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  1. My name is Amon Marun, yet I have been called many other things - the Gold King, the Demon King, the Wolf King...the False King. I unlocked the secrets of the great magical powers encased within every human being, and I used it to reduce the king to ash and take the throne for myself, and to extend my own life and rule the land with an iron fist for over 200 years. None dared stand against me or open their mouth in protest, lest they be struck down by my powers even if they overpowered my soldiers. The land was mine and mine alone, and none could stand against my might. Yet all that is forgotten now. I have been dead for many generations, and with me died the secret to humanity's magical ability, lost in time. Now even the stone encasing me has forgotten me.

    You live comfortably in a decadent world of concrete and glass, oil and electricity, with towers stretching up to touch the fabric of the sky. Your greatest worry is how you will pass the coming mathematics class, or if you remembered to do all your homework. You are safe, your future is secured, you have nothing to worry about. And I, a dusty old corpse neither you or a hundred generations before you know exists, is of no significance in your life.

    Is that what you think?

    Do you think I would lay down in the stone forever? To deny myself my divine right as king? Never. I am Amon Marun, the ruler of men! And when my grimoire is recovered from the shoals of time in which it has been lost, I will return, and this time the entire world will bow to my power.

    And then...

    Then we will see how "false" of a king I am.
    Magic has always existed. It has been within every single living being since the dawn of time, but using it is a science in itself, and the secrets of the arcane has faded in and out of mankind's knowledge through the millenia. The last person with any real knowledge in the use these mystical powers was Amon Marun "The Gold King", a historical figure now lost in time, almost completely forgotten by history.

    You know nothing of this. You are just a regular student at your local high school, your ambitions and motivations known only to you. You wake up, you go to school, you go home, you go to bed. Your life is quite average, really. So when you are suddenly drawn into a mystical realm the likes of which you have never seen, inhabited by one strange figure calling itself "the Warden", who suddenly gives you the mission to fight a threat you have never heard of before in your life, your perception on life gets quite a tumble. And when you suddenly have mystical powers that can only be described as magic, it gets turned right upside down.

    Although things are confusing and strange and do not make sense, it is soon clear that this threat is very real, and you must set out to find and destroy the one thing capable to give Amon Marun the power to enslave the world, an object of unimaginable power lost to time and space.

    You must destroy the False King's Grimoire.

    Magic is generally divided into five categories, each with their own unique abilities. Each person can only use one type of magic; which one the person gets is seemingly random, and appears to be decided long before birth, but is not revealed until the secrets of the arcane are unlocked by the user or granted by the mysterious Warden. Using magic takes an amount of energy from the user proportionate to the energy represented in their feat. Producing a lightning bolt requires a fraction of the energy in the bolt from the person who performed the feat, and lifting a mountain requires a fraction of the energy required for the user to lift a mountain with physical force. How large the fraction required is depends on how skilled the user is in utilizing the energy within their own body.
    The categories are as following:

    The control of all types of energies in the world, including heat, light, magnetism and electricity. Controlling heat does not mean controlling fire per se, but the intense heat you can emit can in theory ignite anything flammable, given enough skill in the user.

    Gravity is the keyword to kinetic magic. Masters in kinetic magic can pull off feats such as levitation, telekinesis, pushing, pulling, and everything else that has to do with physics and defying it. Kinetics users can also be the heavy-hitters in a fight due to their ability to channel kinetic force through their limbs in, for example, a punch, leading to an enormously powerful blow.

    Able to summon anything from within his or her imagination, a conjurer can make anything from creatures - real or imaginary - or illusions, to functioning cars and machine guns. If the conjurer can imagine it, he can conjure it, but the larger the object, and the longer it stays in existence, the more energy it drains from the conjurer.
    Alteration means altering the physical world - hence its name - to suit the user's needs. Turning water to ice, raising a wall of stone, or bending metal to their wish, alteration can be used both to create and to destroy. Be aware that it cannot move anything besides in the act of altering it. This means that while a user in alteration magic can alter the ground to spring up a beautiful statue, he or she cannot move objects from their original position using magic, as this belongs to the category of kinetics.

