind him.

    "I'm leaving. None of you have shown the maturity that I'd expect you to have. If you so much as do anything to stop me, I'll have to go BACK to my anger management classes." Kenji started for the door.

    "And baby ace is NOT a thing! And that is not her name, idiot! Why did I even come anyway?"

    He put his hand on the doorknob as he spoke, looking back at the group as he yelled. If he left now he could quietly deal with them all thinking he was a jerk and never see them again. It would be for the best.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Interactions: Everyone in the room.
    Activity: Sitting/Observing
    Color Code: #9f90d1
    [January 3rd - 5:03 pm]

    Nickolas had decided to get a bit of a snack before he headed to the meeting. It was pretty cold, so Nickolas had thrown on some warm clothes that morning. The scarf he was wearing wrapped around his mouth and he breathed into it. He, for some reason, enjoyed the tingly feeling of having his warm breath on his cold face. He dropped by a cute little french bakery that was near the place he was supposed to meet everyone. He was actually surprised that the meeting location was so close to where he lived, but that idea had to wait until he had a sweet chocolate croissant in his mouth.

    Nickolas didn't take his time in the bakery, especially since it seemed like he'd be late to the meeting if he took too long. He bought the croissant, scurried on out of the bakery, and made his way toward the meeting place. Nickolas munched on the croissant and wore a smile on his face the whole time he walked. He was excited to see so many people that he'd never met before, although he knew that that mentality would leave him as soon as he was around new people. He knew that it would be stressful to try and interact with people, but he'd try his best to function in the situation like a normal person.

    Nickolas continued toward the room and, when he entered, it seemed that everyone was getting familiar with one another. There was a girl throwing candy, rather dramatically he might add, a girl who seemed a bit too upset about the fact that she even had to be here, a woman who carried a notepad, and quite a few cute boys in the room. Nickolas tried not to focus on the boys, especially since it wouldn't be a good idea to try and flirt while no one knew each other. Nickolas also had no idea why all of them were gathered here, but the topic of conversation seemed to be the question that Nickolas had asked himself.

    Nickolas quickly sat down and quietly munched on his croissant. It tasted really nice, but it seemed like everyone here was nice enough, excluding the girl with the seemingly bad attitude. Nickolas eyed her quite a bit, not because he was interested in her, but simply because he was trying to send good vibes her way. He wanted everyone to enjoy being here, even if it might be a waste of their time. Just like a production... A very corny production.

    Nickolas finished his croissant and had a bit of chocolate on his face, although he didn't notice it. He sat back in his chair and took his gaze away from the scarlet-eyed woman. "So... Who here does theatrics," Nickolas asked quietly. He was genuinely curious who did what here, since he could never really talk about anything other than the theatrical arts.
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  14. Interactions: Elune (Whispering~Melody), Kobe (galactical), Kenji (RainDash)
    Activity: Talking
    Color Code: #ff1493
    [5:05 pm, January 3rd]

    Candy looked around the room to see the group's reaction at her dramatic entrance, secretly judging and analyzing each and every one of them. Kenji was severely annoyed and irritated by her hug and she couldn't help but giggle at that. She kinda wants to tease and annoy the blonde writer. There's just something satisfying about teasing other people until they reach their breaking point!

    "Oooh~ You're welcome!!!" Candy said as she saw a purple haired girl wrote a thank you before smiling sweetly, fading a little bit when the girl told everyone that she was deaf. She felt a bit heartbroken for Elune but decided not to dwell on the feeling or else it will totally ruin her mood.
    She continued judging and analyzing everyone until a blonde guy approached her and called her Lia. Now, there are only a few things that can piss her off and one of them is calling her Lia. It brings back bad memories from her childhood. Besides, she just proclaimed earlier that she's Candy, not Lia! Is this guy stupid or what?

    "Who's Lia?" Candy asked innocently while tilting her head to the side. Maybe if she acts as dumber, he'll leave her alone. "I think I'm not Lia...am I? Oh, no. Does this mean I have a twin? Is her name Lia? is she behind me?" The pinkette began to look around and shout "LIA!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?! I'M CANDY! YOU'RE TWIN!! I think.."

