The Four Kingdoms: The Arrival of the Desert Kingdom

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  1. Place/Setting
    The illusive moving city of Halkrax, a feudal place famed for the abilities and the people it harbors, as it is also a city full of magic. Heroes are often found attempting to locate the city, but to no avail. The citizens have no trouble finding it, however, as they have the city's location implanted in their mind, so they will always know where to go in order to find it. There are very few outsiders that have the capabilities to find the city, and when they do, their actions dictate whether they leave with much gold in tow, or ever leave at all. There are no definite locations of the city, as it teleports all over the country of Beledramia. However, the place it is found the most out of all of the locations it can travel to is the inner edge of the Dividieren Bergen, (German for the Dividing Mountains) which separates the country in a semi-circular formation, protecting it from the great Dristabal Desert, which is said to stretch to the ends of existence. Anyone who has dared to brave the dangerous creatures, scorching heat, and difficult terrain, were never heard from again, save for one man, who returned as mad as a lark. However, there is one safe haven in the desert near the mountains where people and creatures of all walks of life go during times of war, which is almost always. There are four kingdoms, much like in a deck of cards, but different in their own ways, that are always at each other's throats.

    The Four Kingdoms
    The city kingdom, Damalthia, or the Kingdom of Riches, is the city where the people with the big pockets live, and everyone there is stuck upand caught in endeavors involving their storage of money, what to do with their money, or how to get more money. The King and Queenare even more so, being sour and stubborn, leaving all the "dirty work" to the other citizens. They are often found using their money to fund their ally's army, but never actually fighting, making them the usual target of a war. Their weakness is kindheartedness, as they are bound to return the favor because it is proper of the higher society to do so.
    The village kingdom, Solidaria, or the Kingdom of Harvest, is where the workers and farmers come from, making them tough and healthy, which can let them be placed into any kingdom or environment. The people there are also extremely gracious when it comes to the environment, never wasting an ounce of the plant or animal. However, because of this type of lifestyle, the kingdom has a difficult time progressing in technology, making them an easy target. Despite this, however, they are rarely attacked, as they are also gracious towards the other kingdoms, selecting volunteers to go and work for the other kingdoms, keeping them in the green. The king and queen are elected, like the president and vice-president, as there is no royal blood left in Solidaria.
    The military kingdom, Galadromia, or the Kingdom of Battle, is where the best soldiers and fighters come from. They can be a wide variety of professions, like mercenaries, heroes, or soldiers, and they are without a doubt the best fighters in all of Beledramia. They have no King or Queen, but instead, they have one general that everyone follows, and he must choose a successor to lead the kingdom once he dies. If the man is married, she has almost as much power over the kingdom as he does. Also, there is a promotional system, where rookies turn into officers, officers turn into majors, etc. A person has power depending on his rank, so the higher the rank, the more privileges you receive. Their weakness is, well, money. They can be easily bought on the promise of funds for their armies.
    Lastly, the underground kingdom, Merlodamis, or the Kingdom of Darkness, is where the "bad" people come and go. They are known assassins and silver-tongues, and they are faster and more agile than any other unit. They are also cruel, and they enjoy watching the suffering they cause, especially when it comes to poisons. Deadly poisons are better to them if it kills them slowly, and the non-lethal poisons allow you to kill them without worry. The king and queen are slightly different, as they are not afraid to be seen or get in a face-to-face duel. Their weakness is being caught, as their culture states that if you are caught, you must either kill yourself or never return, so their location will never be known.

    Story line
    The four kingdoms have been battling for generations, while also constantly searching for the city of Halkrax, but the rulers would have to set aside their differences to survive the coming storm. In this time of peril, real heroes shall rise again, as the heavens bestow their gifts to these people. Will it be enough to save the four kingdoms?

    Character Sheet & Rules
    1. No God-modding, or perfect characters. You are not a god, you fool!
    2. Has to be custom-made characters. You can't be a king or queen.
    3. No solo working. You have to interact with at least one person.
    4. Try not to be rude. If they are offended, please explain your reasoning.
    5. Characters have to have the same range of abilities. You can't be a tank and call yourself human.