    Taking on the power of time itself, the user of this magic can manipulate the flow of time through "time bubbles", a limited area set out by the caster in which time functions differently than outside it, whether it passes slower, faster, or is stopped completely. A master of time magic can use its powers to manipulate the battlefield to their liking, slowing or stopping enemies and speeding up their allies. This power can also be used to reverse a broken object to before it was broken, or age an object or material to the point where it has eroded from existence.


    Combat in this game can include just about anything you want, from simple melee weapons to guns or even explosives - they all work, more or less - but the most powerful weapon and tool at your disposal is your magical abilities, and fighting to the death using these kinds of power is no pretty thing. Gruesome death beckons.

    Player-GM cooperation
    Many things of this game is not set in stone, but is rather encouraged to be worked out between the players and the GM. This will allow the players to have a say in how the game will work and shape it somewhat to their liking.

    Should more important notes about this game arise, they will be added here.

    Who are you?
    Image is optional, text description is mandatory
    Power: What kind of magic your character is able to control
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  2. Character sheets
    Alana Vance (played by Beatrix) (open)
    Name: Alana Vance
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance (open)

    Alana stands at a mere 5'4" (162cm), weighing in at around 125 lbs (57kg). She has a fit body from working out a few times a week. Her brown hair flows to the middle of her back, which she often keeps up in a braid in an attempt to keep it manageable. She often wears a pair of jeans and sturdy boots, along with a t-shirt and a jean jacket that is left open.
    Power: Alteration
    Personality: Alana is a quirky girl who cares about others, often putting herself last. She can be blunt, but would rather not hurt anyone's feelings, so she tends to tip toe around the issue that she is trying to address. She respects those who respect others, and is scathing towards those who spout stupidity and hate. She is also accepting towards those who show acceptance towards others.
    Biography: Alana was born to a middle class family in a suburb of Atlanta. She had a relatively normal life according to the American standard with a few friends. She was never the popular one, but she was not hated. She excelled in all her classes because her parents pushed her to focus on her schooling. Throughout the years, she participated in sports, but lost interest in them or did not make the cut. At the age of 10, she turned her focus to art and has since been painting and drawing.When Alana was 13, her parents split. It was not amicable, and her father left with no clue as to his whereabouts. She found out later that she had a couple of half brothers that were younger than her. She never met them, and they were always far from her mind as she was focusing on obtaining acceptance into universities.
    Shannon Watkins (played by Xibilation) (open)
    Shannon Watkins
    Shannon has bright red hair and large framed glasses. She has a R2D2 slash Darth Vader slash Star Wars tattoo on her arm. There's also a tattoo of a little girl chasing a balloon on her foot. Normally, her tattoo only peeks out from underneath the big and fluffy sweaters she wears, or graphic t shirts in the summer, and high waisted jeans cling to her tall and skinny frame. Since she's 5 foot 8 (172cm), she slouches a lot. She likes to wear beanies and converse. Shannon has either a diamond stud or ring in her nose piercing.
    Shannon is very geeky and extremely sarcastic. She loves RPGs and FPSs and any other PS3 or computer game she stumbles across. Sarcasm rolls off her tongue as easily as words do, and she's very quick witted. Easily flustered around potential love interests, she'll either charm you with sarcasm or freak you out from her word vomit. Most of the time she's quiet, although she won't hesitate to make a sarcastic comment. She doesn't care if she offends people. She loves drawing and art, too, which is probably why conjuring is easy for her.
    Shannon had a normal life. Well, she calls it normal. She grew up with a mean mother, a father in a different state, and, despite how hard she tried to prevent it, a slight depression. She wasn't suicidal, though. She drew a lot in her free time, and found her love for art. She's a pretty creative person, and has had her art go into school art shows.​
    Maverick Silverion Geigergash (played by Caramon Zero) (open)
    Name: Maverick Silveron Geigergash
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (open)
    Images (open)

