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WARNING: If you have not seen The Hollow on Netflix, there are MAJOR spoilers in this roleplay’s premise. Enter with caution. It is not required that you have seen the show to be in the roleplay, but if you hate spoilers, we must part ways here. :(

August 15th, 2043
Silow Town

This was it.

The day lives changed.

Bodies swarmed the streets like a sea of excitement, voices and rumors and hopes and dreams flooding the air like cracks of lightning. Spectators and fans huddled themselves outside a towering skyscraper. Sleek and beautiful in design, glimmering with a promise of advanced technology and blood-pumping entertainment.

The Hollow.

“Mom! Mom!” A little boy now older than seven bounced eagerly while tugging his mother’s sleeve, pointing up at a massive monitor perched atop the building. A giant swirling symbol pulsed and contorted in an eerie yet bright show of lime and yellows, and a suspenseful bass shook the skies. “Can I tryout this year? Can I? Pleeeease?”

His mother sighed, though a smile weaseled its way through. She smoothed back his hair. “Not this year, sweety. You’re not old enough.”

Her son pouted. “But I wanna be on TV! And win the big prize! All my friends would be super jealous.”

“I’m sure they would.” She could devise one huge reason why anyone would be jealous of any contestant. Fame, recognition… and the cash prize. It could easily change anyone’s life.

For better or for worse.

Just then, twin doors parted and a dazzling light of glitz and glamour spilled into the world. The crowd’s cheers erupted into a roar and in the blink of an eye, they rushed inside like a human stampede. A hulking agent in shades and a black suit allowed them pass, his visage stone cold and indifferent.

“Another year,” he muttered dully under his breath, “Just another year.”


Pitch black.

Sweat pooling in their palms by the pints. Tension slicing through inky darkness. Bodies shuffling and bumping shoulders. Murmurs shaking with nerves. All that reigned was a deafening silence, the group of applicants straining their eyes to make out their surroundings. There wasn’t much to discern, not even a pinprick of light--

“Welcome, my lucky contestants!”

A vertical rod of fluorescent green stung their eyes and yet, it continued to brighten. Then another rod flickered to life, this one horizontal and branching off the first. Then a third. Then a fourth. Soon, the iconic insignia came into view like a beacon.

Or a reckoning to some. The key to happiness for many more.

Every jaw in the room slackened in awe and apprehension, yet none dared to move a muscle. The disembodied voice unleashed a gleeful, borderline manic giggle, his voice bouncing off the walls.

“Prepare yourselves for an adventure unlike anything you can ever imagine. An adventure that will test your wit, your heart, your will to win!”

The swirl beamed brighter and brighter.

“Prepare yourselves… for The Hollow.”

A distinct snap sliced the air, followed by a static crackling.

“The following names will stay. The rest of you?” Another cackle. “Better luck next year~. Now then...”

A suspenseful pause ripped the oxygen from everyone’s lungs.

“First up is--!”

Let the games begin.


Hello and welcome to The Hollow! This roleplay is based on the Netflix cartoon of the same name. It’s an awesome show, but it is not required for you have watched it to join this roleplay. In fact, it may just make the twists and turns a little bit more exciting. This roleplay is going to have puzzles, adventure, mystery, fantasy, danger… all that good stuff!

You play a teenager who’s won the lotto to play the video game sensation of the decade: The Hollow. The Hollow is a highly intense, immersive VR game that transports you to another world where you are granted new strengths and powers to use to complete your quest. However, upon your transportation to this new land, you lose all your memories of being a player who signed up for this game, and are now challenged with harnessing these new abilities while also trying to understand who you are, why you’re here, and how you can get out.

The character creation process will be very heavy on player knowledge, and very minimal in terms of what your character actually knows. You will craft a background for your character that they will have no memory of, and instead of posting it publicly for other players to see, it will be sent to my co-gm Mobley Eats Mobley Eats and I. We will also be using a stat system to describe your character’s strengths and weaknesses, and throughout the roleplay, you will be able to collect stat points and ‘level-up’ your character. You will also be able to recover memories along the way.

You will only be able to select powers based on a list of symbols we provide, making it a bit of a surprise. You can make your CS with a certain ‘symbol’ in mind but it is not guaranteed until acceptance. The Hollow is a team game, and you are randomly paired upon landing in the world. (Of course, your character won’t know that’s their ‘team.’)

This roleplay is of detailed nature and all players should aim to give a minimum of three paragraphs per post. It is not first come first serve, and my cogm and I will select players after a certain deadline and after reviewing both the private background sent to us and the full CS. All Iwaku rules apply, and this is not a red star roleplay. We’d like to accept a minimum of six players and a max of nine; the teams will either be of three or four, depending on the amount of players accepted. You can come to us about team ideas or leave it up to your GMs.

Anyway, that’s just the plan for now. We’d love to hear your interest first!

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Oooooh interesting! I will certainly follow this!


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Hello everyone! This is a friendly reminder from myself and the GM CloudyBlueDay CloudyBlueDay that we are still looking for potential players and interest in general. If you have any questions, we will try to answer them to the best of our abilities. Can't wait to hear from you!

-Stay gucci