    Kingdom or City (one of the four):
    Powers (Magic or abilities):
    Personality (Kind, rude, good,evil, etc.):
    Background (Your characters past) (optional):
    Relations (Father, mother, brother, sister, etc.):
    Med. Conditions (motion sickness, ADHD, ADD, etc.):
    Appearance (Words or Pic):
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  2. Name: Necropolis
    Age: 73
    Race: Lich/Undead
    Sex: Male
    Kingdom or City: The Kingdom of Darkness, Merlodamis
    Powers: Ice magic
    Frost Nova: Freezes enemies. Enemies frozen cannot move and die from the cold.
    Frost Shield: Covers ally in ice that does not freeze them. It is a special ice that doesn't break easily.
    Ice leech: Steals life, gives half to Lich, and slows the enemy. The longer you are leeched upon, the more health it steals. Can kill the target.
    Teleportation Circle: Teleports up to 10 people at once to an allied building or person.
    Personality: Quiet, cruel, mostly emotionless
    Background: Necropolis was once a completely different person, named James. He was a human water wizard, which made him extremely special, since human wizards and water magic were extremely rare. James was from Halkrax, and one day they made it to a small lake, and James went to swim. He began to mess with the water and found an air bubble under the water. He goes inside to find a small cave, sealed off by magic to avoid getting water everywhere. It was a small cave, barely an air bubble, and there was not much in the cave, save for a pedestal with a tome floating slightly above it. Also, there was a chest with a strange symbol on it. It looked like a bunch of crystals stuck together, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He grabs the tome and opens it, being a light reader, and finds that all the pages are blank except for the last page, where a strange sentence was written. He reads it aloud, and quickly discovers that it is an incantation. He quickly falls to the ground as the incantation kills him, but he was not done for just yet. James wakes to see that the floor had given his face a quick introduction to pain, but he did not feel it as much as he should have. He stands and immediately notices that his old clothes had disappeared and had been replaced by this strange cloak (his current apparel.) He also hears the water splashing along the shore, and things like that that he could not hear before. He also heard the chest... speaking? It told him to blast the chest with his ice, and at first, he had no idea what the chest was talking about. It was then that he realized that he could no longer control water, but instead, an even rarer magic only able to be used by a lich. If that was the case, than... James quickly ran to the water and looked at his reflection and was at first, horrified. His human body had been transformed, and now he was a lich, an ancient being that almost always meant bad news for everyone. There was only one time there were two liches, and their tyranny lasted for hundreds of years until the founders of the four kingdoms destroyed them. No one has seen a lich since, and now here he was, a lich. After the initial shock faded, the knowledge of how to use his powers slowly poured into his mind. He touched the chest and focused his energy, opening the chest and revealing a blue orb, shaped more like an egg. It had writing inscribed upon it that said "This orb has been cared for by the liches since before any other living being was created, and it was found and made special by the lich king himself. Take care of this orb, lich." James took the orb, and as soon as he had, the cave trembled and the water rushed in, filling it all the way to the top. At first, James struggled to breath, but quickly realized that he did not need to breath, since he was now dead, or at least, undead. James rose to the surface just in time to see the town warp to a different location. He did not bother tracking it down, and immediately left for Merlodamis, where he could hide and keep from hurting others. Day after day, James slowly began to change, and by the time he arrived at Merlodamis, he had come up with a new name for his new form. His name was inspired by a traveler he met on his way here, and the man asked "Are you alright sir, you look like you just walked out of a Necropolis." James smiled at this and froze the man, continuing his journey. Necropolis scared people at first, but he quickly faded into the back of people's minds as he isolated himself in one of the jail cells. People often asked him to accompany them on jobs, but he refused every time, saying that if he left this cell, he wouldn't come back.
    Relations: None
    Med. Conditions: None, unless being dead is a condition *ba dum tss*
    Appearance: He still has his human skin, but these are his clothes.
    images (2).jpg
    Items: The Tome of the Lich. The item that turned James into Necropolis. James' spirit is trapped inside, and they converse with one another by writing on the pages, James in all capitals, and Necropolis in normal handwriting.
    The Orb: A useless item made special by the lich king. At least, it's useless so far...
  3. Name: Evangeline Wilhelm aka: Shadowseeker
    Age: 22
    Race: Phoenix half-breed
    Sex: Female
    Kingdom or City: Galadromia/ kingdom of battle

    Powers: Lightning magic
    Duplication (physical): Can make duplicates of herself. This power is mostly used as a distraction to get away.
    weather: Can control the weather, but this makes her extremely weak afterwards. For that reason, she rarely uses this power.
    Flight: She can only fly up to a certain height because she is only a half-breed. She also does sprout wings and they are folded between her collarbones when not in use. Her wings are also very strong and can rip through fabric.

    Personality: Strong willed, bold, sympathetic, and outspoken.