    Just then, Kenji suddenly snapped and told everyone that he's leaving. Candy thought that it was the perfect opportunity to tease and annoy him more so she did the dumbest thing she could think of right now: she screamed. "STOOOOOOP!!!! Don't go!!' Candy stood up and quickly walked towards Kenji to hold his hand, intertwining her fingers with his to stop him. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you jealous! I didn't even know you like me the moment you shoved your face in my boobs!!! I'm sorry! As compensation, I'll let you shove your face in my boobs again!"
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  15. [​IMG]
    Activity: Being Noticed
    Color Code: Orange

    {5:06 PM, Jan. 3rd}
    Ryouta always left the window to 102 open, he probably was late because he thought it'd be a bright idea to leave his-
    he opened the window quickly and saw the ruckus. He couldn't remember his friends being sort of idiots but he loved them anyways!
    Or maybe as a kid he was desperate. Yeah, probably thought one. Though as soon as he opened the window he caught wind of the current conversation.
    ""I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you jealous! I didn't even know you like me the moment you shoved your face in my boobs!!! I'm sorry! As compensation, I'll let you shove your face in my boobs again!"

    At this point he was halfway through the window. Did he really want to go in?
    Nope. But he made the appointment. He had blue prints stuck out of his backpack, he was wearing a jacket and a scarf that covered his mouth.
    His cheeks were red and hair was sticking all over the place. He should really get a haircut or something.
    He grinned at this obnoxious group of fools that he brought together,
    one person certainly caught his eye, but he decided he'd lay low.
    He grinned as he said in full English,
    "Miss me?"
    as he pulled down his scarf from his mouth. He chewed on his piece of bubblegum as he shivered.
    He slipped in the warm room, that now had a cool breeze as he shut the window behind him.

    He silently counted the people in the room as he smiled, they all came. Though some don't look happy about it, he had put name tags
    but everyone looked mostly the same. Well he thought.
    "Let's all be friends now."
    He set his backpack down as he took off his scarf and jacket, being dressed in a dinosaur sweatshirt,
    and normal jeans. His eyebrows sort of lowered at the two, one of them he heard earlier.
    "If you two lovebirds would take a seat. Sheesh, how fast can you guys hook up?"

    He grinned happily, good. At least some people can get along.
    He forcefully shoved everyone back to their seats, well he mixed Kenji up with Kobe for a moment but
    their expressions said otherwise.

    Ryouta was grinning like a fool, he was so excited.
    "First let's get to know each other."
    He frowned for a moment,
    "Well more than others."
    He took a glance or two at Candy and Kenji.

    "I'll let you guys figure out what you have in common, in the mean time I missed out on my morning manga........"
    It seemed even though the man who started all this out is giving them more talk time.
    "Oh shoot!"
    He looked around the room and found Elune,
    "Dunno what the heck you guys talked about but don't surprise Elune too much, she's deaf.
    Though that doesn't make her any less talented."

    He opened the window again and dragged in a bean bag chair from the bushes.
    He took out his manga and sat in the chair observing the fools who were now seated and gathered,
    could they figure it out?
    "And Stella, afterwards we have some business to finish up. My drawings? They're better then before!"
    He got up and took off Luca's headphones as he looked down at him,
    "This means you too Luca."
    He smiled down at Luca as he set the headphones down at the table getting a bit too close for comfort to Luca's face as
    he pat the blondes head.

    As soon as this was over he plopped back on his chair, with the following expression on his face:
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  16. Kenji was almost out the door when he'd been tackled by the woman again. She proclaimed that she had somehow made him jealous and that he could be shoved into her chest again.

    "Who said I would even want that?! Go harass that other guy!"

    Then Ryouta started to tease him about Candy clinging to him.

    "I DON'T want to know her! She's assaulted and sexually harassed me! I'm leaving the second I pry her grubby little hands off of me!"