    Maverick stands at 6'3" (190cm), weighs 325lbs (147kg), has blonde hair and blue eyes, yet he covers these up with dye and contacts. He has a scar on his right eye that he covers with his hair, which actually naturally covers the left side of his face. His left eye is slightly darker due to the stupid idea of staring into the sun during his freshman year, giving that side of his vision a constant yellowish tint, preventing his eyes from focusing on more than one thing without slightly blurring his vision.
    Power: Conjuring
    Personality: (open)

    Positive Traits: (open)

    Honest to a fault.
    Justly upholds his own Moral Code.
    Trustworthy to the point of being secretive.
    Compassionate towards even his enemies.
    Attentive to details.
    Highly intelligent, though will not apply it unless required.
    Humble to the point of slight feelings of inferiority.

    Negative Traits: (open)

    Stubborn to a fault.
    Self-sacrificing, even when unnecessary.
    Short tempered, yet only blows up when he's had enough.
    Guilible and easily taken advantage of.
    Forgetful, yet able to remember things he deems important or that have been learned through repetition.
    Has an Inferiority Complex.
    Having grown up in the country lands of Central Texas, Maverick learned his way around weaponry at an early age, yet he never showed off his skills, believing they weren't good enough for others to see.
    As he grew, he found himself becoming more and more conscious of his own faults, eventually leading to a mental breakdown in high school where he collapsed in the middle of the hallway, awakening in the nurse's office several hours later.
    With the help of his loved ones, he was finally able to be more confident, yet he still maintains feelings of inferiority, masking them with a dark and broody demeanor, despite his upbeat attitude, even going so far as to dye his once blonde hair black to maintain it.
    After gaining several small degrees from multiple online sources, he was forced to find employment with a school that felt as if it were in the middle of nowhere, even compared to his upbringing, which is where he now teaches history, as well as holds small lectures over multi-universal convergence and the cause and effect of the distortion of timelines to any and all interested.
    The scar across his right eye was obtained from his ex-girlfriend throwing a knife at his face, creating almost invisible notches in his eye socket from the impact, which he never felt the need to get repaired, not only due to their minor nature, but also because he hates going to clinics and hospitals for even major injuries.
    Arthur Evans (played by P1ema5t3r (open)
    Name: Arthur Evans
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: About 5’ 6” (168cm) tall, 143 Pounds (64kg), short, curly brown hair and brown eyes, Arthur is a bit on the (physically) weaker side. Usually wears cargo shorts, and a short sleeve T-shirt. As with most teanagers, Arthur has a few small zits. Has green wire framed rectangular glasses.
    Power: Energy
    Personality: Somewhat laid back, Arthur is usually calm. He Doesn’t like loudmouths or people who go back on their word, but will give them a look rather than confront them about it, as he is more of the quiet type that would deal with it. Not that much of a fan of physical combat, Arthur would rather play a game of chess against someone. Seems to find Romance a waste of time.
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  3. I'm interested. :o If it's okay, though, I'll hold off on posting a bio until some more people crop up. I've had some bad luck with RPs that don't get off the ground and I'd hate to waste effort.
  4. Sure thing, Moogle .u.

    Long time no see by the way . 3.
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  6. Not confident that Pheraxis will kick off?

    And by the way? I'M IN.
  7. Hi there~

    I'm in, give me a couple hours to set up a CS
  8. I too am interested, but I may need awhile because of Homework and such, as well as deciding which magic to give to my character. >.<;

    and quite importantly, what about your posting expectations (and other rules)?
  9. Pheraxis? This ain't Pheraxis, silly :P
  10. As it says before you go into the thread, posting expectation is Intermediate. As for other rules, they're mostly the usual - no godmodding, keep it believable, follow the regular rules of Iwaku etc. - that I feel should really go without saying. For anything else, it is up to discussion between players and GM. For example, I'm not sure if character death should be included, as in that case I'd want players to be able to make a new character and get back in the game, but I can't think of a way to get that new character into the game without making it feel extremely shoehorned.
  11. Well, @Moogle-Girl , a few more people have dropped in. Still interested in this game?
  12. Actually, I just joined a whole bunch of RPs at once and it's super hectic, so I might have to back down just to save my sanity. owo" Sorry!
  13. Name: Rehan Hassan