    Background: You would think that the legendary Shadowseeker was born the way she was. Thats only half the truth. She was indeed born a phoenix half-breed, but her father was human, and had only found out her mother's true nature 9 months before Evangeline was born (If you get what i mean). During Evangeline's birth, there was no hiding a baby born with blue and purple wings. Therefore, getting the general all over their case. Her father fled, in a failed attempt to save his own life, but came up dead just days later. Her mother took Evangeline to the general in plea. After seven long hours, the general finally accepted Eva, though not before killing her mother.
    Eva has grown up her whole life not knowing any of this until a girl comes out of nowhere, claiming to be related to her. With a few blood samples, it isnt hard to find out that this girl (Victoria) is her older sister. Knowing what happened to her parents, Victoria told Eva of the story and they both have been on the run ever since. Rumors about a phoenix half-breed spread throughout all of Beledramia. And although few have ever claimed to see her, she lurks in the shadows, killing off anything that comes at her. Legends have been made of the famous shadowseeker, but the secret no one will ever know, is that the government wants her right where she is, hidden in the shadows. Thus, granting her the nickname, Shadowseeker.
    But there still is a lingering question. How did she get her powers? Well, Evangeline had already completed her training before she went into hiding. She was actually the best in her class, but her true nature held her back from any further promotions. Therefore, when she went into hiding, she was nearly unstoppable, that is, until a certain someone came along. They held a tube inside of them that had been planted there at birth. So when they came knocking on her door, she couldn't turn down the offer to save someone's life...
    He offered her a power that many people would be after, but it would grant her the ability to protect herself. Victoria had offered to take the power instead of Eva, but his exact word were. "This power is for the Phoenix." Victoria had not been born a phoenix, she was nothing more than a human who knew how to fight. Her nickname? Vic. The shadowseeker and Vic.
    So in order for Eva to get the power, the man had sacrificed his life. Inside of his chest, Eva found a small tube that had a strange pattern engraved on the top. After minutes of examining it, Eva finally opened it. She had blacked out several times but Victoria was there to help her. Now, a year later, The shadowseeker and Vic are still in hiding, but are more of a threat now than ever.

    Relations: sister

    Med. Conditions: Claustrophobia
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Items: Sword. Her sword holds no powers, but she keeps it close to her because it was given to her by her parents.
    Gloves. The gloves are a blessing and a curse. She cant take them off but they protect her from being burned by the lightning. They can also protect the rest of her body by just being on her. They leave you fingers open so that she can still do other things but cover up her palm.
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  4. Cool character. She is accepted.
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  5. Name: Mist
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female
    Kingdom or City (one of the four): The Kingdom of Darkness, Merlodamis


    Illusions - Mist can throw illusions on herself, changing her appearance to whoever she wishes, useful for hiding from undesirable attention or to gain someone's trust by being someone else.

    Shadow magic - Mist has a rudimentary level of knowledge of shadow magic, using her own shadow as a funnel for her power, she can create blasts of energy made of shadow, make chains of shadow to bind enemies, or create weapons of shadow.


    Sly, treacherous, arrogant, opportunistic.

    Due to the nature of her profession, she betrays a lot of people, and that obviously doesn't settle well with a lot of people. If a person confronts Mist for her betrayals and starts kicking her ass, she will cave in, becoming a sobbing, terrified mess, constantly begging for mercy. This is not a trick, she is genuinely scared for her life, expect lots of begging from Mist in this state.


    "Mist...a name given to the least important people...Mist is formless, easily broken...a perfect name for an urchin like you."
    The Kingdom of Darkness hosts a fine community of absolute evil, but none are as disrespected as Mist. Yes, that is her real name. Her parents were both thieves, and quite successful ones, but Mist was never up to their expectations, she was a failure in the art of thievery, so they sent her on her way, to learn her own craft.

    Now, at 21 years old, she has become adept in the art of bounty hunting and assassination, although she has learnt it in a different way. Mist disposes of her targets by betrayal, she sells out her targets to their enemies, leaving them totally unprepared to be assaulted by a stronger force, as her fighting prowess is not that great, she can hold her own in a fight. Her ability to use Shadow magic has been quite helpful in her betrayals, having chained her "allies" in shadow chains, leaving them for their enemies to do what the want.

    However, this lifestyle has created a lot of enemies for her, a lot of people want a piece of her for betraying them, so she learnt how to use illusions to hide herself from her enemies, and continue to do her job.

    Relations (Father, mother, brother, sister, etc.): Mist does not get along well with her parents, they are secretly proud of her because of her growing unfamy in the world, but they do not see eye to eye on her methods.