    With that he started to pull his hand free of her grip, probably more forceful than was entirely necessary.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Interactions: Everyone | Nikolaus Vanyan // @★Under The Stars★
    Activity: Ranting Socializing
    Color Code: Red // ff0000
    [5:06 PM, January 3rd]

    Too much was going on for Stella's liking, and what little patience she had. People were continuously flowing in, and that was okay. They were trying to convince her and Blon—er, Kenji that they should stay, and that was okay. She thought she saw something in her peripheral vision. Something that she kind of assumed was paper. But before she could turn her head to make sure of it, she was attacked by flying candy. That was what made her snap. If Ryouta didn't come soon, someone was going to end up missing.

    With teeth gritted and frustrated breathing, the novelist let her eyes flutter close as she tried to calm herself. She was a lady of grace and sophistication, and she liked to keep that image for as long as she could with the group around her. But it seemed that fate wanted to be cruel with her today and test her patience as yet another irritating individual entered the room, going straight for the throat as he flirted with... Candy. I guess subtle isn't in his dictionary, she thought, eyes slowly opening to glance at the two and observe them. She wasn't the only one becoming steadily more and more peeved. An intrigued glow shone in her eyes as they flitted to rest upon Kenji. Maybe they would become good acquaintances. She wouldn't go as far to say friends. Stella Hathaway didn't have friends. Unless you counted Ryouta, but he was more of an... enemy than a friend.

    Stella was pulled out of her thoughts as she felt eyes on her, completely missing the new, and last, except for Ryouta, addition to their small group. She blinked owlishly and slowly turned until she made eye contact with the vividly green eyes burning holes into her. They stared at each other for quite a while before he finally broke the contact, leaving Stella to frown and feel less annoyed than she did before. Who does he think he is? Coming in here and making me feel 100% done with all of this when I should be at a minimum of 300%. She wasn't allowed to mope for long since Ryouta Arashi, the assembler of all this, had finally decided to grace them with his presence. A sarcastic smile wasted no time gracing Stella's features.

    "Oh, look who finally decided to grace us with his presence. If it isn't Ryouta, the one who planned all this, yet was late to it by," she paused, checking her phone for the time, "six minutes." Her voice was a faux cheery tune, but you could definitely hear the irritation laced within the words. It would seem that she had more to say, but decided to leave it at that.

    Even with being late, Ryouta didn't apologize, or even look the least bit guilty. You know, like a normal person. It caused Stella to huff indignantly before letting it go. It was a lost cause anyway. All that she could do was listen to Ryouta as he spoke and watch him as he moved around the room. Even though they had been waiting to be informed about this 'Kiora Project', it seemed like Ryouta had other plans, telling them that they should socialize more with one another. The suggestion caused Stella to scowl softly before the expression was replaced with a blank mask. She noted the important fact that Elune—the purple-haired girl with the paper earlier—was deaf before giving all of her attention to Ryouta, who had stated that they had business after this.

    "Hmph, if you think that I'm going to be staying another second here after this meeting concludes, then you're sorely mistaken, Ryouta," she responded. Leaving that to sink in, the silver-haired woman glanced around before they landed on the man who was staring at her earlier. For some odd reason, she decided to talk to him. Facing her body towards him, she spoke in a curious tone, remembering his earlier question.

    "Assuming you do theatrics, what do you do exactly? Is it camera acting? Or do you prefer stage acting?" Questions tumbled out of Stella's mouth. Though, before any of them were answered, she introduced herself. "Oh, I'm Stella, by the way. Stella Hathaway. I don't do theatrics, but I am a novelist," she confessed before waiting for the other's response.​
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  18. Interactions: Kobe (galactical), Kenji (RainDash), Ryouta (xLarius)
    Activity: Talking, Bawling her eyes out
    Color Code: #ff1493
    [5:08 pm, January 3rd]

    Candy quickly looked at the window when she heard Ryouta coming in, her blue eyes sparking in excitement and delight. Its been years since they last saw each other and she cannot wait to glomp him! By the looks of it, he still haven't changed and somehow, sheliked it. For Candy, it means they were still the same. That nothing has changed between them and he's still her true friend.