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    sexiest_arab_man.jpg Standing a 6'2" and weighing 230 pounds, Rehan is a walking piece of muscle. His Arabian heritage is prominent in his brown hair and skin, while his English ancestry is displayed in his blue eyes. His daily attire typically consists of a black hoodie and white muscle shirt with black jeans. Rehan has never partaken in intoxicating or addicting substances, keeping his body healthy and pure(ish). As dictated by his holy book, his teeth, nose, and ears remain clean as when he was born. He has no body markings, and is working on growing out a beard.

    Power: Kinetics

    Personality: He lives his life strictly by the Quran, and as such has developed a generous personality. Rehan frequently donates his money when charities are presented to him and donates his time by volunteering around his community. He distrusts those who partake in what his holy book considers sinful, and abhors those who blatantly sin and feel no compassion for their fellow man. While not necessarily a violent teen, Rehan is vengeful, taking justice upon those he perceives to have committed a crime. This usually involves betraying a friend or refusing to help those in need, though it has escalated to intervening in or starting fights with the goal of teaching the other party/parties a lesson. Thus it can be said that his life is not entirely dictated by the word of Allah. As well, he has a mind of his own, despite it having been heavily molded by his religion for much of his life. He often knowingly neglects his daily prayers in favor of his education or recreational hobbies. He appreciates and respects the rights of women, and has developed a close relationship bordering on romance with a girl his age, despite neither having plans to marry.

    Biography: Officially a citizen of both Saudi Arabia and the United States of America, Rehan grew up to conflicting philosophies and heritages. On the one hand, his strict and by-the-Book father commanded his son to grow up and be a decent, God-fearing Muslim. On the other hand, his formerly football-loving Texan mother and grandparents prefer to push him on the path of individualism and the American dream (not to mention his grandparents frequently attempting to convert him to Christianity). As a young boy, he devoted himself to studying the Quran, hoping to impress his father. But as he grew older, as all teenagers do, Rehan grew more and more rebellious (which for him involved skipping morning salat and looking at Arab women pulling up their burkhas to the top of the ankle). He started wearing more American clothing, adopted an American attitude towards authority, and slowly started giving in to the materialism that surrounded him.

    At 15 he joined the varsity football team (much to the chagrin of his father, who would have rather watched him play true football rather than American gridiron) at his high school, which led to him perfecting his body. He filled out, grew taller, and became much stronger. But with his new strength he slowed down again, settling back down into his old ways. But he still kept on with sports, but tried to focus more on his education. It was in his books that he met the woman he would come to love: Emily Gibson. They had been friends since pre-school, but became close friends over a decade later. This platonic love was only strengthened when he broke his leg on the field (he walked with a slight limp afterwards, but has since managed to start running again) and she was the first one standing over him. His father strongly disapproves of their friendship, but lets it continue for fear of estranging his son.

    At 17, Rehan is a top student, major athlete (despite having been removed from football for his injury), and devout Muslim. But his life is going to f**king hell the moment he gets those magical powers of his...
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  14. Well V, that sure is an unusual character you have there. I'll be sure to add him in as soon as I can.

    By the way, everyone, where this game plays out will never be specified, so it might as well be in a fantasy world, it's completely up to your interpretation. Saying this because it's mentioned that Hassan is a US citizen . 3.
  15. Alright then. Perhaps some other time .u.
  16. I'm some way confused because of the US citizen dude.... (So I don't really know what to do with my char...)
  17. I am. However I was busy with homework last night.

    And since its Friday, I'll have time to work on it tonight.
  18. We can work it out later. Ignore it for now.

    What I was a bit puzzled over, though, was that it was stated he was Arabic even though he came from Afghanistan .H.
  19. Yo, man. I assumed the False King was just like some ruler from <insert inexplicably large unit of time here> and this was the modern day. But yeah. WE NEEDED A MUSLIM.
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