    Med. Conditions: Acrophobia- Fear of heights.


    Mist doesn't really carry a lot of notable stuff, but she does carry a Bolas, a weapon wich is essentially a rope with 2 balls attached to either end. These are used to ensnare her enemies for either a quick getaway or to chase them down, on the rare occasion she also throws them to interrupt people casting spells.
  6. Accepted. She sounds cold.
    It has come to my attention that we now have enough members to start an average RP. Do not be alarmed, as we are always accepting, so if you still want to join, do not hesitate to create your character. If any of you have anything to say, or if you feel that we should wait a bit longer before starting, I will wait until at least 5:00 P.M this Thursday (7/23/15) before creating the IC thread. Remember, we are still accepting, so don't hesitate.
  8. This is a map that is very much like what this world does.
    images (2).jpg
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  14. Name: Malachite "Malace"Orchid
    Age: 22
    Race: Orc
    Sex: "Female" (It's complicated)
    Kingdom or City (one of the four): Solidaria
    Powers (Magic or abilities):

    • Malace is capable of using "Nature" magic, which is dependent on her environment. In a forest she could meld into the trees or cause plants to growth and lash out at her enemies. In the ocean she could allow herself to breath and swim like a fish, and control water. In the mountains she could turn her flesh into harden stone and move the earth. Even in cities Malace could use her magic, albeit she'll need to be creative and adapt to the location.
    • Malace also has various animal based magic, such as the ability to communicate and hold a conversation with even mundane creatures, manipulating them to help her, or transforming into them. She can even turn into magical monsters if she spends time studying them. She can also enchant herself with various "Aspects" of creatures, like gaining a Bull's Strength, or a Fox's Cunning, or even a Dragon's Breath.
    • Other combat abilities Malace has is her skills in Archery, Staff Fighting, Hand-to-Hand combat. The former she learned as a Forest Watcher, and the latter she picked up after leaving them. Physically Malace is also naturally tough, and more then capable of maneuvering in her heavy armor like an acrobat.
    • Utility skills Malace has includes a bit of alchemy, healing, and smithing. Alchemy and healing were two things she learned to do as a Forest Watcher, as they employed poisons as well as treated them, while smithing was something she picked up after she left in order to find something to do outside of hunting and magic.
    Personality (Kind, rude, good,evil, etc.): Malace is a quiet person, though not by choice. She acts instead of speaks, cares nothing for boasting, and is more likely to knock your lights out then to have an argument with you. She has to be very simple, often curt and to the point due to her inability to communicate verbally. But she still tries to be a good person. She's willing to stick her neck out for others and defend them if she feels they can't. While prone to violence, she tries to make it very clear where she stands on certain matters. Typically if she disagrees with you, you'll know it because you're being shot at with arrows.
    Background (Your characters past) (optional): Malachite was a Forest Watcher of the Kingdom of Solidaria. The Forest Watcher are, to some, druids who ensure that the sanctity of the forest and it's creatures were not disturbed. Which is true to an extent, but they aren't that kind. The Forest Watchers did ensure that no one threaten the forest any more then they should; they hunted poachers, highwaymen, and thieves who sought refuge in the forest. But the Forest Hunters weren't above turning their bows on the animals themselves if they proved to be more of a menace or if they need to die to feed the hunters. And only a rare few of the hunters actually had any sway over the creatures of the forest; while they take it upon themselves to ensure their survival, they treated the animals no differently then a farmer treats cattle. They were just animals that needed to be cared for until their slaughter.

    Malachite was one of the few eligible to hold the magic which governed leadership in the Forest Watchers. But she had many things going against her: For starters she was an orc. The only orc in fact, as her parents were maunders killed by the Forest Watchers. Knowing that even as an orc she would be fated to die if left alone, the Forest Watchers took her in. But there was also the fact she was female. The Forest Watchers were not the most... Progressive organization. While using magic was not unusual for the female members, leadership was. There was only one and there were little records of her performance, making others think she did not contribute much during her service. The current leader also favored a friend's son to be the new leader, despite the son's own disinterest in even staying in Solidaria. Malachite knew this, and in a misguided attempt, she helped the son leave the Forest Rangers to Damalthia. And that's when things took a turn for the worst.