    "Hi Ryoutaaaaaaa!!!!" Candy greeted cheerfully, smiling wide and waving her other hand before hearing the mean words of Kenji. The smile on her face immediately turned into a frown and soon, her lips began to quiver. To be honest, she felt a little stab in the heart as Kenji kept on spouting mean things about her. It reminds her of high school where her classmates would be so mean to her because she was pretty and smart. I guess people will never get satisfied with anything. May I be smart or dumb, there will always be haters

    The blonde writer forcefully pulled his hand out of her grip resulting for her to lose balance, making her fall over and land on her rump. She then began to get teary eyed and started sniffling, looking at Kenji with hurt puppy eyes. If Candy wasn't so passionate about writing, she would probably do theactrics since she's great at acting! Who wouldn't when you're rich and needed to hide your real self?

    "WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! UWAAAHHH!!!" the dumb pinkette started crying and bawling her eyes out, quickly standing up and running towards Ryouta. She was so busy crying that she didn't realize she buried her face on the wrong man's chest! She buried and nuzzled her crying face at Kobe's chest instead of Ryouta gripping his shirt as she sniffled "Ryoutaaaa!!! . K-Kenji said mean things to me!!! Waaaahhh!!!! He brokened my heart! He brokened it!!"
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  19. [​IMG]

    Interactions: Everyone then Sadie (@-'ToxicGhostie'-), Luca (@DustBunny), Elune (@Whispering~Melody), Adelaide (@Mocking_Jayy)
    Activity: Talking
    Color Code: #0a9908
    [5:09pm, January 3rd]

    After Alice arrived, there was more who showed up. One was very happy and threw candy, which Alice gladly took and already began to eat it. Hopefully it wasn’t actually poisoned or anything like that. She wanted the sugar. Quietly, Alice watched as everything unfolded; some guy hitting on the one candy girl, the other one still threatening to leave.

    Then finally, Ryouta arrived. Instead of getting right to the point, the young man took a seat down on a beanbag chair and just watched them. He was expecting them to get to know each other. This group? This group of people were going to end up killing each other eventually. Alice almost chuckled at the thought of it. No, they wouldn’t actually kill each other, but it was used as an expression. Although…

    Alice’s half-joke was supported when more problems happened between Candy, Kenji, and comments from Stella. Poor other people in the room, they were probably just terrified of these other people.

    “I still think we should stick around and see what happens with all of this. Might be pretty interesting,” she commented to everyone. Then, she focused her attention on a few others who were being quiet and to themselves.

    “I’m Alice,” she stated to the others who were apart of the music and the deaf girl since she was right there as well and the red head since she wasn’t talking with anyone either.

    “It’s nice to meet all of you. I hope we’ll be able to become good friends. I mean, it seems like Mr. Late over there wants us to get to know each other better anyway. I don’t think he’ll tell us why were actually here until some of us get along, which I don’t think that’s going to happen between those people over there.”

    She pointed to the others, and then made a smile as she put her hand down into the table. It might be hard to start to talk with the others since there was so much going on between them, but these seemed much easier to talk with and a bit shy, but that was okay.
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  20. [​IMG]
    Interactions: Cordelia, @DANAsaur
    Activity: Pouting
    Color Code: #490263
    [5:10pm, January 3rd]

    The girl had immediately brushed him off, despite her little scene... No one had ever done that to him. What the hell? He didn't like not getting the attention, didn't like it at all. Kobe raised an eyebrow, feeling just slightly annoyed. Though he didn't like it, it was kind of interesting. No one else had brushed him off as quickly before, both men and women always fell for his charms. But the girl, of course, barely even gave him a response. More like she was talking to herself. He already regretted his choice in choosing her, she was just too... Stupid. Hell, whatever her name was acted more like a dumb blonde than most blonde's.

    After a minute of just standing there, he finally decided that he should just leave her alone. She'd get on his nerves immediately. So she wouldn't be something he messed around with very often.

    About to turn around and go back to his seat, he felt warm arms circle around his waist, holding him close. It was, once again, Cordelia. Only this time she seemed to be screaming her heart out. She thought he was Ryouta though, which annoyed him even more. This girl acted like a fucking two year old. "Wrong person, sweetheart. Now shoo." He gently pulled her off him, before turning on his heels and walking back to his seat. Cordelia would be something for later, he then decided. There was no point in trying now. He wanted to see if she changed at all later on, if so, then he'd definitely try again.​
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