    The father of the son was furious. He wanted his son to be the leader, and the current leader did not like what Malachite did. But she did not back down. She stood her ground and told them of their son's aspirations, of being an engineer, and that he lacked the skills for leadership and magic anyways. Malachite was determined to prove her worth as the new leader of the Forest Watchers. So the Forest Watchers made her take the test. She was to prove her worth by getting the blessing of the forest; three quests she must embark upon. First was to visit lady of the lake. Malachite was to impress her and receive a blessed weapon from her, which Malachite will need for the second quest. That was to slay the Forest Shadow, an immortal beast who awakens every ten years and stalks the forest for prey. Immune to any mortal weapon, and even magical ones will only cause it to dissipate for an hour at most. But with the blessed weapon from the lady of the lake, the Forest Shadow would be sealed for another ten years. Lastly, Malachite was to appeal to the Grand Oak, a magical tree, to brand her with the Watcher's Eye, the symbol of leadership.

    And so Malachite went off. She went to the Lady of the Lake first, and got her attention by creating a fire on water; using an oil mixture she learned from the son, she was able to splash the oil in the middle of the lake, and then light it on fire. It's blue flames summoned the Lady of the Lake, who was impressed with Malachite's intelligence. She blessed her with a large falchion. Malachite then went to find the Forest Shadow. This was difficult as she needed to find what the Forest Watchers considered the greatest hunter. So Malachite turned herself into the prey, but also set up a trap. The Forest Shadow was not so bestial that he could not tell when someone had a Weapon of the Lake. So when Malachite did not have it and began to move through the forest, the Shadow came to attack her. She then used her knowledge of the forest to avoid the Shadow's attack until she triggered her trap, which caused a tree branch to slam right into the face of the Forest's Shadow. And that tree branch had the Lake's Falchion roped to it. With the Forest Shadow slain, Malachite went to find the Grand Oak. But she never made it there.

    As she was going to the Grand Oak she was attacked by her fellow Forest Watchers. Amongst them was one of the other candidates of leadership. Though he had a weapon from the lake himself, because Malachite slew the Forest's Shadow he could not earn the title of leadership. Not unless he Malachite "Chose" not to. Surrounded and out numbered he tried to intimidate Malachite to surrender, but she refused. She spat a volley of venomous insults to him, challenging him into single combat. They were equally skilled on their own, but Malachite knew that she could not defeat him and his cronies alone. But he refused the challenge, and instead chose to humiliate her. For "Wishing to speak like a man", the leader-to-be cursed Malachite. Her tongue was magically removed, and it was used to turn her into a man. Unable to speak, unable to even yell in protest, Malachite was fueled by rage and attacked the other Forest Watcher. Though wounded, he managed to run away with Malachite's falchion, which was all he needed to become the new leader.

    Malachite never returned to the Forest Watchers. She knew she was unwanted there. The act of both the old and "new" leader proved that much. Cursed and humiliated, she left the forest. She practiced her magic too keep it honed, but doing so reminded her of the those who denied her. Malachite became a silent mercenary, and occasionally a wondering hero. As quietly as she'd come, she would either offer her service for goods or money, or simply help if she feels she could. She has used her nature magic to help ensure a bountiful harvest, the safe delivery of infantile children, and even scare off bandits. But despite her heroics, she still feels emptiness inside of her. She still carries the curse on her body, even though she has come to terms with it. Now she just wonders, and will likely continue to do so, until nature see's fit to return her to the land in which she came.
    Relations (Father, mother, brother, sister, etc.): None that she knows of.
    Med. Conditions (motion sickness, ADHD, ADD, etc.): Malachite is a functional hermaphrodite. She carries both male and female genitalia and they both function as well as they would individually.
    Appearance (Words or Pic):

    • Bow Staff - Not simply a play on words, Malachite's Bow Staff is the signature weapon of the Forest Hunters. A sturdy length of wood that is a seemingly mundane strait staff, but harder then steel, yet as light as you'd expect a seven foot wooden stick to be. Using a special string made of Spider Silk, and with great strength, one could use the Bow Staff to send wooden arrows at great enough speed and force to pierce even steel full plate armor. Certainly not a weapon for a dainty elf, as it requires much more strength as well as a hefty dose of dexterity.
    • Malachite's Armor - This black Iron Armor is of Malchite's own make, it's rather heavy on most, but featherweight for Malachite. It has been blessed with her own magic to be lightweight for her, almost as much as chain mail. However even with this blessing it interferes with her spell casting, not that she uses it often in her armor anyways. Malachite's Armor is also designed in such a way that it will disassemble easily when she transforms, that way she doesn't end up sundering it if she chooses to take on the form of a large bear or such. She can put it back together herself just as easily.
    • Machete - An Iron Machete. Used for cutting through thick brush and can be used as a decent weapon in a pinch. Also another item that Malachite made herself.
    • Journal - Malachite keeps a journal, not to record her daily thoughts or anything, but to communicate with others. She uses whatever is available for writing, though she has a thin charcoal stick if nothing else is available.
  15. Accepted. Her past is very chilling.
  16. You're going to be making a lot of those puns aren't you?
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  19. Name:
    -Elf (Half Blood)
    Kingdom or City (one of the four):
    Powers (Magic or abilities):
    -Animal Summoning: She is most skilled in her summoning that gives her the ability to bring forth any creature from an unseen world. Though she can summon any creature she mostly uses Wargs and Clouded Leopards in combat.
    -Magic: Noryia does not have to ability to use elemental magic she can mold her magic to create images or shapes.
    -Flute Magic: She carries a wooden flute that is straight then curves for the last 8 inches. With the flute she can use it almost like a radar. When she plays it she can almost sense if someone is close. And if one person is around her enough then she can tell who it is when they get close. When she is playing it with music (Which is how she uses it as a radar) a glowing blue flower blooms out of the end of the flute, and two little fairy like creatures appear and fly around her and the flute. The distance that the flute can radar is 2,000 feet. She also plays her flute for fun, when she does that it does not have the glowing flower or the fairy like creatures.
    -Cloning: She can form a clone in mere minutes. These clones can telepathically talk with the original clone. And though they look the same, the clones do not have to same magic power that Noryia does, thus meaning they can only summon smaller animals and they can’t use radar like Noryia can.

    Personality (Kind, rude, good,evil, etc.):
    -Noryia is very calm and reserved, though when angered she is not one to be around. Her anger is not to be messed with, she becomes like a totally different person; she starts acting crazy and insane, she will kill without a thought in her rage she might not have otherwise killed. Normally she is very sweet and loves to help people. She is very naive, even so, she is extremely smart and is very tactical. Because of her past she is not very trusting of others and takes her time getting to know them before trusting people 100%.
    Background (Your characters past) (optional):
    - Noryia was born to one of the very last elves left alive in the world. Though her father is an elf her mother was a human. Her mother died when she was very young and since then her father has had a hard time caring for his child because of his grief. In such he sent her away to live with a family of farms who cared for her.
    Ever since Noryia was young she has loved animals, and they her. She was always gentle and sweet with them. So much so whenever her care takers had a sick animal they let Noryia take care of it till it was well. As she got older she grew into a lovely young woman that many men come a knocking for a courtship. Of coure she turned them all down seeing as she had no interest in getting married.
    At one time there came a young man looking for her hand, of course like the others she turned him down. Many times. He finally had enough of asking, so he hired an assassin to kidnap her care takers, to force her into marriage. The assassin did not only kidnap the caretakers he also killed them and brought their bodies back to Noryia. When she found them she burst into tears crying out for who did this. In her grief she released magic powers, unlocking them, and it power came in such a force it set the house on fire. She left the house more angered then she had very been before. Noryia marched right into town with a glowing red aura around her, when she arrived into town she demanded to know who killed her parents. (She calls them her parents because they were more of parents then her father ever was.) When no one answers her demand she goes to kill of the closest people, but before she can someone hit her with a hard medal object on the back of the head.
    The blow would have killed her had her uncle not been in town that day. He was the one who got her out of town and to his house. Her uncle cared for her, though there wasn’t much he could do about the scull that had been dented inward. Unsure of what to do he tracked down Noryia’s father, Dar’Cone. When Dar’Cone get there he creates a magic infused head dress that filled to dent so to say, but it keeps her brian working correctly. Without it she can’t think right, and she becomes unstable.
    After she recovered from the head blow she leaves the country and tries to stay away from people if she can. She hates hurting people so she stays away from everyone she could hurt. Noryia has spent the last 31 years by herself staying away from people and teaching herself in magic so she won’t hurt anyone.

    Relations (Father, mother, brother, sister, etc.):
    -Father, Dar’Cone, she has not seen him in 31 years. Caretakers, John and Mary. Both killed 31 years ago by an assassin.
    Med. Conditions (motion sickness, ADHD, ADD, etc.):
    -Head injury, but because of a head dress her father made, she is not any different than she was before then injury. But if she were to take it off for more then a hour she would become crazy, insane, and very instable.
    Appearance (Words or Pic):

    -A wooden flute and a small knife she carries hidden in her brown skirt covering.
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